Znajdź tanie loty z Zielonej Góry do Wrocławia


Znajdź tanie loty z Zielonej Góry do Wrocławia

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Plusy: "The flight was very late taking off meaning I had to literally run across the airport at Krakow to make my connecting flight to London Heathrow which was over an hour late arriving at Heathrow Airport."

Minusy: "My screen was not working"

Plusy: "That eventually I made it to Tokyo via Qatar airways."

Plusy: "Entertainment system during the long flight from Warsaw to Tokyo."
Minusy: "Take off from Tel Aviv was 4-5 hours late. This caused us to miss a planned half day trip to Warsaw."

Minusy: "Short term for the transfer"

Minusy: "The flight was delayed for other travelers but that caused me to miss my driver"

Plusy: "The connecting flight from Milan was almost an hour late. But the ground staff were very helpful and professional and help me to board the flight, in a haste. The flight crew were friendly and professional. The food was delicious and sufficient. Overall very happy with my first flight in LOT."
Minusy: "Knowing that the incoming was late ground crew could have been better prepared with a motorised transport in the airport (instead of me running out of my breadth). The onboard entertainment could have been better. WiFi in plane would be nice. But these are suggestions. I was overall very happy."

Plusy: "Nothing in particular."
Minusy: "The plane was late. First advice 30 minutes delay, but when it took off it was about an hour later. Due to this my luggage went missing and I had to run to catch the WAW-DEL flight and delay that flight also. The ground staff were unhelpful. There was no food. Flight crew were mixed bag."

Minusy: "The loading was a mistake. We were bused out to the plane but they didn’t start until the planned 30 mins before departure and it took 90 mins so we left over an hour after we were scheduled. Landing so late that a number of people couldn’t make their connections"

Plusy: "The service was great"
Minusy: "Boarding was late and disorganized. The entertainment system was out of date with only a limited selection of movies - no wifi, no tv series, no live tv, no podcasts, ..."

Plusy: "Everything went fast and smoothly."
Minusy: "Food/snacks - little bit more"

Plusy: "The crew was nice and friendly."
Minusy: "The food kinda sucks. The space in the economy so cramped. No english subtitles in any of the movies or TV programs."

Minusy: "The temperature in row 8 was incredibly warm, it was making us and our little kids quite uncomfortable and made it hard to fall and stay asleep! Interesting enough the back of the plane felt nice and cool."

Minusy: "Tight seat places. No food unless paid for."

Minusy: "flight was over 6 hours longer than planned, we did not catch plane from Budapest to Krakow so went to Warsaw than to Krakow, plane from Warsaw didn't have air conditioning working, worst flight ever !!!"

Plusy: "New gate number already established on the live update screen while printed still with old (three flights in three weeks - same airport/airline ad same story). Crew misinforms about the gare number too. Very confusing for the 75-year-old. Luggage lost, entertainment poor, plane late"
Minusy: "people were nice, other than that logistics poor so work o every aspect"

Plusy: "Quick problem solving with the delayed flight."
Minusy: "Again, lost baggage is an incredible inconvenience."

Plusy: "Quick Flight"
Minusy: "Faster service"

Plusy: "Seat on aisle"
Minusy: "Not being late for my second flight"

Plusy: "Check in starts 36 hours prior to take off, which is 50% more than what others allow. It was very convenient."
Minusy: "Food could be better, but it wasn't bad in any way."

Plusy: "Yes.I am happy."
Minusy: "Crew"

Plusy: "The aircraft, specially the seats, the crew, the pilot and the service during the whole flight"
Minusy: "N/A"

Plusy: "Arrives on time. Speedy boarding. Polite staff. Smooth flight."
Minusy: "Leg space in the seat is very tight."

Minusy: "Be prepared, that overhead bins for hand luggage are very small on this plane"

Plusy: "New plane with charger available at every seat even in the economy class. Clean interior, polite crew"

Plusy: "The crew remained polite and we were given a bottle of water each during at 2.5 hour delay."
Minusy: "We had a two and half hour delay on an evening flight on a Sunday from WAW to Paris. This was during the UNFCCC COP24 when there was extra heavy international traffic through Warsaw. It was not clear why the plane was delayed for so long. It meant in the end that we got to Paris after midnight when the RER train had stopped running and the airport was functionally closed. This meant instead of a train ticket, rather a 55 euro taxi to get home. This was an expensive delay."

Plusy: "On time, stable flight without surprises"
Minusy: "Bus takes you to and from the plane."

Plusy: "All Good"


Plusy: "The crew were very nice."
Minusy: "I was unable to prepay my baggage fee online. I sent email to customer service about this on Tuesday Sept. 4, and never received a response, except fora machine generated message saying that because of high volume of questions there might be a delay in replying. There really is no excuse for such a user-unfriendly website."

Plusy: "Nothing"
Minusy: "Having to arrive 6 hours later than scheduled"

Plusy: "Movie selection was good"
Minusy: "The boarding was very slow."

Plusy: "Business Class on LOT Flight No. 21 from Warsaw to Los Angeles is excellent! The Boeing 787 Dreamliner is a beautiful plane and the Business Class seats are very comfortable. The food was pretty good and the flight attendants were extremely nice!"
Minusy: "There was a two and a half hour delay for technical problems for our flight from Warsaw to Los Angeles on Tuesday July 24, 2018. There had been a two-hour delay for my flight in from Warsaw to Moscow, also for technical problems, on Friday July 13, 2018. Obviously, LOT needs to insure its planes are safe, but it needs to do so sufficiently in advance of take-off so that its passengers are not inconvenienced by lengthy delays."

Plusy: "Brand new plane, very smart albeit plasticy and clunky. Professional staff. Very helpful when I had a specific personal request at the booking office. Flight crew were not constantly trying to force us to buy things or making announcements every 5mins like some budget airlines I could name. Flight was 30mins early so no problems there."
Minusy: "Warsaw Airport is terrible. Not enough seats in the departure longes. Not enough choice for shops. Not enough toilets for the volume of passengers."

Plusy: "Food was great and aircraft was new Fast track lane in WAW was really fast - saved a lot of time"
Minusy: "No online checkin offered No lounge offered, even for a fee Luggage was not tagged priority No priority boarding offered Service quality onboard was a bit variable"

Minusy: "Flight was delayed and I lost my connection to NY, I had to get rescheduled flight for day after so I didn't arrive to NY on Sunday but on Monday."

Plusy: "Very friendly crew member."
Minusy: "If you book a afternoon flight with LOT, you should be aware your plan will mostly arrive late"

Minusy: "Long baggage unloading time"

Plusy: "Arrived on Time"

Plusy: "Good crew."
Minusy: "The plane was late and somewhere along the line my luggage was lost. Either here or before that."

Plusy: "Friendly crew."
Minusy: "Plane was a little late,which was OK. The bigger problem is the lost luggage."

Plusy: "The plane was on time, friendly crew, food was pretty good as well"

Plusy: "Delayed. Moved gate without notice. Babies crying all the way"
Minusy: "Too noisy."

Plusy: "Nice crew and comfortable seat"
Minusy: "Flight was delayed (again) so I missed my train. Taxing and bus takes 30min as they do not take bridge :("

Plusy: "Business class was very roomy. There was easy access to storage. The flight crew was extremely courteous and did their very best to see to the needs of the passengers."
Minusy: "The seats, when in reclining position, could have been a bit more comfortable."

Plusy: "Good price."

Plusy: "No way to reschedule if NOT STAYING FOR HOURS IN LINE"

Plusy: "all was ok"
Minusy: "ground service knowing we will be late in Warsaw did not want to book me for the flight i could catch after delayed landing"

Plusy: "Both flights I was on were somewhat empty, so I had an open seat next to me. Despite some delays taking off, the arrival was early. Good entertainment selection; personal TV screens and free headphones."
Minusy: "Food options were limited and kind of gross, but no one expects fantastic food on airplanes."

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