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Wyniki na podstawie opinii użytkowników KAYAK
SWISSWynik na podstawie 9120 opinii
8,2Wejście na pokład
Opinie o liniach lotniczych
Minusy: "Better choice of movies and classical music"
Przeczytaj o liniach SWISS
Minusy: "Better choice of movies and classical music"
Minusy: "crew at the gate."
Plusy: "The crew was very professional and courteous."
Plusy: "Awful!!!"
Minusy: "On time departure would be nice. Overall very pleasant experience. Water and Swiss chocolates were served during under an hour flight. Thank you Swiss!"
Plusy: "Crew was very friendly. Seat a pretty comfortable."
Plusy: "The seat was ok, I paid $ 115 per Trip ( total of $ 230) just to sit at the emergency exit to have some leg room and then I am sitting next to the bathroom and people stepping on my feet because they tend to hang out around the bathroom."
Minusy: "The flight attendant not wearing perfume. Food was very poor to say the least."
Plusy: "Great crew"
Plusy: "The crew was polite and we arrived safely."
Minusy: "The seats are like torture devices. So small and uncomfortable. After 14 hours of travel, my knees were sore from jamming into the seat in front of me, and I'm only average height. When the person in front of you puts their seat back, their headrest is practically under your chin. A disgrace."
Minusy: "There was only one agent checking in business class passengers until a bunch of us complained. The Swiss business lounge is too small with not enough seats"
Minusy: "service was least friendly at this part of my flight"
Plusy: "The business class ground crew proposed to check in our hand baggage and were very helpful. (We were in economy class) It was my birthday and i was very touched to receive a spontaneously made card and some chocolate truffles and a smile from the flight crew."
Minusy: "I think the choice of films could be improved."
Plusy: "-"
Minusy: "Old plane, rude crew, checked bag was not included in price. I did fly Swiss to LA last year and it was amazing, i don’t know what happened since."
Minusy: "Seat would not recline. Long fight cramped 27B"
Plusy: "Staff friendly and flight very smooth"
Minusy: "The breakfast was very poor. Two different servings of OJ(why?), non fat yoghurt and bread. Coffee came with only one cream. Media screen and audio did not work, and usb charger kept turning off. Barely able to recharge phone over the span of 10 hour flight! My next neighbor had same problem."
Plusy: "The Plane was modern, they had food / drinks for us, and overall the flight experience was excellent."
Minusy: "Extremely crowded no place to wait, Split Airport has too many planes coming in/out and not much space for passengers."
Minusy: "None"
Plusy: "Took care of every need with a smile and class"
Minusy: "Seats uncomfortable"
Minusy: "Waited for baggage at Newark for more than 45 min"
Plusy: "Excelente"
Minusy: "Excelente"
Plusy: "It was a great flight. Even the food wad good, especially the snacks!"
Plusy: "Everything. They are in their own class."
Minusy: "Nothing"
Plusy: "Great service"
Minusy: "Super slow boarding. Long lines at check in"
Plusy: "They are the best airline flying to Boston."
Minusy: "I could not obtain a refund."
Minusy: "Flight cancelled so I didn't like it at all"
Plusy: "I thought Swiss did a nice job. The people were kind and the service was excellent. The meals were great. I never wanted for anything. The entertainment was also very nice."
Plusy: "Crew was good on the overseas flight. The purser especially, and his attitude rubbed off on the others."
Minusy: "No wifi. Entertainment screen, etc was ancient by competitors' standards. Very difficult to operate, and I could not get it switched off once on. The screen light was in my face all night! I noticed another passenger with the same problem. Screen kept going blurry too. I booked Swissair because the price was good, now I regret that."
Plusy: "Well managed flow of services, polite and helpful staff, quiet environment, good air in the cabin."
Plusy: "The comfort of the aircraft was great, as well as the service of the flight crew. We're very thankful that the airline put us up in a hotel and gave us a voucher for food due to a layover in Zurich."
Minusy: "The flight was an hour late, causing us to miss our connecting flight."
Plusy: "We actually did not fly with Swiss Airlines to Thessaloniki. Our flight was re-booked on another flight the following day with Aegean."
Plusy: "Most things were great"
Minusy: "Flight was delayed and almost missed my second flight"
Minusy: "Very tight seating in economy for a transcontinental flight"
Plusy: "Food"
Minusy: "Lack of screen for watching movies."
Plusy: "Food is decent"
Minusy: "Really old air crafts with disgusting seats, I don't know when they were cleaned. Wifi options given are horrible, If you really want to provide this option at least provide like full flight or in increments of hours not by data limit, this shows how archaic is your business thinking is!! You have to seriously update .."
Plusy: "The staff was helpful and professional and kind. The equipment was new and clean. The flight was on-time and uneventful. I would fly this airline again any day of the week."
Plusy: "Crew is great and took great care of us. Flight was on time and that is always a plus."
Minusy: "No entertainment on this plane, which is okay. But even the magazine is pretty lame. Food was ok, although not particularly substantial."
Plusy: "Friendly staff"
Minusy: "This aircraft should be retired long time ago"
Plusy: "The food, the crew, and the smooth landing"
Minusy: "The seats. Kind of uncomfortable"
Plusy: "Na"
Minusy: "Na"
Plusy: "- Lots of snacks selections during the flight - Great selection of Movies - but unable to watch them"
Minusy: "- No special treatment for Star Alliance Gold Member - Crew member forgotten my drink order completely - Entertainment system was not working after 7 Restart attempts - The whole entertainment system is very 90's - OLD and ready to retire - There were crumbs or foods left over from previous flights on my seat and tomato sauce on the tray table - Foods selections was not that great"
Plusy: "Great flight crew, on time performance"
Minusy: "Seats could be more comfortable"
Minusy: "Boarding procedure for business class with being held up in a small holding space"
Minusy: "Not. Lot of room for legs. Slection of movies very poor. Very old movies mostly"
Plusy: "Boarding / deplaning process, well maintained aircraft, good food. Fair price."
Minusy: "Cramped seating."
Plusy: "entertainment system was good. Pilot was nice crew was pretty nice ."
Minusy: "No leg room uncomfortable seats food has gone way down hill since 2 years ago. None of the good chocolates anymore. check in people at the gates were cold fish."
Plusy: "Short flight. Not much is expected. 3 stars for no rating, except comfort. Small seats/felt cramped. Not a huge deal since it's a short flight."
Minusy: "No negatives or anything that caught me off guard."
Plusy: "Excellent service"
Minusy: "Small jet for transatlantic didn't allow for being able to walk, stretch and move about much during such a long flight, unlike larger airbus planes or larger Boeing planes. Why do airlines hire chefs then serve lousy food!? First meal was so so while wake up meal was really bad. Was so disappointed in Swiss Air so will not fly with them again. Great service doesn't make up for the noted disappointments. Spending a $2-3 more on food would have helped, but placing us in a long flight in such a small airbus plane just won't do!"
Plusy: "Good communication, helpful and friendly staff, usually on time, and better than average food & beverage options."
Minusy: "Entertainment system is limited and touchscreen was not calibrated so I had to use the handset."
Minusy: "My flight was last minute canceled and then one of my replacement flights was canceled"

Swift clean friendly on time

Just average

Minusy: "Keep the temperature at a more reasonable level. Blankets + two layers of clothing was definitely not enough."
Minusy: "Still don’t have my luggage yet"
Plusy: "Excellent crew, good food & movie selection."
Plusy: "Crew was great, very responsive and hospitable!"
Minusy: "more lunch choices, especially choices without dairy products."
Plusy: "The crew was great. The soecial meal request was hadled well despite oversight."
Minusy: "Soecial meal request was made in advance but overlooked. Did not mind it so much as eating less is not a bad idea! To err is human."
Minusy: "Head support for 6 feet plus people on seats would be good"
Minusy: "KLM was not prepared to get wheel chair passenger off plane. Cost me delay of 1 hour. I will never fly KLM again."
Minusy: "Boarding was very slow."
Minusy: "Delays, took my hand luggage into the hold,"
Plusy: "Overall KLM experience is good"
Minusy: "Food quality was mediocre for a business class flight."
Plusy: "Comfortable seat, friendly crew. Crew were conscious of recycling which I like a lot as there is so much waste on flight. Anything we can do to reduce waste is very welcome."
Minusy: "Food wasn't very appetizing, pasta didn't have much flavor and I don't eat red meat so the other choice wasn't an option for me."
Plusy: "Food provided, staff kind"
Minusy: "Was several hours delayed and check in took 45 minutes because they somehow lost my reservation."
Plusy: "Nice seats. Only seats with a row of 2, which is what I wanted,"
Plusy: "Very personable staff. Food acceptable for airline fare. Ticket price was outstanding."
Minusy: "Paid for extra legroom, but very narrow seats not comfortable. Very difficult to sleep. Old plane--could not hear movies and unclear screen. Music sounded OK and choice was good."
Minusy: "My suitcase didn't come with the airline."
Plusy: "The flight AMS to MEX was smooth, very helpful personnel on board, we enjoyed a bit more space and the seat seemed a bit more comfortable."
Minusy: "Besides the seat relative comfort, it did not recline much at all, i wondered what the extra money (at least $5 or $600) got us. The food, wine/ beer service was same as regular economy, the boarding took place at same time as economy, no drink before take-off if only sparkling water. And the plane was old generation 747 and the entertainment was same vintage: screen was not very bright and the selection of films was poor. No plug to charge electronics. We were disappointed with KLM when comparing with other airline companies offerings when you book in Premium Economy."
Plusy: "The staff tried to help me when it was evident we would not arrive on time"
Minusy: "The connecting flight is too short of a time. We were late out of LAX and I missed my connection and had to sit in airport for 5 hours. Missed my grandson’s third birthday party. Just made me sad as Travelled from far to try to make it."
Plusy: "Snooth and efficiënt with a KLM service"
Minusy: "No entertainment"
Plusy: "Szeroki wybor"
Minusy: "Brak propozycji w języku polskim np filmów z polskimi napisami"
Plusy: "Wybór bardzo szeroki"
Minusy: "Nic nie jest dostępne w języku polskim"
Minusy: "The movie selection did not seem extremely varied."
Plusy: "Crew"
Minusy: "N/a"
Plusy: "Left ontime and service was excellent."
Minusy: "... ear plugs, masks, good food or even picking seats? I remember when it was all complementary and standard on overnight flights. Oh, and the vegetarian breakfast was unfortunately poor as well. I know you can do better, because you used to."
Plusy: "Sandwich was incredibly tasty (although not much filling)"
Minusy: "2 hours on the tarmac delayed with no explanation. Uncomfortable seats, no leg room. Poor management of seating, there was enough empty seats to have groups together but they were split up. Drinks served from a communal bottle in a polystyrene cup."
Plusy: "Flight was delayed for 15 min resulting in passengers rushing to make their connecting flights.but staff kept passengers informed."
Minusy: "Flight departing late."
Plusy: "Food was just fine, movie selection very good"
Minusy: "Uncomfortable seat cushions, lights were truned on too early (1.5 hours before flight landed)"
Plusy: "Due to lightening bolt strike our pre-Y2K era plane got switched out with a newer plane with modern media delivery at the seats."
Minusy: "This caused a two hour delay in boarding and another 30 minutes on the JFK T4 tarmac. Same crappy headphones so it wasn’t the"
Minusy: "Brak jakiejkolwiek reakcji przewoznika na zgloszenie koniecznosci zmiany daty wylotu."
Minusy: "Brak jakiejkolwiek reakcji przewoznika na zgloszenie koniecznosci zmiany daty wylotu."
Minusy: "Brak jakiejkolwiek reakcji przewoznika na zgloszenie koniecznosci zmiany daty wylotu."
Minusy: "Brak jakiejkolwiek reakcji przewoznika na zgloszenie koniecznosci zmiany daty wylotu."
Plusy: "Consistently high standards"
Minusy: "Nothing"
Plusy: "The cabin crew were good. They explained what the arrangements were for the delayed flight connections"
Minusy: "The plane wasn't refueled and so was not ready for take off once the passengers were loaded. The plane had a technical problem when it tried the first take off and so it had to be abandoned. This was alarming.."
Plusy: "Everything. A truly faultless experience!"
Minusy: "Nothing"
Plusy: "Service provided by the staff"
Minusy: "The navigation of the entertainment system is not very friendly"
Minusy: "una valija se perdió. Eso desató el descontrol que tiene KLM para seguir el equipaje. No hay como hacer tracking. No hay un teléfono a donde hablar, la web está desactualizada y con información equivocada. Direccionan a usar canales de twitter y facebook que no responden. Primer experiencia en KLM y no pienso nunca más usar esta aerolínea. Llevar el equipaje o resolver un problema sobre valijas es de lo más básico de una aerolínea y no lo hacen."
Minusy: "Flight way delayed 3 hours. Staff gave no information and wouldn't help rebook us onto other flights. They gave us food vouchers 2 minutes before we finally boarded, so we couldn't use them. The food on the plane had spoiled so we were all starving on the flight, and we all missed our connections. Horrible experience and wouldn't fly with KLM again."
Plusy: "Thankful for coffee being served without charge. Not all airlines do that."
Plusy: "The food was very delicious and it was a lot of it Crew was amazing and helpful"
Plusy: "The plane was clean The crew was amazing, super nice and helpful"
Plusy: "Of the multiple international airlines I recently flew with, I would have to say KLM was by far the best. Relaxing atmosphere, comfortable seating, great in-flight entertainment, although I have the go-go in-flight data/entertainment plan with t-mobile (highly recommended), the flight included a decent selection of movies, television programs, etc. The food far exceeded typical "airline quality," even for an international flight - and included a fabulous little snack box with locally sourced gourmet and specialty items such as chocolate from Belgium, fine cheeses from France, and crackers from England. Drinks = gratis, and crew was exceptionally attentive and went out of their way to make flight as pleasant as possible."
Minusy: "Nothing."
Plusy: "Profesjonalisci. Lot obyl sie bez problemow. Stewardessy mile i uczynne"
Minusy: "Nie mam zastrzezen oprocz tego ze na pokladzie nie byla zapewniona zadna rozrywka - nie jest to jednak duzy minus przy tak krotkim locie."
Plusy: "great choice of entertainment content, friendly crew"
Minusy: "They didn’t let us board the plane. Allegedly the plane was changed and make us travel by train!! They offered us a compensation but we haven’t heard from them yet. Not good experience at all."
Minusy: "magazines very dog eared and some badly torn"
Plusy: "The crew were just amazing, such lovely male stewards! They were helpful and friendly and generally wonderful."
Minusy: "The entertainment was quite dated and didn't have new movies etc"
Minusy: "Okay"
Plusy: "Worst travel experience of my life"
Minusy: "Everything"
Plusy: "Great movie selection!"
Minusy: "After 6 or so hours, they ran out of many snacks at the snack bar! Chocolate muffin and brownie, etc..."
Plusy: "Not much."
Minusy: "Everything. Ridiculously low baggage limit, so they can slam you with extra charges. Then they charge you for food and drink, even in premium economy. Most employees we encountered were unhelpful and indifferent if not outright rude."
Plusy: "Sweet crew"
Minusy: "Better menu service and comfort"
Plusy: "The airport in Krakow was very clean with many shops."
Minusy: "Tight space with big guys next to me but short enough of a flight to really mind this."
Minusy: "Not worth what you think you might save on air fare. They really seemed interested only in trying collect every possible fee they could. Instead of weighing carry on at check-in, they wait until the boarding process."
Minusy: "The boarding process could be better organized. There is just one large line and it’s like a free for all. There are zones on the tickets but they didn’t board by the zones"
Plusy: "Plane condition was decent."
Minusy: "Not particularly clean. Completely ignored all boarding procedure. Poor IFE options. Very cramped seats. Rip-off luggage fee structure."
Plusy: "Nothing to be honest. Very mediocre airline. Zero customer service from check in to in flight service. Very rude and non helpful crew. Extremely disappointing."
Minusy: "Definitely customer service. Staff needs to know the definition of hospitality and customer service and then apply it with joy and passion for their jobs."
Plusy: "Crew was very efficient and attentive when needed."
Minusy: "I was shocked that such a long flight and passengers must pay for any snacks or food. We brought our at the airport for half the price the airline charges as well as twice the amount of food."
Plusy: "Price"
Minusy: "we had no interaction with the crew since we didn’t order any food during the flight"
Plusy: "The lady next to me left her seat so I wasn’t squished next to a woman who was well overweight and snored"
Minusy: "The crew didn’t offer me anything once, the seats were mildly comfortable and our flight was delayed by over 2 hours, not the airlines fault entirely jfks fault"
Plusy: "I paid 80 euros to reserve seats A and C. It worked. No one was in seat B so good trip."
Minusy: "Made you pay for everything. Not even free water or coffee."
Plusy: "Left right on time with an efficient service."
Plusy: "Cena"
Minusy: "przy odprawie on-line powinien być wybór miejsca w samolocie."
Plusy: "Internet na pokładzie. Uśmiechnięta i enrgiczna obsługa pokładu."
Minusy: "Opóźniony bagaż przyleciał następnego dnia. A czasu na przepakowanie z lotu na lot było 3h więc raczej sporo."
Plusy: "As usual in Dubai airport everything was perfect"
Minusy: "No WiFi on plane Half menu was not available No blankets, no pillows on the plane. Even paid ones Crew didn’t help me to find a place for my hand luggage ( I had only one ☝️) She said it is my responsibility"
Minusy: "My hot snack order took like 40 minutes to arrive. They mistakenly gave mine to another passenger who did not order it."
Minusy: "Delayed 4 hrs Inflight entertainment down for 9hr flight Have to buy water!"
Plusy: "Entertainment was great, as was having a usb port to charge devices."
Minusy: "Didn't like that i had to pay for a blanket on an international flight."
Plusy: "Boarding was fairly fast"
Minusy: "After our initial meal, we got no more drinks or snacks for 8 hours. We were hungry and thirsty - and we were in premium seats. Perhaps they can serve the second meal sooner or at least offer some chips or snacks a few hours after the first meal. This was not an overnight flight."
Plusy: "Punktualność miła obsługa. Polecam."
Plusy: "It was very stressful. We got to the airport at krakow and were told that we need to pay for luggage. It was an international flight that normally allows 1 free luggage and carry on. The price they quoted to pay for luggage was ridiculous, over 1k eur."
Minusy: "No food or water offered during the whole flight."
Minusy: "My flight was changed to a flight I could not make. I had to cancel flight to Oslo and Spent extra $500 to purchase another flight. Very unhappy."
Plusy: "I was in the premium cabin and the crew was great, all smiles and excellent service. You could tell they were genuinely good people. It was an overwhelming positive experience and I was extremely satisfied."
Plusy: "Ok"
Plusy: "The staff"
Minusy: "How do you have an international airline flying people 10 hours PLUS and not feed them ?? I've never heard of such a thing. & even with the meal preorder bullshit they didn't have enough food for the entire plane to order from the snack bar so I STARVED for 10 hours."
Plusy: "Great value. Premium seats great legroom."
Minusy: "Movie selection poor. Food so so."
Minusy: "No food provided on a eight hour flight.Even had to pay for a cup of water. Flight attendants were very rude."
Plusy: "The plane went up and came back down"
Minusy: "The plane we received was not a Norwegian plane, the food was terrible and there was limited drink service provided. Also, there was limited entertainment with most movies very old. The door for luggage was frozen shut and took over 2 hours to stop luggage with no communication. Overall a negative experience and will never fly this airline again."
Plusy: "Entertainment was good, nice planes."
Minusy: "Not knowing about no food provided but had to buy and book meals 72 hours in advance, which I couldn't do, as it was last minute. No blankets or pillows were provided - had to buy a blanket. No headsets were available, which also had to be purchased, but received text notification to bring my own."
Minusy: "$260 charged to check in two suitcases."
Plusy: "The flight was smooth and faster"
Minusy: "I believe food on flight must be for all passengers as a result food cost should be added to ticket.l didn't like the sight of people eating and others hungry."
Plusy: "The plane is new, clean, and has a good entertainment system."
Minusy: "The airline failed to inform that upon check in they would weigh carry on's and if they were over 10kg you would have to check a bag for $65. 3 stations and over an hour later, people were furious. Also, if you didn't book a premium ticket the flight staff didn't want to deal with you. Asking for water incurred a nasty look. I was surprised by the lack of customer service and therefore I don't plan to fly this airline again."
Plusy: "Low price, new smart aircraft, comfortable journey in Premium, excellent service from the crew."
Minusy: "In-flight entertainment very limited. Not many movies, strange tv program content, no music at all. The flight was late leaving Oakland and the pilot didn't make up any time, so I nearly missed my connection in Stockholm. Aalanda airport was part of that problem as transfer security had a single line with one really slow person manning it! That all added up to a long line of very anxious travelers!"
Minusy: "Delayed 3 hours. ok in flight entertainment"
Plusy: "Entertainment: Many of the latest movies were available."
Minusy: "No complimentary meals Needed to pay for 1 checked luggage for an int'l flight Flight crew was unresponsive when using the on-screen flight attendant request button...unless I was purchasing something. What a rip-off!"
Plusy: "the fact that Norwegian Air has great service to KRK"
Plusy: "reasonable upgrade to business class"
Minusy: "nothing"
Minusy: "It took them 3 1/2 hours for them to give us the opportunity to buy some water. I've never seen a more inept flight crew. The in-flight entertainment was broken but that's not really the fault of the flight crew. So instead of turning at them off they just left the screens flash in our eyes for the eight hour flight."
Plusy: "Smooth boarding and helpful staff."
Minusy: "Did not know that I would need to have my own headphones. Purchased rather poor sound experience headphones. Could not make my meal request change as vegetarian. Did not see that even when I booked the flight. Passengers should take their own light snacks and drinks after security."
Plusy: "The Dreamliner is a decent plane. Food was okay for airplane food."
Minusy: "Temperature control is wacky - too hot then too cold, entertainment never seems to change or update"
Plusy: "Polite and accommodating staff. Comfortable and spacious seating."
Minusy: "Food was packaged very well and perhaps the menu was a little more adventurous but I didn't think the taste/quality was much better than economy. Could do better I think."
Plusy: "Wszystko oky., jak zawsze.Polecam Norwegiana."
Minusy: "Nie podobalo mi się opóźnienie lotu."
Plusy: "The entertainment was good and the staff was friendly. The captain was communicative and gave us frequent updates on why it took so long to take off/leave the gate. I'd fly Norwegian again."
Minusy: "We were on the airplane at the gate for well over an hour waiting for "mandatory screenings" of passengers to take place. It was long and uncomfortable. While this was not the airline's fault, it would have been nice to have had the in-flight entertainment activated or beverages offered while we waited."
Plusy: "Food seemed quality and practical. Good selection of films. Psyched up with the windows and air circulation technology changes."
Minusy: "Staff need to be trained on how to talk to passengers. Little tight in economy section. Not much water throughout."
Plusy: "Everything"
Minusy: "Nothing"
Plusy: "The crew was reasonably customer-friendly and the individual entertainment options made long flight easier, and economy class at the back of the airplane was as comfortable as can be expected."
Minusy: "The pre-boarding and boarding experience was dismal, with extended delays requiring leaving the gate area accompanied by vague explanations and conflicting instructions about when to return to the gate, when to expect an update, and how to expect the update to be communicated. Instead, ground agents were rude and blamed passengers' confusion on us rather than their own lack of coordination and communication among themselves."
Plusy: "The boarding process with pretty seamless."
Minusy: "No blanket or pillow provided for an 11 hour flight? No headset to watch entertainment? Why don't seats in front of toilets adjust but the ones in front do..thus squashing us in even further?! Why must we pay extra for drinks or snacks? Remember it's an 11 hour flight, fully paid for.."

there was a delay for over 3 hours due to fog this is toatly acceptable, beacause of flight safety but since the fog was not unknown why we were boarded and than had to wait on plane without option to go back to the terminal the boarding was on foot so there was cnot supposed to be a big problem to get back and than reboard

On time, quick boarding, no issues whatsoever.

Całokształt obsługi

Flight was on time. But it is often with Ryanair the loud communication about offers woke me up twice. On such early fight when passengers usually want to take some rest the loud information about current offers is not very welcomed.

Plusy: "Cena."
Minusy: "Zmarzłem. Kawa parzona."
Minusy: "I paid for travel insurance yet I still had to pay Ryanair 55euro for not being able to check in before my flight as checking in with momondo would not work!"
Plusy: "Ryanair fue claro y prestan el servicio económico esperado"
Minusy: "Toda la información relacionada a Eurowings fue confusa y tardía. Tuve un cobro extra por equipaje tal que al parecer no tenían las mismas condiciones que Ryanair, pero esto no fue informado con claridad. No fue posible hacer el check-in, enviaron información muy tarde y alemán, no entendí nada"
Plusy: "On time"
Minusy: "Space"
Minusy: "Brak opóźnień w lotach"
Minusy: "Bagaż podręczny, chociaż żeby mały plecak był. Rozmieszczenie pasażerów jest co najmniej złośliwe."
Plusy: "Wygodnie i komfortowo"
Plusy: "Very nice staff"
Minusy: "Avoid walking in the rain to get to the plane."
Plusy: "Załoga super"
Minusy: "Siedzenia, sa strasznie niewygodne"
Minusy: "Great attractions and clean descending"
Plusy: "Przybyliśmy na miejsce 25 minut przed czasem!!!!"
Minusy: "Nic :)"
Plusy: "Flight was quick"
Minusy: "The representative at check in almost charged us €100 for a checked bag we’d already paid for when we bought our tickets online. When I asked her “didn’t we already pay for this?” She checked her screen and just said “oh” and let us through."
Minusy: "Zdecydowanie regulamin Ryanair w przypadku kiedy chce się zmienić kierunek lotu, datę bądź pasażerów. Ceny z kosmosu, zdecydowanie ostatni raz kupiłam u Was bilety"
Plusy: "Niesamowita załoga"
Minusy: "wygodę i rozrywkę"
Plusy: "Mimo to że mój poprzedni lot był spóźniony, dzięki profesjonalizmu pracowników lotniska Kraków zdołźylem na lot do Oslo - Torp"
Plusy: "Profesjonalizm załogi"
Minusy: "Samolot niestety mimo, że przyleciał na czas, miał 30 min opóźnienia na starcie..."
Plusy: "Zwłaszcza lądowanie - bardzo delikatne :)"
Minusy: "Opóźnienie ponad 1 godzinę!"
Plusy: "Trafilo mi się super wygodne miejsce w pierwszym rzędzie."
Minusy: "Ciagle zawracanie głowy proponowanymi przez obsługę usługami, ale wiem ze dzięki takim zabiegom linie mogą sobie pozwolić na oferowanie tak atrakcyjnych cen za loty :)"
Plusy: "Całość podróży przebiegła bardzo sprawnie."
Minusy: "Ciagle zawracanie głowy proponowanymi przez obsługę usługami, ale wiem ze dzięki takim zabiegom linie mogą sobie pozwolić na oferowanie tak atrakcyjnych cen za loty :)"
Plusy: "Sprawnie, bez niespodzianek, o czasie, miła załoga"
Plusy: "Nothing late again dirty plane not allowed to bring alcohol on which is fair enough but they don’t mind selling you there own"
Minusy: "Everything was rubbish"
Plusy: "Easy of checking in bag and the person working the counter was extremely nice and personable. They flight crew was very pleasant. Decent leg room. More than some other airlines."
Minusy: "Dirty cabin. Being 1.5 hours delayed on a nice day. God forbid there was an actual storm lol. Why was our luggage in a completely different terminal and NO ONE told us how to get to it? Seemed like there was confusion about the gates when we landed and sat in the plane an extra 15/20 mins trying to get some one to bring over the bridge."
Plusy: "Bardzo miła obsługa, co zaskakujące w znacznej przewadze męska."
Minusy: "strasznie dużo handlu"
Minusy: "Odwolany"
Plusy: "cena"
Plusy: "Cena"
Plusy: "The pilot and safety tannoy is not loud enough"
Minusy: "The app wasn’t working to check in. We arrived to the airport 1.5 hrs early only for them to tell us that there would be a $56 charge for not checking in 2 hours ahead of time. This is absurd. Almost as much as our ticket to Mallorca. Not okay. They were so rude to us and I dont trust that they will do this again to us. It’s a scam in my opinion. Definitely read all of the fine print or they will rip you off. Oh! And we paid for PRIORITY boarding. Psh"
Plusy: "Wszystko sprawnie i szybko"
Plusy: "Profesjonalna i sympatyczna kontrola bezpieczeństwa na lotnisku w Balicach. W odróżnieniu od Pyrzowic jednak można kontrolować kulturalnie i w poszanowaniu prywatności."
Minusy: "Znowu prawie 90 minut opóźnienia. Obawiałem się, że nie zmieszczę się w godzinach pracy wypożyczalni samochodów w Alicante."
Plusy: "Price and punctually."
Minusy: "As mentioned being separated by the “ random computer choice of seats. We were put rows apart both with empty seats either side of us, we fly lots and only Ryanair and Jet2 do this."
Plusy: "Nic"
Minusy: "Wszystko. Zwlaszcza trzymanie ludzi w samolocie na pasie startowym przez 1.15h . Brak dostatecznej ilosci jedzenia i napojow na pokladzie."
Plusy: "The counter agents were helpful."
Minusy: "Very cramped seats that did not recline. Lots of overcharging for things that are free on other airlines. The cheap seat was more than offset by the numerous upcharges for other services. I'll never fly with Ryan Air again."
Minusy: "I had to book my own flight"
Plusy: "Seating was comfortable and more leg room than some other airlines random seat allocated no charge no complaint. Only bought cup of tea so can’t comment on food. Tea was fine."
Minusy: "The seemingly squashy way of making sure hand luggage is tagged. Why not use a system of gradual approach. Don’t like euro charging if card used. Seems strange. Cash sterling ok."
Plusy: "Samoloty to taki ładne maszyny :)"
Minusy: "Lot był opóźniony o ponad dwie godziny i nawet jak już wszyscy byli w samolocie, czekaliśmy już z włączonymi silnikami pół godziny. Po wylądowaniu również czekaliśmy 20 min na autobus. Łącznie lot opóźniony o 3 godziny i żadnej rekompensaty ze strony linii lotniczych."
Plusy: "Lot nie był opóźniony, bardzo miła załoga oraz profesjonalizm usługi."
Minusy: "Na lotnisku w Krakowie trzeba było BARDZO długo czekać na walizki. Pociągi z lotniska w Krakowie na dworzec główny jezdzą co godzinę co jest niedopuszczalne. (Przez długi czas oczekiwania na walizki spóźniłem się na pociąg)"
Minusy: "Opóźnienie"
Minusy: "Delayed , everything is nickel and dime"
Plusy: "Punktualnosc"
Minusy: "For your fault i lost my Next flight to Valencia and nobody of your personal helped me to resolve my problem, when you are the responsables that i lost my flight."
Plusy: "It took off roughly on time"
Minusy: "Boarding was slow, checking in was annoying (just lots of steps to be done with lots of ppl who don’t travel often and less helpful staff), and the plane smelled odd."
Minusy: "Opóźniony !"
Plusy: "Very efficient and organized"
Plusy: "Finding an affordable flight to allow the family to get away for a weeks holiday that would otherwise not be possible."
Minusy: "Having the family sitting separately on the flight as we were not able to afford to pay additional money to per book seats. But it was only a 2 hour flight so we coped. Think it would be a good idea if the airline didn’t just assume that because a child is 11 years old they are able to sit away from their parents. My son has additional needs and so although his chronological age is 12 years his developmental age is only 7/8 years so being sat away from his parents was very stressful for him. Maybe asking during booking if any of the party hav s additioonal needs would be a good idea."
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Loty Kraków - Palma de Mallorca


Kraków (KRK)Polska

Kierunek podróży:

Palma de Mallorca (PMI)Hiszpania

Loty powrotne:

Palma de Mallorca - Kraków

Lotniska wylotu:

184 zł

Lotniska docelowe: