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WAW — Tasmania
20 lut — 27 lut1
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  • Szczyt sezonu przypada na Styczeń, Luty i Grudzień. Najtańszy miesiąc na lot do Tasmania to Styczeń.

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Qantas AirwaysWynik na podstawie 4882 opinii
8,1Wejście na pokład
Opinie o liniach lotniczych

No individual entertainment screens on this flight. Would have been nice to know beforehand.

Przeczytaj o liniach Qantas Airways

No individual entertainment screens on this flight. Would have been nice to know beforehand.

Minusy: "Absolutely hopeless baggage delivery/collection. Almost as long as the flight"
Plusy: "Crew was great, I lucked out and got a whole row to myself and the entertainment was awesome."
Minusy: "The food was just ok."
Plusy: "Short flight, but they fed us great food, great service, even good wine."
Minusy: "Qantas need to improve thier overall customer service"
Plusy: "Crew was amazing, food delicious, seats comfortable"
Minusy: "Nothing"
Minusy: "Had the weather in Wellington cooperated, I would have made it to the AKL-SYD leg and, most likely, would have enjoyed the travel experience. I plan to fly WLG-AKL tomorrow evening via another airline. Please rebook me onto Qantas tomorrow in evening."
Minusy: "Seats were awful."
Plusy: "Smooth flight, minimal disturbances, crew extremely courteous and helpful!"
Minusy: "Food is below average!"
Plusy: "crew was very nice"
Minusy: "entertainment system malfunction needed a long time to reboot"
Plusy: "Comfortable flight."
Minusy: "Food and entertainment options."
Plusy: "all good"
Minusy: "all good"
Plusy: "On-time, Food, Comfort"
Minusy: "Special Assistance not provided inspite of it being booked with ticket."
Plusy: "I liked the disabled service"
Minusy: "Uncomfortable seats. And why aren’t all the people flying with babies and young children all in one part of the plan?"
Plusy: "Fantastic service and overall experience on my first flight on a 787 Dreamliner. Flying QF50 with Qantas from SFO to Melbourne. Slept 8 hours. Will fly down from Sydney to leave via Melbourne in the future, such a good plane."
Minusy: "Great! On time"
Plusy: "Great crew, nice clean aircraft with lots to watch via their streaming service Flight left ontime and arrived early"
Minusy: "Food was good but not great"
Minusy: "The flight was cancelled and my itinerary was re-booked and going thru Melbourne to Perth. I lost half day of my life wasted in the Airport. The worst part of this change was flying on an old 737 thru Melbourne without the entertainment access for this long flight."
Minusy: "Disembarking.... No gate so had to get bus to shuttle to terminal... 1 bus for nearly 1000 passengers.... Took nearly 90 minutes to get off plane."
Minusy: "Little more leg room required"
Minusy: "Plane was approx 1 hour late"
Plusy: "Crew member Trevor was funny and the perfect host. Good selection of movies."
Minusy: "Seats are super uncomfortable and there is no privacy ... worst Business class facilities I’ve ever experienced. Seriously substandard might as well fly economy or better still use a different airline."
Plusy: "We love the space in the seats on the new Airbus 380. It is so spacious, and the seats are very comfortable. The movie selection was pretty good."
Minusy: "if I remember correctly the screen size was a little small for a new plane. Also I asked for two alcohol drinks, but was told only one may be served. I only asked so I wouldn't have to get up during my movie, and on Air New Zealand, they freely offer more than one drink. Also, if I remember correctly the arm rests did not raise all the way. We had all three seats to ourselves, and it would have been nice to lift the armrests all the way up so we could stretch out properly."
Plusy: "Handling our expenses during the delay"
Minusy: "Changed our seats. We were not put next to each other. Reservations did a horrible job, could not get any information from them on my booking. The rebooking procedures were handled poorly. People with connections should have been handled separately and in a different way. Some people got rescheduled on earlier flights than we were told but did not know about it so many missed their rescheduled flights."
Plusy: "good"
Plusy: "Once we boarded the experience was positive."
Minusy: "The flight was late causing me to be late for a meeting"
Plusy: "Fine, but completely unmemorable."
Plusy: "IFE for such a short flight, headset free. Cabin crew were quite pleasant. B737-800 series (Next Gen.) is a nice plane."
Minusy: "Cramped. Lunch was that revolting beef & kale pocket (again!). Highest a/f of Tiger, Virgin & QF, which is fine if it’s worth it, which it most definitely wasn’t."
Plusy: "The staff were great but the wait time on calling quantas is ridiculous, check in on an old machine is slow etc"
Minusy: "requested an aisle seat online and was not given one. I requested vegetarian meals but was automatically served up dead animals as food so had to keep requesting vegetarian food everytime food was offered. Rather that checking in with an actual human I was directed to a slow and time consuming check in machine."
Plusy: "I'm not sure the reason I wasn't able to change my food selection on QANTAS, but the site never allowed me. I bought the flight thru Justfly.com"
Minusy: "I’m not sure whose fault it was but we arrived late in Brisbane which caused multiple flyers and myself to miss our flight to Perth. There was no one at the Brisbane airport that attempted to help us solve this problem. No one ushered us through long lines or anything and just told use that, ‘oh well, you’re just going to miss your flight.’ Highly disappointed and in similar circumstances at other airports and with different airlines, I have had much better experiences."
Plusy: "The salmon entree was top notch. Veggies cooked crisp too. Morning muffin was warm. All very yummy:) Wonderful smiling crew."
Minusy: "The audio headphones had patchy reception. Needed to wiggle the wires."
Plusy: "There was an excellent selection of movies to choose from. Breakfast was actually pretty tasty, and snacks and water were offered quite frequently. The seat was reasonably comfortable, and reclines back a decent way. For how huge the plane was, the boarding process was super fast and efficient!"
Minusy: "Seats were still rather cramped for my poor husband, who is 6'3. It is very hard to get out of your seat if you're in a window and all the seats on front are fully reclined, and I am relatively spry! Can't imagine an elderly or debilitated person trying to do so! The in flight movies were great, but you had to use the headphones they provide, and none of the 3 pairs I tried worked well. All had constant static. Although the seats recline far, they also do it abruptly and are hard to get to come back up. The dinner (we had the beef) was not very good. The quality of the ground beef was what you would expect from a fast food place. The worst part of the flight was that the sat ALL the infants in the same area on the plane, and all right around us. 5 of them, to be exact. 17 hours of on and off screaming babies! My husband had to move to a different seat to get some sleep! Thankfully, I can sleep through anything. Overall, less terrible than I expected a 17 hour flight to be, but could have been better. Some crew were very nice and helpful and others not so much. The first woman my husband asked told him (rather abruptly) that he wouldn't be able to use his CPAP machine. Then a really nice guy helped him get it set up. The turbulence was a bit scary for me, and the way the captain would announce it didn't help! He'd just say "all passengers and crew be seated and fasted your seat belts" in a rather grim tone as the plane shook violently."
Plusy: "Outstanding service and a nice mid day snack."
Minusy: "Ride a bit bumpy due to rain and cloud cover descending into Brisbane."
Plusy: "Kayak gave me aisle seat in very last row of plane next to bathroom"
Minusy: "Seat was uncomfortable in aisle of very last row next to airport. Had to ask to be moved. Food was marginal. Small portions."
Plusy: "Entertainment options were great. Boarding was quick and easy. Luggage came out quickly at lax and they gave us express connect cards to make our next flight."
Minusy: "Individual lights should be smaller and more direct. Person behind us had on whole flight - no sleeping for anyone near us. Flight leaves at 1115. Means you travel through the day and arrive in la in the am. If you didn't get to sleep it's torture. Also flight attendants put on full lights to serve breakfast 3 hours before flight landed! Which was around midnight to the passengers body clocks. United and virgin let passengers sleep"
Plusy: "Got away on time and landed early."
Minusy: "Boarding pass scanners broken - so couldn't scan from a phone. And then the boarding pass printer wasn't working properly either. Also these planes are very noisy."
Plusy: "Ok"
Plusy: "Good Food and ok services"
Minusy: "2 hrs delay. Entertainment system froze and no sound from time to time. Dirty seats."
Plusy: "Individual usb charge port and meal"
Plusy: "It was a smooth uneventful flight. We arrived on time."
Minusy: "The distance between the seats has decreased substantially. Reminds me of a Jetstar budget flight. The food being served in cardboard boxes was Aldo a big shock. For the cost of a qantas flight I expected more comfort and better food served"
Plusy: "Entire flight there was no comfort- crew was brash and unfriendly -"
Plusy: "I like food and service of crew members"
Minusy: "Yes I like it"
Plusy: "Very little. Even though I'm sure I wasn't suppose to, my seat allowed me to put my feet up on the wall. At least I was able to elevate them a bit."
Minusy: "First, the flight was delayed an hour and a half. No gate was announced until just before boarding. Afraid of missing my flight, I didn't doze even though I had been awake for 20 hours at this point. Once I got on the plane, the seats were so small in economy my hips were pressed against the arm rests and I am not a large person. The man next to me was pressing through over to my side. We both had difficulty opening the tray for meals because they were in the arm rests (not that it mattered, we were never served good). The controls for the entertainment and lights were in the arm rests as well and there was no way to see them because your thighs were pressed against them. The screen for my entertainment was crooked and flickered. The charging port did not work for my cell phone. The earphone jack had to be wiggled and wiggled and then I had to hold my leg perfectly still not to bump it. I eventually gave up trying to use the entertainment screen. I preordered my meal online, but waiting for dinner, already exhausted, I dozed off. I didn't get dinner and no one came around the rest of the trip and offered any refreshments. No water, no snack, nothing. As a matter of fact, I'm not sure I saw a crew member for the rest of the flight."
Minusy: "We had requested a wheelchair for my mum on her flight from SFO to Perth. But on arrival in Sydney, she was not offered a wheelchair. We had checked with a quanta staff while getting our boarding pass about the wheelchair and she said they will be providing her with it. So disappionted. How will I be able to trust quantas again while booking tickets for aged/sick people?"
Minusy: "Average airline compared to Singapore & MZ airlines"
Plusy: "Surprised they served breakfast on short haul flight. Check in easy."
Minusy: "The wheel on my bag was smashed..."
Plusy: "Extraordinary crew energy, plenty of food."
Minusy: "Ran a bit late and boarding queue was unusually chaotic."
Plusy: "The menu offered a pre dinner drink however this was never offered. Touch pad screen did not function very well."
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