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Singapore AirlinesWynik na podstawie 3955 opinii
8,8Wejście na pokład
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I have guitar when I fly, they don’t allow to take the guitar with you on board even the bins was empty

Przeczytaj o liniach Singapore Airlines

I have guitar when I fly, they don’t allow to take the guitar with you on board even the bins was empty

Plusy: "Best in the world, as always."
Plusy: "Amazing as always"

Pandemic policy: airlines need to have currently update on the website for clearly requirements for Covid 19 certificate in hours , example form.

Minusy: "A comfort kit on a ultra long haul flight goes a long way"
Plusy: "The service was excellent"
Plusy: "Nothing special."
Minusy: "Meal was disappointing. Beef was overcook and hard. Service quality is just okay."
Plusy: "The crew professional and friendly"
Minusy: "The food was rather bland and did not live up to my expectations"
Plusy: "Comfort n clean"
Minusy: "Change the food menu, boring with the same menu"
Minusy: "Luggages did not arrive with the flight as it should be. It got lost in Sydney from Queenstown on flight SQ 6683 operated by Virgin Australia (VA 162)."
Minusy: "5 crying babies on a red eye. Don’t know if that can be prevented."
Plusy: "Crew amazing. Seat super comfortable"
Minusy: "Nothing!"
Plusy: "Foods. Drinks. Entertainment."
Minusy: "Nothing. Everything’s so perfect!"
Minusy: "I liked everything"
Plusy: "Service was great on both sectors"
Minusy: "Premium economy seat is still not comfortable enough in comparison with economy."
Plusy: "Friendly staff Good customer service"
Minusy: "There was nothing i dislike"
Plusy: "Wow they did not disappoint flight attendants Overdid themselves with amazing service planes are super clean and entertainment systems are state of the art great job Singapore Airlines can’t wait to fly with you again you definitely earned your #1 ranking"
Plusy: "The service was excellent start to finish. I found the movie selection to be excellent on the plane and the food was tasty and above average for airline food, and the seats were comfortable."
Plusy: "Espresso coffee, champagne, crew, headphones"
Plusy: "One of the best flights I’ve been on. The seats are spacious and the crew are very friendly"
Minusy: "Reclining seats tend to make me caustaphonic with the limited space"
Plusy: "Entertainment system"
Minusy: "Uncomfortable seats with no space, arrival at last gate"
Minusy: "Inflight entertainment wasn't as extensive as in previous years."
Plusy: "wide seats. great service. on time."
Minusy: "food was not as good as one would expect."
Plusy: "Modern aircraft , nice crew"
Plusy: "Excellent service. Good food. Very attentive and responsive flight crew."
Minusy: "Space was too tight"
Plusy: "food. schedule was on time"
Minusy: "The cabin was quite warm"
Minusy: "too long a flight 17 hours from SFO to Singapore"
Plusy: "Great service. Really friendly and polite. Lots of current movies and TV shows to watch and provided earbuds with adaptors. Made the experience a lot more pleasant."
Minusy: "The seats can be laid bag pretty far and the people in front of me decided to recline for a majority of the 10 hour flight. I wish the chairs either didn't do this or the flight attendants would have said something. I didn't feel like I had the authority to do anything about it. Also it was so warm! I have no idea if there was a fan."
Plusy: "None"
Minusy: "Crew"
Plusy: "New movies! Yes!"
Minusy: "I asked for one of the crew to help me bring up my carry-on luggage, as i'm just recovering from a flu at that time. Instead the FA looked at my bag and asked me in an irritated tone if my bag was really that heavy? I said I was recovering and I just need an extra push once I lift it up into the cabin. In the end she did help but i did not appreciate her attitude and felt disappointed my whole flight."
Plusy: "Clean aircraft. First rate and very attentive cabin staff. High Quality food and mid flight snacks. Its clear a lot of thought has gone into the making and running of this airline. My first experience and quite frankly I will fly SIA whenever possible."
Minusy: "Cabin was to me a little warm during initial taxi at LAX. But not overly so."
Minusy: "Food"
Plusy: "Crew were helpful. Food was good, pillows and blankets in every seat was great. Seats a little small."
Plusy: "Crew was very friendly and good service."
Minusy: "Crew could have asked the passengers whether they need snacks in between."
Plusy: "Upgraded to biz class, which was fantastic"
Plusy: "The flight attendants are professional, attentive, efficient. One suggestion, they didn't know to offer a nauseous passenger ginger ale. I let them know to give her some and she was very grateful. Also too much food! It's so much better than any other airline but very abundant and I feel bad when I only eat a small portion of the items on each tray. Otherwise great crew, plane, boarding, etc."
Plusy: "Singapore service is always outstanding"
Minusy: "temp on plane was freezing and even two blankets did not suffice. Everyone was really cold."
Plusy: "Entertainment was awesome. Boarding was fast."
Minusy: "Not enough food served (only two meals on a sixteen hour flight) and tasted okay. Crew was not all friendly."
Plusy: "crews are energetic and warm welcoming passengers."
Minusy: "aircon temperature is too hot for seat 50H area."
Plusy: "Almost everything"
Minusy: "The leg rests didn't have enough room to be useful. I'm only 5'10", which is average, not tall, so they should have had more legroom."
Minusy: "Seats are tight and hard"
Minusy: "cramped seats freezing cold"
Minusy: "cramped uncomfortable seats freezing cold in the plane"
Plusy: "The SIA crew is the most gentle and careful I have ever encountered."
Minusy: "The food is below average. The quantity is OK but the choices/taste in not matching the best airlines."
Plusy: "Courteous, Professional Crew. Amazing Service."
Plusy: "the service on the flight was the best I can ever recall having."
Plusy: "got us there, efficient and effective crew."
Plusy: "The food was great!"
Minusy: "The announcements coming from the boarding crew were not clear or hardly under stable."

The fly dubai associated flight was a bit tricky the plane was uncomfortable and I was assigned a seat next to loo.

16 hr flights with just 2 meals is ridiculous.

Fantastyczny lot z busiess class

Plusy: "Social distancing first .... the food is not good second .... the ticket prices are high for such a service"
Minusy: "Social distancing first .... the food is not good second .... the ticket prices are high for such a service"
Plusy: "There was almost a two hour delay, there wasn’t any information communicated, everybody was just asked to take seats in the waiting area. The entire process wasn’t very well organised."
Plusy: "Supportive to my family needs traveling with 2 babies"
Minusy: "I was offered an upgrade to 1st class, but not to my wife, I m thankful but had to decline the upgrade. I was hoping for more courtesy for an upgrade to us both as traveling couple rather than to one only"
Plusy: "."
Minusy: "."
Plusy: "The Seats are very Comfortable"
Plusy: "average, plan is pretty old"
Minusy: "TV is terrible. Not a touch screen ."
Plusy: "Entertainment system"
Minusy: "The food and the crew way of speaking to people"
Plusy: "I had my seat changed due to my injured leg, staff acted swiftly, flight was relaxing."
Minusy: "They ran out of options on the food and considering it wasn't a full flight that surprised me."
Minusy: "Not taking the blankets and headphones away 30-40 minutes before the flight landed"
Minusy: "Jedzenie w wersji wegetariańskiej wyglądało i smakowało jak g... Na 6h lot wliczone w cenę picie to sok jabłkowy o pojemności...120ml. Nie wiem sam, czy to żałosne czy okrutne. Chamowat obsługa, nie zwracają uwagi na potrzeby pasażerów, lecz jedynie na to, żeby coś im sprzedać, coś wcisnąć."
Plusy: "Aircraft staff. Helpful, nice."
Minusy: "Very long line to check-in."
Plusy: "Very accommodating and friendly crew. Comfy seats, modern plane, and not too full of a flight."
Minusy: "Nothing. It was great."
Plusy: "Everything Was Just Perfect"
Plusy: "Cold meal was nice, standard business class, no amenities. Nice crew, welcome on board."
Minusy: "The crew was in a constant hurry after. The meal was ok, but no cocktails served. Tablet was not working remotely, it has to be connected to the dock all the time. USB port was also not working, did not charge my phone. I’m glad that we did not buy the business upgrade for his flight before. It would felt wasting all our points. Luckily we were upgraded during check in. Check in was awful, they checked in 4 people in front of us roughly in 20 minutes in MLE. It felt like waiting for forever."
Plusy: "Excellent!!!"
Plusy: "Landed safely"
Minusy: "Screen didn’t always work"
Minusy: "Child kicking seat from behind for entire flight"
Plusy: "The flight"
Minusy: "Nothing"
Plusy: "I felt very pampered!"
Plusy: "The crew was up during the whole trip, offering refreshments and taking a really good care of all passengers"
Minusy: "n/a"
Plusy: "Emirates is everything we can wish"
Plusy: "Everything!"
Minusy: "again the boarding was an issue. the boarding time was listed at 1:45 am and we arrived at the gate then but there were no announcements about the flight and then the sign said final boarding call. Also for a 14 hour flight there needs to be bottles of water handed out and someone should be on board to clean the rest rooms half way thru the trip"
Plusy: "entertainment, legroom"
Minusy: "unacceptably atrocious customer service by crew at checkin. i was starting to think i accidentally got a wizzair ticket instead of emirates. shockingly poor manners."
Plusy: "Clean plane, decent food, good drinks"
Minusy: "Usual chaos on DMM check in counters. U stay in the queue, once you at the counter they say that is wrong queue"
Plusy: "Good selection of movies and special menu for the festive season."
Minusy: "Slight delay on the tarmac."
Plusy: "Clean flight friendly crew but at times they ignored Some senior passengers by asking for juice and they just passed away."
Minusy: "Food options could have been better such as better sandwich bread."
Plusy: "No commutation no help for transit"
Minusy: "I am a women no help first time fling with them"
Minusy: "No food choices Food is bad No differentiation from other airlines Level was better years ago"
Plusy: "Very Kind"
Minusy: "My seat assignment"
Minusy: "Nothing stands out"
Minusy: "Excess baggage kilo rate is much more expensive than most airlines"
Minusy: "Space very cramped."
Plusy: "all entertrainment onboard is excellent ."
Minusy: "the flight is good,,but unfortunately the staff is not accomodating that much,,need some basic training on what kind of food you are serving to passenger.."
Minusy: "The seat that was booked is stand by seat and so much problems arose. Last missing the flight."
Plusy: "Just the screen with full information of flight"
Minusy: "I don't the flight because it was connected flight so it was very bad service and not comfort for seating and when I try to parent the online boarding mine is issued my wife cannot issued because there online technical problem"
Plusy: "The fligh went smooth"
Minusy: "The food"
Minusy: "After exhausting flight I don't know what else to say"
Plusy: "Pretty uniforms and good service: Polite, gentle, helpful"
Plusy: "The entertainment options were great! And, they have free wine with meals."
Minusy: "There was no leg room at all in economy. My knees were in the seat of the person in front of me. Most of the food was terrible and I only ate the bread. The TV is on the back of the seat in front of you and is a touch screen. You have to touch pretty hard. So, every time the person behind me was scrolling, they had to hit my seat. I couldn't sleep the entire 16 hours more than 30 minutes. I asked for water to take some medicine and was told it was 30 minutes til food service and to wait. It was over 2 hours before they started food service."
Minusy: "It was delayed for 8 hours!!!"
Plusy: "The crew, airplane"
Plusy: "food wifi"
Minusy: "the airplane was filthy and old the touch screen was malfunctioning"
Plusy: "I like the food , yummy"
Minusy: "I was in window seat. When serving food and beverages crew didn't give much concern."
Minusy: "Entertainment program could be more structured; remote control did not work as it should;"
Minusy: "I found out that my payment was not verified as I arrived at the airport and I wasn't informed my email or any kind of way about it. It was a total disaster. Deeply disappointed. Regards"
Plusy: "The air conditioning worked properly"
Minusy: "You asked for a drink and they never return☹️"

I liked the aircraft crew the most. Foods could have been better with more options and snack for kids available.

Minusy: "My flight time was changed but I didn’t receive any email regarding the change of the flight"
Plusy: "Crew was very professional and served snacks and beverages at regular intervals. One of the fellow passengers was over reacting to some minor unintentional neglect by an female crew member and told her to shut up when she was trying to understand the issue. But the crew handled the situation very professionally."
Minusy: "Food could’ve been better."
Minusy: "My baggage got missing"
Plusy: "Good service by crew."
Minusy: "Online check in was not working which meant long line to check in at airport."
Plusy: "Seat comfortable"
Minusy: "Złe fotele. Złe jedzenie. Zła obsługa."
Plusy: "Food and leg room"
Plusy: "Seat was comfortable and entertainment selection was good."
Minusy: "More snacks on a long flight would be good. Hot chocolate instead of tea and coffee would be appreciated by non-tea/coffee drinkers."
Plusy: "Convince, as this is good direct flight from Nagpur."
Minusy: "Improve quality of crew and service from Doha to Nagpur sector."
Plusy: "Uneventful flight. Baby in next row only cried intermittently"
Minusy: "Please place crying babies in a sound-proof compartment"
Minusy: "The visa check personnel were the most discourteous airline staff I have ever encountered."
Plusy: "The crew was amazing:)"
Minusy: "The availability to have vegan meals...."
Plusy: "Crew was friendly."
Minusy: "Food"
Plusy: "Entertainment"
Minusy: "Food"
Plusy: "I like that they deliver me safe and sound to Vietnam"
Minusy: "I would prefer no interruptions while I am watching my movie"
Plusy: "Nice new plane. Good seats. Good seat space between you and person in front of you."
Minusy: "Nothing."
Plusy: "Great crew and front desk"
Plusy: "All"
Plusy: "They are the best"
Minusy: "Narrow 2x2 sleeper seats are really narrow and feel much too close to one another. ."
Plusy: "business cabin nearly empty. comfortable seats"
Minusy: "Expensive WiFi"
Plusy: "Jain meal was quite uninteresting Flight was too packed Cabin air stale and dry"
Plusy: "The ease of connection from New York to Nagpur. It was a breeze."
Minusy: "My personal headphones (Beats) couldn’t be used in the headphone socket which was a bummer. Also, the only male guy in the crew was trying to solve some meal issues and was trying to tell the hostess how not to tell the passenger!! All of it could be easily conveyed discreetly but he seemed to be least bothered!"
Minusy: "Niesprawny kontroler przestrzałej rozrywki pokładowej. Jedzenie bardzo niesmaczne."
Minusy: "Ohydne jedzenie. Poza tym bardzo przeciętnie, całkowicie nie czuć tych 5 gwiazdek. Turkish Airline wyprzedza Qatar o klasę."
Minusy: "Ohydne jedzenie. Poza tym bardzo przeciętnie, całkowicie nie czuć tych 5 gwiazdek. Turkish Airline wyprzedza Qatar o klasę."
Plusy: "They do their job well"
Plusy: "The food"
Plusy: "air hostess very nice polite five star"
Minusy: "seat alloted"
Minusy: "I didn't like that my original return flight selection was changed one month after confirming. The new flight details which were automatically chosen for me had me coming back home a full day later. This forced me to have to select a new return flight with an 8 hour layover."
Plusy: "Food"
Minusy: "Bathrooms"
Minusy: "I had been told my checkin bags will be available at final destination but I had to pick them up at Delhi and do the checking in once more which was a lot of hassle with kids"
Plusy: "Seat was comfortable entertainment was nice food was excellent"
Minusy: "Nothing"
Plusy: "Every aspect of flight was wonderful, though I’m sure that fly"
Plusy: "Great food, great help when travelling with baby, affordable price. Entertainment system was a bit annoying with unusable unresponsive touchscreen and unintuitive menu."
Plusy: "Crew was good, they were trying hard to keep customers happy."
Minusy: "Limited food selection on top they ran out of available options so basically only one beef option was given. Either u like it or not. Pretty old movies in entertainment section, broken seat controls, charging ports and headphone inputs. No clear announcements by captain."
Plusy: "Selection of alcohol."
Minusy: "The selection of food."
Plusy: "Being able to sleep."
Minusy: "Food was not good. Rice was not fully cooked."
Plusy: "Upgrade to business class was a nice gesture and the service was impeccable.."
Minusy: "Just a tad delayed in getting off the plane...not sure what took unexpectedly long"
Plusy: "Professional courteous friendly and communicative"
Minusy: "Leg space in economic class is too less. No options in vegetarian food. They don't give you what you want."
Plusy: "The flight went fairly smooth, the staff were courteous and the food was as good as can be expected of airline food. There were several courses and options, which is always appreciated."
Plusy: "Smoothe landing"
Minusy: "Old plane, some kind of tablet thing with an attached remote almost impossible to figure out even how it works. 7hr flight and I only saw the steward twice."
Plusy: "Had a great experience with this flight"
Minusy: "Nothing"
Minusy: "Poor choice of inflight movies"
Plusy: "A comfortable safe flight. Steph was very helpful and nice and kept us updated when there was a delay on the flight. There were no problemsThe food was airline food and I don't really care for it but I don't think there's anything that can be helped about that. :) my face it was processed promptly and my reservation was handled promptly at the information desk ."
Minusy: "The food was airline food and I don't really care for it but I don't think there's anything that can be helped about that. :-)"
Plusy: "great service, food, friendliness of staff, clean plane"
Minusy: "nothing"
Plusy: "service, cleanliness"
Minusy: "seats too narrow, but understandable"
Plusy: "Staff were friendly, food was good, and the plane was nice."
Minusy: "In the bathrooms there was only one type of tissue paper beside the toilet paper. Adding a thicker paper towel like most airlines do would be better so that passengers can clean up any water splashes as soft tissue is not effective for this."

Delayed flight. Missed connections. Rerouted. Had to go through security multiple times. Arrived 4-5 hrs later than expected.

Jestem bardzo niezadowolony z odebrania mnie z lotniska we Wrocławiu jestem osobą niepełnosprawną i musiałem zejść po schodach nie mówiąc o wchodzeniu po schodach i odprawie poziom zero

Minusy: "It’s frustrating to not have the ability to select seats before arriving at check in counter when there’s really not much to choose from."
Plusy: "Crew was really nice can’t complain"
Minusy: "Other airlines offer free beer or even hard liquor here u have to pay"
Plusy: "On time. Check in was very easy."
Plusy: "Hospitality was wonderful. The food and drinks were great and the constant entertainment made the 10+ hour flight bearable."
Minusy: "The seats are comfortable but there is definitely not enough leg room especially if you are sitting in the middle seat. There should be some type of incentive given if you get stuck sitting between two complete strangers."
Plusy: "Flight was on time. Friendly crew and professional."
Minusy: "I ordered vegan food, no meat , dairy free. On my trip from Boston to Zurich I received vegan food. On my way fro Zurich to Belgrade I was told” sorry we do not have any vegan food, “ Also, I was charged $60 for my check in one bag,. Not expectable."
Plusy: "Swissair seating is cramped with 10 across in coach in Boeing 777. The only reason for not giving "poor" rating on this particular ZRH-SFO flight, was the empty seat next to me."
Minusy: "Next time, I will give Turkish Airlines a chance, because their aircraft seats only 9 across in Boeing 777 coach. On the SFO-BUD flight, the connection is through Istanbul, but the flight time is the same 15 hours, as on the SFO-ZRH-BUD route. In addition, two checked bags are free in coach."
Plusy: "Excellent"
Minusy: "Older plane with poor seat comfort. (Same trip Bos to Zurich much better.) Video did not work at all in one seat and poorly in other ,for 7 hr flight"
Minusy: "Not enough sandwiches for all passengers on board Seat rows very close together, no way to avoid contact with seat in front"
Plusy: "great staff"
Plusy: "The entertainment and food was very good. I also think having fresh fruit available in between meals is one of the most appealing things about SWISS."
Minusy: "For some reason, one of the air hostesses refused to let me use the restroom. For over five hours I tried to use the restroom and she kept yelling at me to sit back in my seat, in spite the fact that several other people were using the restroom and several other people were up and moving about, she singled me out and wouldn't let me get up without harassing me. Eventually I appealed to another one of the flight crew who allowed me to urinate, but it was over five hours I had to pee and was inexplicably not allowed to."
Minusy: "None"
Minusy: "The seats were uncomfortable, smaller aircraft"
Plusy: "Kindness"
Minusy: "The boarding process is very uncomfortable as the passengers are asked to board the plane without any specific order, regardless of where they’re sitting, instead of boarding them by groups."
Plusy: "Swiss Air the best!!!!"
Plusy: "Four economy short-hauls in two days: That extra tad legroom (A321, A320, CS100) Planes are very clean Good quality snacks Great staff"
Plusy: "2 snacks .. friendly flight attendants .. early arrival"
Minusy: "seat pitch a bit tight"
Plusy: "It was an amazing flight with an amazing service thank you United."
Plusy: "Swiss choclade"
Minusy: "The same as the first flight, although it was a bit better, offering chocolates and a small breakfast, although they didn’t have an alternative to ham or yogurt for people who are not interested in them"
Plusy: "People friendly"
Minusy: "Food was poor, really poor, no options for the children Headphone socket in the seat"
Plusy: "Even a short flight (1 hr 10 minutes) serves a good sandwich for lunch, drinks, and excellent chocolates to top it off."
Plusy: "Stewards are very kind and friendly unlike those in US flights."
Minusy: "None."
Plusy: "Smooth, on time flight"
Plusy: "Comfort"
Minusy: "Delay in BCN for an hour"
Plusy: "Very little legroom, food was excellent"
Plusy: "Service wa a ok."
Minusy: "My seat did not recline and my tv did not work"
Minusy: "Flight cancelled so I didn't like it at all"
Minusy: "Seats too small/legroom."
Minusy: "The line at the check in was quite long. Luckily I had only carryon"
Plusy: "-Comfortable Leather seats -Snacks were delicious -Legroom (6 foot person here) -Kind Staff"
Minusy: "-That I can't always fly Swiss"
Plusy: "Very good service in business class"
Minusy: "They lost our luggage and after filing claim we have not been notified for 16 hours"
Plusy: "punctual and friendly enough staff."
Minusy: "entertainment and food options were poor and because of the long haul flight once we had a first round of service it was then self serve. I was in a window seat - cld not wake the people beside me and getting up to get water was difficult. Pushed the call button to be told that I cld get it myself!"
Minusy: "Very narrow seats. Seat in front reclines in your face. Terrible experience for 100% full long haul flight from LAX to ZRH"
Plusy: "We had never flown Lufthansa, or in a A380. Upstairs in economy with 2 seats on the right side, it was very quiet and felt roomy. Service was on-par with other European carriers, so quite good."
Plusy: "plane was huge and clean. hour flight, was shocked to have service. Bravo!"
Minusy: "gate number on ticket was different from where plane left from. Almost missed my flight."
Minusy: "People who handle Swiss"
Plusy: "Great flight. Boarding, departure and arrival on time. Excellent flight attendants."
Plusy: "General good service, food was good"
Minusy: "Airplane wasn't clean, we had hair on the headrest cover and asked one of the crew members for new headrest cover but was ignored."
Minusy: "Would have been 5 stars overall if not for two hours of a child kicking me seat and occasionally poking my arm."
Plusy: "Real silverware. Great crew presence. Ice Cream and chocolate."
Plusy: "Everything was great.... The food , crew was fantastic , nice friendly stuff ! Very happy with the flights"
Minusy: "Well not really! I can only say negative things is the seats but is not Swiss is all airlines !!! Zero space for your legs"
Minusy: "Small seats ,and temperature too hot"
Plusy: "We liked that there was, by default, a vegetarian meal option. There were good entertainment options too."
Plusy: "Service was great --"
Minusy: "Pulled a muscle trying to get out of the seat to use the bathroom-- seats are just too close--dangerous..."
Plusy: "good entertainment and many options on the tv"
Minusy: "The seats are very uncomfortable"

Turkish Airline is absolutely terrible!

Plusy: "Crew was excellent & amazing, The Seat was comfortable & have good space between the rows."
Minusy: "only food more improvement, I know that's the effect of COVID 19 VIRUS & IT IS NOT OF THE Turkish Airlines thankfully, but thy are following the rules."
Minusy: "Good food and entertainment. Flight started in delay as usual with Turkish"
Minusy: "It was a very long flight and the leg room is too small especially for a very tall person."
Plusy: "Food was really good and no delays. Entertainment also really good."
Minusy: "Can't really think about something."
Plusy: "The food was amazing and the crew was great!"
Minusy: "Boarding seemed a bit unorganized."
Plusy: "Good food, excellent lounge in Istanbul and super comfy seats in the longer leg"
Minusy: "Boarding crew did not have the required knowledge of visa process and made us wait 40 mins"
Plusy: "The Flight crew was excellent - Inflight services were really good. However, the ground service and customer service was horrible!"
Minusy: "In-ground service is terrible. Turkish Airlines on-ground staff and customer service staff don't know how to handle any problems. They are unconcerned and unhelpful. They just keep shrugging their shoulders."
Plusy: "The crew is cery helpful, professional and the food is amazing"
Minusy: "Wifi shows up and u get connected but does not work"
Minusy: "Flight delayed, connection missed, many gate changes"
Minusy: "I sent my old grandparents trusted them to take care of them but they were treated very badly and had a horrible trip"
Plusy: "Perfect take off and landing. Very smooth flight with good service"
Plusy: "The food was nice, seat was comfortable"
Minusy: "Flight attendants never come back on my query, even after asking to 2 crews"
Plusy: "Boarding was fast and efficient, entertainment options are good and crew is quite responsive"
Minusy: "Pitch of the seat is bad for tall passengers at only 31" and on older aircraft the touchscreen is atrocious."
Plusy: "overall, service was great"
Minusy: "seats are too narrow"
Plusy: "patience n attitude of crews"
Minusy: "I have been told at the airport that I had an unconfirmed flight and was told that I could not travel to Istanbul. I am still at my departure city, in Chicago. I bought my tickets just like anybody would, go on the website, pick the flights and pay. But someone did not do their job correctly and did not correctly confirm my flight. I paid for this incompetence by missing Christmas and a business meeting. Do not think it will never happen to you, it is just a matter of time that this kind of bad service catches up to you. The system is so disconnected or careless that it can't even figure out I couldn't take the flight which it is is asking me a review for."
Plusy: "excellent service."
Minusy: "internet should be free."
Minusy: "I like everything"
Minusy: "Lost my baggage and didn’t get any clear answer about it"
Plusy: "Safety instructions with zach king were nice! The crew was helpful."
Minusy: "My screen didnt work. They reset it a few times, then it began working.. after a while i started playing a game and the screen got stuck! There was no one in the seat next to me so i thought I'd use that screen.. but then that one got stuck too. Remained stuck for the rest of the flight... The USB cable for charging didnt work. And entertainment options were very limited too."
Plusy: "Arrived on time. Crew was very helpful."
Minusy: "Too crowded Airport."
Minusy: "The vegan meal was a bit underwhelming. I ended up not eating."
Minusy: "I was happy with everything"
Plusy: "Great food! Loved that you get a menu to choose from"
Minusy: "We were not asked or given the option to choose our seats on the plane."
Minusy: "Very small space"
Plusy: "None"
Minusy: "Flight attendants need to be friendly ."
Plusy: "great vegetarian food"
Minusy: "very short time layover between arrival and departure in istanbul by time we departed the plane which landed on time at 12.30 we got on bus that got top terminal at 12.45 and ran crazy fast to get to boarding for flight leaving 13.25. flight that close together are very stressful and unreliable"
Minusy: "terrible delays and little assistance in Warsaw from turkish airline desk"
Minusy: "Little value for money. Meal, seat.. below expectations of premium economy"
Plusy: "Food good movie selections and Nice staff"
Minusy: "Nothing"
Minusy: "You could be choose food... one of the dish was only pasta... what about the people who's allergic? I am... The business class crew was very stuck up! Totally looked down at people who wasn't in the business class... The Aircraft has no AC that you could adjust air blowing on you! It was incredibly hot the whole time !"
Plusy: "Staff was very good and service in flight was excellent."
Minusy: "The flight was delayed at the gate from a late arrival that lead to a 2 hour delay on the tarmac. Handled well by the staff, but if we were on time to begin with, we probably would not have been further delayed."
Plusy: "Crew members were nice People were good at check in as well"
Minusy: "It was ok but room to improve everywhere It's matter of process where it may help to choose international standards rather than follow ones preferences"
Minusy: "Turkish Airlines did not transfer my bag. I am still waiting to find out if it has been routed to MLX."
Minusy: "Same as above!"
Plusy: "Gave us direct flight back to Singapore in premium economy seats."
Minusy: "This is our second experience of flights being cancelled via Turkish Airlines. Very disappointing customer care when flights get cancelled. Staff totally unprepared and untrained for such situations. We waited around for 6 hours before finding out on our own, that the flight was cancelled. The notice was not shown on the board. In all waited around at the airport for more than 10 hours before we were finally carted off to a small hotel near by at 1230am in the morning. Very little to no information given throughout the whole process, stranded with parched throats, no luggage, clean clothes or toothbrush."
Plusy: "Great service"
Plusy: "Crew was generally clean and professional but not necessarily super alert."
Minusy: "They did not regulate seating ruled well enough which led to others in the plane wondering around drunk during seat belt on moments and falling on me twice while I was trying to sleep. Not only was that frustrating but it is not safe to have people up and about when the captain requests seatbelts."
Plusy: "Over all Turkish airlines is a class airlines"
Minusy: "can't think of anything I didn't like about my flight"
Plusy: "loved that i got a free hotel stay because of a long layover - very useful for relaxing before my next flight."
Plusy: "on time, good boarding"
Minusy: "Small space in new planes, water not freely available, limited movie selection, ear plugs are bad"
Plusy: "Excellent"
Minusy: "Everything good"
Plusy: "In flight entertainment was awesome, Wide selection of movies to keep occupied."
Minusy: "Food was okay but can be improved, needs to have more variety and more local touch in the cuisine offered."
Plusy: "Waiting half and one hours before fly out from airport, because the fly road is busy for landing."
Plusy: "Punctuallity"
Plusy: "The attendant at check in was anything but attentive. We asked if the flight was full and she replied with a face gesture that indicated 'no' (it was a 1.50am flight) so we asked if possible to upgrade with points and she totally ignored, spoke in Turkish to 2 other check in colleagues, printed the boarding passes and almost threw them down on the counter without responding on upgrade. We felt too intimidated to ask any more. Also our mileage points for this sector of our travel were not booked to our KrisFlyer accounts so wondering if she did not capture at check in."
Minusy: "The cabin was quite warm and unable to adjust any air flow to the seat. Because the flight wasn't full my husband was able to move to a vacant group of seats and lie down so eventually cooled down and got some sleep. Otherwise excellent flight"
Minusy: "They changed departure time by 30 minutes and did not send a single message."
Minusy: "Groud crew told the passanger off. You want to fly sit down now."
Minusy: "Service call for crew took longer than usual...."
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1 przesiadkaKilka linii lotniczych
13h 25minWAW-HAN
1 przesiadkaKilka linii lotniczych
26h 10minHAN-WAW
1 466 zł
1 przesiadkaKilka linii lotniczych
13h 25minWAW-HAN
1 przesiadkaKilka linii lotniczych
26h 10minHAN-WAW
1 470 zł
1 przesiadkaKilka linii lotniczych
13h 25minWAW-HAN
1 przesiadkaKilka linii lotniczych
15h 40minHAN-WAW
1 475 zł
1 przesiadkaKilka linii lotniczych
20h 25minWAW-HAN
1 przesiadkaKilka linii lotniczych
15h 40minHAN-WAW
1 497 zł
1 przesiadkaKilka linii lotniczych
20h 25minWAW-HAN
1 przesiadkaKilka linii lotniczych
26h 10minHAN-WAW
1 501 zł
1 przesiadkaKilka linii lotniczych
20h 25minWAW-HAN
1 przesiadkaKilka linii lotniczych
26h 10minHAN-WAW
1 506 zł
1 przesiadkaKilka linii lotniczych
14h 20minWAW-MLE
1 przesiadkaKilka linii lotniczych
12h 55minMLE-WAW
1 510 zł
1 przesiadkaTurkish Airlines
16h 30minWAW-SIN
1 przesiadkaTurkish Airlines
15h 45minSIN-WAW
1 957 zł
1 przesiadkaTurkish Airlines
16h 30minWAW-SIN
1 przesiadkaTurkish Airlines
15h 45minSIN-WAW
1 962 zł
1 przesiadkaTurkish Airlines
15h 30minWAW-SIN
1 przesiadkaTurkish Airlines
25h 20minSIN-WAW
2 073 zł
1 przesiadkaFinnair
16h 00minWAW-BKK
1 przesiadkaFinnair
15h 25minBKK-WAW
2 188 zł
1 przesiadkaFinnair
26h 30minWAW-BKK
1 przesiadkaFinnair
19h 45minBKK-WAW
2 192 zł
1 przesiadkaKLM
20h 10minKRK-BKK
1 przesiadkaKLM
22h 00minBKK-KRK
2 378 zł
1 przesiadkaAir France
15h 45minKRK-BKK
2 przesiadkiAir France
29h 20minBKK-KRK
2 396 zł
1 przesiadkaAir France
15h 45minKRK-BKK
2 przesiadkiAir France
29h 20minBKK-KRK
2 418 zł
1 przesiadkaflydubai
16h 45minWAW-CMB
1 przesiadkaflydubai
21h 05minCMB-WAW
2 511 zł
bez przesiadekLOT
9h 20minWAW-CMB
bez przesiadekLOT
10h 05minCMB-WAW
2 639 zł
2 przesiadkiEmirates
20h 10minWAW-CMB
2 przesiadkiEmirates
26h 50minCMB-WAW
2 644 zł
1 przesiadkaAustrian Airlines
18h 30minWAW-MLE
1 przesiadkaAustrian Airlines
12h 55minMLE-WAW
2 750 zł
1 przesiadkaQatar Airways
15h 45minWAW-SGN
1 przesiadkaQatar Airways
22h 20minSGN-WAW
2 923 zł

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3 przesiadkiKilka linii lotniczych
28h 05minWAW-MLE
1 129 zł
2 przesiadkiKilka linii lotniczych
40h 10minKRK-BKK
1 200 zł
3 przesiadkiKilka linii lotniczych
53h 45minWAW-BKK
1 209 zł
3 przesiadkiKilka linii lotniczych
42h 20minWAW-BKK
1 240 zł
3 przesiadkiKilka linii lotniczych
44h 00minKRK-BKK
1 244 zł
1 przesiadkaQatar Airways
20h 15minWAW-BKK
1 466 zł
1 przesiadkaQatar Airways
14h 30minWAW-BKK
1 475 zł
1 przesiadkaQatar Airways
14h 30minWAW-BKK
1 479 zł
1 przesiadkaTurkish Airlines
15h 20minWAW-HAN
1 709 zł
1 przesiadkaTurkish Airlines
15h 20minWAW-HAN
1 718 zł
bez przesiadekLOT
9h 20minWAW-CMB
1 842 zł
2 przesiadkiKLM
59h 20minWAW-HAN
1 847 zł
1 przesiadkaSWISS
15h 00minWAW-MLE
1 891 zł
1 przesiadkaFinnair
23h 00minKRK-BKK
1 940 zł
1 przesiadkaflydubai
14h 15minWAW-MLE
1 966 zł
1 przesiadkaAustrian Airlines
32h 45minWAW-MLE
1 980 zł
2 przesiadkiSingapore Airlines
28h 40minWAW-HAN
2 011 zł
2 przesiadkiEmirates
17h 35minWAW-CMB
2 170 zł
2 przesiadkiAir France
24h 05minWAW-CMB
2 427 zł
3 przesiadkiEtihad Airways
26h 10minKRK-BKK
2 679 zł

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