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All well everything was good trained staff

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All well everything was good trained staff

Great flight. Wonderful crew, delicious food, comfortable seats.

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Plusy: "Comfort"
Minusy: "veg food was mostly repeated in all the meals, didn't track who is vegetarian, so ran out of veg food. Pizza wasn't great."
Plusy: "I had to pay two tickets for same flight from Islamabad to San Francisco and going from San Francisco to Islamabad it’s been cancel and I am fighting for my money back they don’t want to refund it"
Plusy: "Good selection of movies. Lights changing color on ceiling through the flight"
Minusy: "Need more water service throughout the flight!! So dehydrated! Couldn't get up and disturb my seatmate, but really needed more water!"
Plusy: "The crew was really good, even the food was nice"
Minusy: "I think the economy class seating could be better & even the ticket prices could be reduced a bit"
Plusy: "Friendly crew, extra legroom, great entertainment options."
Plusy: "Seat was okay, even when multiple exit row seats were available they would not give it to passengers as they had 500 Dirhams charge on them. Qatar had no such policy when I travelled there two weeks ago they happily let us use the exit row when no one was seated there"
Minusy: "Seat was okay, even when multiple exit row seats were available they would not give it to passengers as they had 500 Dirhams charge on them. Qatar had no such policy when I travelled there two weeks ago they happily let us use the exit row when no one was seated there"
Minusy: "Jedzenie w wersji wegetariańskiej wyglądało i smakowało jak g... Na 6h lot wliczone w cenę picie to sok jabłkowy o pojemności...120ml. Nie wiem sam, czy to żałosne czy okrutne. Chamowat obsługa, nie zwracają uwagi na potrzeby pasażerów, lecz jedynie na to, żeby coś im sprzedać, coś wcisnąć."
Plusy: "Aircraft staff. Helpful, nice."
Minusy: "Very long line to check-in."
Minusy: "Boarding took very long and seating was very weird. A lot of people including me were moved around multiple times due to seating problems. Apparently there was no sync between the staff itself and everyone was trying to solve this problem in their own way. However the good part was that they were at least trying to solve the problem! Flight was delayed by about 30 mins due to this chaos."
Plusy: "Food comfort"
Minusy: "Nothing"
Minusy: "poor service . Unresponsive cabin crew"
Plusy: "Personnel were friendly and helpful!"
Minusy: "The food far too spicy and was unable to eat it!! Sat by someone who should have had two seats instead of one. Thus a very uncomfortable flight."
Plusy: "Food, Service, entertainment"
Plusy: "Everything!"
Plusy: "Both ways there was no food of preference. Preferred juices are short. Especiallyif you are tired and want to sleep on their food serving time, you don't get any till next serving even if you are hungry. I woke and informed the team that I would collect later, but they claim empty and gave No way the entertainment is updated to the latest titles. Have 7/8 months old movies listed."
Minusy: "Carry more food and screw sone new movies."
Plusy: "some new movies"
Minusy: "Crew was very unprofessional, they need lots of training. Emirates should hire people who can handle english language properly No proper service of food or drinks ... they had all like beer, wines , spirits.. but the crew was not offering anything"
Plusy: "Nothing"
Minusy: "No proper service of food or drinks. Never asked if we need any drinks like spirits. Mainly dissatisfied with food and drinks. Crew was not professional, their English was not good .. very hard to understand . they handled everything in hurry Always got response that non veg is over."
Plusy: "Service, atmosphere"
Minusy: "1st food was same as it was from Karachi to Dubai"
Plusy: "Everything is really amazing about UAE, service, amenities, entertainment options, leg room."
Minusy: "Before the plan even took off for our 14+ hour flight I could tell the seat was uncomfortable, and it was going to be an issue. I don't know why this would be overlooked, as everything else was best in class, but it made for a fairly uncomfortable experience."
Plusy: "Clean plane, decent food, good drinks"
Minusy: "Usual chaos on DMM check in counters. U stay in the queue, once you at the counter they say that is wrong queue"
Plusy: "Service and Wi-Fi"
Minusy: "Brussel sprouts were total mush"
Minusy: "Flight change"
Plusy: "Nothing. Bad crew."
Minusy: "No option for vegetarian food on the menu. I had booked vegetarian meal option when I booked tickets, but by the time they got to my seat, I was told there is no more veggie meal left.. it happened with both dinner and breakfast. I asked the flight attendant to substitute some fruits for the egg, so that I can eat something. They said at 30000 feet altitude, the options were limited. I told him, so are my options limited, and running out of veggie food is not my problem, when I had booked veggie meal at 30000 feet and a flight duration of 16 hours. The attitude of one flight attendant "Ahmed" was horrible. He was never helpful, mean to passengers and would not offer any solution to any problem... I was travelling with an infant, and he refused to fill a bottle of water to prepare milk, and said that I had to wait until they finished their ongoing service.."
Plusy: "Business class entertainment and comfort very good."
Minusy: "Service was very bad. I had to get up to go get drinks and rarely saw the steward."
Plusy: "Better crew working this leg of the journey."
Minusy: "Food was horrific."
Plusy: "Food and crew were great"
Minusy: "Entertainment was horrible...it was connected for the first 2 hours only then got disconnected for the whole flight duration...I couldn’t watch any movie, tv show, music, live tv, and the crew tried to reset the screen several times with no success, then it worked again in the last hour...I travelled on business class and paid the extra charge for better service"
Plusy: "Overall experiance."
Minusy: "Nothing"
Plusy: "Crew, food, entertainment"
Minusy: "1 hr delay with take-off due to security check of all carry-on baggage from a passenger leaving the plane"
Minusy: "Boarding of gate A20 location in Dubai"
Plusy: "Boarding logistics and flight timing were good. Being on time was a big plus. Personnel demeanour was good."
Minusy: "Food (lunch/dinner) served was stale. I, as a vegetarian, had hoped that at least the fruit served would be good, but to the contrary. The touch-screen (Entertainment) didn't work well. This is true of both onward and return journey."
Plusy: "I like timely served food and beverages in the flight. And the crew service is excellent. Sometimes the TV is not worked by touch screen."
Plusy: "Everything"
Minusy: "16 hours transit in dubia without any service."
Plusy: "Staff excelant.restrooms very clean Food was great.landing on time"
Minusy: "I had 8 hrs.lay over I dubai.need more comfortable chairs in lounge.night stuff was short help.to help wheelchsi traveller's .no major complaint.will fly emirates again."
Minusy: "I had a middle seat on this flight and felt very cramped- by the end of the flight my legs were getting cramps and were twitchy. The boarding process was chaos- everyone gathered around the boarding area and it was impossible to board when the zone was called due to all the people in the way. Also, the food for breakfast was good but nothing great- the dinner on the previous flight was much more appetizing. Having said all that, flying Emirates was still a very pleasant experience."
Minusy: "Checkin process with baggage limit was so strict that they even won't let 400 gms extra. also the rep in Chennai airport does not even know that I could carry 2 pieces for carry on (laptop & carry on baggage)"
Minusy: "Ran out of vegetarian meals by the time they got to my seat. So I had to make do with some biscuits and bread"
Plusy: "USB chargers at every seat Plenty of entertainment options and new movie releases Good food Tidy bathroom Extremely pleasant air hosts and hostesses"
Minusy: "Being in Economy Class. The difference between Economy and Business Class is worlds apart"
Plusy: "One can always be sure that emirates will be a great host almost every time. I enjoyed the service and the variety of food choices available. The staff was responsive and sensitive to individual needs. Enjoyed the entertainment and choice."
Plusy: "Bad food in flight back from dubai to dallas."
Plusy: "Food was great. Service was great."
Minusy: "Need to have more leg space for a long haul flight."
Minusy: "It is about 14 hour long flight. There should be m more number of meals served. Pizza served as As snack was cheap, ok but not that great, should have been a meal (lunch or dinner)"
Plusy: "Excellent service"
Plusy: "Tak jak wyżej;)"
Minusy: "Nic"
Plusy: "Tak jak wyżej.."
Minusy: "Nil"
Plusy: "comfortable"

Delayed flight. Missed connections. Rerouted. Had to go through security multiple times. Arrived 4-5 hrs later than expected.

Jestem bardzo niezadowolony z odebrania mnie z lotniska we Wrocławiu jestem osobą niepełnosprawną i musiałem zejść po schodach nie mówiąc o wchodzeniu po schodach i odprawie poziom zero

It wasn’t communicated that on the layover, we needed to again have our documents checked so after waiting in long line to board, we were sent back to another documents check line and then back to the long boarding line. It wasn’t a big deal but something to mention. Once on board the crew was phenomenal. Very friendly and constantly working and serving. I don’t think they got a moments rest during the 10+ hour flight. Best service on a flight in years….hands down above & beyond Delta airlines where I have my miles awards membership. Very pleased with Swiss Air.

it was a short fligt, otherwise I could suggest entertainment for the flight or wifi connection. thanks a lot for caring

Plusy: "Wasn't awake, can't say"
Minusy: "Probably it would be nice to have a bit bigger screen with general information about the flight and local time"
Plusy: "The crew was pleasant and worked very hard to keep our stomachs full! I loved all the free movies!"
Minusy: "Great customer service"
Plusy: "Food was good and plentiful."
Minusy: "There was no way for us to reserve seats with extra leg room 48 hours before the flight. Had to sit in agony for a 9 hour flight because of height"
Plusy: "Crew was really nice can’t complain"
Minusy: "Other airlines offer free beer or even hard liquor here u have to pay"
Minusy: "Seats and leg space were uncomfortable, staff could have been friendlier and more presentable (cleaner appearance)"
Plusy: "From start to finish, Sevdije was in great hands. She had to be in a wheelchair, and there were three connecting flights in countries where she doesn't speak the language. It could have been so complicated, and everyone made it SO EASY. She was all smiles when she arrived in Boston. THANK YOU!!!!!!"
Minusy: "Nothing!"
Plusy: "i ordered and paid for business class but the return flight from israel had no business class Had a miserable flighIshould be refunded"
Plusy: "Excellent"
Plusy: "Flight attendants were cheerful and efficient."
Minusy: "I'm not a terribly large person, but there is zero room in economy. When the person in front of me put her seat back the screen was literally 6 inches from my face."
Minusy: "Not enough sandwiches for all passengers on board Seat rows very close together, no way to avoid contact with seat in front"
Plusy: "great staff"
Minusy: "None"
Plusy: "Generally Swiss air was good"
Minusy: "I ask a question if we will arriving late, she give me smart Remarks that we will be on time. No we were late 28 minutes my luggage did not arrive, I'm 4 hours from Warsaw, I wait for luggage which was lost and miss my connection do travel forward. I got home at 8 pm. She check my carry on and they lost , I have only bag with lipstick in there"
Plusy: "Was good"
Plusy: "On Board Service"
Minusy: "Delays"
Plusy: "Short flight and they handed out chocolate"
Minusy: "They announced that carry-on suitcases must be checked to accommodate a much smaller plane This only applied to those stupid enough (us) to comply"
Plusy: "Even though the flight was very short, the team moved quickly through the cabin ensuring everybody had a drink and a snack. They looked quite concerned when I turned down the pretzel sandwich, so I accepted and found it quite good! Also, team made sure my parent with reduced-mobility had a good boarding and transfer experience."
Minusy: "As always, seats are narrow. And the "neighbors" were normal-sized. The usual struggle for elbow "air-space" occurred."
Plusy: "Great"
Minusy: "I didn't get my kosher food that I ordered"
Plusy: "From the kind stewards to the easy meal service to my peace of mind, knowing I’ll be well taken care off - SwissAir is the same gem it’s always been."
Plusy: "The flight attendants qere very nice and friendly. Spoke great English. They came by often with drinks and snacks. All the food was actually good! The seats were fairly comfy and there was actually room! Even when the person in front of me leaned back, my legs still didn't touch the back of the seat (I'm 5-10 with long legs). Very happy with swiss!"
Plusy: "Swiss choclade"
Plusy: "Polite cree"
Minusy: "Crowded plane, long boarding and waiting to be seated"
Plusy: "Entertainment"
Plusy: "Smooth, on time flight"
Minusy: "Landed in NY @ JFK with a missing luggage. That happens, I know and it can be ok but the sad thing is the very poor the service offered to take care of it. I have tried to call, no answer, I tried the link they gave me to track progress: NOTHING.... Called customer service, they gave me that number and that link telling me it was the only way!!! I am so frustrated right now!!!"
Plusy: "Service wa a ok."
Minusy: "My seat did not recline and my tv did not work"
Minusy: "Flight cancelled so I didn't like it at all"
Plusy: "Nothing"
Minusy: "Because there was no way for us to check in early or online and they did not send us an email directing us to do so, they put us on standby even though the flights were paid for months before. We couldn't sit together--they wouldn't even try, they let the computer do it randomly as we boarded. They put my son through ridiculous strip search security measures, and when my passport fell into to the steel bullet of a garbage can, they didn't help and my son and I figure out how to go through it to get my passport. They could not have been more unhelpful. Plus the food was terrible, and delays both in taking off and getting to the gate. I will NEVER fly Swiss Air again."
Plusy: "The staff was excellent and friendly"
Minusy: "I didn't enjoy the food"
Plusy: "-Comfortable Leather seats -Snacks were delicious -Legroom (6 foot person here) -Kind Staff"
Minusy: "-That I can't always fly Swiss"
Plusy: "quick"
Minusy: "late boarding but quick, lost my luggage"
Plusy: "Everything was great :) food is good, crew is perfect"
Plusy: "The aisle seat I purchased wasn't miserable like so many economy seats are. But I did have to pay for it!"
Minusy: "I had such a miserable experience getting to Florence on Swiss Air that I sent a letter of complaint WHILE ON VACATION!! Really. It was a nightmare... not the way you want to start a vacation. I had difficulty booking my daughter's seat online for the return, but didn't have access to phone service while abroad. In my complaint letter to Swiss Air I requested they place us together. I never got a response and upon check in, they had my son and me in our purchased seats and my daughter at the back of the plane. I asked them if they could do anything about it (I was even willing to give up my seats to move to the back...) yet no one seemed concerned or interested in helping to make this work. They also had no knowledge of my complaint or appeared concerned about my prior experience. I'm so over Swiss Air. My experience with the employees on the phone prior to my first departure, the lack of response to my email, and a disinterested and inattentive staff on my return, have all convinced me to choose a different airline next time."
Minusy: "Airline lost my flight, no explanation and or apology. Seats were terrible could not move when seat in front was reclined. No economy plus, no reciprocal consideration for gold status on star alliance except for one checked bag free. I will never fly Swiss again"
Minusy: "Both flights were excellent. At Zurich airport is were I was disappointed in some staff at the gate. Two employees were rude towards me but the flight home & the staff made up for it for being very friendly & helpful. Over all would fly Swiss air again"
Plusy: "There was metalic box underneath the seat in front of me (entertainment box), that did not leave any room to stretch my legs"
Minusy: "This box blocked any room to stretch my legs. The flight was full and I did not have the chance of changing seats. Flying 13 hours in this situation is unacceptable."
Plusy: "The veggie food option was delicious. The calzone for breakfast was miserable. The restrooms were kept clean and well-stocked. Flight delay to wait for incoming passengers resulted in others missing their connections in SF."
Plusy: "Same as above, we were really pleased with the service and the food, and the crew was great!"
Minusy: "Seats a little close together but not terrible."
Plusy: "Friendly and attentive staff, plenty of good food and beverages. Comfortable seats"
Minusy: "There wasn't anything bad"
Minusy: "People who handle Swiss"
Minusy: "our flight attendant was impatient and bossy two days after the flight my husband had to be taken to the emergency room - diagnosed with pulmonary embolism SWISS MUST DO A WAY BETTER JOB CALLING ATTENTION TO REGULAR EXERCISE ON THE PLANE!!"
Plusy: "Great flight. Boarding, departure and arrival on time. Excellent flight attendants."
Plusy: "Flight was safe and crew was professional"
Minusy: "Seats were horrible for a transcontinental flight. I was squirming before the first hour of an 8 hour flight. Touchscreen of entertainment system was frustrating. Sometimes it responded other times not. Lunch tasted good but the snack, a calzone, was pretty bad."
Plusy: "Friendly crew. Good food"
Minusy: "None"

Plusy: "Smooth onboarding. By rows. Love that! Very professional and kind staff, ground and air crew! Delta is terrific!"
Minusy: "N/A"
Plusy: "Safe travel"
Minusy: "more masks"
Minusy: "Bad social distance"
Plusy: "The crew very professional. My flight was on time."
Plusy: "The seats were extremely comfortable! I"
Minusy: "Nothing"
Plusy: "The delta checkin desk were exceptional."
Minusy: "N/a"
Minusy: "Great crew!"
Plusy: "Free entertainment"
Plusy: "Good seats"
Minusy: "Flight was delayed and my luggage didn’t make the plane."
Minusy: "You shouldn't schedule a flight for a plane that is due to have scheduled maintenance. It's not like this should come as a surprise to you. Also, there was at least one over-served passenger on board who became loud and obnoxious, shouting obscenities."
Plusy: "The crew was great and the seat was good"
Minusy: "Our flight was 3 hours delayed"
Plusy: "the video controller in the headrest of the seat ahead of me. you could see the flight pattern, speed, temperature outside and other specs, which were interesting."
Minusy: "once again, the delta crew does not maintain their planes properly. during the taxi stage to get to the airway to lift off, there was a horrendous growling sound coming from the plane............seems like their hydraulic system is not maintained very well at all and it made a howling sound throughout the plane all the way to take off! we were wondering if there was something wrong with the plane."
Minusy: "Good"
Plusy: "Great Service and flight was without problems or delays. Arrived on time ."
Plusy: "The plane and entertainment system was good. The cabin crew was a little slow. But all in all it was a good flight."
Plusy: "Nothing."
Minusy: "Well for one my seat was broken. At the beginning of the flight they said “there are meals for purchase available” when i asked for one they said they were all out but then gave out to other customers. Their attitudes were horrible."
Plusy: "Bardzo miła obsługa. Na pokładzie poczęstunek oraz wifi."
Plusy: "Bardzo sprawna obsługa. Poczęstunek na pokładzie. Wygodne fotele."
Minusy: "Chyba nic."
Plusy: "Early arrival. On time departure. Good selection of movies"
Plusy: "Smooth and comfortable flight."
Plusy: "The movies"
Minusy: "NA"
Plusy: "Sprawny check-in i boarding. Zawsze o czasie!"
Minusy: "Problem z możliwością zmiany terminu wylotu w przypadku losowym."
Plusy: "Cabin crew super helpful & friendly. The food was great - all snacks & meals were well prepared and had great flavor, I’m not saying it’s a 5 star restaurant, but I was wasn’t expecting the quality we received. Great job! Impressed by Delta service."
Minusy: "Traveling is always a challenge - abundance of patience required! We traveled from Dallas, Atlanta, Amsterdam, to Rome & back. Every country had a little different process for boarding and getting around - most had friendly staff, on point, helping clueless, stressed, & frustrated travelers. I was really disappointed in Atlanta, not a very welcoming or helpful spirit for visitors to US - not all (80% were awesome), mainly those trying to greet and direct through customs. Most hate the arrogant America anyway, don’t make it worse - put your best people on the front lines to help with international relations & show why the US is the best. Put those that don’t want to be here loading bags out back! Sorry for the lecture, but this is any business!"
Minusy: "Turbulence but no one can help that"
Plusy: "Sporo miejsca na nogi i dobre jedzenie."
Minusy: "Mało miejsca na nogi"
Minusy: "poor hospitality by cabin crews cabin crews are very stingy in providing drinks"
Minusy: "Not much- pretty great flight"
Plusy: "delayed flight by Skywest or West jet - Delta subsidiary / affiliate. it’s the 2nd flight in a row that’s delayed. but much better than American Airlines."
Minusy: "Flight delays. At least flight was not cancelled. Boarding staff & flight crew were awesome and entertainment was superb."
Minusy: "Delay was over an hour"
Plusy: "Roomier than a lot of airplanes."
Minusy: "Bumpy ride. Nobody's fault."
Plusy: "Lot"
Minusy: "Wymuszanie napiwku za odprawiany bagaz"
Plusy: "Good flight. Organized. Friendly flight attendants. I like Delta."
Minusy: "Paid for priority seats, but weren't offered the option for my two free drinks due to the flight being short distance."
Plusy: "Entertainment system, snacks and friendly crew members"
Minusy: "Serious delays on flight. It was very tiring and became an all day affair."
Plusy: "Seats were spacious"
Minusy: "No entertainment, snacks were bad and plane was old."
Plusy: "20 minutes ahead of schedule"
Minusy: "They said it was late because of a tire issue that was fixed in Salt Lake causing a late departure on a round trip SLC-Burbank. It arrived back to Salt Lake late causing the Dallas flight to leave late. I got a message at 6:24 pm regarding the late departure for the 8:15 pm flight to Dallas. They knew this info hours before. It should have been communicated sooner"
Plusy: "Everything was great"
Plusy: "I liked the legroom and the seat"
Minusy: "No entertainment screen, no real food, I don’t care how long the trip is, I got first class, I expect first class service."
Minusy: "Customer service"
Plusy: "My entire flight experience was delightful. Was dry impressed with the staff both at Hartsfield-Jackson and DFW...and our flight crew was positively sublime."
Plusy: "On time with no drama"
Plusy: "The lights where off to make it feel more homie, I liked that I had the seat to myself and the crew was nice."
Minusy: "Turbulence"
Plusy: "I appreciated that Delta was on time and prompt about getting passengers onboard. I appreciated that the stewardess was very courteous. I appreciated that there was no delay."
Minusy: "There was nothing that I did not like. I had a previous bad experience with another airline that canceled my flight three days in a row. So I was very appreciative of the fact that Delta had available flights for me to leave."
Plusy: "-forgot to charge me for wine"
Minusy: "-chair was broken -tray was broken -had to spend $33 for wifi that didn't even work -didn't have everything they say they offer to guests on the flight"
Plusy: "Staff was really nice and helpfull"
Plusy: "The crew was very friendly, especially the attendant named Charlie. The cabin was also nice and cold. I hate getting too hot on planes so it was really nice that they had good AC going. Short trip overall and was very pleased!"
Minusy: "No complaints!"
Plusy: "on time meet all my expectations"
Minusy: "I believe it is time for WI-FI to be complimentary in flights. It is far too expensive and feels like price gauging"

The Turkish Airlines crew is quite efficient and manages to provide their service with a smile.

Turkish Airline is absolutely terrible!

You made me miss this flight, you are stranding us in Houston, 4 1/2 hours from Dallas.

Minusy: "no red wine - what is written in the menu in business class was missing the main course meal"
Plusy: "Turkish Airlines is my favorite airline going to Europe. We even did the 20 hr layover in Istanbul and had a great time staying for a couple of nights going and coming back. Staff is always friendly and the food is amazing. The food in coach is as good as first class on some US domestic flights"
Minusy: "It's an airplane, there's not much to make it better besides giving more seat room. TA gives free drinks, a couple of meals, blankets, and the travel bag, only a snobby priss would gripe about flying with them. I've flown enough budget airlines that give you NOTHING that I love flying TA!"
Minusy: "All the staff at the boarding part seem like they unorganized anything. They let all business passengers got it first but they didn’t open the gate door untill all passengers came through. We have to stuck by the gate door for 10-15 min. They not say anything what happened and any apologies word."
Minusy: "Food is not great and the flight was delayed by an hour"
Minusy: "They changed my seat at the gate, will be filing a claim to Turkish airlines."
Minusy: "What is the point of paying business if you don't get the extras... No priority boarding, fighting for luggage overhead room, economy customers running to the front not allowing for comfortable disembarking of business class customers .. Just not what you would expect from business class."
Plusy: "What did you like?yes"
Plusy: "Turkish do a good job of giving you a good service for your money."
Minusy: "Why not keep us informed why there are delays before take off. Headphones that worked well without having to fiddle with the connection would be good"
Minusy: "flight was delayed 90 minutes and I had to sit next to a screaming baby the whole flight."
Minusy: "The head phones are terrible."
Plusy: "food was good, and my business class seat was okay."
Minusy: "First flight (to Istanbul) delayed, and nobody cared to help with making connecting flight booked on the same Turkish Airlines (THY)! Different THY employees sent me to three (3) different places (with two suitcases in hand) at opposite ends of the huge Istanbul airport before finally pointing to the Business Lounge and causing my missing the connection. Had they directed me correctly and cared about my first delay, I would not have missed it. I lost the first-night pay at the hotel of my final destination, my friends lost their time and money on making trips to pick me up, my ailing relatives were in pieces worrying about me, and so on. In sum, a fun trip (NOT!) ... If you care for some details, here you go... They did not inform their own connecting flight about my delay. Despite issuing me a boarding pass, nobody was looking for me or announcing where I should go. I spent an hour running around the airport at THY employees' misdirections. Business Lounge revealed I was already issued a ticket for next morning's flight (without informing me via my email they had or otherwise). I then looked at their own monitor and saw a much earlier flight the same night on a partner airline. I had to point to that flight, and they issued me a ticket there. No apology, no offer of any compensation. I understand that flights may delay, and I could forgive an honest mistake in misdirection. But this was a wide-spread incompetence and utter unwillingness to help their own business class (!) customer. I can only imagine what pains the economy travelers had to endure! Just to give you a flavor, after realizing that my connecting flight was boarding (when my delayed first flight arrived in Istanbul), I asked the crew to direct me to the best route to my connection. They pointed to the gate personnel. The gate personnel who greeted us DID NOT KNOW about my connection and sent me to the opposite side of the airport without notifying the connecting flight to wait for me. No help/transport was offered. When I made my way to the connecting gate with my luggage, the flight was gone. Nobody to be found from THY around the gate. A neighboring THY gate's employee directed me to the "Care Point" desk far away. A sizable line emerged there, with only two agents working it. I asked one of them if business class was served there. They said, "Yes, get in line, please". After 30 minutes in that line, I approached a "Care Point" agent (a cruel name for no-care-whatsoever service) who told me "You need to go to the business class desk upstairs. Economy only here!" No apology, no expression of concern, yelling "Next!" when I told her that I wasted 30 minutes of valuable time in line at their direction and would appreciate her doing something to help or making sure I reach the right person. Off to the "business desk" I go... another 15-min. run in a different direction with luggage in hand. That desk could not help either...ARGHH. Do I need to continue?.."
Plusy: "Crew very pleasant. No delay."
Minusy: "None."
Plusy: "Comfortable, on time and as always good service from Turkish Airlines"
Minusy: "I have been told at the airport that I had an unconfirmed flight and was told that I could not travel to Istanbul. I am still at my departure city, in Chicago. I bought my tickets just like anybody would, go on the website, pick the flights and pay. But someone did not do their job correctly and did not correctly confirm my flight. I paid for this incompetence by missing Christmas and a business meeting. Do not think it will never happen to you, it is just a matter of time that this kind of bad service catches up to you. The system is so disconnected or careless that it can't even figure out I couldn't take the flight which it is is asking me a review for."
Plusy: "Boarding was completed very quickly. Flight arrived on time"
Minusy: "Screens were very small Issue with with overhead space"
Minusy: "I like everything"
Plusy: "Asked for emergency exit but was told to pay. Managed to change inside the plane."
Minusy: "Turkish now joins the sad club of airlines that charges for better seats."
Plusy: "Great service and staff"
Plusy: "Everything"
Minusy: "None"
Minusy: "I was happy with everything"
Plusy: "food"
Minusy: "terrible delays and little assistance in Warsaw from turkish airline desk"
Plusy: "Meal,airplane"
Minusy: "A little turbulence"
Plusy: "Usually a great trip."
Minusy: "A series of about 9 rows of 3 seats each row, had errors in to the monitors that normally you can watch a movie, watch news, or listen to music. Approximately 27 people could not use these monitors affixed in the seat before you. These monitors (screens) control the reading lights, the signal for the stewardess. Flight 33 on 6/30/2017 had 12.3 hours of blankness and the complaints were numerous, but the crew were of no use. I wish this would have happened to business or first class. The crew were horrible."
Plusy: "Food and movies where good"
Minusy: "I paid for internet and it didn't work. Was told that I disntvoay, so I paid a second time still didn't work. Was billed twice and never was able to connect."
Plusy: "I really enjoyed having all of my concerns over delayed flights and possible missed connections rudely dismissed or outright ignored."
Minusy: "Flight was over an hour late boarding and spent nearly 45 aboard the plane waiting to depart. No updates from the staff about our departure status or boarding status throughout the almost 2 hour delay. Got an email from Turkish airlines about this issue and they claim the flight was only 25 minutes late departing. Exaggerations occur sometimes when people are inconvenienced so I checked my call logs and social media accounts and found I completed multiple phone calls and status updates from New York over and hour after Turkish airlines tells me I left. One of us is lying and at this point I'm inclined to agree with facebook that I was still in JFK airport an hour after my flight was scheduled to leave when I updated my status to gripe about the delays."
Plusy: "I appreciate the food service -- receiving two full meals for the 12-hour flight is critical to maintaining a relatively good mood."
Minusy: "I didn't like that the ticket desk doesn't know the regulations on what deices are or are not allowed on the aircraft. I really didn't like having my e-reader taken away from me when changing planes in Istanbul (with no explanation as to what was happening or how I'd get it back) nor the fact that over 200 people had to pick up devices at JFK and only two employees were retrieving them."
Minusy: "Turkish Airlines did not transfer my bag. I am still waiting to find out if it has been routed to MLX."
Plusy: "The flight and crew were fine. The food and drinks are free, which I wish some US carriers would take note of and adopt."
Minusy: "No heads-up that we couldn't take tablets / laptops on next flight to the USA."
Plusy: "The food was really good but very little"
Minusy: "Unfortunately I asked three ( 3 ) time for plankitte during the flight but with No response from (2 )differant"
Minusy: "The food wasnt good .."
Plusy: "The entertainment was great Wifi at the terminal was great"
Minusy: "Boarding was a nightmare, no lines were formed, people were not kept in order People were boarding with oversized luggage and it was allowed by the crew People were talking at a very loud voices across the cabin and staff never intervened Many people were standing during the landing and were opening the overhead compartments, staff never intervened I am allergic to cheese and there was no replacment"
Plusy: "All flight segments were on time, the crew was very pleasant, but the main thing was that I felt that the cabin noise was lower than the other airliners .... ????"
Minusy: "no issues"
Plusy: "Crew were lovely. I did request a window seat at check in and the clerk said she had done it, however I was stuck in the middle of two people 16J so it was a very uncomfortable flight."
Minusy: "Two babies screened the whole way to Los Angeles I was ready to kill them. Babies on long haul flights should be strapped to the wings. it was ridiculous/annoying. No vegetarian option on the flight to LA which would have been nice. However the food is really good and I loved the eggs for breakfast."
Plusy: "Everything was good except the food wasn't good"
Minusy: "The food wasn't good"
Plusy: "A lot of food and drink, toothbrush, slippers, etc."
Minusy: "The first leg of my trip had a tiny, cramped airplane for 10 a plus hour flight."
Plusy: "politely crew."
Minusy: "food caused stomach pain"
Plusy: "Check in was.quick and efficient in Venice ..for a short flight they served a nice meal complimentary"
Plusy: "I love the touchdown, of the smoothest ive experienced. It was a long journey but a comfy one. Great job turkish airlines."
Plusy: "Timing, attention, discipline and overall the neatness."
Plusy: "Good in seat entertainment with many choices. In seat charging for devices."
Minusy: "Leg room was unbearable for a 777, even for a 5'4" person! Only saw crew for the first 2 hours and last 2 hours of a 13 hour flight."
Minusy: "They changed departure time by 30 minutes and did not send a single message."
Plusy: "Prague airport is nice. Food is good. Boarding was on time and prompt."
Minusy: "Entertainment on board was poor. No power outlets."
Plusy: "Great entertainment system. Comfortable seats."
Minusy: "Nothing."
Plusy: "Down to earth staff Great food Helpful staff"
Minusy: "Entertainment system"
Plusy: "For a 13 hr flight on economy class, it was excellent. Cabin crew was very polite. Food was tasty. Boarding was descent. Nice collection of music and movies. Best of all wifi on an overseas flight. Live TV news channels."
Minusy: "Seats are kind of small and narrow on economy class but I guess that's in most airlines."
Plusy: "Very pleasant and accommodating staff."
Minusy: "Very short flight. The meal service, while very good was quite rushed for the short hour flight. I barely got my food before the trash came around to be collected."

I Love Lufthansa airline s and all crew … always accurate and direct thku

Plusy: "on time; boarding was smooth; leg space was good"
Minusy: "wifi was not working; food was below average; movie selection options poor"
Plusy: "Ogólnie ok"
Minusy: "Boarding"
Plusy: "Obsługa"
Minusy: "Fatalnie na lotnisku we Frankfurcie. Korki, autobusy trąbiące na siebie, a w międzyczasie powiadomienia z aplikacji, że boarding się zaczął (i co mam uciec z autobusu i zdążyć?)"
Plusy: "Załoga na poziomie"
Minusy: "Wygodniejsze fotele"
Plusy: "Dobre śniadanie i zaloga"
Minusy: "wygodniejsze fotele"
Plusy: "Miła załoga, niezłe jedzenie, różnorodność napojów"
Minusy: "Wygodniejsze fotele"
Plusy: "Dobra i miła obsługa; niezłe jedzenie."
Minusy: "Wygodniejsze fotele"
Minusy: "All things were beyond airline control. Screaming children, weather delay, and moderate to heavy turbulence. Wind shear off the deck required pilot to punch through and stick the landing, but recovers well."
Minusy: "Komfort siedzeń w klasie Premium Economy"
Plusy: "Wyjątkowo sprawny pilot - doleciał dużo przed czasem w naprawdę fajnym stylu"
Minusy: "Kontrola bagażowa w Poznaniu, komfort w samolocie"
Plusy: "There was an reasonably attractive opportunity to upgrade to premium economy, which was extremely nice for my long haul flight"
Minusy: "Flight was canceled from Newark to Monachium then coming back plane from Krakow was late and I had to spend night in Monacoum . I arrived to Newark on Tuesday instead of Monday horrible trip all together ☹️"
Minusy: "Najpierw odwołano połączenie do Monachium, re-book na późniejszy lot, który był opóźniony. Spóźniłam się na samolot docelowy, zostałam przewieziona do hotelu, w którym na voucher miałam jedno danie obiadowe do wyboru i jeden napój. Hasło: LUFTHANSA."
Plusy: "Smooth flight. Friendly crew."
Minusy: "Too small plane for business travelers - no carry allowed inside, yet all electronics have to be taken out. Lufthansa does not care about Senator status at all."
Minusy: "Flight was late due to inadequate staffing - one pilot was missing."
Minusy: "Not a lot of newer movies"
Minusy: "45min to 1 hour is barely enough to switch the plane in Frankfurt. Distances between gates are very significant and if you are not running there is a possibility you not going to make your connecting flight. Information how to get to the Z gates are not clear and it really takes a long time with all passport check points and security to pass through."
Minusy: "Was the worse food that I was served on a international flight."
Plusy: "Flight was smooth and arrived early even though it left 30 minutes late."
Minusy: "Lufthansa should schedule more time to make connections."
Plusy: "Timing"
Minusy: "Entertainment"
Minusy: "Opóźnienie lotu"
Plusy: "Comfortable seats. Good snack. Helpful crew. We needed extra assistance and staff were very accommodating."
Minusy: "No negative comments."
Plusy: "Obsługa i jedzenie"
Minusy: "Nic"
Plusy: "I have always liked Lufthansa; however, got put on an American Airlines flight due to a missed connection and there were no further flights until later in the afternoon. Had to change airlines and they assured me my luggage would follow me. It did not!!!! Too many security checks, switching from place to place and being herded like cattle was not too pleasant. Security people were rude and very busy talking to each other to tend to their jobs. One person would tell you to do something and the next person would give you completely different direction. They were arguing amongst themselves and not paying attention to one of the most important things.....customers."
Minusy: "On AA flight there were two small children running up and down the airplane most of the flight. Very disturbing and no one could rest. They were playing chase, hitting everyone's seat, and screaming at each other quite a bit. Parents obviously did not discipline them at all. After waiting in the airport for a completely different flight and not know what to expect this flight was not a pleasant one. American Airlines had overbooked the flight and they were begging people to give up their seats. They had a weight problem due to fuel amount and when we were approaching DFW we were diverted to Houston because we did not have enough fuel to stay in a holding pattern. We sat on the tarmac for a couple of hours, refueled, several people got off the plane in Houston in order to make connecting flights and then we FINALLY flew back to Dallas"
Plusy: "Everything was on time, the service was very nice as well. No problems at all."
Plusy: "The atmosphere they create is very comfortable"
Minusy: "I don’t now"
Minusy: "Will need to add more recent movies for entertainment"
Plusy: "I was upgraded to a better seat and the flight was comfortable"
Minusy: "The boarding procedure was unorganized and extremely inefficient. The family sitting in the row across from us had two unparented and very loud children who were disruptive for the entire 10 hour flight. Even on landing the child was not wearing a seat belt. The woman got up to get her stuff out of the overhead compartment even though we were told to stay seated. At no point did any of the crew members do anything in regards to this family and their disruptive actions."
Plusy: "Punktualność i obsługa stewardess"
Plusy: "Punktualność punktualność obsługa stewardes"
Minusy: "Źle działające monitory"
Plusy: "efficient service. timely departures/ arrivals"
Plusy: "Komfort lotu i bezpieczenstwo"
Plusy: "Everything was great and comfortable. Good and helpful services on board and at gate. We received a sandwich, which actually was pretty good!"
Minusy: "Nothing."
Plusy: "All"
Minusy: "Nothing"
Plusy: "Great crew, comfortable space at the bulkhead seat"
Plusy: "Going out the crew left something to be desired, the crew on the return trip was outstanding! Friendly, courteous, caring, efficient."
Minusy: "Ran out oof meal choices twice"
Plusy: "We left an hour late. Pilot made up most of the time in the air."
Minusy: "United app didn't work. No entertainment. Seats so close, you couldn't read because distance too short. Could have heated the breakfast sandwich. Just threw it out cold and late."
Plusy: "3"
Minusy: "The food is not tasty"
Plusy: "Bardzo słaby lot w każdym aspekcie"
Minusy: "Oóźniony, zmieniony gate w Monachium,"
Plusy: "Food was good and that is all I can say was good about that flight"
Minusy: "The male Stewart was very unprofessional by commenting out loud that I was too fat for the seat that I was assigned. The lights in the plane kept going off and on along with the video. I could not understand the pilots English. I was not allowed to get out of my seat as much as I wanted. I was very upset and disappointed on the male Stewart attitude."
Plusy: "Reasonably good entertainment and ability to charge electronics with USB"
Minusy: "The airline was rude. They made us miss our flight and sent a generic sorry email instead of trying to actively right the wrong. They were inconsistent in their timing and unhelpful when we asked for help with traveling with two little kids. They lied to me about which desk to go to and traumatized my children."
Plusy: "I slept for about 5 hours. More so than most flights. Flight crew was reasonable."
Minusy: "Being constantly bumped. Food ok. When an airline stops having a policy of inflicting suffering in order to get me to pay more, well, I will give a higher rating."
Plusy: "I liked the crew personnel"
Minusy: "I didn't like food"
Plusy: "having the TV with lots of choices"
Minusy: "There were screaming ( not just crying...but SCREAMING at a shrill pitch) for the entire 10 hour flight. I was never so ready to get off of a plane in my life. The staff tried to appease the many different situations as best they could, but they got wore out before the end of the the flight. There were people not sitting in their assigned seats, so mealtime was totally boggled and some got fed a full hour before the rest us is on the tail end of the serving. The last meal ( after I FINALLY got food, we had turbulence, so they stopped serving drinks to go with the meal, and no one ever came back and continued where they left off, so I ate my meal without a drink. I don't blame the airline because it was the many children in that section that made it absolutely miserable for everyone on board, but it was the worst flight I have ever taken...hands down."
Plusy: "Crew very NICE. Customer service means a lot and they were wonderful."
Minusy: "Old school entertainment system. A lot of hard tapping on the screen which bugs the person in front of you."
Plusy: "Ground Staff helpful. Cockpit pilots communicated effectively. Most of the cabin staff was courteous."
Minusy: "The wait prior to takeoff was a concern. Flight departed one hour late. Scanner at Gate Z13 was malfunctioning. One steward from Frankfurt to Dallas was pre-judging my food choice based on how I look. Normally that would not bother me, but he kept asking if I had ordered a Vegetarian or Hindu meal several times even after I confirmed that I had requested the standard meals for all my journey. The same steward on the Dallas to Frankfurt demonstrated the same questionable behavior. Infants on the flight get very noisy and Lufthansa Staff can help by asking accompanying parents to be prepared prior to take off and landing with warm milk in the baby milk bottles which the children can ingest to equalize ear drum pressure. Unfortunately cabin crew is not using this simple technique and the children on board cry excessively with lot of pain making everyone around them very uncomfortable. This can be nerve wracking for all accompanying Lufthansa passengers near bulkhead rows. Frankfurt Main is too dependent on bus transportation causing passengers to get wet on days when rain occurs."
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Loty: Dallas-Fort Worth

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Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW)Stany Zjednoczone

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Dallas-Fort Worth - Polska

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