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8,1Wejście na pokład
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Minusy: "Flight delayed 3 hours, then a seats were very cramped and uncomfortable"
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Minusy: "Flight delayed 3 hours, then a seats were very cramped and uncomfortable"
Plusy: "Well organized and easy to check in."
Minusy: "No"
Minusy: "Seats are tight"
Minusy: "They sent my luggage to a completely different state! Now I have to wait till it gets to LGA and then they’ll send it to me."
Plusy: "We arrived eventually."
Minusy: "Flight delayed three hours. Payed extra for an earlier flight. Very disappointing."
Plusy: "Quick Boarding Awesome staff"
Plusy: "Yes"
Minusy: "Just better food"
Plusy: "The ease of travel that Delta efforts me"
Minusy: "Easier status earnings"
Plusy: "Comfort + was nice."
Minusy: "Had a middle seat between two other men. I was given my seat by the gate. It would have been nice if they placed my more strategically. That might be asking too much but seems reasonable."
Minusy: "Crew didn’t serve drinks/snacks; otherwise nice and short flight"
Plusy: "Bardzo miła obsługa. Na pokładzie poczęstunek oraz wifi."
Minusy: "Choice of healthier snack"
Plusy: "Bardzo sprawna obsługa. Poczęstunek na pokładzie. Wygodne fotele."
Minusy: "Chyba nic."
Plusy: "Flight attendant in first class was amazing."
Plusy: "Accurate arrival time"
Plusy: "Actual flight was great!"
Minusy: "Delays were awful, and the ground crew was unhelpful in helping people find earlier alternatives to the delayed flight."
Plusy: "Sprawny check-in i boarding. Zawsze o czasie!"
Minusy: "Problem z możliwością zmiany terminu wylotu w przypadku losowym."
Plusy: "I was rerouted through Detroit after it was apparent I would miss my connecting flight. The flight was good and I have no complaints."
Minusy: "Flight was delayed and our luggage is lost"
Plusy: "Fine, courteous"
Plusy: "Excellent flight with efficient service. Flight was on time and friendly staff"
Minusy: "Efficiency"
Minusy: "they did not serve food in my section at all."
Plusy: "Boarding was easy. Checking in was easy, the overall flight was quiet and quick and on time"
Minusy: "Nothing to report here"
Plusy: "Sporo miejsca na nogi i dobre jedzenie."
Minusy: "Mało miejsca na nogi"
Plusy: "Nicest staff"
Minusy: "Nothing at all"
Plusy: "Crew was pleasant. Boarding was fast and efficient, nobody bumrushed."
Minusy: "The non-reclining seat right next to the bathroom door opening should not exist. I was miserable there; I swear everyone on the plane made sure to take a dump on this <2 hour flight. Also none of the windows on any of these small planes line up with the actual positions of seats and it sucks."
Minusy: "I understand Mother Nature causes issues tkayakhat no one can control but when I'm receiving updates from the 3rd party travel app that isn't the airline before receiving any information directly from the airline via the gate agent or Deltas travel app and the gate agent not being able to verify the 3rd party travel app something is wrong."
Plusy: "Lot"
Minusy: "Wymuszanie napiwku za odprawiany bagaz"
Plusy: "Snacks, cleanliness and crew"
Minusy: "N/A"
Plusy: "They had available seats on an earlier flight and I was able to get home super quick! My checked bag also made it which was great!"
Plusy: "I liked getting home"
Minusy: "I didn’t like the delays without warning or any benefits at the end."
Plusy: "The crew did the best they could under the circumstances."
Minusy: "The flight was scheduled for 7:45 pm. Due to the storm the day before, my flight out of Miami was cancelled and I was told that the flight out of W Palm Beach was my only option. I paid $150 for an Uber at 4 pm. At 6:37, I got an email with news of a two hour delay. I would’ve appreciated an earlier notice. But much worse was the boarding experience. As half the passengers had boarded, someone announced that we had to have everyone boarded and seated in 5 minutes, or else the crew would time out, and we’d have to stay in WPalm. This set off a frenzy, with seated passengers yelling at the people boarding to hurry!! I was told by the pilot while exiting in LGA, that we made it by 30 seconds! It could’ve been handled so much better!"
Plusy: "Got me where I needed to go at the price I wanted to pay. - The gals at the ticketing desk were extremely helpful and cheerful."
Minusy: "Not my typical Delta experience: -Boarding for special needs was a joke. A literal ‘run-on-sentence’. No more did I get up and they went to the next group. I was almost knocked over in the rush. -The onboard staff was nice enough. However, between the two of them, one of them had a thick accent. Maybe that one shouldn’t be the one making all on board announcements… and please fix the horrendous crackles too!!! -It seemed our pilot was in training… during our short flight a series of right and left turns were made, no effort to avoid turbulence, and the landing was surprisingly hard. It felt as if my spine took a quick jab to my brain as a result! What’s up?"
Plusy: "Got me where I needed to go at the price I wanted to pay. - The gals at the ticketing desk were extremely helpful and cheerful."
Minusy: "Not my typical Delta experience: -Boarding for special needs was a joke. A literal ‘run-on-sentence’. No more did I get up and they went to the next group. I was almost knocked over in the rush. -The onboard staff was nice enough. However, between the two of them, one of them had a thick accent. Maybe that one shouldn’t be the one making all on board announcements… and please fix the horrendous crackles too!!! -It seemed our pilot was in training… during our short flight a series of right and left turns were made, no effort to avoid turbulence, and the landing was surprisingly hard. It felt as if my spine took a quick jab to my brain as a result! What’s up?"
Plusy: "Everything from the check-in to the landing was great. We were well informed about what was going on with out luggage (we were on a regional flight) and the assortment of free snacks were superb! I guess I'll be a returning customer"
Minusy: "I was expecting some form of entertainment (radio, overhead monitor, etc) on the CRJ700. But it really don't take away from the experience since T-Mobile partnered with the Wi-Fi service and I received a free hour of Wi-Fi!"
Plusy: "EXcellent"
Plusy: "Staff was really nice and helpfull"
Plusy: "Staffing was great!"
Minusy: "The fact is that it is illegal to pack Sardines at compact as you are packing us on your aluminum cans."
Minusy: "Arrived "early" only to sit on tarmac for over 45 minutes with no air , I'd rather leave later , get there at the right time and not sit in a plane with no air for extended time"
Plusy: "Got lucky, and got an upgrade!"
Minusy: "Good staff on the plane very sweet like. Actually arrived early. Thought we would get breakfast on the flight from Madison Wisconsin to New York City."
Plusy: "Crew did an outstanding job"
Minusy: "No entertainment"
Plusy: "Overall the service was good. Boarding was very organized"
Minusy: "There was a disturbance among 3 other passengers. A member of the crew was in the process of making arrangements to move my husband and myself to put some physical distance between these passengers. I issue is that at no time did he discuss this option with us. He was instituting the move when the male passenger stated he did not want to move"
Minusy: "Not enough water on the flight and we landed in a parking lot and shuttled back to the airport."
Plusy: "The flight itself was fairly quick."
Minusy: "We were late by 4hours and they kept changing the times. I wish they would have set it to one time like the other airlines. The seating is uncomfortable and there was no entertainment."
Minusy: "There were many empty seats, and when I moved from a cramped seat to a fully open row, the attendant rudely and humiliatingly admonished me for moving to a comfort+ from my "preferred" seat. It was unprofessional and extremely uncalled for. The seats were completely empty and there was no reason for him to admonish me loudly and rudely. I suffer from severe general anxiety disorder, fur which I take appropriate medications, but this incident caused an anxiety attack that lasted through the rest of the flight. Extremely disturbing that crew would behave so rudely and insensitively to anyone."
Minusy: "Plane was dirty when boarding and older than usual with a broken intercom speaker above us - squawking volume that rang every time the captain or seatbelt light came on. Staff were loud throughout this evening flight where everyone tried to get some shut eye. NOT kid friendly. overhead bins didn't fit the standard carry on correctly requiring everyone to place them sideways with wasted space and therefore not enough luggage room for everyone, crowding an already fully booked flight. A few more reasons why we'll never fly delta again"
Minusy: "Plane was diverted back to Toronto from LaGuardia airport as we were told due to "weather", landed late at night and were told that due to not being able to control weather WestJet could not assist with accommodations, leaving everyone stranded and scrambling to find a room in alreday booked up hotels. When speaking on phone with agent, I was told it wasn't due to weather but incident at LaGuardia where plane went off runway. I paid $130.00 for 5 hours in a hotel, due to pilot error, not weather. La Guardia opened it's other runway immediately after and other airports in NewYork were running fine. Completely unacceptable and extremely bad customer service as CSR simply told us "sorry we can't help". Will never book with West Jet again."
Plusy: "service. Thank you."
Minusy: "comfort seats were uncomfortable"
Minusy: "I told you my daughter's birthdate, you know her age, don't require me to call you and wait on hold for 30+ minutes for her to not be seated by herself."

Lot był rezerwowany na godzinę 16:25. Nikt nie poinformował nawet o odwołaniu tego lotu. Dowiedziałem się dopiero po telefonie do linii lotniczych kiedy to postanowiłem zadzwonić, bo nie mogłem się odmeldować online kilka godzin przed podróżą na lotnisko... Przez co z lotniska do domu wróciliśmy nad ranem, a plany były wrócić za widoku dnia poprzedniego... Brak szacunku do klienta i jawna kpina ze strony KLM

Wylot opóźniony o ponad godzinę bez podania przyczyn. Walizka nie doleciała. Odbiór,gdy dotarła tylko z lotniska, nie dostarczają do hotelu. KLM przesyłał mi informacje po holendersku zamiast po angielsku.

Nice personnel on board,

KLM is never consistent with services. Sometimes you get lucky with great comfort and other times you are forced to squeeze in a box for a seat. The food is always subpar and they have become so unfriendly when you need help. But hey, they are always on time and they have good connections.

Delay and change of terminal last minute

Plusy: "Klm's consistantly high standards in everything they do."
Minusy: "Nothing"
Plusy: "The socks offered in business were comfortable and nice looking. The red wine was good."
Minusy: "The food was just average and the seat not too comfortable"
Minusy: "Everything was OK"
Plusy: "Food was great, enjoyed watching videos, staff very profession and friendly."
Minusy: "Boarding was delayed and prolonged My Baggage was not transferred and was not available when I arrived in Dulles."
Minusy: "Flight got cancelled"
Plusy: "very nice crew"
Minusy: "my baggage was lost"
Minusy: "Not being 1 hour late"
Plusy: "Reasonable space in economy class seats"
Minusy: "Staff hurrying us up 40 minutes before departing and threatening to take our bags out of the plane in case we didn’t board then. I had to leave my coffee and run."
Plusy: "The flight crew was so friendly and the food was really good."
Minusy: "Lost a single baggage item, a car seat. Critical for us to leave the airport, and delayed us for over an hour upon arrival. Gave us a loaner car seat that barely fit our child."
Minusy: "Flight cancelled"
Plusy: "Crew was nice and efficient"
Minusy: "Economy seats don’t recline enough."
Minusy: "The flight was cancelled and had to be rerouted on United Airlines."
Minusy: "No reading light in my seat..."
Plusy: "The flight AMS to MEX was smooth, very helpful personnel on board, we enjoyed a bit more space and the seat seemed a bit more comfortable."
Minusy: "Besides the seat relative comfort, it did not recline much at all, i wondered what the extra money (at least $5 or $600) got us. The food, wine/ beer service was same as regular economy, the boarding took place at same time as economy, no drink before take-off if only sparkling water. And the plane was old generation 747 and the entertainment was same vintage: screen was not very bright and the selection of films was poor. No plug to charge electronics. We were disappointed with KLM when comparing with other airline companies offerings when you book in Premium Economy."
Plusy: "Smooth flight."
Minusy: "Seat a little cramped."
Minusy: "Flight was delayed, landing at vce took an additional 10 minutes due to no one at the jet way. Luggage service was very slow"
Minusy: "Very slow service at checkin, was not even available when I arrived at the airport"
Plusy: "punctuality of boarding and flight time"
Minusy: "attitude of crew in business class: no sense of true hospitality"
Plusy: "Great on board service from a very professional crew."
Minusy: "Can't think of a thing."
Minusy: "KLM lost my luggage during the layover. My luggage didn't arrive even after the next flight to Prague. Customer service wouldn't give me any idea what flight my luggage would arrive on, nor would they tell me what time my luggage might be delivered to me."
Plusy: "Szeroki wybor"
Minusy: "Brak propozycji w języku polskim np filmów z polskimi napisami"
Plusy: "Wybór bardzo szeroki"
Minusy: "Nic nie jest dostępne w języku polskim"
Plusy: "Great"
Minusy: "Great"
Plusy: "Left ontime and service was excellent."
Plusy: "Boarding was as expected, crew & food were ok. Nothing else positive to extract out of this flight."
Minusy: "Delayed flight, horrible baggae policy when the flight is actually operated by a partner of the company you bought the ticket from and not the actual company. Dirty seats, no in-flight entertainment whatsoever (not even a magazine)."
Plusy: "We got a meal for a 1h flight only"
Minusy: "No entertainment but normal for this type of flight"
Plusy: "I enjoyed the attention to detail and comfort. Helped to make the flight easier to handle."
Plusy: "Nice flight, nice crew, and a nice experience."
Plusy: "Good Experience"
Minusy: "Nothing much"
Minusy: "I can't take the flight because i'm not Chilean and I don't have a reembolse or other flight ,... nothing . Finally I take other flight with other company"
Plusy: "The staff was very helpful and professional. Promp response to calling for attention."
Minusy: "Wish there was better lumbar support for the seats. The food could be a bit more exciting with simple addition of lime pickles. Overall can not complain for economy standard!"
Plusy: "Crew were friendly. Flight was comforyable smooth and on time. Nice snack."
Minusy: "Brak jakiejkolwiek reakcji przewoznika na zgloszenie koniecznosci zmiany daty wylotu."
Minusy: "Brak jakiejkolwiek reakcji przewoznika na zgloszenie koniecznosci zmiany daty wylotu."
Minusy: "Brak jakiejkolwiek reakcji przewoznika na zgloszenie koniecznosci zmiany daty wylotu."
Minusy: "Brak jakiejkolwiek reakcji przewoznika na zgloszenie koniecznosci zmiany daty wylotu."
Plusy: "Clean airplane, friendly crew, no rush, nice snacks for a short one hour flight. Just generally a positive experience."
Plusy: "The flight attendants could not do enough for you."
Minusy: "Business class was pretty empty but again I was not allowed to change my seat selection online. Pathetic check-in."
Plusy: "The staff at the front desk for the check-in were extremely helpful. I had a complicated issue with my luggage and they helped me to sort it out in the best possible way. Amazing service! Furthermore, the entertainment on board is great! Nice movies, nice food, friendly flight attendants, etc. They even offered me a second sandwich =)! I truly loved my experience with KLM."
Minusy: "OLD plane without comfort or entertainment"
Plusy: "The food was very delicious and it was a lot of it Crew was amazing and helpful"
Plusy: "The plane was clean The crew was amazing, super nice and helpful"
Plusy: "That we didn’t crash"
Minusy: "Everything! The crew was rude, no entertainment whatsoever, late boarding, late departure and bad experience with the check in process both in app and on website."
Plusy: "Profesjonalisci. Lot obyl sie bez problemow. Stewardessy mile i uczynne"
Minusy: "Nie mam zastrzezen oprocz tego ze na pokladzie nie byla zapewniona zadna rozrywka - nie jest to jednak duzy minus przy tak krotkim locie."

Boarding was two-step, checkin then wait then enter the aircraft. Aircraft was very old, seats worn and even ripped. No entertainment. Feed was very basic - a warm sandwich in a plastic wrap… crew was ok, a bit cold and stern but otherwise polite

Air France lost my luggage again Its the second time in a week

Plusy: "Poor"
Minusy: "Poor"
Minusy: "I may be wrong but these days, the staff curtsy and overall well coming approach is lacking! Just a smile and a few cheerful words can transform passengers’ mood greatly!! This becomes particularly important when one is traveling for > 9 hours back to back flights!! One can extra charge for it!!"
Minusy: "I was almost forced to stow my luggage in the hold despite me telling the check-in people tjat I had my meds and cpap in the carryon. I spoke to multiple people. Not sensitive."
Plusy: "Quick boarding, comfortable seating. Great food!"
Minusy: "The seats and IFE were a bit outdated. Comfortable, but outdated. My family had issues with their screens and one had to use the remote as the touch screen was no longer functional."
Plusy: "The crew was very friendly."
Minusy: "No wifi on a 9 hour flight. Takes a long time to get another round of coffee."
Plusy: "Great food and friendly crew."
Minusy: "Seatback system was old and not very functional."
Minusy: "Plane is old and entertainment facilities are no longer appropriate"
Plusy: "Had decent room space seats comfortable"
Minusy: "My luggage could have arrived for a start"
Minusy: "boarding groups were not adhered to and those in a lower boarding group often boarded well after those in later boarding groups."
Minusy: "There was no entertainment available."
Minusy: "See above."
Plusy: "W porzadku"
Minusy: "Nie wiem. Nie odwołujcie i nie opóźniajcie lotów."
Plusy: "Świetna załoga, bardzo miła , wygodne fotele"
Minusy: "Nie jestem wymagający. Latajac często tanimi liniami lotniczymi jestem bardzo zadowolony z wygodnego fotela"
Plusy: "Bezpłatny poczęstunek, wygodne fotele z ddobrą odległością na nogi."
Minusy: "Punktualność"
Minusy: "Great experience"
Minusy: "WiFi"
Plusy: "Fantastic Crew!"
Minusy: "Seats are comfortable but tight."
Plusy: "Lot"
Minusy: "Nic"
Plusy: "Flight was on time."
Minusy: "Food could have been much better in comparison with other airlines."
Plusy: "Quick and efficient not lying more to say or critique."
Minusy: "Coffee and a bread roll as a snack??"
Plusy: "Not much expected as it was a budget trip."
Minusy: "Poor timing in between connections, barely made in time to my first connection being the last person to board"
Minusy: "Told us to get in line for boarding and review our tickets and then made us stand there for 75 minutes before boarding."
Plusy: "Everything was fine"
Minusy: "I will not use o recommend to anyone to buy a ticket with the agency, at the airport in China we were treated like criminals because as they said we were not register in the system as passengers it was really a nightmare"
Minusy: "Flight was delayed by 1h30min, so we arrived very late"
Plusy: "Nothing"
Minusy: "Airplane delay to take off 1 unknown reason After landing in Paris 50 min sitting inside airplane moving around Late for flight transfer. Sitting in Paris airport 5 hours. Customer service no working. Never fly Air France anymore !"
Plusy: "Food has improved a lot on business class. Meals are more creative."
Minusy: "Water bottles not given out unless ou ask for it. Crew needs to better trained with how to handle business class..."
Plusy: "Food, service, comfort"
Minusy: "It is very difficult to get around CDG airport with a disabled person. There is no shuttle. By the time we got to check in, we were ten minutes late. They would not check us in, and we paid over $700 to change tickets to the next flight. When I complained, I was told to stop being rude or I would get no ticket at all. My mother is 94 years old and we did the best we could given the circumstance."
Plusy: "Nothing"
Minusy: "Plane left 45 minutes late. No reason given either when waiting or after late boarding. I didn't eat as I tried to sleep byt narrow seats meant being woken constantly by fidgety neighbour. Fortunately the plane made up most of the lost time and I got my next Air France flight. This one was 50 minutes late departing."
Plusy: "nice drink selection on board flights"
Minusy: "My pregnant wife was downgraded from business to economy 20 minutes before departure because the airline made a mistake with the reservation for our puppy traveling in the cabin with us. If this were not enough, the airline also lost one of our bags so this week we have to file for compensation for both begin downgraded and for the contents of our 30 kilo bag which never made it to Ho Chi Minh. Air France was a complete and total disaster and I would strongly recommend all friends and colleagues to find alternative airlines for travel"
Plusy: "I like the service. They caring and give snacks, comfort and overall"
Minusy: "None. I like everything"
Plusy: "Easy, fast, comfortable, no hassles"
Minusy: "My seat was changed without my permission. Very unprofessional staff at Mumbai airport"
Plusy: "The airbus 380 was great and the staff very nice"
Minusy: "Too mych bad smells after a few hours"
Plusy: "All was good we didn’t feel the time 9 hours passed easily"
Minusy: "Nothing special"
Minusy: "There should be more layover time as I almost missed my flight and My luggage was delayed!!"
Plusy: "Całokształt lotu."
Minusy: "Nic takiego nie było."
Minusy: "Long delay during connection at CDG Unclear information about delay Repeated changes to boarding time Unable to take stroller during connection Had to go through security again at CDG, although same terminal (2E)"
Minusy: "Opóźnienie"
Minusy: "The food: asked for vegetarian but got incipit vegan... Mostly rice with coconut milk"
Plusy: "Missed connection and it was airport not Delta that was the problem. Not a good way to start a vacation. Rating is for the Paris Airport, not the flight crew or Air France employees. Still sitting in the airport when we should be at our destination."
Minusy: "Hundreds of people missed their flights. Delta had us into Paris with an hour and a half to get to connecting flight. Missed flight due to huge delay in passport approval. They seemed completely unprepared."
Minusy: "Air France lost my luggage and they can't find it in the computer system."
Minusy: "They lost my luggage"
Plusy: "Great crew"
Minusy: "Food could be a bit better. White bread is unhealthy."
Plusy: "Nothing"
Minusy: "My flight was cancelled, I was sent around to multiple desks and terminals and no one wanted to assist me, then my luggage was lost."
Plusy: "Friendly crew and exit row had nice legroom."
Minusy: "Ran out of the (already not sufficient) salty crackers and, as the flight had been delayed, we had a one packet of cracker 'lunch' at noon... the flight really should have had a sandwich or at least something slightly more substantial."
Plusy: "Nice Flight Attendants Good Food"
Minusy: "Flight was delayed by 1.5 hours"
Minusy: "We had one checked bag and it did not arrive when we landed. Told it was on the next flag but did not arrive until after midnight."
Minusy: "Mimo zapewnień załogi LH samolot Air Canada nie czekał na pasażerów przesiadających się w Monachium."
Plusy: "Three hour delay, endless gate changes and basically no information shared as to what was causing all the problems. Don't think I'll use Air Canada again if they can be avoided."
Minusy: "0puźnienie. Brak posiłku. Niewygodne fotele. A reszta ujdzie w tłoku. Można spokojnie polatać."
Plusy: "I was bumped to an earlier flight after asking 'cause my original flight was delayed."
Plusy: "Obsługa naziemna i pokladowa"
Minusy: "Niewygodne i twarde fotele."
Minusy: "Lack of communication. Crew was unattentitive and seemed to not know protocol or appear to have things under the control."
Minusy: "The airline crew keep on pushing back the departure due to bad weather. No discipline while boarding passengers. Delay after landing to open the door. No clear instructions about the delays"
Plusy: "Where do i start? It’s a short flight to be sure but air canada planes never feel like many Other airlines’ mini planes or puddle jumpers. they seem new, spacious, seat back Entertainemnt, just great. Also, there is no scrimping on Service. How many Delta or united or American flights have i taken on this route only to be told “coffee or water” and sometimes no coffee “the flight is too short”. Nonsense! Granted I was in business, but I had a full hot breakfast served and a full array of beverages offered. It AC can do it, everyone can. The flight attendant was lovely."
Minusy: "The flight was too short :)"
Plusy: "squeeze me into an earlier flight"
Minusy: "Everything good."
Minusy: "Not impressed with luggage fees that were not indicate but hidden in price - and all the nickle and diming on every little thing.. ruins the overall experience"
Plusy: "Flight was delayed 6 hours"
Minusy: "Getting stuck at the boarding area for 6 hours in normal weather with no particular hazards for flying. Crew was good. They did their job."
Plusy: "This time I didn't have to pick up my luggage in Toronto, it was lucky!"
Minusy: "Nothing"
Plusy: "Comfortable econom."
Minusy: "Too many announcements"
Minusy: "The condescending flight attendant at the gate who wouldn't assign me a seat and gave me guilt for not paying for extra leg room or preferred seating when Air Canadas site wasn't working"
Plusy: "Les sièges étaient spacieux."
Minusy: "2 vols chez Air Canada, 2 vols annulés !! Plus de 4 h d'attente à l'aéroport !! 1 vol en raison de la météo (no comment) et l'autre en raison d'un nettoyage à faire de la réserve de carburant... Dédommagement minime de 10$ pour s'acheter qch en attendant !! J'espère avoir plus en contactant le service client..."
Plusy: "Very kind crew, comfortable seats, good movies"
Minusy: "I was never notified by text or email that the flight was delayed 2 hours! There was never an announcement made about options to standby for earlier flights. I had someone waiting for me at the airport for 3 hours! The flight home was very chaotic."
Minusy: "flight was cancelled after being loaded and pulled away from the terminal. waited for over 2 hours on the tarp and then they said the crew had run out of time and could not fly. They took us off of the plane and did not rebook us. It took everyone over two hours to get rebooked for the next day or even two days later. They almost had a revolt on their hand since they did not have a representative talk to us until the passengers started yelling at them. Very poor customer service. Just horrible."
Plusy: "Flight was delayed from take off by ATC @ LGA for two hours, flight attendants served us with refreshments & free ear phones, meanwhile the Captain kept us completely updated on the delay"
Plusy: "I brace myself every time I fly Air Canada. Things often go wrong or are frustrating in some way. So I prepare myself mentally. Although there was a takeoff delay and the boarding procedure was confusing, this flight went fairly smoothly, compared to other fiascos I have had with Air Canada."
Minusy: "Air Canada has an opportunity to be excellent and they keep hanging on to mediocrity. I think it is either a corporate culture that does not see things from the customer perspective, or a morale problem that shows up as ground staff who do not want to be there. Also, Terminal 1 is a hassle. You check in at the kiosk, only to have to line up for 30 min. to drop your bag off. If I could, I would only fly WestJet."
Plusy: "Service was on time & staff was friendly and helpful."
Minusy: "On the flight back, we had to wait on the airplane for a good hour before we could disembark. But that was due to heavy traffic at the airport and not the fault of the airline."
Plusy: "The flight was no cancel because the weather"
Minusy: "Waiting too much after landing in LGA"
Minusy: "Fact that when my flt was delayed it was too late notice and then when it got cancelled no communication. Poor customer service. ."
Plusy: "My 55 min flight ended up taking nearly 3 hours since there were about 9 people that needed to gate check their bags. Air Canada needs to figure a better way to gauge the carryon situation. People had giant bags that just couldn't fit in the overhead. Also- there were far too many people with carry one. I paid to check my bag... then got stuck with my backpack under my feet and jacket in my lap for 2.5 hours as we sat on the runway."
Minusy: "To be honest, nothing specific stands out. The whole ordeal was pretty much a nightmare. We were offered some pretzels and water while we sat on the runway for hours."
Minusy: "- Delayed from take off for over two hours. During this time, pilot and flight attendants shared minimal information with passengers. - At one point, I asked a flight attendant for water because I had a migraine and wanted to take some Advil. He told me he couldn't right now because the pilot wanted everyone in their seats, but he would get it for me as soon as possible. When I followed up 45 minutes later, the same flight attendant apologized and said that it was because he didn't want everyone asking for waters. We were stuck on that plane for over two hours, and you can't get people water? - Gate check was not available, meaning that I had to check my carry-on when there was no more space available (my bag met the carry-on size requirements)."
Plusy: "I think I got great fair, so thanks for that! getting a boarding pass was was nice experience."
Minusy: "I know it is a short flight....but how much does it cost to offer a snack and drink....$4/5 may be. we start quite early from home....flight may be just 1 and half hour but total journey for us takes more than 4 hours."
Plusy: "The crew was very pleasant and welcoming. The aircraft was very visibly clean, and my seat was comfortable. Most importantly the flight was on time and the boarding process was properly supervised."
Minusy: "I'm 65 years of age and have been travelling by air since I was 5. (You know back when airplanes had piston engines and propellers). So the tings I don't like are what you might expect. I don't like that I have to pay extra for a seat with adequate legroom. I don't like being charged for the most basic of Wi-Fi connections. (Delta's and Amtrak's are free). Although this was a very short flight, the passengers could have been offered the option of either cookies or pretzels, instead of everyone being stuck with pretzels."
Plusy: "In flight entertainment"
Minusy: "The credit was not polite and quite unfriendly."
Minusy: "Too far distance to get to immigration there was no assistants otherwise the flight was good"
Plusy: "Despite the delay the crew members kept a smile on their faces."
Minusy: "We were delayed for four hours and were stuck on the plane that whole time. We did not receive any food and just tab water was offered."
Plusy: "My overall flight was smooth, the crew was friendly."
Minusy: "All of my Air Canada flights were delayed, it was a real inconvenience."
Minusy: "Flew 2/3 of way to NYC & retrurned to Montreal due to weather. Sat in plane at gate for 2+ hours before flight cancelled: weather + crew had reached time limit. Very little help in re-booking flight for next day: had to do it on your own online. No help re finding hotel for the night."
Plusy: "Nice interior. Free movies."
Minusy: "Air Canada is always delayed."
Minusy: "Mad dash thru Monteal airport to make connection after 30 minute delay. Rep just before customs had a bad scanner and couldn't scan my boarding pass on my phone. Sent me back to find an Air Canada rep in customer service. That rep's scanner worked, and then they had a five minute discussion about it. Had to go back thru passenger scanning. Flight's gate was changed. Finally got to gate, flight was delayed, no updated information. Another 30 minute wait on the tarmac. Flight attendant in business class didn't do a cabin check before take off, man next to me continued phone convo during taxi-to-take-off whilst two gentlemen in front of me had their seats back for take-off. Bad service."
Plusy: "Traveling back to the US have Global Emtey or Nexus Like the free movies watched half of movie on the way to acanandr and half on the way back. Thank you"
Minusy: "Last time I traveled to Canada I probably used a passport. BUT I never knew that I needed it I thought u could travel with my drivers lisence. Remind travelers to take their passport"
Plusy: "Spacious, leg room"
Minusy: "Temperature, cold. Needs interior upgrade."
Plusy: "It was a short flight and I shared my seating with average weight people. The crew members and the pilots were very informative."
Minusy: "During a short flight there is not much to experimented and less to comment."
Plusy: "Since we arrived at the airport very early we asked about whether we could change to an earlier flight. The agent was extremely accommodating and confirmed us on an earlier flight with no additional charge. Bravo Air Canada!"
Plusy: "The crew was friendly and polite."
Minusy: "You really need to make those seats somewhat more comfortable. I'm an average sized person I think, 5'6" and 150 lbs, but I found the seats very hard and generally small. Also, please stop serving those hot pockets as a snack and please top charging for potato chips!"
Plusy: "AC is dependable and safe."
Minusy: "Our return flight NYC to Victoria was delayed at La Guardia by 1.5 hours which reduced our rating from excellent to good."
Plusy: "On time and short! Everything was good"
Minusy: "Great"
Plusy: "The staff was so kind and outgoing! They made sure the flight went smoothly!"
Minusy: "Change of boarding gate at last minute, no food service in rear of plane due to turbulence however front of plane was served"
Minusy: "That we were 50 mins late taking off and it wasn't weather related."
Plusy: "Absolutely nothing"
Minusy: "A 12 hour delay is not okay. The hotel comp was nice but they split my group of 5 into different hotels. The breakfast voucher did not work. The dinner voucher barely covered the cost at the designated restaurant. Customer service was extremely unaccomadating."
Plusy: "There seems to be more space at my seat in this plan and I received my luggage at the front of the line in LGA"
Minusy: "LGA airport is a mess, they closed garage B at your terminal and I have to walk at least 1/2 mile to pick up me car."
Minusy: "extreme delays and not a lot of updates"
Minusy: "Very poor communication and co-ordination when flight was delayed and then cancelled. Rebooking was only available via the phone, even when at the airport, with a 45 minute hold time. Everyone kept passing the buck to another, and no supervisors were around. Terrible customer service!"
Plusy: "No problem"
Minusy: "No problem"
Plusy: "We set on the runway for over 4 hours."
Plusy: "It was comfortable"
Minusy: "The wifi wasn't working"
Plusy: "Everything fine"
Minusy: "No complaints"
Plusy: "Not much. The crew was friendly."
Minusy: "Everything other than the crew!"
Minusy: "Delayed flights flight"
Plusy: "nic"
Minusy: "2h opóźnienia bez żadnego wsparcia. Brak saloników do których można wejść..."
Minusy: "Flight was delayed"
Minusy: "I had a very large man in the middle seat next to me. I was in the window seat. He leaked over into my seat which made it very uncomfortable especially when he fell asleep. I know the airlines can't do anything about this but he should pay for a larger seat."
Plusy: "Did not really like it."
Minusy: "More communication from the boarding staff. The delays kept increasing. Due to weather, we were delayed 4 hrs. They only decided to accommodate everyone with water and snacks 3 hrs into the delay."
Plusy: "We landed in NYC -- although it was first announced as Dulles."
Minusy: "This flight was on Canadian Air under the auspices of United. I was not allowed into the United Club lounge despite the fact that I had business class ticket. I was informed that a business class ticket isn't sufficient for using the lounge when flying domestic. It is only good when flying international. They call that customer service. I generally avoid domestic airlines because of the customer service. The flight attendants were not happy to serve you. It's a small flight but they didn't even offer a snack -- you had to ask for it. And then they brought over a small basket with nuts, chips, candy bars, and a muffin. I took a muffin and it stuck to the roof of my mouth -- very poor quality. When I asked for a snack the flight attendant replied cocktail or soft drink never saying whether or not a snack was available.. She said this a couple of times before I could repeat that I wanted a snack to which she replied you want something to drink with that. I've been on many short flights in Asia and they will deliver a full meal and you don't have to ask for it. There was no entertainment but United did send an email explaining how I could purchase entertainment to play on my own device."
Minusy: "We were forced to use another airline and we landed in NYC about 5 hours later."
Minusy: "Non existent"
Plusy: "Wymieniono od reki dwie zniszczone walizki"
Minusy: "Ze na dlugim locie brak bylo jedzenie"
Minusy: "Very delayed"
Plusy: "Nothing. I didn't take the flight."
Minusy: "They didn't get me to New York. Our original aircraft was stolen to use for another flight. So we needed to wait for another plane that wasn't due until 90 minutes after our scheduled departure. This second plane had maintainence issues. After 4 hours waiting I got on a Delta flight."
Plusy: "Nothing"
Minusy: "Pilot admitted error. They did not even know what was going on. 3 hours late due to last min maintenance after the plane had been on the ground since last night. No supervisor came even though we asked the captain to contact one. We were ignored. Total clusterfuck. Pilot was courteous and professional but front desk was Frazzled and incompetent. We were hugely inconvenienced and missed our obligations with no offer of compensation. Then when we finally get on the plane they kick us off!!!!!!!!!! Now they are saying a 630 departure for a 2 pm flight. This is beyond acceptable and I am about to call the local news and am sending them video of your gross incompetence. I want to be contacted at 815-527-1935 immediately. My time is valuable and no part of this delay is acceptable. I want full flight vouchers for this debacle"
Plusy: "flight was fast"
Minusy: "No media in-seat is frustrating."
Plusy: "I got upgraded to first class and I was pleasantly surprised by the excellent service. Flight was on time. Crew was very nice. Food was great too."
Plusy: "On time departure and arrival"
Minusy: "We were stuck on runway for almost an hour. Plane was uncomfortably warm. Josh"
Minusy: "You better get rid of basic economy."
Plusy: "The crew The entertainment options The power options The drinks"
Minusy: "10 minutes earlier and the food would have been better. Then again, 10 minutes earlier and wouldn’t have made flight."
Plusy: "My legs were very uncomfortable to sit"
Minusy: "seats were too close"
Plusy: "I enjoyed the comfortable seating"
Minusy: "Nothing"
Minusy: "NA"
Minusy: "I prefer an entertainment console and monitor in the seat in front of me."
Plusy: "Luggage storage was large"
Minusy: "Metal rails of seat in front and couldnt fit carryon below seat in front, bcharge for entertainment"
Plusy: "Movie selection"
Minusy: "Flight was delayed an hour"
Minusy: "Both flights were delayed, and was charged a $200 oversized baggage fee for a bag that actually isn't oversized according to the measurements on the United website"
Plusy: "Seat was ok in stiffness and padding"
Minusy: "Don't like sitting with my knees propped on the seat in front of me when I'm only 6' tall. feel like you could give a touch of extra legroom for times like when you want something out of your bag crammed below the seat and you have to jar your neck sideways to reach it and try not to be in your neighbors lap while doing it."
Plusy: "Everything went smoothly"
Minusy: "Good options are terrible"
Plusy: "Excellent and content flight."
Minusy: "No complaints"
Plusy: "nothing"
Minusy: "it was disgusting service. We never got to make it out to Denver. Our flights kept getting canceled even though we didn't buy tickets to be on stand by. Never flying with this company ever again!!!!!"
Plusy: "Nothing"
Minusy: "I have pictures and video of how dirty the plane was from the air vent all the way to the floor so disgusting do you guys ever clean the planes"
Plusy: "Flight attendants were helpful, courteous, and welcoming."
Minusy: "My seat didn't recline"
Minusy: "Flight was delayed a few times , learned once i got to the airport flight was delayed .. and delayed 2 more times while on the plane .... They didnt know which way the bags were located ...(baggage claim or at the door way of exit of the plane )"
Plusy: "Nice comfortable seating. Fell straight to sleep"
Minusy: "Nothing"
Plusy: "They let people get on with oversize bags when sequence 4&5 get on there's no room left"
Plusy: "The seats were much more comfortable than the regional jet and I was able to get some rest."
Minusy: "N/A"
Minusy: "There was no gate agent until about 6 minutes before the flight was scheduled to take off and when got there they were rude to customers and dismissive."
Plusy: "The comfy seats"
Minusy: "The fact that I had to pay to watch tv. Maybe people should have to pay for movies, but not for watching tv. Flights and till we takeoff can take a while. It would be nice to have some free entertainment. The plane was very hot when we were boarding."
Plusy: "Comfortable seats and lots of leg room. I was not crowded at all. It was so nice to not feel cramped and to have plenty of room around me. It was one of the most comfortable flights I have experienced in years!"
Plusy: "United spokesperson was able to get me on another flight out of O'hare. She was awesome."
Minusy: "Nobody at the gate was helpful. They just kept saying check the board."
Minusy: "The delays"
Plusy: "The crew was friendly"
Minusy: "Delays"
Minusy: "I spent 4 hours waiting for a connecting flight the scheduled wait was 45 min"
Minusy: "The only snack available was a mix that had dairy. Other airlines, like JetBlue not only have a selection from which to choose, but at least one option is vegan."
Minusy: "Bad"
Minusy: "My flight from NY to Houston was delayed, then my flight from Houston to Austin was delayed, then was cancelled without any communication, leaving everyone on the flight stranded at the airport at 1.30am when we were supposed to leave at 8pm."
Minusy: "Some inspector idiot decided that the exterior cover stickers weren't "up to code" literally half an hour before my flight, delaying us 2 hours. I got onto a different flight at the last second, then the same thing happened to that plane. Brilliant on their parts. I almost lost a job interview thanks to your people."
Minusy: "There was confusion on where to go check luggage and what duty free items could be carried on board."

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Loty Gdańsk - Nowy Jork-LaGuardia


Gdańsk (GDN)Polska

Kierunek podróży:

Nowy Jork-LaGuardia (LGA)Stany Zjednoczone

Loty powrotne:

Nowy Jork-LaGuardia - Gdańsk

Lotniska wylotu:

2 449 zł