Znajdź tanie loty na trasie Warszawa - Kristiansand


Znajdź tanie loty na trasie Warszawa - Kristiansand

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Warszawa (WAW)
Kristiansand Kjevik
pon. 06.12.
pon. 13.12.
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Plusy: "Boarding was efficient and the crew were nice."
Minusy: "the seating is horrible. it was the tightest seating I've ever experienced."

Plusy: "Pumpkin soup instead of a heavy entree was welcome and tasty. Breakfast yogurt portion was generous, the granola less so. Accompaniments were good. Butter was not ice cold, thank goodness."
Minusy: "Inbelievably chaotic boarding process for Kili to Dar leg. No boarding lanes so had to fight through the crowd. Was able to observe cleaning process at Dar stop, which was cursory and am sure there was no cleaning of seats of those who boarded at Kili."

Plusy: "Yes"
Minusy: "Nothing. Flight was amazing"

Minusy: "All of the less than good, obvious!"

Plusy: "Excellent crew, good food & movie selection."

Minusy: "The flight from Manchester to Amsterdam has been delayed which led insufficient time for me to transfer to HK"

Minusy: "I congratulate the KLM crew!"

Minusy: "Not being 1 hour late"

Plusy: "Food and service"
Minusy: "Working wifi would be good. Better A/C. More comfortable seats"

Minusy: "Travelled business class and was ace experience"

Plusy: "Very professional"
Minusy: "Lost luggage"

Minusy: "Too hot inside the aircraft"

Plusy: "Crew was fantastic."
Minusy: "This was the most narrow airplane seat I’ve ever experienced. So uncomfortable."

Plusy: "Overall KLM experience is good"
Minusy: "Food quality was mediocre for a business class flight."

Plusy: "Crew was amazing, seats were comfortable with enough leg space even without choosing extra space seats. It was my childhood dream come true to fly with KLM. It was really an exciting trip for me, just that it was short."
Minusy: "Well, for me everything was on point. Those who have never travelled with KLM, I would encourage them to do so and I’m sure they will not regret."

Plusy: "Amazing crew"

Minusy: "The check in desk was late opening & the carry on luggage size was smaller than advertised on their website, so it had to be put in the hold. Open on time to prevent less stress to travelers & give more accurate information about cabin luggage."

Minusy: "lost baggage"

Plusy: "The flight started with a visit in the recently renovated KLM crown lounge in Amsterdam airport. I liked the various seating options and of course the upstairs bar. The service on board was attentive and efficient, the food options I really liked (especially the Chinese dish) but also the little touches like the nuts & gouda cheese which were served in small porcelain bowls. The seat itself was very comfortable when sitting and the structure gives a lot of privacy. However for couples or friends travelling it's a bit cumbersome to have a conversation even when sitting in seats next to each other. Overall my expectations were fulfilled."
Minusy: "This seat is not ideal for sleeping for taller persons (I'm 185cm tall) as the space to put the feet is very narrow and it's uncomfortable when lying on the back (as one cannot put them in the natural resting position). Cabin temperature could have been a bit lower for my taste. Crew needs better training with regards to transfer procedure in Chengdu."

Plusy: "Very personable staff. Food acceptable for airline fare. Ticket price was outstanding."
Minusy: "Paid for extra legroom, but very narrow seats not comfortable. Very difficult to sleep. Old plane--could not hear movies and unclear screen. Music sounded OK and choice was good."

Plusy: "Everything is alright"

Plusy: "Smooth flight."
Minusy: "Seat a little cramped."

Plusy: "The crew was really friendly."
Minusy: "There was a Force Majeur delay in Helsinki due to wings freezing that caused 20 minute delay to Amsterdam and made the interchange stressful."

Plusy: "Crew was very friendly. Nice that wine was served without charge."
Minusy: "Announcements from the cockpit were hard to hear. Food has been better in past."

Plusy: "Friendly staff"
Minusy: "Leg room"

Minusy: "The flight advertised meals..a small pastry was served an hour into the flight. I asked when the meal would be and was told a few hours...which turned out to be breakfast..i wated all night for food that only came an hour before landing. Now hungrey and tierd.I.will not be flying klm ever again !!"

Plusy: "punctuality of boarding and flight time"
Minusy: "attitude of crew in business class: no sense of true hospitality"

Plusy: "The attention and service!! Excellent. It was my birthday and KLM the head purser surprised me with 2 bottles of bubbles and a handwritten birthday card KlM and the crew of this flight thank you very much !"
Minusy: "Nothing to say"

Plusy: "Everything was great! Crew incredible. They acknowledged my wife’s birthday and made her feel special. Food was ultra salubrious. Loved the big screen monitor."
Minusy: "No complaints about anything."

Plusy: "Szeroki wybor"
Minusy: "Brak propozycji w języku polskim np filmów z polskimi napisami"

Plusy: "Wybór bardzo szeroki"
Minusy: "Nic nie jest dostępne w języku polskim"

Plusy: "Friendly in-flight personell"
Minusy: "Approx. 1 hour delay, which was not the airline's fault (construction on runways)"

Minusy: "Our two hour connection in Paris became 30 minutes because Air France was late in leaving Washington. So our luggage didn't make to to KLM to Amsterdam. My poor rating was because the luggage handling was really poor. Lots of flights from Paris to Amsterdam (almost hourly), but my bag showed up 12 hours later. My wife's bag took 36 hours. And yes, we checked in together. There were lots of confusing messages"

Plusy: "Norhing"
Minusy: "They have mabaged to lost my luggage"

Plusy: "Nothing really"
Minusy: "Flew KLM 27 years ago and the airlines seem to be stuck in the same era. Food is poor quality... Have you recently checked the Gulf carriers."

Minusy: "Actually the Welcome on board announcement. The part where they special welcome loyalty program members. I do not get that... I am an explorer holder my self, but really?? so other paying customers are not as welcome. This is leftovers from the older days.."

Plusy: "Nothing"
Minusy: "Super delayed. Could have fixed the issue BEFORE we were sitting on tha plane for TWO hours"

Plusy: "crew were absolutely delightful, full of smiles and doing everything to make you comfortable. seats were fine enough and got some work done and a bit of sleep. first lunch was fresh and tasty, but the second, a burger, was edible, but not much more."
Minusy: "tv screens are dated so movies are not as crisp as you find in newer planes. you need a 2 prong audio adapter to use your own headphones."

Minusy: "I can't take the flight because i'm not Chilean and I don't have a reembolse or other flight ,... nothing . Finally I take other flight with other company"

Plusy: "Absolutely nothing!"
Minusy: "the connection flights was the worse! The gate was changed in Amsterdam 3 times! From D82 to C6 and then to C11. The distance between B82 and C was 20-30 minutes walk. No rushing was needed though, the flight was delayed for 1:30h and after we all boarded a further delay was announced. I will never fly with KLM."

Minusy: "Missing wheel chairs swrvice lounge far away no food option just lame klm tipique"

Minusy: "Brak jakiejkolwiek reakcji przewoznika na zgloszenie koniecznosci zmiany daty wylotu."

Minusy: "Brak jakiejkolwiek reakcji przewoznika na zgloszenie koniecznosci zmiany daty wylotu."

Minusy: "Brak jakiejkolwiek reakcji przewoznika na zgloszenie koniecznosci zmiany daty wylotu."

Minusy: "Brak jakiejkolwiek reakcji przewoznika na zgloszenie koniecznosci zmiany daty wylotu."

Plusy: "Very friendly and helpful personnel."

Plusy: "Clean airplane, friendly crew, no rush, nice snacks for a short one hour flight. Just generally a positive experience."

Plusy: "Short-hop flight, fit for purpose."

Plusy: "Easy boarding, plenty of room"

Minusy: "Everything!"

Minusy: "Nothing was included"

Minusy: "Flight was cancelled at last minutee"

Plusy: "crew was nice. large double decker plane so it was nice"
Minusy: "flight delayed for 4 hours."

Minusy: "Better menu service and comfort"

Plusy: "The airport in Krakow was very clean with many shops."
Minusy: "Tight space with big guys next to me but short enough of a flight to really mind this."

Plusy: "The fact that the plane was newer"
Minusy: "Perhaps offering water to passengers who didn’t select in flight meal option. Eight hour flight with no water is horrible. There is an option for buy bottled water for 4 Euros but I think basic customer service should include water. Terrible... I’ve never seen this before!!!!"

Minusy: "On a 7 hour flight especially an all night flight passengers should certainly be given bottled water and if nothing else cookies for what they paid."

Minusy: "Friendliness of the staff. Plane is outdated and small. It flies. But I felt unsafe and claustrophobic"

Minusy: "The food was not too good. In general airline seating is very uncomfortable just due to the nature of it."

Plusy: "Crew was amazing. I love the Dreamliner. Ground crew was very helpful. I had a large family with me. They made it as easy as possible for me."
Minusy: "Norwegian does not have beverage service. I heard other passengers were able to get water but I didn’t know there was water on board and we did need it."

Plusy: "Crew was super attentive and pleasant"
Minusy: "No changes needed."

Plusy: "Had my own row"
Minusy: "Boarding process in English and a little more organized"

Plusy: "No bothering during the flight"
Minusy: "A bit of free snacks and drinks"

Minusy: "Overhead bag to go cargo at cost of 100 fee. Bag then missed plane and was without clothes on landing. Norwegian rep at bag claim indicated I would be fully refunded for necessary clothes purchase and baggage fee, as next flight with bag would not arrive for 24 hours. They now refuse to reimburse"

Plusy: "Cena"
Minusy: "przy odprawie on-line powinien być wybór miejsca w samolocie."

Plusy: "Internet na pokładzie. Uśmiechnięta i enrgiczna obsługa pokładu."
Minusy: "Opóźniony bagaż przyleciał następnego dnia. A czasu na przepakowanie z lotu na lot było 3h więc raczej sporo."

Minusy: "Boarding was ridiculous! The gate was significantly too small for a number of passengers that needed to board. There were no clear announcements out how to organize ourselves therefore it was complete chaos with no one knowing where to line up. The crew was the most ridiculous!!! I sat four or five rows from the back and was Peerview to all of their conversations about their hair, about their schedules, about your “valued guest”, about their shifts, about Batman, about anything and everything during the time the plane dark when your “valued customers” were supposed to be able to sleep. It went on and on at a volume that was just absolutely not necessary or professional. This was the least professional crew I have ever experienced and I travel extensively! Comfort the Cabin was freezing cold entire time. I bought a blanket which did basically nothing! Was it Oliver twist blanket before hand? The free blankets I get on other lines with the chill out significantly better! Food and drinks was nonexistent which I suppose is the new trend cutting service for profit. However it should’ve been clearly stated to passengers, that we can prepare for the 11 hour flight!! Entertainment it was nice that each seat had a screen, however the selection of entertainment was poor! For example each TV series only had one episode available."

Plusy: "Aside from the fact that I got there safe - nothing else!"
Minusy: "Since when is food/snacks complimentary for International flights? I had to pay for a cup of tea!"

Plusy: "The premium seats were comfy even though not lay flat. The food was surprisingly good (salmon for dinner and meat/cheese spread for breakfast)."
Minusy: "Service was a bit slow when you ordered off the menu from the TV screen. The movie options were pretty out of date and the selection was not as wide as you see on regular carriers. Also the plane was well kept but still showed signs of wear you would expect on a 60 year old 747 not on a newer 787."

Plusy: "The price"
Minusy: "Delays, missed connecting flight"

Plusy: "New aircraft Good entertainment"
Minusy: "A bit too cold"

Minusy: "2 hours and 30 minutes delayed"

Minusy: "Delay"

Minusy: "If the crew could have made sure at boarding that passengers uses the right doors to enter the aircraft , that could have avoided passengers walking over each other"

Plusy: "Punktualność miła obsługa. Polecam."

Minusy: "The crew arrived late and technical errors made us delay 2.5 hours. Missed my connection and had to book a $270 extra flight."

Plusy: "Crew were very friendly and the plane was clean and modern"
Minusy: "Boarding process was a little convoluted and we were delayed by an hour"

Plusy: "Food, price, and long stay in Oslo to give time to enjoy city"
Minusy: "We were staying in Oslo for 21 hours, but we thought that the checked baggage would stay at the airport. Instead it came out at baggage claim. We even asked the Norwegian staff multiple times whether we have to pick it up in Oslo; they said, 'No.' They said that it would remain at the airport. When we got back to the airport we had unnecessary stress of finding our luggage in some unclaimed baggage office. We almost missed the flight. Norwegian staff needs to be knowledgeable about how baggage is handled."

Plusy: "Horrible service, unexplained delays, too many babies, tiny uncomfortable seats, bad air"
Minusy: "Horrible service, unexplained delays, too many babies, tiny uncomfortable seats, bad air"

Plusy: "Price"
Minusy: "1) messy boarding process 2) outdated airplane 3) zero entertainment system 4) poor food service"

Plusy: "Easy check in, friendly staff"
Minusy: "Terrible music before take off and after landing"

Plusy: "Loved the transition windows, TVs in the seats, and the food/drinks."
Minusy: "Could always use more seat room."

Plusy: "Free entertainment is pretty good, snack options ok"
Minusy: "$45 for an in-flight meal is ridiculous. I brought my own and I'm sure it was more delicious than what the airline was offering."

Plusy: "Nice and ckean airplane. Smooth travel"
Minusy: "We didn't know our 11 hour flight didn't have food. And then when we try to order food, on the menu it's all just sandwiches. There's no option for hot food."

Plusy: "Crew were pleasant."
Minusy: "In first class: Seats were as hard as wooden benchs and seating area was minimal. Food did not meet the quality of fast food. Sound system was staticky and basically unusable. In economy: The seating area is sufficient for small children only. Nothing is provided for passenger comfort, not even water."

Plusy: "Ok"

Minusy: "The USB port on my screen does not work. My phone was unable to charge."

Plusy: "Very efficient, pleasant staff, new comfortable plane."
Minusy: "I ordered food because it wasn't included in the cost. Food was TERRIBLE. Not worth the money. I'll bring my own food next time."

Minusy: "FLL worse airport in USA. 2 hours to get through their immigration. Always like it for international flights and that is with a US passport!"

Plusy: "Crew was extremely helpful. The flight was delayed and it was cutting it close with my connecting flight. One of the crew members had the bus take me to my terminal and I made the flight."

Minusy: "On an international flight, one would expect at least a meal to be included. But you had to pay, and had to prebook. So without that knowledge I had to overpay for some very basic snacks. Also had to pay to choose a seat and for checking a bag. I've never had to pay for any of this on an international flight before. Tray tables were miserably low too, and I'm not a large person by any means. They hit my lap and left me no room to adjust. Very uncomfortable flight all around."

Plusy: "I got a refund. Nothing other than that."
Minusy: "Previous flight was delayed and Norwegian changed the flight so HiFly was operating. Didn’t have any way of checking in so even though I was at the check in desk almost an hour early I wasn’t allowed in and they stated I missed my flight. They weren’t able to get me on the evening flight either. I was stuck at the airport. Throughout this there was absolutely no compassion from any of the workers. I was visibly very upset and the supervisor was standing right in front of me joking around with a coworker, ignoring me. I had to go up to her. I am seriously concerned about my flight back from London via Norwegian, and should probably just cancel and use a different airline to be honest."

Plusy: "The price was awesome, the Dreamliner was shiny and new, the crew was pleasant enough. Any shortcomings of the flight were minor compared to the price and overall experience, which was fine. I was prepared for a discount flight experience and thought it was all okay."
Minusy: "The in-seat entertainment system was busted - but then I hadn't expected anything, so didn't really miss it. The charger did work. The location information did work, including simulations of the view from the cockpit and windows. You have to pay for everything except water poured for you."

Plusy: "Comfortable seats Plenty of legroom (Row 6 - Dreamliner) Professional, attentive crew Great entertainment system"
Minusy: "Charged $15 per kilo for excess weight for carry-on baggage (amounted to $180!) Checked baggage weight limit lower than for all other major airlines (20kg/44lbs rather than 23kg/50lbs) No included meals on flight! (Apparently, you had to pre-order a meal in advance for an extra cost)"

Plusy: "As expected. Very quick to get luggage from layover"
Minusy: "Nothing. Only 1.5 hour flight"

Plusy: "Wszystko oky., jak zawsze.Polecam Norwegiana."
Minusy: "Nie podobalo mi się opóźnienie lotu."

Minusy: "there was a 3 hour delay which made the wait with kids tough"

Plusy: "It was late due to some problem with the plane that required additional paperwork and they did not inform us very well anout it. Food is confusing. We got little half cups for tea that we didn't realize were our tea cups."
Minusy: "It was late. Better communication would help."

Plusy: "Every trans-Atlantic flight I've had with Norwegian has been on a Boeing 787 Dreamliner, which is an incredibly comfortable airplane compared to current standards. Ventilation and lighting are superior in a way that I doubt can be corrected on older aircraft. Norwegian's crew are *superb*. I've never had such snappy service on an aircraft; ordering via the built-in touchscreens is quick and straightforward. Also, I pre-bought the meal for a 7-hour flight, and it also came with a snack near the end, and each came with a drink."
Minusy: "The food is not as good as Turkish Airlines. I don't think you can order anything but snacks and sandwiches if you don't pre-order, which isn't very enjoyable on a trans-Atlantic flight."

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