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Znajdź tanie loty na trasie Madison - Warszawa

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British Airways
Wynik na podstawie 23 136 opinii
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Opinie o liniach lotniczych

Plusy: "Flight on time, seats comfortable."
Minusy: "For such a short flight no improvements are needed."

Minusy: "Zmniejszyć cenę biletu. Komfort i serwis jak w locie Ryanair, czy Wizzair a cena 4 razy wyższa. Odprawa przy zakupie fotela, powinna być możliwa 30 dni wcześniej a nie tylko 24 godziny."

Plusy: "Crew was fine."
Minusy: "Boarding could have been more organized."

Plusy: "The BA crew couldn’t be more excellent! They were friendly and courteous from the moment we stepped onboard the plane and maintained a professionalism all throughout the flight. Kudos once again to British Airways for the consistent service you provide over the years!"

Plusy: "Information easily available staff friendly"
Minusy: "The seats on the plane are so hard they cut off circulation in my legs . I fly everywhere and never have this issue. Soften up those seats a bit"

Plusy: "Super friendly and never skipped the details."

Plusy: "Really liked the flight staff.. great service and all very humorous. More room than on most flights and everything was on time"

Plusy: "Seat super small, could not avoid touching other passengers, I am not obese."
Minusy: "One toilet for 120 economy class passengers, no beverages served complimentary, even a glass of water cost you. Unbelievable cheap, crappy airline now, what a downfall for such a carrier."

Plusy: "Na"

Minusy: "Luggage did not make it to Warsaw"

Minusy: "We never made it to Phoenix with BA"

Minusy: "I was surprised that BA charges for drinks like water. Flight from London to Warsaw is an international Flight after all. I may understand that food is not served but to pay for water is not a right thing to do. I asked the crew about this and I was told that bc other airlines charge for drinks/ food, BA also ask passengers for money. I have not had to pay for my drink like water on any other flight. I fly with all big airlines like American, Delta, Lufthansa, LOT, etc"

Plusy: "In-flight entertainment was good."
Minusy: "Food choices were not good-cold creme cheese tomato sandwich for breakfast and horrible curry chicken for dinner. Staff was young and seemed somewhat inexperienced. They were constantly rushing and couldn’t keep up with servicing customers. When we looked at a make steward to let him know that we were finished with our trays, his response was “give me a second!” Unacceptable customer service!!!"

Plusy: "The seat was comfortable,but was very cold around 1h after start. The fan should be regulated by passengers.The crew was nice. I liked the movies"
Minusy: "Dinner was not good not tasty.no free snacks"

Plusy: "Staff."
Minusy: "No USB connection."

Plusy: "On time, smooth boarding."
Minusy: "Nil"

Plusy: "The movie selection was wonderful, as the amount of time with dim lightening"
Minusy: "The temperature in the plane. It was too cold for summer clothing"

Plusy: "Food was very good, and plentiful! Wine served with meal. Friendly staff. Smooth flight."
Minusy: "Seats are a little narrow"

Plusy: "i was cold and i woke up to find an *extra* blanket on me. quickly unwrapped it and put it on and all good after that."
Minusy: "ba website messed up our meal selections. luckily the staff were nice and gave us something suitable."

Plusy: "Do the upgrade if its available!"

Minusy: "No USB or power outlets. Very small screens for the entertainment. Definitely, not up to par for a long international flight."

Plusy: "Crew did really well in their roles."
Minusy: "BA are no different than all operators in the drive to put as many bums in as many seats as possible. News flash. Only so many sardines go in one tin. Make seats more comfortable and more leg room and we would pay the premium for that reputation as a caring, comfortable operator."

Plusy: "Good and comfy plane. More space to seat than Ryanair or Wizzair."
Minusy: "No complaints."

Plusy: "Security check was quick and easy."
Minusy: "The flight left 35 minutes late but arrived on time"

Minusy: "Cold coffee."

Plusy: "Crew were excellent. Very friendly and helpful."
Minusy: "Boxes under the seat in front took up legroom (but it did ensure good entertainment options). Could have offered some more drinks."

Minusy: "We did not know it was Finnair until we got to the airport and could not find Brittish Airlines flight. This is on Kayak because none of your information indicated anything except a British Air flight. We asked several people and finally figured it out only they changed the gate at that point and we almost missed the flight after sitting in the airport for three hours"

Minusy: "Nothing was on time, zero service, non existent customer service"

Plusy: "My eight year old grandson was tired and felt sick. The airline crew was sympathetic and very helpful in trying to help him and the rest of the family cope. They were responsive to every request and even made an extra seat available for him near the restroom."
Minusy: "The seats are way too small. Very uncomfortable. Why make the seats recline when there is no room behind them? When the person in front of me reclined his seat my tray wouldn't even unfold."

Plusy: "On time"
Minusy: "Check in counter make difficult: my cary on luggage is standard, they should know it."

Plusy: "Flight was smooth and arrived on time."
Minusy: "Uncomfortable seating, especially when passenger in front put seat back - felt trapped."

Plusy: "The staff were pleasant and did a great job serving passengers in a timely manner."
Minusy: "- my headphone jack was broken so I had to ask to move 3 times, and then finally walked up to the back of the plane to ask to be seated somewhere else - This particular flight had an unusually high number of babies. I was seated next to a couple with twin babies and of course they cried every so often. Only a few rows away there were another two babies. - food selection was super heavy on sugar or carbs. Entre choices were pasta with tomato sauce or chicken with cheese ravioli. Almost no one chose the pasta. Please introduce healthier options with actual protein for meat eaters and vegetarians."

Plusy: "Crew was nice and friendly, pilot communicated well with passengers."
Minusy: "Nice airport is a mess, nowhere to sit, broken loos, long wait for buses. Signage is poor, when waiting for boarding, no catering outlets."

Plusy: "This is was actually a flight operated by Qatar Airways and my first time with them. And you know what? It was like going back in time: this was exactly what and how BA used to be even 10 years ago. Thank you, Qatar, for wonderful service!"

Minusy: "It was August 18. They lost my baggage. Next day on Saturday at 3 pm I had a wedding and I was a wittness.In the baggage a had a dress for me and part of dress for the wedding's couple . They found my baggage on the 3th plane on the last minut. Terrible. And I had go for it by myself because LOT didnt want to send to me the courier. The fly was also 1 hour late"

Plusy: "more comfortable than the flight from Seattle - more leg room and larger seats."

Plusy: "Short flight"
Minusy: "Delays"

Minusy: "No electric outlet for charging phone or laptop TV screen was very old and barely functional"

Plusy: "Many entertainment options, food was tasty."
Minusy: "Movie options were not new releases"

Plusy: "We had ONE customer service rep in Heathrow who was incredibly helpful and tried to help get us home. She was wonderful."
Minusy: "Their delayed flight from Milan to London caused us to miss our flight from London to NY, and thus our flight from NY to Denver, which was standby. When we explained how difficult it would be to catch another flight to Denver from NY with it being the weekend, and attempting to get a flight to another airport with higher chances of getting us home, their customer service rep informed us that as long as they 'fulfilled their contract' to get us to NY, it wasn't really their problem how we got home (or couldn't get home) after that."

Minusy: "It has been a week and British airways still hasn't delivered my suitcase."

Plusy: "On time, friendly staff"
Minusy: "No entertainment in board and the AC dripped on me."

Minusy: "Charging for coffee and tea? Tacky."

Plusy: "Flight was delayed because of no AC, but we were put on another plane and the flight was only delayed an hour"
Minusy: "Initial boarding. We stood in line for at least 30 - 45 mins to board the plane"

Minusy: "The plane was an hour late and there was no snacks served, you had to pay even for water."

Plusy: "Nothing at all."
Minusy: "The flight didn't exist. Got to the airport and they said there was a glitch and I booked a flight that didnt have a plane. They drove me to Heathrow and got me on another flight 4 hours later. Missed the last bus home and now am stuck in NYC till the morning."

Plusy: "Professional staff, quality food and comfortable seat."
Minusy: "Flight was late and I was late for a conference call."

Minusy: "Wheelchair service, l requested was extremely disorganized l nearly missed my flight. In the end chair pusher expected tip to bring you to the closing gate. Wajid"

Plusy: "Plane was comfortable and departed on schedule."
Minusy: "Difficult to find where to catch this flight. Gate not printed on boarding pass. BA changed our seats without informing us."

"My flight was delayed over 30 minutes and almost missed next flight the staffing was so short"

"Communication and updates and leaving on time."

"Boarded late. Missed first landing attempt, landed almost an hour late and missed connecting flight."

Plusy: "All 4 legs of our flight were right on time, and the planes appeared to be clean."
Minusy: "Paying first class fare buys a couple of additional inches of space, but nothing more. There's nothing really first class about it."

Minusy: "Better spacing. Don't tell me the last two rows are blocked off for safety that's bs, they were blocked off so the flight attendants could have a row to themselves."

Plusy: "Nothing."
Minusy: "When I arrived to check in at 5:48am for my 6:20am flight, I was treated very poorly. The lady at the counter asked me what time my flight was and I said 6:20 and right off the bat she was extremely rude and said that I missed the flight. I panicked internally and asked her how that was possible?! She said the cutoff was at 5:45am and I missed it. I asked if there were other flights available today or tomorrow and she said there was nothing she could do and that I had to call the booking company to see if they could book me. I wanted to cry because my friend had just dropped me off and I called to see if she was close enough to turn back. Luckily she hadn’t left yet. I called the booking company and they were able to book me a trip for the following day but they charged me an additional $100. I wish they had disclosed that we need to be there 45 minutes to an hour early otherwise you miss your flight. And it’s ridiculous that I had to pay an extra $100... financially it was stressful due to the covid 19 situation. I was extremely disappointed in how the lady at the check in counter at American Airlines treated me. She www extremely rude and I have never been spoken to in a way that made me feel attacked."

Minusy: "Nothing"

Minusy: "I’m tall. And there is no room to put my legs or my arms."

Plusy: "If I could choose my seat"

Minusy: "Faster baggage pickup at DFW"

Plusy: "Great crew and staff."
Minusy: "I didn’t notice that the aircraft didn’t have chargers so my phone died mid flight. I wish there were chargers on long flights."

Plusy: "Crew was very nice and plane was clean."
Minusy: "I was exhausted and wanted to sleep on my late night flight but my seat did not recline (broken)"

Plusy: "Nothing"
Minusy: "Opportunity to buy food on a 3.5 hour flight. Pretzels just doesn’t cut it on a ‘dinner time’ flight."

Plusy: "The crew on the plane were great but even better was the women at the counter in terminal. She was amazing at getting everyone rerouted to their destinations"
Minusy: "The WiFi was broken. the plane needed to be inspected and it took 2 attempts to get paperwork right and there was no inspector on the ground. 3 hours later after sitting on the plane for an hour with no food or drinks. If people have waited that long for one of your flights, give them a little food"

Plusy: "I like nothing!!!!!"
Minusy: "My flight was canceled and company didn’t give any other flight.... any compensation for it...."

Plusy: "The crew was nice, although they were not able to relocate me."
Minusy: "The space was too crowded. Not much leg room and its such a long flight to have so little space. My flight was also delayed."

Plusy: "The flight attendant gave me a whole can of Diet Coke (I didn’t ask for it)"
Minusy: "Seat number is crazy. ACDF. How about ABCD..."

Plusy: "Nothing."
Minusy: "First, an exterior light was broken so we were delayed so much that American recommended we reschedule our connection but we got to LGA and our original flight was still at the gate but they’d oversold it so we couldn’t get back on. And then, getting on connecting flight, the door broke so we were"

Plusy: "Great flying great time"
Minusy: "Great flying great time"

Minusy: "Cabin temperature"

Minusy: "Seats are small but I understand why just dont like it."

Plusy: "Nothing"
Minusy: "My flight from Madison to Chicago got cancelled and I had to drive for three hors to get to o’ Hare."

Minusy: "Need some sort of gluten free snacks!"

Plusy: "The boarding experience was quite smooth. The flight itsekf was very good. I must commend the piolots for doing a wonderful job."
Minusy: "I didn't like the fact that I paid for extra leg room and had to board with Group 7. I think that was ridiculous. I was unable to connect to gogo in-flight internet network. It was the second flight in which it was not available."

Plusy: "It started with a 2 hour delay. Then, when the plane finally got to Orlando, there was a smoke alarm going off. We had to wait another 30 minutes for that to be fixed. Then when we got on the plane there was a issue with the baggage and we sat again for another 30 minutes"
Minusy: "Not one explaination, or consideration. The attendants were rude and the pilot didn’t even come on during the flight to say anything but signing up for a credit card. Bullshit."

Plusy: "The seats seem to be shrinking. The flight was flawless."
Minusy: "Tight seats, but I guess that is going to be the norm now."

Plusy: "Short flight"
Minusy: "Poor ratings for food Is result of not eating any food. No entertainment."

Plusy: "The staff was fantastic"
Minusy: "Well my flight got delayed four separate times. I was stuck in LAX for 3 hours. So much that booked another flight with another airline for the following morning. I had to book a hotel nearby LAX just so I could somewhere to sleep for the night. My luggage made it to Chicago safely, but I didn’t at least not with American Airlines. It took them an hour to tell us that they reassigned the pilot to another flight, not only that when it was delayed the first initial time (40 minute delay) about ten minutes before we were supposed to board they tell us that the flight attendant crew is going to take 30 minutes to get to the gate. Not only but those poor airline service staff were completely unaware of all these changes! They had to find out from the passengers what was going on. Honestly I will never fly with American Airlines ever again!!!"

Plusy: "The flight was good. Takeoff and landing were great. Service in flight great."
Minusy: "The online safety show didn’t work. They started it several times, then did it in Edson. The overhead reading lights flashed on and off periodically making me a bit concerned about the electricals. Our main piece of luggage was sent on a different flight. It took us over an hour to locate that had happened. We waited at the distribution point. We got one Piecebut not the other. After all we’re taken from the belt we went in search and found it."

Plusy: "New Plane interior"

Plusy: "Crew was good"
Minusy: "Baggage took 40+ mins unacceptable"

Plusy: "Flight got me home safely. Flight was delayed gor hours due to weather. Crew was good. Short flight so no food/beverages or entertainment."

Minusy: "Worst flight with AA so far, service is getting worst and worst"

Plusy: "Nothing really. I will never book from Kayak ever"
Minusy: "Everything"

Plusy: "Efficient crew"
Minusy: "Very full no isle seat!"

Plusy: "Free movies, and crew were helpful once we were in the air"
Minusy: "Gate agent did not start forcing check in, which caused delay in boarding. Ground crew did not stock aircraft until 20 minutes after scheduled departure time. and DFW did the usual 20 minute taxi and then 15 minute hold prior to take off."

Plusy: "Plane was cleaner than most. Not freezing cold like almost all other flights"
Minusy: "Paid for upgrade that wasn't great. Next class down was just as good. AWFUL FOOD!! Worst I have ever had. HATE the new seat design. Cant lean against the window because of the gap. My purse fell through the gap onto the floor behind my seat. Had to ask the person behind me 3 times to please hand it back to me. The armrest doesnt go up which helps at times getting in and out. It is a large uncomfortable impediment. The remotes were all over the place, down in the seat, on the floor. No one could find the plug in for the headphones. It is in the most ridiculous place!"

Minusy: "Hi, I couldnt make my flight as I was very ill and when I called to reschedule it, I was given a form to fill out and no help. So I am STILL stuck on Barcelona, trying to figure out how I can change my ticket and how much that will cost me. Why does it take a form? Why can't someone give me a price quote?"

Plusy: "Staff was friendly"
Minusy: "There were no veg options for sandwiches and food ran out after boarding group 6."

Plusy: "Free on board entertainment and arrived at same departure gate as my short connecting flight to West Palm Beach"

Plusy: "Made every effort to make up time lost. Ice cream treat was nice. Appreciated express transfer help between flights which were a bit close because of delay."
Minusy: "Delay leaving London due to sensor malfunction. Did not care for hot savory pastry."

Plusy: "flight attendant asked if wanted to move to area with two seats"
Minusy: "no charging stations"

Plusy: "Priority boarding."
Minusy: "Connection from SAN to PHX seemed cheaply made."

Minusy: "Ponad 2 godz. W samolocie czekając na plycie lotniska, aż mechanik skończy naprawiać samolot, nie bylo przyjemne."

Plusy: "Everything was smooth and organized. The flight even arrived early. Friendly crew and comfortable seats with extra leg room (but these were too expensive). Food was quite good for airline fare."
Minusy: "Fee for more legroom."

Plusy: "Seats were comfortable."
Minusy: "Two hour plus delay in plane on tarmac then long flight with entertainment not working. Crew could care less."

Plusy: "Crew and promptness"
Minusy: "No entertainment for each seat. No cellphone charger."

Plusy: "The pilot and crew were considerate that it was very early on a Sunday and so they kept interruptions to a minimum."
Minusy: "The legroom seemed particularly tight on this flight. Not sure why. I fly a lot. Maybe this plane was diffferent - or I was particularly interested in napping and it was hard?"

Plusy: "Not a good experience so nothing"
Minusy: "AA failed to allow me to check in at initial arrival in Grande Prairie airport so I had to rush to get a boarding pass in Calgary where the AA agent told me it was not an AA problem and sent me back to WestJet. WestJet discovered that it was an AA problem and returned me to the AA counter where it was resolved. Then I had to rush to catch the flight and missed any opportunity to have a decent lunch between flights. Then there was no food offered on the AA flight to Dallas."

Minusy: "Still waiting for my refund"

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