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Plusy: "The crew was wonderful. The food was excellent.the seats was comfortable."
Minusy: "The whole boarding process was lengthy and totally unnecessary with the extra steps"

Plusy: "I was upgraded to business class"

Plusy: "Service was good. Staff was efficient."
Minusy: "Cabin was overly warm. Sweatie hot."

Minusy: "The food"

Plusy: "The seat was not comfortable and the food as well"

Plusy: "Friendly crew"
Minusy: "Free WiFi"

Plusy: "Yes!"
Minusy: "It was ok"

Plusy: "Overall flight, crew service was excellent"
Minusy: "Was enough"

Plusy: "nice people, good food"
Minusy: "the process in Dubai for boarding is strange, first they make you go into a smaller room where there aren't always enough chairs, then you have to wait there until your section is called. Why not just do it all at the same time?"

Plusy: ":("
Minusy: "Don’t expect any assistance with the change of a passenger name - you will be asked to buy a new ticket without reimbursement for the mistake that is by any stretch of imagination only a duplicate bookings. What will happen is that either the travel company or the airline simply will blame you."

Plusy: "Exceptional flight super comfortable"
Minusy: "That i didn't receive my bucket list dream of an upgraded flight but that literally was thing that could have improved a really great flight..."

Minusy: "Jedzenie w wersji wegetariańskiej wyglądało i smakowało jak g... Na 6h lot wliczone w cenę picie to sok jabłkowy o pojemności...120ml. Nie wiem sam, czy to żałosne czy okrutne. Chamowat obsługa, nie zwracają uwagi na potrzeby pasażerów, lecz jedynie na to, żeby coś im sprzedać, coś wcisnąć."

Plusy: "Aircraft staff. Helpful, nice."
Minusy: "Very long line to check-in."

Minusy: "I was overcharged for the fare. I was shown a fare for $627 n got charged $688.00. why?"

Plusy: "Great entertainment, great seating and space comfort. Overall a great experience. But, Etihad airways is still better than Emirates."
Minusy: "Longer wait for boarding. The assigned zones were the last possible ones. Zone F or something similar. Flight attendants were okay, cared less for economy class. Also, Bluetooth headphones pairing did not work."

Minusy: "Birmingham airport departure lounges is too small to comfortably"

Minusy: "there is a technical issue with the headset input and thus the entertainment system did not work."

Minusy: "Food, quality of the food"

Plusy: "Great movies and responsive crew"
Minusy: "Something weird was going on about how food was served and how people went about deciding what to have."

Plusy: "Food"
Minusy: "Children crying, screaming, kicking chair."

Plusy: "Timing, no delay"

Plusy: "I must admit....this is one of the best experiences I have had flying and I fly this route a lot. I was traveling with an Elder who required a wheelchair and every step of the way it was smooth and the crew was attentive."

Plusy: "I must admit....this is one of the best experiences I have had flying and I fly this route a lot. I was traveling with an Elder who required a wheelchair and every step of the way it was smooth and the crew was attentive."
Minusy: "They only give out small cups of water. I would have liked the option of a bottled water as well as for the elder I was traveling with. They did not come around as often with water as we needed. but this complaint is so minor compared to our overall experience that I did not want to even mention it."

Plusy: "The flight certainly lived up to its reputation as being one of the nicest airlines to fly, even in being in economy. Great service, great food, great on board entertainment."
Minusy: "There was an incident prior to take off where a passenger in first class had to be removed from the plane. Though it’s certainly not the airlines fault that there was an issue with a passenger, they should’ve been a lot more transparent and gave us a lot more information on what exactly was going on other then “we need to go back to a special area to get this passenger off.” Couple that with the security checks to “make sure there is nothing on the plane that shouldn’t be” and very little explanation of what actually occurred, it made for a very stressful flight. Not knowing if this passenger had made any kind of threat against the plane, or safety of other passengers... etc, it was very hard to feel safe for the remainder of my trip being left in the dark as the incident occurred in first class."

Plusy: "Everything!"

Plusy: "It was my first time flying again in ten years and my first time with emirates. I was expecting excellent standards and I´m very pleased to say I was not disappointed!"

Plusy: "Footrest would be good for a long haul flight."

Plusy: "Attention to detail Great Entertainment Excellent food Pilot updates on timing"
Minusy: "Movie channels and music could be easier to use"

Plusy: "Staff is very good. Always smile on face."

Plusy: "Clean plane, decent food, good drinks"
Minusy: "Usual chaos on DMM check in counters. U stay in the queue, once you at the counter they say that is wrong queue"

Minusy: "We landed in Dubabi from Athens a bit late. We were taken by a bus from the plane to the terminal which took 15 minutes. That lefte us about 30 mins before the gate closed From where we were dropped off we walked for about 15 minutes but were nowhere near our gate. We asked Emirates employees to give us a ride in the golf cars. But they all refused, until one had pity on us and gave us a ride. We reached the gate a couple of minutes before the gate closed. When we arrive in Kolkata we were told that out luggage hadn't arrived. They reached our luggage to our Kolkata home a 11:30 pm. What a nightmare. Never again on Emirates."

Minusy: "They lost one of my bags. I had to file a complaint with emirates office."

Plusy: "Just superb. Even got a meal on a 40 minute flight!"
Minusy: "Long bus ride to the aircraft - thought we were driving to Muscat!"

Plusy: "The staff - every one of them - was pleasant, helpful & knowledgable. Great combination - makes for a terrific flight! The food was really delicious. All 2 desserts we had were in the category of Spectacular! Stickey toffee pudding was off-the-charts fantastic! Chocolate Mousse was terrific and the lemon pie (?) was awesome. I would love to know the baker or confectioner of your offerings so I could purchase from home! Nice touch . . . offering hot steeped tea poured & ready to drink."
Minusy: "Boarding seems so disorganized and is doesn't need to be. There were no clear directions for boarding categories which would have helped n the States because we are so used to following a simple procedure. More than that is needed in Athens where the V formation usually rules when talking about lines. Once on board, we were not served anything until @ 90 minutes after takeoff. If people didi not come on board with a drink - that is a long period of time to wait!"

Plusy: "I loved the crew. Very helpful. Katarina was very helpfull"
Minusy: "I sat next to the bathrooms"

Plusy: "Aircraft was fantastic, great cabin crew helpful, toilets bigger than usual, seat space good. Thanks Emirates"
Minusy: "I think Emirates should consider serving the cocktails/pre-meal drinks before the meal - after all, Gin and Tonic or Martinis just don't work during after meals. But this is minor gripe, the airline is great."

Plusy: "The seat was comfortable."
Minusy: "I wasn't offered any refreshments upon boarding and had to locate an attendant just to receive service. Although I normally order the low cholesterol meal I asked the attendant to provide with its contents before serving so that I could decide whether to choose from the menu. Twenty minutes later the low cholesterol plate was served and not once was I offered the opportunity to make a selection of my own choosing."

Plusy: "Fast checkin with Online Checkin. Only had to go to baggage dropoff. Nice onboard service. Like the choice of good entertainment for such short flight. Several options to watch."
Minusy: "Flight had some delay. One person on-ground very rude and totally out of line in the way to treat customers. Under no circumstance any airline employee should lecture a passenger about time schedules and such. I had read the rules online and was aware of the timings required if checking in online. I was surprised being accustomed to good service from this airline."

Minusy: "It was delayed for 50 mins"

Minusy: "The economy seats are too narrow and 10 abreast on a 777 is one too many seats."

Plusy: "Customer service, amenities like socks, sleeping mask, free headphones and free drinks were all excellent part of the trip."
Minusy: "I'm a reasonable we'll traveled man who always flies economy class (unless I get a free upgrade or a great price to upgrade at check in). This is the most uncomfortable, cramped, and smallest seat I have ever flown in...first time flying Emirates...I certainly would never fly again and actual am haunted by the idea of the return flight in 10 days. Not worth it! I'd rather deal with possibly getting dragged off a United flight!"

Plusy: "I traveled between New York and Chennai with layover in Dubai. 1.Flight experience was excellent between Dubai to New York (JFK)"
Minusy: "1.the seat that i had on Flight from New York to Dubai was cramped,it had a decent entertainment system though. 2. Between Chennai to Dubai ,Flight experience was not good, Seating and entertainment in particular was not good , it was too cramped and too much glare on the TV screen, probably because i had a window seat."

Plusy: "Entertainment & food options, onboard service, seat width & leg room (I'm just under 6 foot)"
Minusy: "N/A"

Minusy: "I found out that my payment was not verified as I arrived at the airport and I wasn't informed my email or any kind of way about it. It was a total disaster. Deeply disappointed. Regards"

Plusy: "The in-flight entertainment is very good."
Minusy: "For in-flight service call to flight attendant, it took 30 mins for response, and in the meantime two attendants walked by and waved me off. The next time I asked an attendant for water, he said sure he would get it, but he never showed up. Their water & juice service is not adequate for long-haul flights. Dubai has poor air quality, which might be bothersome for a long layover."

Minusy: "The lack of attention by the crew was unexpected,"

Plusy: "The seats were good, more reclining than Etihad, Luftansa and United airlines and a good leg space, although I'm 5'4. Food was good and plentiful."
Minusy: "Cleaniness was really bad. There was a puddle of water in the washroom and even after informing the crew twice noone cleaned it."

Plusy: "In flight staff were great, very industrious, and very friendly. In-flight entertainment was the best I have come across on an economy seat."
Minusy: "My check-in experience was concerning. I had an onward flight to Manila, but no onward flight from there. The airline policy had me not allowed to check in for my flight because of this. I narrowly avoided missing my flight by booking another flight just in time."

Minusy: "Long walk from flight to the immigration Tooo tooo long"

"Check in was a disaster. The testing rules are ridiculous. They made me wait so long to tell me to get another test that I missed the flight, then they charged me a fee. The staff was rude and uninformed. I will never fly this airline again and will advise others to avoid."

"same as before"

Plusy: "Service and comfort."
Minusy: "It would be nice if both flights had vegetarian snacks and food options to accommodate this population of passengers. If 2 types of meals sre generally offered, it would be nice if both are not meat options, and one vegetarian."

Plusy: "Seats super comfortable. Big screen entrainment."
Minusy: "One more time offer drinks for a very long travel time (other 10H)."

Plusy: "Efficient check in and polite crew."

Minusy: "Grab business class upgrade offer - worth every penny."

Minusy: "Long Delay"

Plusy: "Space in the cabin"
Minusy: "Language included"

Minusy: "No complaints. Good flight. And we were surprised to get a snack pack on such a short trip."

Plusy: "sporo miejsca na nogi"
Minusy: "możliwość wyboru posiłków"

Minusy: "Ok"

Plusy: "clean and fast"
Minusy: "use airport finger in Lisbon airport"

Plusy: "On this prop plane, the takeoff and landing was exceptionally smooth. Again, the crew gave outstanding service."
Minusy: "All was perfect! Thank you."

Minusy: "bumping and no coffee"

Minusy: "Flight#1 was late. I missed the connecting flight to Basel. I have to stay overnight in Brussels and fly VERY early to Basel in the morning."

Plusy: "Ciepły posiłek na pokładzie, dobre winko"
Minusy: "Opóźnienia."

Plusy: "Odprawa"
Minusy: "Duwersyfikacja miejsc w samolocie / płowa rzędów do 12 wygodniejsze oraz z większymi odstępami miedzy rzędami, propozycja zmiany miejsc w tej samej klasie ( economy) za dodatkową dopłatą jest słabym rozwiązaniem - po tym doświadczeniu nie będę polecał podróży liniami TAP"

Minusy: "late flight lost my connection"

Minusy: "At checkin in Miami, Agent at the counter was utmost arrogant with no customer skills whatsoever, lack of manners, the whole counter operated like some bad dream circus. Luggage fee you learn about at checkin is the cheapest scam ever!"

Plusy: "everything was fine. nothing specifically wrong or bad."
Minusy: "had the same food the third time this week. they could do more"

Plusy: "Easy smooth transaction"
Minusy: "None"

Plusy: "The service appeared to be good but everything was rationed"

Plusy: "Everything about the flight was great."

Plusy: "No delays and much nicer staff than last time."
Minusy: "Seats are very tight and legroom is very limited, specially when person in front of you recline the seat. Also, you feel the hard plastic in all your bones.. more cushions will be appreciated... Specially for an 8 hours flight."

Plusy: "The web page said that I did not have to pay for my baggage, but I had to pay an expensive price."
Minusy: "You have to add the price that we really going to pay, not a price to make the people think that it is a cheap price."

Plusy: "Great flight, friendly and helpful crew."
Minusy: "Didn’t connect to entertainment didnt"

Plusy: "nothing."
Minusy: "The flight was cancelled few hours before departure. I called the customer service and they a flight to Tel Aviv a day after with 3 stops. It was imposible to accept, so I've cancelled and bouhgt another ticket from other airline and ask for refund. Three months later I still waiting for the money. Not recommend at all TAP."

Minusy: "We could not reserve a gluten free meal to accommodate allergies."

Minusy: "Two TAP flights today. Both flights delayed more than an hour."

Plusy: "Not too many people"
Minusy: "Was delayed. Too long waiting for luggages"

Plusy: "All good. No complaints."
Minusy: "$40 charge for carry on."

Minusy: "Nothing meal was fine , flight on time, good experience."

Plusy: "Great experience"
Minusy: "Crew was helpful. Flights were on time and overall experience was very good."


Plusy: "The flight was direct to Lisbon"
Minusy: "TAP a total disappointment. The biggest surprise of which you guys at Kayak are somewhat responsible is the ridiculous fees of $90 dollar per bag checked in. Obviously the face value of the ticket is cheaper but in practice I had to pay 360 dollars to check in my bags going and coming."

Minusy: "I was told at the check in that my bags are NOT paid for...when I booked the tickets on line there was no mention of any additional charges, or option to purchase baggage"

Minusy: "Tap said that they could not find my seat (even through I paid Kayak / Webjet) and my tickets were cancelled. I lost my flight back and had to stay two days extra in a hotel and lost a day of work. Will never buy here again"

Plusy: "The flight was uneventful."
Minusy: "The food was edible. The entertainment display was old. Not much leg room."

Plusy: "Crew"
Minusy: "Delayed departure"

Plusy: "Both check ins (to and from Boston) the staff were rude. No information, just alot of speaking Portuguese to other staffers while my family and I stood there. The flight and crew were good, clean, kind and efficient."
Minusy: "There was a strike in Lisbon. Thousands of people trying to go through security and four people working the booths. Plus NO information. Just chaos, bad feelings and HOURS of standing in lines. Stressful. Will NEVER go to Lisbon again."

Plusy: "The food in Economy was way better than usual U.S. airline food. Ground staff in Newark were helpful in retrieving a book I left on the plane. Captain had the seat belt sign off early and turned it back on late in descent which allowed people to visit the restrooms. Video entertainment was good."
Minusy: "Captain should have made more P.A. announcements during the coast in over Cape Cod to point out areas of interest"

Plusy: "The crew was great and very kind; the pilot informed us a couple of times of where we were and how long to the destination; we arrived 10 minutes ahed of time! A perfect flight!"

Minusy: "They cancelled the flight, losted the baggage and couldn't help to resolve the problem. They also lied about the flight they wanted to replace to solve the problem which even didn't exist in their company. So, I will never ever take the flight from this compound again."

Plusy: "Crew friendliness and attention"
Minusy: "They ran out of diet coke and coke zero literally right after takeoff which is a joke!"

Plusy: "The employees were very friendly."
Minusy: "The food service was cancelled due to being short a flight attendant. We were initially advised that the food had not made it to the aircraft. Afterwards we saw the crew eating while we were left with no food or drink service. We then discovered that since they were short one crew member the crew would not serve food or drinks for "safety concerns". It turns out they could have served but preferred to adhere to their union under the guise of passenger safety and remain seated the entire flight doing crossword puzzles and the like which definitely made me feel much safer."

Plusy: "I was lucky enough to be awarded an upgrade to Business Class on this flight... Relieving the tension of overbooking in economy..I guess my lucky day.."

Minusy: "Very poor check in!! We checked two bags when we went to the desk to get our boarding passes.....then when we were boarding the plane, I went through without a problem but my wife was flagged. we were informed that we now had to pay for our checked bags..both of us even though I had already been cleared. 70 dollars was needed...and so with our flight ready to leave we had to just about run 250 meters and then back 250 meters to catch our flight....we are in our 60's!!!!!. If we had to pay we should have been told at check in! and to make matters worse both of our checked bags are carryon size...we only checked them because we thought it would be convenient. Given that it was not our mistake that bag fee should have been waived....very poor customer service to people who have flown TAP many times........"

Plusy: "Crew was nice"
Minusy: "Flight from Porto to Lisbon was late. We almost didn't make our flight from Lisbon to Barcelona. Our luggage didn't make the connection."

Plusy: "Plane was on time, snacks provided"
Minusy: "No reclining seats, no pillows, no entertainment. Very uncomfortable for three hours. Also, made me check my carry on without even weighing or measuring."

Minusy: "Excessive baggage fees on 2 connector flights TAP BUT TICKETS BOUGHT SEPARATE."

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