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Lot Kraków Balice - Zagrzeb Franjo Tuđman
(średnia cena z ostatnich 2 tygodni)
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Austrian AirlinesWynik na podstawie 5043 opinii
8,0Wejście na pokład
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Everything is good

Przeczytaj o liniach Austrian Airlines

Everything is good

Same problems

The flight was fine, nothing special, but no problems either.

Everything was good

Minusy: "Comfort mostly"
Plusy: "Although economy, it was pleasant and okay"
Minusy: "I bought a business ticket but flew in economy from Tel Aviv to Vienna. I knew about it but the ticket cost was still high."
Plusy: "I like the airline and the workers are great. I don't like when they charged for luggage that $60.00 each way like round trip is $120.00. It should be by weight is 50 lbs or 23 kilo for minimum and if it is over the weight than it should charged little more price."
Plusy: "Professional crew"
Minusy: "Depart on time"
Plusy: "No wifi or any entertainment. Flight delays and lost baggage!"
Minusy: "No wifi or any entertainment. Flight delays and lost baggage!"
Minusy: "Everything"
Minusy: "The 34 minute flight was delayed by almost 2 hours."
Plusy: "Lufthansa crew very professional"
Minusy: "More upgrade to be available"
Plusy: "Curious crew."
Minusy: "Nothing"
Minusy: "Free wifi"
Plusy: "From start to finish, Sevdije was in great hands. She had to be in a wheelchair, and there were three connecting flights in countries where she doesn't speak the language. It could have been so complicated, and everyone made it SO EASY. She was all smiles when she arrived in Boston. THANK YOU!!!!!!"
Minusy: "Nothing!"
Plusy: "Timely departure and pleasant staff on board"
Minusy: "It was cold during the flight,"
Plusy: "Not much."
Minusy: "Baggage fees and unclear policy during booking with Kayak."
Plusy: "On time take off"
Plusy: "Luggage came extremely quickly"
Minusy: "We upgraded to business and paid way more than the flight over and the service was much worse. Food wasn’t as good and not nearly as much."
Minusy: "We are late only 25 min (50% of flight - 50 min)"
Plusy: "Great service on board the plane."
Minusy: "As a gluten free person dinner delicious but after 5-6 next hours for breakfast I got few small slices of melon... like really?? This will not feed anyone! For next time I know that I have to bring my own food.. so bad! While servis time we ordered whisky with cola and after one hour we went to ask for one more cause we wanted and CA told us they dont serve anymore whisky only wine or beer. Besides this things when I came to plane my sit and table tray was dirty so we had to put blanket over... for the first time I write bad feedback but I have to cause it was terrible.."
Plusy: "Easy boarding. Using a smaller Dadh 8 on this flight meant we had a lovely view of Alps."
Minusy: "Poor announcements."
Plusy: "Crew"
Minusy: "Space between seats"
Minusy: "Chaotic boarding process, no clear communication with passengers, delays in boarding not explained, people sent away or told off, huge attitude and chip on the shoulder. In the U.S., we are customers that paid for a service and are asking for details on that service. In Europe, we are annoyances that depend on staff at the boarding gates to get on the plane, so power tripping and general disdain to customers beings confused are part of the game. I will try never to fly Austrian Airlines again. Absolutely unacceptable behavior toward families, mothers with children, senior citizens. I can almost see the smirks and annoyed and superior attitude of staff at the boarding gate when they had to deal with more passengers asking why boarding hasn't started half an hour ago when we were announced it would. No answers, just show me the passport and boarding pass, ok, please go back, we'll let you know, then ignore questions."
Plusy: "Everything was at the good level. Professional people to work with."
Minusy: "Not enough room for overhead bags. Had to put mine in the front of the plane while I sat at the back of the plane. What I really didn't like is that I called Kayak to include my Global Entry number on my boarding pass. They said it would be there and when I printed it, it wasn't. So coming back into the states and thru customs took waaay longer than it should have with those chaotic and ridiculously long lines. I didn't bring my Global Pass card with me and will from now on!"
Minusy: "Thechnical problems with the plane.One hour we were sitting in the plane and waiting departure"
Minusy: "CZas oczekiwania na bagaż po wyładowaniu na Okęciu około 25 min;("
Minusy: "I wanted to buy an checked-in luggage, but Austrian site did not worked properly, repeatedly gave an error message. I ended up buying it at the counter desk, in the airport, at a much higher price."
Plusy: "That it is over"
Minusy: "Check-in to Canada not possible when passengers have third country passport and Canadian residence card. A combination, although very common, proofed to difficult for AUA personnel. Because of check-in delays lousy seats and miserable overall experience."
Plusy: "Friendly staff"
Minusy: "Flight get cancelled and they needed 4 hours to tell me you are going with another airline with multiple steps for next day. I missed two very important meetings."
Plusy: "flight was fast and we came into a gate instead of having to come into terminal by bus. Left on time an arrive early"
Minusy: "nothing I didn't like"
Minusy: "I was at the back of the plane with the constant cold air breeze, it was impossible to avoid!. I caught heavy cold and still recovering!"
Plusy: "Boarding was easy, on time"
Minusy: "Crew's attitude for any request was snobby and harsh"
Minusy: "Prior to take-off, we spent 2 hours after boarding on an incredibly hot plane with no working air conditioning"
Plusy: "Flight was on time ,"
Minusy: "Both flights were delayed. Food selection was poor."
Plusy: "I like that flight boarding was quick and in was a short flight My name is Hispary."
Minusy: "seats too cramped"
Minusy: "Behavior of AA"
Minusy: "Behavior of AA. We came with AA from Nica to Wien on time and AA did not allowed us to take plane to Zagreb. They changed to latter fly with CA. Shameful and inadmissible !"
Plusy: "The crew were very nice"
Minusy: "Toilets could be cleaned more often"
Minusy: "It was almost 2 hours delayed"
Plusy: "Made everything easy, stayed on time, clean."
Minusy: "Nothing"
Plusy: "The crew were friendly and fine. No problem with boarding etc"
Minusy: "The seat comfort and closeness of the passengers is terrible. And makes for a stressful and painful flight."
Plusy: "Good service overall"
Plusy: "The flight was quick with a light meal once we were at cruising altitude. Friendly staff."
Minusy: "I have no negative comments about this flight. Everything went well."
Plusy: "Short flight"
Plusy: "I loved absolutely everything..the service and food were amazing. I will recommend this airline to everyone I know..and definitely will use again. Thank you! You made 9 hours very bearable."
Minusy: "Can't answer this question because everything was fantastic."

Nic szczególnego

Nie poleciałem bo samolot bie zaczekał na transfer 5 minut

Lufthansa sobie nie radzi

Obsługa miła i pomocna, jedzenie bardzo dobre.

Obsługa miła i pomocna, jedzenie bardzo dobre.



Food needs to be improved. No options for people who have restrictions. I can not have milk products. Every meal on all flights had chees in it. We were on roundtrip within three days Cracow- Newark via Munich that makes four flights. They had exactly the same food both ways. Pasta full of cheese both ways. No options. On top of that there was a piece of brad also served with a piece of cheese, and later a sandwich with cheese. Dairy products are harmful for many people. Couse bloating and gas and or other digestion problems. Why would you offer this kind of food on long flights with no alternatives ? How about rice and veggies?? Also, it looks like you are limited to offering the same food every day on your flights. It’s very disappointing

The flight was ok the food was not edible!!!

I Love Lufthansa airline s and all crew … always accurate and direct thku

Plusy: "Comfy seat."
Minusy: "Plane was late, crew was surly."
Plusy: "Crew was great."
Minusy: "The layover time was too close for FRA. By the time everyone deplaned and was shuttled to the terminal by a bus it was already my boarding time. I had to rush through the passport control feeling nervous The seat pitch of the flight was narrow. I could not use my laptop once the person in front of me reclined."
Plusy: "Crew was great"
Minusy: "So tight and tiny and cramped. I flew to Europe on a Lufthansa plane and it was spacious and comfortable, the United plane was tight and cramped. Was physically touching the stranger next to me for 11 hours....Food service used sooo much single use plastic."
Plusy: "Ogólnie ok"
Minusy: "Boarding"
Plusy: "Obsługa"
Minusy: "Fatalnie na lotnisku we Frankfurcie. Korki, autobusy trąbiące na siebie, a w międzyczasie powiadomienia z aplikacji, że boarding się zaczął (i co mam uciec z autobusu i zdążyć?)"
Minusy: "Boarding in Frankfurt Germany was horrendous! Waiting in the "extended " part of the terminal was not ventilated. When we finally took the bus to the plane, we waited on the bus more than 15 minutes in 90 degree weather, with the doors open! The crew outside were very rude and dismissive. The crew"
Plusy: "Załoga na poziomie"
Minusy: "Wygodniejsze fotele"
Plusy: "Dobre śniadanie i zaloga"
Minusy: "wygodniejsze fotele"
Plusy: "Miła załoga, niezłe jedzenie, różnorodność napojów"
Minusy: "Wygodniejsze fotele"
Plusy: "Dobra i miła obsługa; niezłe jedzenie."
Minusy: "Wygodniejsze fotele"
Plusy: "Very helpful crew, good food."
Minusy: "Flight was one hour late."
Plusy: "The crew was great and the snacks provided were delicious!"
Minusy: "The plane felt slightly outdated and was pretty loud the first part of the flight"
Minusy: "Komfort siedzeń w klasie Premium Economy"
Plusy: "Wyjątkowo sprawny pilot - doleciał dużo przed czasem w naprawdę fajnym stylu"
Minusy: "Kontrola bagażowa w Poznaniu, komfort w samolocie"
Plusy: "There was an reasonably attractive opportunity to upgrade to premium economy, which was extremely nice for my long haul flight"
Minusy: "Flight was canceled from Newark to Monachium then coming back plane from Krakow was late and I had to spend night in Monacoum . I arrived to Newark on Tuesday instead of Monday horrible trip all together ☹️"
Minusy: "Najpierw odwołano połączenie do Monachium, re-book na późniejszy lot, który był opóźniony. Spóźniłam się na samolot docelowy, zostałam przewieziona do hotelu, w którym na voucher miałam jedno danie obiadowe do wyboru i jeden napój. Hasło: LUFTHANSA."
Plusy: "Crew was very kind and attentive"
Plusy: "Smooth flight. Friendly crew."
Minusy: "Too small plane for business travelers - no carry allowed inside, yet all electronics have to be taken out. Lufthansa does not care about Senator status at all."
Minusy: "Flight was late due to inadequate staffing - one pilot was missing."
Plusy: "the flight from Frankfurt to Chicago was delayed by an hour. we have missed our connecting flight to Omaha. We were at the gate 8 minutes prior to departure, but United closed the gate right before our noses. Not cool. Horrible experience. My guess is that United has given our seats to someone else. After all United did the same thing to use once before. We will not travel United/Lufthansa again."
Minusy: "nothing"
Minusy: "45min to 1 hour is barely enough to switch the plane in Frankfurt. Distances between gates are very significant and if you are not running there is a possibility you not going to make your connecting flight. Information how to get to the Z gates are not clear and it really takes a long time with all passport check points and security to pass through."
Plusy: "safely arrived; very pleasant crew"
Minusy: "Late departurne and arrived about 45-60 minutes late; having to board on the tarmac rather than directly from the terminal."
Plusy: "Timing"
Minusy: "Entertainment"
Plusy: "Krakow Airport personnel ensures that passengers get tru security check out fast for the planes departing earlier. Very nice approach!"
Minusy: "No issues."
Minusy: "Opóźnienie lotu"
Minusy: "Lack of drinking water fountains at the KRK airport"
Plusy: "Comfortable seats. Good snack. Helpful crew. We needed extra assistance and staff were very accommodating."
Minusy: "No negative comments."
Plusy: "Obsługa i jedzenie"
Minusy: "Nic"
Plusy: "Seats and table are small, very cramped quarters,I’m 6ft 1 &. 210 & it was very tight, can’t really stretch your legs out or get comfortable enough to sleep, the crew was very good, always spot on when needed & constantly offering drinks & warm towels."
Minusy: "I really didn’t like our party being separated when we bought our tickets all together, my niece was uncomfortable being away from us on a long flight, this part of the booking process is very frustrating as your seat can be sold to someone willing to pay for it & you get moved unknowingly & when you go to board your seats have been changed."
Plusy: "Punktualność i obsługa stewardess"
Plusy: "Punktualność punktualność obsługa stewardes"
Minusy: "Źle działające monitory"
Plusy: "efficient service. timely departures/ arrivals"
Plusy: "Komfort lotu i bezpieczenstwo"
Plusy: "Quick flight, but still provided a sandwhich which was really nice since I didn’t have time on my layover to grab food!"
Plusy: "Everything was great and comfortable. Good and helpful services on board and at gate. We received a sandwich, which actually was pretty good!"
Minusy: "Nothing."
Plusy: "The entire crew was very professional and friendly, and I could tell that each one of them really liked their job. I am a seasoned traveler and have flown in the past on every major and minor airline, and I have to rate my flight LH424 from Munich to Boston as one of the best."
Minusy: "I cannot think of a thing that I did not like."
Plusy: "We left an hour late. Pilot made up most of the time in the air."
Minusy: "United app didn't work. No entertainment. Seats so close, you couldn't read because distance too short. Could have heated the breakfast sandwich. Just threw it out cold and late."
Plusy: "3"


Boarding was two-step, checkin then wait then enter the aircraft. Aircraft was very old, seats worn and even ripped. No entertainment. Feed was very basic - a warm sandwich in a plastic wrap… crew was ok, a bit cold and stern but otherwise polite

A really excellent and comfortable experience. No wifi in my section of business class though - would have made it perfect.

Boarding and online chkin was very good, food was not to the expectations.

Plusy: "Great and friendly crew"
Minusy: "In-flight system had some problems and seats seemed a bit uncomfortable"
Plusy: "The sear was messy they didn't clean it it was full of pieces of bread."
Minusy: "boarding the flight on time instead of delaying it two times... and also putting the information at the flight information screen if I haven't gone to ask to the airport information stand I would never know the flight departure gate that was at the complete opposite side of the airport of were the initial flight was going to depart."
Plusy: "Nothing"
Minusy: "They have a terrible communication problem, they never communicated why the flight was late, they never communicated what they were doing or what was happening. Bad customer service. Bad communication with the client. They told us when I asked several times that we would not lose our connection and that everything was fine and that was not the case. We lost the connection. No one told us anything. Another problem was that the girl in the boarding process removed the suitcases tickets from the boarding pass and did not want to return them, and held it without any cause. Without that tickets we can not claim the bags. The flight staff went looking for us. Pretty sad and disappointed by their service. I understand that they were causes outside the airline but must communicate to the client. They cannot remain silent and say nothing."
Minusy: "New variety of food"
Plusy: "Quick boarding, comfortable seating. Great food!"
Minusy: "The seats and IFE were a bit outdated. Comfortable, but outdated. My family had issues with their screens and one had to use the remote as the touch screen was no longer functional."
Plusy: "Check in agent extremely helpful and friendly."
Minusy: "Not boarding on tarmac via bus. Sandwich - tartar sauce and “chicken” - with two quarter sized pieces of meat was terrible."
Plusy: "Flight was on time."
Minusy: "In flight complimentary food and drink service could have been better."
Plusy: "Great crews, excellent customer service"
Minusy: "We had a short delay"
Plusy: "Late departure, dirty, staff not friendly."
Minusy: "There was no entertainment available."
Plusy: "crew great comfortable"
Plusy: "Crew was amazing. Service and food was good."
Minusy: "Random TSA check was not needed at the end when boarding."
Plusy: "W porzadku"
Minusy: "Nie wiem. Nie odwołujcie i nie opóźniajcie lotów."
Minusy: "More water provided during the flight. Also, the second meal was not very good."
Minusy: "The flight delayed for 2xhours from Paris to Cincinnati"
Plusy: "Świetna załoga, bardzo miła , wygodne fotele"
Minusy: "Nie jestem wymagający. Latajac często tanimi liniami lotniczymi jestem bardzo zadowolony z wygodnego fotela"
Plusy: "Bezpłatny poczęstunek, wygodne fotele z ddobrą odległością na nogi."
Minusy: "Punktualność"
Minusy: "Not to be late ,and not to loose my luggege"
Minusy: "Check in process running smoothly and better announcement of gate change"
Plusy: "Good food and crew"
Minusy: "Plane was old and seats were super tiny. Even an average guy would be uncomfortable in it. Can’t sit in one spot for longer than 15 min without getting sore."
Plusy: "Great seat. Comfortable. Quick boarding."
Minusy: "Asked flight attendant to wake me for breakfast....forgot. Long wait for bathroom,"
Plusy: "Staff and services all very good definitely"
Minusy: "Everything was brilliant"
Plusy: "Lot"
Minusy: "Nic"
Plusy: "Flight was on time."
Minusy: "Food could have been much better in comparison with other airlines."
Plusy: "It was only 2 hours"
Minusy: "Small plane, no movies"
Plusy: "Entertainment"
Plusy: "Great service"
Plusy: "That we were heading home. Nice seats. Good food. Lots of entertainment choices. Power plugs ( USB and European power) were appreciated. Wine as a choice with meal was appreciated and brandy after the meal."
Minusy: "Some of the shows and movies were a bit 'trashy'. Long flight. I was in the middle seat next to an inattentive octanegarian who was nice but kept calling the flight crew to fix her mess up of the video system. No air controls on this plane - so it was overly warm. 10 hours of overly warm makes for a stinky passenger. Oof."
Plusy: "The size of the plane was nice. They had a good move selection. The vegan meal I was given was great."
Minusy: "It was loud, cold, the food was just okay at least my vegan meal was the bomb but it would have been better had when we booked the flight it allowed me to also choose this option for my husband. Since he is vegan as well."
Minusy: "Told us to get in line for boarding and review our tickets and then made us stand there for 75 minutes before boarding."
Plusy: "We flew with our special needs child without requesting any particular accommodations except for gluten free meals. The gate staff and flight crew identified him and allowed us special bordering that facilitated the process. That act of kindness is a rare experience on our part. Thank you Air France staff!"
Minusy: "Nothing."
Plusy: "Crew were pleasant most of the time"
Minusy: "Boarding process is total chaos Took 40 mins to.check in at desk , pre ordered for wheelchair Never showed zoo Beds advertised as lie flat bu they are NOT 180 degree flat , legs hang down - bad for circulation"
Plusy: "Nothing."
Minusy: "They loosed our reserved seats, our luggage, food was awful, ground staff was disrespectful."
Plusy: "great seat, good food and drink, pleasant staff, efficient boarding and exit."
Minusy: "no complaints"
Plusy: "Speed, professionalism"
Minusy: "Nothing"
Plusy: "Crew was nice and responsive"
Minusy: "The overall experience is regular at best"
Plusy: "Got pillow, blanket, headphone and eye cover"
Minusy: "Older plane Very small tv screen Didn't get the bread roll with my dinner. Asked for it but she didn't bring it to me. No usb plug to charge"
Plusy: "Całokształt lotu."
Minusy: "Nic takiego nie było."
Minusy: "Long delay during connection at CDG Unclear information about delay Repeated changes to boarding time Unable to take stroller during connection Had to go through security again at CDG, although same terminal (2E)"
Minusy: "Opóźnienie"
Plusy: "Good on a short flight"
Minusy: "Paying for carry on due to weight limit. First time this ever happened!"
Plusy: "Always like Air France. They are in tune with keeping the traveler updated."
Minusy: "Walked all over the terminal looking for signage for Croatia Airlines. Information services sent me to the right location, but it was marked Air France. I asked serval Air France employees for Croatia Air. None new that Air France was the CA carrier. Finally found one who bothered to look it up on her computer and low and behold, AF was the carrier!"
Plusy: "Crew was friendly and polite, both beverages and an excellent lunch was offered."
Minusy: "A delay was not ideal but nothing to worry about since the flight arrived on time."
Minusy: "I think I caught a stomach bug on one of the 3 legs of this route. More likely on last 2, i.e. Mumbai to RDU, as I fell sick almost 10-12 hrs after my last flight meal."
Plusy: "There was enough leg room"
Minusy: "The food was not very nice and the aircraft was really cold."


Nie można się było więcej spodziewać po bardzo budżetowej linii. Stary samolot, dziękuję że doleciał.

Bardzo profesjonalne zachowanie załogi :)

Obsługa była na najwyższym poziomie

Wszystko ok

Jak zaznaczyłam we wcześniejszej opinii , przez wasz błąd nie mogłam wejść na pokład samolotu

W danych pasażera wpisano mi nazwę firmy , i nie było możliwości to poprawić , więc w ogóle nie wpuszczono mnie na pokład samolotu i bilet przepadł za prawie 2000 zł , , ale będę do was pisała skargę Zaznaczam ,że nie pierwszy raz kupuję bilet przez internet i nie pierwszy raz lęcę samolotem , Uważam ,że błąd ten leży po waszej stronie , prosiłam o wystawienie FV na firmę, a nie o wpisywanie danych firmy jako pasażera , Pasażerem była Urszula Kaczmarczyk, Wasz błąd drogo mnie kosztował , musiałam zakupić kolejny nowy bilet za 3340 zł , wydałam na bilet grubo ponad 5 tys do Szwecji z wyrazami szacunku Urszula Kaczmarczyk

czysty i nowoczesny samolot

Wejście na pokład rekawem


Nowiutki samolot, płynny lot, super system rozrywki na pokładzie (filmy itp na telefonie / tablecie pasażera), b.przyjemna przekąska, napoje i ciastka. Dawno nie latałem LOTem, było miłe zaskoczenie.

Załoga ściga o maski choć mam orzeczenie z sądu, że nie muszę nosić. To jest dopiero chore!

Plusy: "Bardzo miła obsługa i smaczna jagodzianka (dużo jagód)"
Plusy: "All was excellent"
Minusy: "The fly attendant can be nicer"
Minusy: "The airplane is to small inside, very limited space."
Minusy: "Headphone jack had something broken off in it, so no entertainment. Food was plain chicken with plain potato and plain carrot"
Minusy: "No comments"
Minusy: "Lot był opóźniony o godzinę, wiele osób nie zdążyli na swoje dalsze loty do Europy."
Plusy: "Nothing! Filth, tight space. Terrible, smelly bathrooms."
Minusy: "Everything."
Plusy: "Obsluga Litewskiej zalogi obslugujacej lot w business i premium"
Plusy: "Friendly crew."
Minusy: "Not being delayed :)"
Minusy: "A faster boarding"
Plusy: "Crew was nice."
Minusy: "Seat not so comfortable."
Plusy: "Everything on time and as scheduled. Bag were delivered in good condition."
Plusy: "Not a good experience rescheduling . The airlines and agents seemed to have formed a nexus to strip customers of money ."
Minusy: "Fix this no cancellation and no refund nonsense . Plans change . And stop the charade of allowing changes but not really coz the change fee are so high and the process is super painful so that customer may drop the idea altogether"
Minusy: "More cofffe"
Plusy: "comfortable"
Minusy: "Zdecydowanie za mała ilość jedzenia,jak na lot który trwał prawie 12 godzin...Brakowało przekąsek...Na śniadanie makaron,z sosem beszamelowym?Zbyt "obiadowo",Jak na posiłek na start...Pieczywo,wędlina,jogurcik,może jajecznica...bylyby lepszym rozwiazaniem.Ale,i tak nie ma co narzekać..."
Plusy: "We landed in Minsk and then got back to WAW with not reason given after 7h witong and flight time"
Plusy: "Wsadzili do autobusu podwieźli pod samolot i nie wypuszczali. Na dworze skwar - w autobusie gorąco - jakieś 70 osób gotowało się jak w piekarniku."
Minusy: "Logistycznie podejść do tego - później wyjechać autobusem - tak aby dojechać pod samolot i od razu wypuścić."
Minusy: "2,5 H opóźnienia dla lotu który trawa 1:20 to naprawdę bardzo dużo"
Plusy: "Crew was amazing"
Minusy: "Flight delayed and we lost connection"
Minusy: "Punktualność"
Plusy: "Nic"
Minusy: "Samolot z Warszawy był opóźniony i mimo zapewnień załogi,samolot w Warszawie nie poczekał na pasażerów i odleciał.wstyd i żenada"
Plusy: "Mila i szybka odprawa"
Minusy: "Samolot był opóźniony o ponad godzinę,jednak panie w Katowicach zapewniały,ze kolejny samolot z Warszawy poczeka- miałam jeden bilet łączony. Samolot nie poczekał,a panie w Warszawie były bardzo zdziwione o co pasażerom chodzi.podeszlismy 2 minuty po zamknięciu bramek.samolot odleciał.zenada"
Minusy: "Not delete"
Plusy: "Everything was excellent"
Minusy: "The check-in opened a bit late from Israel and I did not plan on it at all but I look at what I had better things so I think there were a lot of good things here so I do not look at check-in"
Minusy: "I’m not in Chicago I’m still in Hungary"
Plusy: "było opóźnienie i nie podobało mi się to"
Minusy: "punktualność"
Minusy: "Lot obsługiwany był przez przewoźnika Blue Air. Opóźnienie duże."
Minusy: "Wymienic beznadziejna obsluge przez nie uprzejmie stewardesy"
Plusy: "Opóźnienie bez ważnej przyczyny ponad 1h"
Minusy: "2 godziny opóźnienia na trasie trwającej 2 godziny."
Minusy: "We didn’t get an email reminder to check in online."
Plusy: "The crew was friendly and caring"
Minusy: "Better food"
Minusy: "Po ostatnich doświadczeniach z LOT Polish Airlines chyba nie będę korzystał z tych linii. Jakość obsługi bardzo przeciętna, a cent jak azjatyckich i bliskowschodnich linii lotniczych."
Plusy: "due to the weather flight was delayed, crew handled it extremely well"
Minusy: "The crew was rude."
Minusy: "Lot jak zwykle opóźniony"

Lot odbył się planowo; świetnie lądowanie- brak zastrzeżeń!

Lot planowo na czas.

Lot był opóźniony o ponad godzinę, bez podania przyczyny, przez co nie zdążyłem na przesiadkę.

Szybko i sprawnie, obsługa w Gdańsku rewelacyjna.

Lekko spóźnionym ale polecial

nie polecam

Sam lot Ryanairem jest naprawdę dobry pomimo wielu negatywnych opinii. Umiejętności pilotów oraz profesionalizm obsługi jest naprawdę na wysokim poziomie. Zdecydowanie do poprawy sam onboarding, czekanie na lotnisku, wpuszczanie do korytarzy kiedy samolot nie jest gotowy i trzeba czekać dodatkowe 20-30min żeby wejść na pokład. Denerwująca jest również ich polityka bagażowa że ciężko się połapać co będzie bagażem podręcznym a co nie, dopłata za wybranie miejsca też jest już lekką przesadą.

Opóźnienie 3h, zgubiony bagaż, podanie nieprawdziwych informacji o godzinie wylotu

Wszytko super

The problem is that it was a delay and we lost connection in Milan Bergamo. But the really problem was not ryanair but and kayak that sell this kind of connection that are very risky and kiwi guarantee option doesn’t work. They say that they will find you another flight but after some days where flight is. They gave us money back after 3 months and we pay for other connection more.

2h opóźnienia jak na przylot po północy niemiła niespodzianka. Samolot usyfiony.


Było normalnie

There was way long delay.

Perfekcyjna jakość, obsługa.

There is a lot of problems with boarding. I got charged for my flight 120$ extra .

there was a delay for over 3 hours due to fog this is toatly acceptable, beacause of flight safety but since the fog was not unknown why we were boarded and than had to wait on plane without option to go back to the terminal the boarding was on foot so there was cnot supposed to be a big problem to get back and than reboard

On time, quick boarding, no issues whatsoever.

wspaniała obsługa, bardzo przyjazna atmosfera, wygoda. Polecam!

Flight was on time. But it is often with Ryanair the loud communication about offers woke me up twice. On such early fight when passengers usually want to take some rest the loud information about current offers is not very welcomed.

The online check in did not go through. In case of no online check-in, Ryan Air charges an extra 55 pounds before the flight to check in at the counter. What a cheap way to get extra money from customers. Even the employees are aware and seem sheepish to have to ask for this extra charge. Very disappointing experience of an otherwise standard flying experience

Plusy: "The captain had such a good sense of humour.. he was the most lighthearted captain ever- praise to all crew onboard and also amazing to the passengers."
Minusy: "Nothing it was perfect for Ryanair.. always getting better"
Plusy: "Cena najbardziej mi odpowiadała oraz szybki przelot."
Minusy: "Stewardzi, którzy co chwilę przeszkadzają i namawiają do kupna nikomu niepotrzebnych rzeczy."
Minusy: "Obsługa dramat.. Cztery osoby stały cały czas rozmawiając ze sobą z tyłu lub przodu samolotu. Po turbulencjach zapomniały odblokować toaletę ludzie stali dobre 15 minut. Nie reagowały na dzwonek. Obsługa wdawała się w rozmowę z pijanym pasażerem. Dramat!!!"
Plusy: "the leg room was fine"
Minusy: "the getting to the airplane and from the airplane after landing can be better by using more busses"
Minusy: "Nie wpuścili na pokład bo był błąd w nazwisku,"
Minusy: "More legroom but then I'm tall. Otherwise just what you would expect from a budget airline"
Minusy: "Opóźnienie ponad 40 min."
Plusy: "The only good thing was it was a direct flight."
Minusy: "Short version: Avoid Ryanair like you would avoid Herpes. I paid for baggage but got charged again. Desk agent was rude. There was no information provided about what gate or where the gate was. I paid for fast track security and didn't get it. It only got worse from there. Never ever fly Ryanair!"
Plusy: "Ryanair fue claro y prestan el servicio económico esperado"
Minusy: "Toda la información relacionada a Eurowings fue confusa y tardía. Tuve un cobro extra por equipaje tal que al parecer no tenían las mismas condiciones que Ryanair, pero esto no fue informado con claridad. No fue posible hacer el check-in, enviaron información muy tarde y alemán, no entendí nada"
Plusy: "On time"
Minusy: "Space"
Plusy: "Value for money"
Minusy: "Flight was delayed and when we got to our destination there were no staff present to disembark the aircraft so we were further delayed."
Plusy: "Dużo miejsca na nogi / ale to dodatkowo wykupione miejsce na nogi. Ma to sens przy dużym wzroście."
Minusy: "W takie upały mogli by dawać wodę za darmo."
Plusy: "Boarding was quick and tickets are very affordable."
Minusy: "Seats do not recline. No place to charge phone. No WiFi."
Minusy: "Brak opóźnień w lotach"
Minusy: "Bagaż podręczny, chociaż żeby mały plecak był. Rozmieszczenie pasażerów jest co najmniej złośliwe."
Plusy: "Wygodnie i komfortowo"
Plusy: "Very nice staff"
Minusy: "Avoid walking in the rain to get to the plane."
Plusy: "Przybyliśmy na miejsce 25 minut przed czasem!!!!"
Minusy: "Nic :)"
Plusy: "Załoga super, bardzo miła obsługa klienta"
Minusy: "Spóźnione loty, zawsze zostaje lęki nie smak niestety"
Plusy: "Mimo to że mój poprzedni lot był spóźniony, dzięki profesjonalizmu pracowników lotniska Kraków zdołźylem na lot do Oslo - Torp"
Minusy: "Samolot niestety mimo, że przyleciał na czas, miał 30 min opóźnienia na starcie..."
Plusy: "Trafilo mi się super wygodne miejsce w pierwszym rzędzie."
Minusy: "Ciagle zawracanie głowy proponowanymi przez obsługę usługami, ale wiem ze dzięki takim zabiegom linie mogą sobie pozwolić na oferowanie tak atrakcyjnych cen za loty :)"
Plusy: "Całość podróży przebiegła bardzo sprawnie."
Minusy: "Ciagle zawracanie głowy proponowanymi przez obsługę usługami, ale wiem ze dzięki takim zabiegom linie mogą sobie pozwolić na oferowanie tak atrakcyjnych cen za loty :)"
Plusy: "Cena"
Minusy: "Brak przydziału miejsc koło siebie przy zakupie np.2 biletów"
Plusy: "miła odprawa i załoga pokładowa"
Minusy: "kolejki i czekanie na wejście (mimo priority) bardzo głośne zachowanie pasażerów - dzieci oągłdały głośno filmy bez słuchawek, rodzice mniejszych dzieci pozwalali im wrzeszczeć dla zabawy, niektórzy dorośli krzyczeli do siebie"
Plusy: "Sprawnie, bez niespodzianek, o czasie, miła załoga"
Plusy: "Easy of checking in bag and the person working the counter was extremely nice and personable. They flight crew was very pleasant. Decent leg room. More than some other airlines."
Minusy: "Dirty cabin. Being 1.5 hours delayed on a nice day. God forbid there was an actual storm lol. Why was our luggage in a completely different terminal and NO ONE told us how to get to it? Seemed like there was confusion about the gates when we landed and sat in the plane an extra 15/20 mins trying to get some one to bring over the bridge."
Minusy: "Odwolany"
Plusy: "cena"

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Loty Kraków - Zagrzeb


Kraków (KRK)Polska

Kierunek podróży:

Zagrzeb (ZAG)Chorwacja

Loty powrotne:

Zagrzeb - Kraków

Lotniska wylotu:

303 zł

Lotniska docelowe:

303 zł