Znajdź tanie loty z Asheville do Polski

Znajdź tanie loty z Asheville do Polski

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Wyniki na podstawie opinii użytkowników KAYAK

American Airlines
Wynik na podstawie 46 777 opinii
Wejście na pokład
Opinie o liniach lotniczych

Plusy: "We had the whole plane to ourselves. I got my seat changed to closer up front."
Minusy: "Our original aircraft in working order. I would not have missed my flight home. No complimentary vouchers for food."

Minusy: "Food option to purchase"

Minusy: "Some of the crew. Eapecially first class was slow and poor at communicating"

Plusy: "The crew was polite, including TSA, and I had no problems with anyone on board. There was also little turbulence, which was nice as a first time flyer."
Minusy: "The seats were incredibly uncomfortable, even with a pillow. I was in economy, but I was expecting at least a little cushion."

Minusy: "People seated in front of me disregarded wearing their mask during the flight."

Plusy: "Signs etc were clear. Emailed for delay."
Minusy: "Flight was delayed with little explanation to why."

Plusy: "Everything was seamless."

Plusy: "The pilot’s landing was phenomenal."

Minusy: "Unexplained 3 hour delay. They couldn't be bothered to automatically rebook me to an earlier flight (other airlines do this). They also couldn't put me on standby over the phone?! I had to wait for someone to arrive at the gate and then get on standby."

Plusy: "Wonderful flight attendants in both our flights."

Plusy: "Direct flight and good personal service provided by crew."
Minusy: "Flight was delayed and overbooked causing further delay at departure gate. Plane is small and cramped."

Minusy: "4 hour delay is unacceptable"

Plusy: "Nice crew"
Minusy: "Very uncomfortable trip. Seat were weird and neck pain We waiting on the plane for more than 30mn before departure"

Minusy: "Be on time. Also we sat in first class and it would be nice if the center counsel was smaller giving the passengers more seat room."

Plusy: "I liked the big 787 plane and the in flight entertainment with individual TVs!"
Minusy: "Not a huge fan of the captive audience announcements for the credit card and the meal pre-orders"

Plusy: "Comfortable seat"
Minusy: "Umm, maybe a tv in the headrest"

Plusy: "Amazing crew"

Plusy: "great trip"

Plusy: "The crew was amazing"
Minusy: "allow us to choose seats without financial restriction"

Plusy: "Staff were friendly and efficient"
Minusy: "No snacks because of short trip, so can’t rate properly."

Plusy: "Mostly really friendly crew members. Plane seemed new, first and business class looked lovely."
Minusy: "Wihout question, the most uncomfortable seat ive ever been in. It was obviously a newer plane, long haul flight, and thw configuration maximized space for more passengers. Width of economy seat was tightest I've ever experienced, with the arms of the seats literally right at my legs, nearlt digging in. The leg room was very short with my knees nearly touching the back of the seat in front of me. When i put my tray down, it actually rested on my knees, and was not level because it pitched up due to longer legs (and I'm only 5'9). This was a long haul, 8 hour flight. I've never beeñ so uncomfortable on a flight in my life, and have never counted the minutes I could get out. Seemed obvuous that meal service had taken a hit when corporate looked for places to cut expenses, its one of the lower quality meals. If compared with an international carrier, the food was really sub par. Mostly really friendly crew members, unfortunately, one who really didnt seem to enjoy the job any longer."

Minusy: "small plane"

Plusy: "The crew made the best out fo the terrible situation."
Minusy: "Right after we boarded the plane our flight was delayed because of thunder. Instead of keeping us from boarding until our flight was clear to go. We stayed on the airplane at the gate for over 3 hours. In those 3 hours we were served pretzels and one cup of water. When the legal time limit had been reached and they were about make us exit the plane they decided we could take off."

Plusy: "Not much!"
Minusy: "Upon arriving to the gate we were delayed 15 min. As the last few people were boarding the gate agents announced there was not more overhead space and we would have to check all bags from now on. I’ve seen this done before but I was very irritated because it seemed as if the gate agents were a little rough with the newly checked bags. As I felt like I didn’t have a choice I checked my bag reluctantly knowing I had a gift for a friend inside and continued boarding. As I boarded I was highly irritated to see more than 5 available overhead spaces for carry ons. I asked the steward why they made us check bags when there was still space and she barely stopped to answer and just said they have a monitor up front that tells them when it’s full. Clearly the monitor was wrong and common sense would lead me to at least take a look before LYING to paying customers. I was very hurt to see the gift I had just bought for my friend was broken when I opened my bag at baggage claim."

Minusy: "The flight and the entire process with American was just fine. What bothered me most was the rude treatment from security staff in Philadelphia. Compared to security staff overseas, the U.S. rates the lowest of the 55+ countries I've visited. It does not reflect badly on American Airlines, but it does give travelers a bad lasting impression. As an American, I'm embarrassed by their behavior."

Plusy: "The food was good....they kept bring us more and more."
Minusy: "There wasn't a choice of movies and we all had to watch the same one with the screen in the middle of the aisle. I had to have my head at an angle and it got tired after a while..... We also had to pay an extra fee to choose seats that were together....that was a rip off!"

Plusy: "We left early and arrived early. Smooth flight."

Plusy: "The agents kept us posted"
Minusy: "The delay but it happens"

Minusy: "Worst flight with AA so far, service is getting worst and worst"

Plusy: "Helpful and friendly ground crew in London."
Minusy: "The Muslim meal was a bit too spicy for me."

Plusy: "Pilots that did show up were pleasant and made the best of the situation."
Minusy: "No scheduled pilots for this flight. Pilots that did arrive had their schedule rearranged---they showed up to work thinking they were flying to Seattle. They were asked to step in to fly to Denver instead---20 minutes after our scheduled takeoff time; not horribly late, but seemingly disorganized, which leads to all kinds of thoughts about AA overall competence."

Minusy: "Being so late"

Minusy: "I hate American airlines. It is the WORST. We were held for almost 4 hours waiting for "maintenance call" then flight was cancelled. THEN it took two full hours to get back checked bags. By ths point it was 5 pm, had been at airport since 8:30 -- no food offered, no apologies, not even a glass of water. Of course, no flights back to US so I was stuck an extra day, completely messed up school and work. I THOUGHT I was booking with Iberia but it was a code share. I WILL NEVER fly American Airlines again!"

Plusy: "Today's trip.was ontime with a great crew. A big turnaround from our last trip."
Minusy: "Zip"

Plusy: "+ Last minute aisle seat + Middle seat empty"
Minusy: "- Food was passable (chicken and rice for lunch) - Mediocre breakfast"

Minusy: "this flight was delayed going both directions."

Minusy: "Ponad 2 godz. W samolocie czekając na plycie lotniska, aż mechanik skończy naprawiać samolot, nie bylo przyjemne."

Plusy: "Comfortable seats. Recovered lost time en route."
Minusy: "Delayed due to maintenance issue. Little in flight purchase options for food."

Plusy: "Good flight. No wait for the luggage,it was deplaned before we reached the claim area."
Minusy: "Check in was a little confusing. The line for security was extremely long. After it was a breeze."

Plusy: "The crews were very kind to young people."

Plusy: "Narrow aisle and seating. Attendant looking at his phone the entire time we were getting ready to take off as well during taxiing and takeoff. Unbelievable!"

Minusy: "Had a middle seat and didn't have the option to pick another seat without paying over 250 USD"

Plusy: "The crew did everything they could for the passengers to make them comfortable and informed about the situation but unfortunately it was out of their hands."
Minusy: "It may be La Guardia Airport that is the one to blame and not AA, but long story short I was on the airplane on the ground in NY for about 5 hours. We had a domino effect of things happen that caused us to be delayed and then cancelled. First a Gate change to a different terminal after boarding was suppose to begin so we had to take a shuttle over and we're still missing 50 passengers, Engine problem that required maintenance, refuel because we were in the plane on the ground waiting for so long, deplane and replane for 10 mins because of a law, on the runway and back to the gate for all these different occasions. When they finally let us off the plane after all these hours it was because of weather (although the skies were blue and the pilot was confident it wouldn't be an issue) they didn't actually cancel the flight until 5pm, my flight was suppose to take off at 9am. They were also required by law to give us free snacks Bc we hadn't eaten all day or had fresh air--these were all chips and soda...in gluten free so I had to starve. AA customer relations said they couldn't compensate because the issue that was documented in their records for my flight cancellation was because of "weather"... my flight couldn't be rescheduled until the following afternoon, making me have to cancel work 2 days in a row and pay for multiple taxis and and extra night of boarding. I will NEVER fly AA or La Guardia again."

Plusy: "The AA staff was very friendly. The flight was late due to weather however it did not affect our connection. I believe I paid more more my seat class which proved a power outlet."
Minusy: "I really couldn't rate the food or entertainment because there wasn't any."

Minusy: "Self check-in staff at Seattle was not that helpful."

Plusy: "Punctuality"
Minusy: "Small plane with no leg room"

Plusy: "The crew kept us informed as to why we didn''t leave the gate on time; they served beverages and snacks in an efficient manner. Once we got to Dallas we were early, he made up time in the air and the captain informed us that the gate was not ready to receive the plane. We waited about 15 minutes and then we got to the gate."

Minusy: "This flight did not offer any firm of entertainment. Very old plane ."

Minusy: "Flight from San Antonio to Dallas had an excellent entertainment selection and entertainment system, despite being an hour flight, but the flight to Madrid was far more lacking."

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American Airlines
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2 przesiadki
American Airlines
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