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Znajdź tanie loty do Indianapolis

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Virgin Atlantic
Wynik na podstawie 1 567 opinii
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Opinie o liniach lotniczych

Plusy: "Great crew, good in-flight movies. Good food."
Minusy: "Wifi connectivity was poor for most of the flight. Plane was very hot it was difficult to sleep."

Plusy: "Amazing crew, excellent drinks and decent food. Very comfortable seat"
Minusy: "Everything was great"

Minusy: "Food"

Plusy: "Crew was great !!!"
Minusy: "Seating in upper class is uncomfortable and bedding is not fresh."

Minusy: "Very cramped aisle seat and I kept being knocked by passing crewe including knocking over a cup of water."

Plusy: "Speedy boarding and good locker space"
Minusy: "Lack of room in seat especially with seat in front reclined."

Plusy: "Everything was easy"
Minusy: "Business class seats are snug for big people compared to other airlines"

Plusy: "Great crew. Very kind and efficient."
Minusy: "American carriers seem to enjoy poor seat ergonomics."

Plusy: "Karl was amazing! So helpful and sweet!"
Minusy: "Having the crew tell the guy behind me to plug in his ear phones to watch the video in his phone, rather than me after 20 minutes of noise."

Plusy: "Comfortable seat. Great crew!"

Plusy: "Crew were great! Neck cushions on chair aren’t adjustable and not comfortable."

Plusy: "Comfy, nice crew, attentive."
Minusy: "Nowt"

Minusy: "Nothing"

Plusy: "crew / cabin staff always seem very friendly and genuine and a willingness to help"

Plusy: "The crew were very attentive, they tried hard to help me with comfort, drinks etc. I didnt have food as it was so good in the Virgin Clubhouse!"
Minusy: "The bed! When you flip it flat its rock hard, and the matress they provide is useless! Need foam matress to really make it more comfotable. If the seat reclined another few inches i wouldnt bother flipping it."

Plusy: "I like the professional approach of the airline and the staff. Seats are really comfortable and i did not need my sleeping pillow at all as the headrest of my seat was already so comfortable."
Minusy: "There is not much which i did not like about this airline. Just like other airlines, now have started feeling that Economy class travellers are being approached with bit biased approach in hospitality though they have major contribution in meeting flight running expenses. All airlines should start considering this fact and improve the overall approach."

Minusy: "Getting home 5 hrs later than planned"

Plusy: "I had one of the few empty seats next to me."
Minusy: "The food is awful. Not enough toilets."

Plusy: "Top crew very friendly and professional"
Minusy: "Business class food was bizarre for breakfast - a Mexican taco??? Asked for eggs from economy to be back later up"

Plusy: "Provides the service you'd expect from an international carrier. Boarded on time, seat actually reclines, meals, baggage, seat assignments are included in the price. Staff treat you well and the price isn't bad."
Minusy: "Virgin website is slow and not intuitive. Couldn't get seat assignment until i was at the gate. No explanation why. Boarding announcements delivered via ESP. Half of the passengers were still in the boarding area because no one heard announcements. Arrived 30 min early but had to wait on the tarmac for 45 min for a parking gate. Baggage delivery at JFK took forever."

Plusy: "My flight was canceled and Virgin Atlantic gave us a free room in the hotel Ramada. My next flight was at 18:55 and I asked Virgin Atlantic agent am I allowed to stay in the room until time for my flight comes, he confirmed yes and gave me breakfast, lunch, and dinner voucher. However, next day around 12 I got call from Front Desk that I have to leave my room right away because it's time to chack out and If I want to stay longer I have to pay. I called Virgin Atlantic agancy again and the agent run my information and said to me I can stayin the room longer. After that I called front desk to confirm that but they said they didn't hear anything from Virgin Atlantic and I have to leave the room by 1pm. All of this was really unpleasant!"
Minusy: "I didn't like anything. I didn't like the communication between Virgin Atlantic with travelers, communication between Virgin Atlantic and hotel Ramada. Everything was really poorly."

Plusy: "Great attentive service, good food and in-flight entertainment"

Plusy: "The airplane was quiet My seat did not recline, but was seated in a different place where the seat reclined Bathrooms were clean and plenty"
Minusy: "The remote controls for the entertainment system That you can’t reach the vents when you have to be buckled"

Plusy: "Limited numbers in the top deck, silence, service and deplaning first."
Minusy: "Food has to much of an asian slant."

Plusy: "Smooth overall. Food mediocre but edible. (More than I could say for other airlnes.) Price also good."
Minusy: "Lots of flight schedules changes. Missed connecting flight as a result. No time left to deal with customs and baggage."

Plusy: "Must be a coincidence only... But was lucky to have 3 seats all for myself as the plane was underbooked. Would have given them 4 of 5 if not for the 3 hr flight delay."
Minusy: "Plane was delayed for 3 hrs. That's a bummer."

Plusy: "The flight felt so short, service was amazing, food was good. Great overall experience."

Plusy: "We liked everything about our Virgin Atlantic flight. They could not have been more helpful from the time we got our Boarding passes in London until we got off the plane in Washington DC."
Minusy: "There was nothing to dislike on this part of our trip with Virgin Atlantic."

Plusy: "Lots of leg room, even in economy."
Minusy: "Entertainment choices were a bit sparse."

Plusy: "Staff. Very couteous.polite. friendly."
Minusy: "Good.entertainment choices."

Plusy: "Friendly staff"
Minusy: "Lack of business class seats and no premium economy seats on this flight"

Plusy: "Loved the food and ambiance"
Minusy: "The on air entertainment was surprisingly low quality"

Plusy: "Staff was very friendly, the plane was very clean. Loved the entire trip, except for our uncontrollable weather delay."
Minusy: "Nothing"

Minusy: "The flight change the gate number immediately so I missed my flight"

Plusy: "Service, meals, friendly and attentive FAs"

Plusy: "Although we were badly delayed the cabin service was excellent in every way. Good meal , cheerful staff and well turned out."

Plusy: "Entertainment Meal service and quality"

Plusy: "The service, the drinks, the crew were friendly and professional. Entertainment choices were excellent.0"
Minusy: "The space was a bit cramped and the poxket in front of the chair to jeep things was broken."

Plusy: "Crew very friendly"
Minusy: "Seats and legroom poor if you’re six feet tall"

Minusy: "You charged me for a checked bag. This wasn't made clear when I booked the flight."

Minusy: "Virgin Atlantic continues to give great service. Their lounges are way above all other airline lounges. It is difficult to get well prepared and fresh fish in lounges, but Virgin Atlantic knows how to do it."

Plusy: "I had a comfortable flight to Tobago. Staff was quite friendly and helpful"

Plusy: "The onboard crew were lovely."
Minusy: "Stood at check in for over 30 mins with no staff in sight. Boarding was a disaster. Staff was not prepared nor organized and the crowds were unbearable. Upgraded seats were laughable and not worth an extra $60. Food was mediocre. Entertainment would have been good but GE touchscreens are so old, they were difficult to work."

Plusy: "Friendly cabin crew, excellent food and drinks. Very happy with the service we received"

Plusy: "Quality of service was good in the plane"
Minusy: "Not many good recent movies / shows on in flight entertainment. Food was okay. But, the quantity was too little. It took a really long time for a second boarding pass check at London airport. Other airlines don't usually ask for a second check in"

Plusy: "Checking in at the counter even I wasn't allocated a seat but the gentleman was very humble and polite."
Minusy: "The fact that I was told I would be given a seat at the boarding gate. I got to the airport very early to get a good seat only to be that and was given a very uncomfortable seat where I couldn't stretch my legs well because of a box on the floor situated to my left leg and to make the matter even more annoying my screen was not working which I was forced to take one heavy meant-so-called laptop. And finally cabin crew were lacking serious customer service and when u ask for something they were just so reluctant to deliver as if we were given a free ticket or something. May it be noted that my ticket was not that cheap to be treated in such manner."

Plusy: "Cool flight, mainly because it was empty. Good food"
Minusy: "Seats weren't that comfortable. Entertainment sucked because the screen functions were terrible, very difficult"

Plusy: "Nothing"
Minusy: "My flight was cancelled on Christmas Day, but we had to stand in line to wait to get onto another flight on another airline. They were so slow that the flight they tried to put everyone left and then they offered ZERO assistance to get another flight and wouldn’t even refund my ticket, just told me after waiting 3 hours to call whoever I booked with for a refund."

Minusy: "Everything about my experience was HORRIBLE."

Minusy: "I adore delta! Great airline, I fly delta whenever possible"

Minusy: "Drink service"

Minusy: "A lot of turbulence"

Minusy: "movie selection could have been better."

Plusy: "The food and drinks were so lovely, it felt like I was in first class rather than the cheapest economy seat. Great entertainment selection and comfortable seat that let me sleep well."

Plusy: "Crew was excellent, seats are never excellent"

Plusy: "Movies and usb charging"
Minusy: "4 hour flight and all we get is a cookie?"

Minusy: "The audio jack of the movie is not good It's on & off seems loose"

Plusy: "The crew was great!"
Minusy: "I didn't get to continue the series I started watching on an earlier flight, as this plane had more limited options. We also waited on the tarmac an long time before take-off, waiting for a part to be delivered to our plane so we could take it to Indianapolis with us."

Plusy: "live tv, watched the formula one race"
Minusy: "Seats were not comfortable, and the side panel at my feet was broken off and i could see through the floor of the plane"

Minusy: "Plane was late taking off. Crew did not provide water when requested. They were busy with beverages that they could sell at a cost."

Plusy: "The crew was ok. The seats was good :)"

Minusy: "Best option across the pond"

Plusy: "Always Veg Meal for All"
Minusy: "N A"

Plusy: "Clean Washroom"
Minusy: "N A"

Plusy: "Don’t wait to much"

Minusy: "2 seats and neither tv/entertainment centres worked....unacceptable on a 10 hr flight!"

Plusy: "Flight was on time, smooth take-off and landing, and gluten-free meal available (ordered before through Delta.com). Alcohol was available at each drink service."
Minusy: "No gluten-free snacks, lack of gluten-free awareness by crew, and gluten-free meal had an apple instead of the (gluten-free) ice cream bar the other meals included for the dessert."

Minusy: "Ran 2 1/2 hours late, poor customer communication"

Plusy: "The flight crew was amazing! Very helpful and did everything they could to assist!"
Minusy: "The plane was pretty toasty! It didn't really mellow out once we got in the air, either! That was my only complaint."

Plusy: "Happy to be home"
Minusy: "Allow more time for check in"

Plusy: "Seating was fine"
Minusy: "Did not have a wheelchair waiting for my wife when we arrived in LAX"

Plusy: "Crew was very upbeat and helpful"

Plusy: "The flight timings and the arrival time"

Minusy: "I fly regular this was an excellent flight"

Plusy: "Crew were ok. Not that comfortable."
Minusy: "seat need to be more comfortable"

Plusy: "The crew were fantastic. Departed on time, arrived 40 minutes early."
Minusy: "Delta One is a bit jaded on this flight."

Plusy: "Our seats were assigned at the gate. Somehow we were given the comfort + seats. Very nice! Thank you!"

Minusy: "Had to collect & re check luggage between flights. Couldn't they have been transferred to the next aircraft?"

Plusy: "Very friendly cabin crew. Comfortable and food was good and drinks and water was plentiful. I would highly recommend Delta for transatlantic flights,compared to so called 4* airline Aer Lingus, then Delta are a 6* in comparison"

Plusy: "Flight was early into New Orleans"
Minusy: "Flight had a lot of turbulence"

Plusy: "Delta in Orlando is awesome!"

Plusy: "The flight was not crowded and plenty of flight attendants offering service throughout flight Also smoo5h flight."

Plusy: "Cabin service very good and hot meal was unusually good for economy section (especially the chicken with hollandaise sauce)"

Plusy: "Early and middle seat was open!"
Minusy: "Coffee tasted like fish. :("

Plusy: "Service"
Minusy: "Nothing"

Plusy: "Crew were nice. Flight itself was short. Was quick boarding considering how busy the flight was"
Minusy: "Plane was very old. Seats were rigid and not very comfortable. No entertainment. Just basic really."

Plusy: "Food was decent and crew were nice enough"
Minusy: "Seat space was small and cramped. Entertainment was poor unfortunately"

Plusy: "Perfectly on time. Good food and very good friendly service!"

Plusy: "On time flight courteous service"
Minusy: "Food"

Plusy: "Direct flight from CDG to IND."

Plusy: "The service on our flight was absolutely amazing, the food was surprisingly great, and the long ride was as comfortable as it could have been in an economy booking."
Minusy: "My entertainment pad malfunctioned the whole time, even after it was reset. Thankfully I had enough things to keep me busy on my own, but it still would have been nice to have."

Plusy: "Crew was good, plane was clean."
Minusy: "Don't like the Comfort plus seats that have the dividers vs basic arm rests."

Plusy: "We were offered food and drinks (including basic cocktails) continuously throughout the flight. Hot hand towels, comfortable seats, dozens of movies and TV series, all included with basic fare. The flight attendants were kind and helpful. Excellent service and organization!"

Plusy: "Direct flight from Indy to CDG is great."

Minusy: "Always delays in between transfers from Mexico City"

Plusy: "Waiting in the departure lounce was ok"
Minusy: "Boarding was kind of stupid Delta is boarding in Zones and starts at the front instead of starting boarding passangers sitting at the back of the plane and moving forward NO they do it the wrong way and due to that boarding takes to long and makes you frustrated."

Minusy: "We had to wait at the customs for nearly 1.5hrs, then pick up our luggage, then check in again!!! We were running and got on the plane 10 mins before the departure. Super stressful!!"

Minusy: "Delays, delays, delays... first class ticket from BOS to MSP got me a 6 hour delay and a middle seat in econ main cabin at the back of the plane. Delta you suck!"

Minusy: "-"

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