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Singapore Airlines
Wynik na podstawie 3 903 opinii
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Opinie o liniach lotniczych

Plusy: "Everything"
Minusy: "N/A"

Plusy: "As a frequent flyer, I have found out that the few dollars i spend more on SQ is well worth it"

Plusy: "Seats are big as old plane"
Minusy: "Very old plane, entertainment system therefore very old too. Service was slow, 2 hours after start till they serve dinner, another 1 hour to clear. No special boarding for staralliance gold members"

Plusy: "the boarding, the attention to detail exactly how i remembered Singapore Airlines from many times i travelled."
Minusy: "The food was disgraceful, the entertainment, the quality of the movies was poor.."

Plusy: "The cabin crew were fantastic. Food was abundant. Most boarding systems worked well. Choosing seats was confusing on website so we were allocated seating. The newer planes had a fantastic touch screen entertainment system. The seats on the newer planes were much more comfortable and roomy"
Minusy: "The small seats are squishy on the older planes. The entertainment system on the older planes were dated and difficult to use. I felt sick after the flight to UK but felt fine coming home after one long flight on a newer plane."

Minusy: "Ran out of options for dinner and could not eat the macaroni cheese they had on offer, so got 2 small packets of nuts instead...international flight running out of food options? Pretty slack. A part of the interior wall fell off onto my foot upon take off and I had to hold it in place for a while until a hostess came....doesn’t give you the best feeling when the plane starts breaking on take off. One of the male stewards was appalling towards a young mum I sat next too...too the extent of giving her dirty looks because she spilled a bit of water on the seat and then told her she had to pack everything away she was using, including the baby wipes! I stepped in and told him how this was not ok and all other staff members were helpful and he was making this Mum upset. He should not be working for such a people friendly reputable airline! Maybe Jetstar instead! Was appalled at the entire flight to be honest!"

Plusy: "USB and plug for every seat, reasonable leg space and leg rest, good food choice and very attentive crew."
Minusy: "No negative points"

Plusy: "Excellent"

Plusy: "Friendly and helpful crew. Efficient service and good boarding. Seemingly wider seats than the newer A350s."
Minusy: "Positively ancient entertainment system with poor selection and bad visual quality. Ads pop up every time you go into another menu. If you're flying SIN->BNE I'd avoid the 7.20am departure, you'll get the old 777-200s rather than the A350s they run on other departures."

Minusy: "When refreshments were being served they did so in a hurry for some reason and missed passengers including myself. We had to call for an attendant to serve the refreshments who seemed a little annoyed at that."

Plusy: "Brand new aircraft, excellent service and food"
Minusy: "J class seat, 12A window. Top of my seat curled around my sides, which blocked vision thru 1.5 of the 3 windows I had access to. The enclosure also protuded into my left bicep when I had my elbow resting on the arm rest. Table on my right hand side was too close to my body, and to high to reach a drink easily, I literally had to lift my whole right arm to pick up a glass."

Plusy: "Great service."
Minusy: "Disinfectant smell."

Plusy: "Excellent crew"
Minusy: "My seat was very hard"

Plusy: "Seats more comfortable than premium economy, staff more helpful!"
Minusy: "Food was ordinary"

Minusy: "The desserts. The bun."

Minusy: "Outdated Cabin Fit Out"

Plusy: "Great amount of legroom in the seats we were lucky enough to be granted. Entertainment was good!"
Minusy: "Frantic service from crew. They seemed anxious and rushed at all times. Food was also very average."

Plusy: "Able to check luggage in 48 hrs before flight saving $50 storage fees, so went back into CBD for the day."
Minusy: "20 mins late boarding meant plane left 35 mins late although still arrived on time."

Plusy: "Staff, food and emenities great for economy class"
Minusy: "Inflight entertainment wasn't as extensive as in previous years."

Minusy: "Boarding at Singapore airport was shocking, as we had to wait 6 hours for our flight. Rating low to the crew mainly because of the ground staff as they were not very communicative to begin with about the explanation for our delay. Only when the passengers got a bit more vocal about wanting explanations, they started giving us a bit more information. All estimated times given for boarding the flight were incorrect by a big margin! Seemed more like they were giving shorter wait time for boarding just to please the passengers, where as they were well aware of how long the wait would be."

Plusy: "Liked the service"
Minusy: "Nothing special."

Plusy: "I felt safe ( important to me) and had just the right amount of attention from staff Very comfortable"

Plusy: "Was very old plane but was good"
Minusy: "Food and crew was well"

Plusy: "I've always flown Singapore airlines wherever possible. Standards are unbeatable until this flight..."
Minusy: "The dinner was terrible. I am a long time customer of Singapore Airlines and I know where the standard are. The food on this flight was the worst I've seen. The starter (vermicelli) was overly salty, dry and severely undercooked. The main course was acceptable but the portion of chicken was more like side dish not main. Missing sides."

Plusy: "I liked there was entertainment"
Minusy: "It was an old tired plane"

Plusy: "New plane"
Minusy: "Nothing in particular"

Plusy: "The attendants are pleasant to the eye, thats about it."
Minusy: "I heard so many good things and was left disappointed. The service from staff try to help and be nice but some of them do not care at all, things like too busy to bring a beverage etc was a tad annoying. dont know if i will use them again"

Plusy: "Crew was friendly and whole on ground process was efficient."
Minusy: "Aircraft not as clean as expected from a flight departing from their home port. Can't put my finger on it, but standards have slipped for slipped for SQ, albeit from a very high standard."

Minusy: "Crew was very poor in responding to any requests. I am usually very quite and light on demands as i hardly hit call button on the seat to get any assistance, but during meal, I was asked about drink and I opted for Ginger ale. Crew said, she will get back to me and I did not hear from her for another 10 mins, then there was repeat serve of drinks and I was asked if i needed any thing and asked the same drink, but then I was asked to wait. After I had finished off my meal and ready to go to sleep, someone was bringing my drink out and I then respectfully say no to it as it was bit late after the meal and asked for water instead and did not like the look on the face of the crew member. I saw it happening with other passengers as well and was under the impression, the whole crew performance was pretty poor and SIA was not up to its high-standards as I always like to fly with them. I will look for different option next time"

Plusy: "Crew service"
Minusy: "Very old entertainment system. Poor screen visibility. Cramped"

Minusy: "breakfast was terrible"

Plusy: "Everything was smooth. Although we took of a little late but we landed as per schedule. Service was personalised! Great trip."
Minusy: "Nothing....."

Plusy: "The staff are so friendly and helpful. Highly recommend travelling with the airline. The A380 is a great way to travel with more space in economy. I booked seats on the upper deck where there is a smaller economy cabin. Makes you feel a bit more civilised up the top!"
Minusy: "Economy class isn't great for a long haul flight but the staff make it much more bearable."

Plusy: "Service"
Minusy: "Old planes and screens."

Plusy: "Sound sleep"
Minusy: "N/A"

Plusy: "The staff were helpful, once I had complained enough."
Minusy: "Aircraft was old, tired, and uncomfortable. The seat of my chair was not attached. There were huge comms boxes below every 2nd seat so zero legroom. Screens were so old they were unwatchable and tiny. Air Asia provides a superior service for a fraction of the price."

Plusy: "Singapore service is always outstanding"
Minusy: "temp on plane was freezing and even two blankets did not suffice. Everyone was really cold."

Plusy: "No fuss flight but lacking that something extra"

Minusy: "Crew rarely walked aisles with water. Gluten free meal was mediocre. Seat was old and uncomfortable. Entertainment options were mediocre."

Minusy: "cramped uncomfortable seats freezing cold"

Minusy: "The food was very poor indeed, the entertainment system was not working in my seat or the seat behind, I had to move to another seat"

Plusy: "Changed by very helpful ground staff from lousy seats to exit row at no cost."
Minusy: "Entertainment interface showing its age."

Plusy: "Friendly and approachable"

Plusy: "The ground staff in Sydney!"
Minusy: "From the moment we checked in in Singapore there was no service. Having travelled first class and Economy before with Singapore I was very disappointed with Business class. My husband and daughter were in First Class. The service was below average to say the least - more training required from check in to on board - (in Sydney the staff on the ground went above and beyond) In Singapore it was very fake and contained no sincerity. The lounge itself was also ordinary compared to others, no Amenity kits or PJs in business class - even Virgin Australia has that! I was so excited to be travelling Singapore again given past experiences but now Im not sure I will want to fly them again."

Minusy: "The video screens need to be upgraded"

Plusy: "Service was good, but then that's expected."
Minusy: "Leg room was bad... The foot rest attached to the seat in front of me kept lowering itself on its own."

Plusy: "Good crew, but working with some tired, old equipment."
Minusy: "The padding in my seat seemed to be a bit thin and became progressively more uncomfortable as the flight progressed. The in-flight entertainment systems are really showing some wear & tear. The screen was blurry, the letters on the control buttons had work off and the sound quality was terrible."

Plusy: "Arrival in Canberra was excellent."
Minusy: "Horrendously uncomfortable business-class seat for a redeye flight."

Plusy: "Movie selection, very helpful crew and good quality food."
Minusy: "Nothing!"

Plusy: "Crew is professional"
Minusy: "The interior in the air craft need seriously to be refreshed."

Plusy: "Crew was great"

Minusy: "Food can be better."

Minusy: "New Aircraft with more seating space"

Plusy: "All ok"
Minusy: "Bez uwag"

Plusy: "The crew was super nice and I felt comfortable during the 6h flight"

Plusy: "NA"
Minusy: "Since I had to cancel the flight due to personal problems at home, it would have been better if you hadn’t reminded me of the missed opportunity by asking me to review said flight. This has caused me emotional stress."

Plusy: "None"
Minusy: "Too cold in the aircraft !! So so cold"

Plusy: "Excellent cabin service"
Minusy: "All seats need to be renewed urgently"

Minusy: "No TV on cjr1000"

Plusy: "On time"
Minusy: "Passengers Have to walk a long way during boarding as the plane is not at the assigned intl gate but on the domestic side. Food is bland, instant noodle may taste much better."

Minusy: "I didn't like your time tables where you use only 12 hrs. It's okay to go all the way to 24 instead of 12/12 I had to rebook my ticket at additional expenses"

Plusy: "The female air crews. Indonesian female air stewardess are simply beautiful and shapely!"
Minusy: "My entertainment set’s headphone plug doesn’t work at all. So I’m watching movie with no sound throughout the whole flight."

Plusy: "Although not asked, I was reseated to a front row seat, which has more space."
Minusy: "Delay of 30 minutes without any explanation. Contrary to other times, the food was tasteless."

Plusy: "Boarding on time, efficient flight, handled well, on time at destination."
Minusy: "Long check in queue, many counters closed, counter staff seemed very busy with talking to their colleagues while checking in passengers. I am used better from Garuda."

Minusy: "Delayed"

Plusy: "There was better movie choices on the way back compared to the way over but as it was a night flight I tried to get some sleep & didn't get to watch all the movies I wanted to see."
Minusy: "I didn't like food options on the way back....."

Minusy: "i didnt like the fact that the flight was cancelled and i was not notified the staff there were no help at all , overall pathetic by then having to take a later flight i then missed my connecting flight to Melbourne which in turn caused me to delay my return by a day then causing me to miss my transport back to my home which is three hours from the airport , i was told in Jakarta that someone would meet me in Melbourne on my arrival to make arrangment for my travel home but no one was there so i had to make my own way home costing me extra money . Overall my exsperience with your airline was a disaster for a so called international airline and i would never recomend to my friends to fly with you ."

Plusy: "Probably the best food I’ve had on a business class flight."
Minusy: "Entertainment just OK. Garuda lounge in Bali dire"

Minusy: "Garuda played loud “music” on arrival so we couldn’t watch the entertainment system. Getting onto the flight was horrid with long long long wait on the bus to go from terminal to airplane. Food was ultra salty and dreadful."

Plusy: "Clean, proper plane."
Minusy: "Unhealthy food, full of sugars and fat."

Plusy: "Service on board was good, Entertainment and seat comfort too"
Minusy: "Too cold in the plane, chichen curry, always a risk to serve this in a plane your chef should know why. Dessert very poor."

Plusy: "Garuda is the best"
Minusy: "I like all"

Plusy: "The flight crew was amazing, as always. Boarding was fast and simple. And the flight wasn't packed so there was plenty of room."
Minusy: "There really wasn't anything bad. But I transferred from a Boing-777 so the smaller, older plane just didn't feel "nice". But it's only a 1hr flight so whatever."

Plusy: "Flight on 737, took off on time, from Bali new terminals, arrived on time. Lots of leg room."
Minusy: "Nothing"

Minusy: "Jakarta Terminal 3 directions are not properly set up. Confusing"

Plusy: "Planes are confortables"
Minusy: "Always late ? 3 flights this week with Garuda all 3 be delays. How they get away with this.."

Minusy: "Boarding staff don’t have a clue. They are there for the airline not to help the traveler. Problem is they are the only carrier in the area. That being said.... they are better than Lion Air but that is not saying much. No real choice...."

Plusy: "Absolutely nothing - your Arline’s cancelled our flight and could got us out in 1 instead of 3 days late. You even tried charge a change fee or $ 800 more for business class Tix to depart earlier!"
Minusy: "see message above"

Plusy: "Other Airlines that sent extra planes to evacuate their patrons!"
Minusy: "Garuda canceling my flight from Bali to Singapore and not rescheduling it for 3 days despite the Airport reopening the next day after a short closure for Volcanic Actvity"

Plusy: "Penerbangan lebih cepat dari jadwal"
Minusy: "Penerbangan lebih cepat 15 menit dari jadwl"

Plusy: "Beautiful NEW Terminal at Jakarta!, but Plenty of food outlets. Waiting areas are very large and accommodating. Security area is large and extremely efficient in processing passengers. Security personnel were friendly."
Minusy: "Due to the enormous inside volume it is impossible to maintain a pleasant air temperature. It's nearly impossible to hear any announcements due to the extremely poor acoustics. The large open spaces and ceramic tile floors aren't conducive to hearing anything! No announcement to the departure time as we were already 20 minutes past the established boarding time as indicated on the boarding pass. I was sitting quite close to the check-in counter and was able to decipher that the boarding process was going to happen soon, so I took a position in the line without any announcement."

Plusy: "Love Fly Ing GA"

Minusy: "....the food a little bland - but the constant bringing of refreshments and food made up for this .....overall - great work !!"

Plusy: "Fiod, flight experience, boarding. The flight staff was very good and helpful, as was the ground crew"

Plusy: "Good food, modern plane, professional staff. Punctual"
Minusy: "N/A"

Plusy: "Warm crew and comfortable flight,take off and landing."
Minusy: "Nothing much."

Plusy: "Staff, food, seats."
Minusy: "Nothing really."

Plusy: "Flight was good, easy to board, friendly service, reasonably comfortable. On time."
Minusy: "Having to change my ticket was a nightmare. I had to call Garuda in the U.S. and after 45 minutes, was told I had to call Indonesia who took another 45 minutes to process the change. All of this cost time and money, not only for the ticket change but for the calls."

Plusy: "Organised, well turned out, polite and efficient, a refreshing change to British Airways"

Plusy: "I met with a best friend whom I didn't meet for a decades, and he was I the same GA flight but not a member of GFF. Lounge Team give me a courtesy access so we can have a quite discussion in GA Lounge"

Plusy: "Very friendly staff, professional. On-time and efficient."
Minusy: "They sprayed insecticide in the plane with little or no warning prior to our arrival in Hong Kong, and I had a bad reaction to it (dizzy for the next several hours). I would recommend providing masks for passengers who desire them and plenty of prior notice to put those masks on."

Plusy: "Orderly, on time, efficient boarding"
Minusy: "The meal"

Plusy: "Pretty on time"
Minusy: "The food is bad"

Plusy: "Customer Service text , call me to update about my flight schedule to re-confirm whether I can or not for earlier flight and they also offer for next morning flight as alternative."

Plusy: "Lacking internet connection, current movies but I slept which is positive because it wasnt a packed flight"

Plusy: "Cabin was in good size, crew was friendly and professional, in flight entertainment was top notch."
Minusy: "Boarding was late. When we got to Soekarno Hatta, it took a while before they could open the door of the plane and let everyone out because they were waiting for some equipment (the stairs i'm guessing). Then they put us in a bus which took a loooong time to get to the right terminal. I was sick at that time so this was very inconvenient."

Plusy: "The ground staff, the inflight staff were great with outstanding service and care for passengers."
Minusy: "There is nothing I find not liking."

Minusy: "Jet Airways (partner company on flight) waited 5 days before putting my lost bag through customs on arrival in India and made me wait 3 hours, after the 5 days, to receive it. They gave no explanation, no apology, and actually sent an employee from another company to deliver my bag after I had waited that long."

Plusy: "That it was all trouble free very simple to book and everyone was very helpful."
Minusy: "All good!"

Minusy: "More food variety"

Plusy: "Very smooth and easy process boarding and taking off"
Minusy: "No entertainment"

Minusy: "delayed landing because of chinese reasons"

Minusy: "delayed 2 times."

Plusy: "A nice experience overall. Flight was quiet so plenty of personal space."

Plusy: "The crew are ok. They should find jobs with other, better airlines."
Minusy: "Flight delayed on both legs. Delay management horrible, call centre was worse."

Plusy: "Average flight"
Minusy: "Changed the time of my flight early by more than 2 hours, with no communication. I therefore missed the flight. I was informed there was a flight that evening but they refused to move me as I had booked through an agent. Waited more than 6 hoursnin the airport for next flight and was offered only a meal voucher worth £4. Later flight was delayed, resulting in me missing my friends pre wedding henna party and arriving more than 8 hours late. Not a single apology given!"

Plusy: "Except for a 1-hour delay, overall the flight was good, smooth and enjoyable. Loved the inflight meal. For the price we paid we got meal and 30kg baggage allowance, we thought that was just value for money. And they departed from KLIA and not klia2 which is more convenient."
Minusy: "Flight wasn't on time to and from HKG."

Plusy: "The staff were very kind, the seat had a great amount of leg room."
Minusy: "There was no alcohol on the flight."

Plusy: "Getting out of the plane"
Minusy: "getting in the plane. No working tablet. Poor food."

Plusy: "Crews are nice."
Minusy: "Seems like Malindo is starting to degrading the service quality. The flight I took before: they change the airplane to batik which was worse with no entertainment, smaller seat pitch, etc. I book Malindo for a reason and paid for what expected using Malindo!! If they had to change the plane they should've given better one or given back compensation to passengers! Now this flight, they didn't activate the entertainment till way later and turned off way too early. They didn't give any earphone as supposed to. Malindo's service has become bad."

Minusy: "The airline"

Plusy: "For the price that we paid, it included 30kg baggage and refreshment (orange juice, water, coffee, a slice of pizza and a muffin) - it was worth it. The legroom is spacious, the seat was comfortable and the cabin crew was awesome. Flight was on time, check in was acceptable (considering people travelling from Bandung has a lot of check in baggage due to shopping)."
Minusy: "Nothing."

Plusy: "The service is good in general."
Minusy: "The boarding process could be improved."

Plusy: "The 32" pitch giving more leg space, better than MAS and AirAsia on that count. Good baggage allowance."
Minusy: "The food is rather meh, does not stand out"

Minusy: "The flight was over 5 hours delayed and they offered no compensation or extra meal."

Minusy: "Cramped seats"

Plusy: "Leg space and good arm rest"
Minusy: "No in flight entertainment (movies)"

Plusy: "The seats are more comfortable compared to the other budget airlines."
Minusy: "The crew doesn't smile most of the time, sometimes they sound like ordering when they request something. The movies selection is either old, or mostly Indian movies."

Plusy: "I have flown Malindo before and I have been happy about tbeir customer service."

Plusy: "In flight meal."
Minusy: "Got told luggage would go straight to bali from origin in Nepal. Waited at baggage check in jarkata just in case. Sure enough, our baggage comes out. Transfer to domestic terminal was almost impossible since we were given no information and our flight number changed completely. All of a sudden it was batik air not malindo, which has a completey different terminal. Will not be travelling with malindo again."

Plusy: "Check in and boarding we're both quick and easy. There were unsold exit row seats on our flight and the flight attendants lets us change seats. The in flight meals were quite tasty."
Minusy: "The beverage options were limited and mostly consisted of different flavors of fruit soda. The flight attendants sprayed the cabin with a strange aerosol before landing. Trash was not collected during the flight."

Plusy: "Check in and boarding we're both quick and easy. There were unsold exit row seats on our flight and the flight attendants lets us change seats. The in flight meals were quite tasty."
Minusy: "The beverage options were limited and mostly consisted of different flavors of fruit soda. The flight attendants sprayed the cabin with a strange aerosol before landing. Trash was not collected during the flight."

Plusy: "Service and comfort with blanket, and entertainment movies."
Minusy: "Luggage collection rather late in Bali."

Plusy: "Same as previous, no fuss."

Plusy: "No fuss, well organised."

Plusy: "Very dissapointed, both flights scheduled by Malindo Air was rescheduled, first one moved for next day unbeliavable!!!"
Minusy: "Very dissapointed, both flights scheduled by Malindo Air was rescheduled, first one moved for next day unbeliavable!!!"

Plusy: "Ease of booking and 30kg baggage allow all included in quoted flight cost"
Minusy: "Food quality appears to be falling down in variety and quality"

Minusy: "Turbulence"

Plusy: "Good service and good plane."

Plusy: "food, service"
Minusy: "nobody replaced the toilet paper in the bathrooms, when it was finished. Checking in started later than normal."

Plusy: "You can check-in luggage for free. Not like Airasia"
Minusy: "Delays, of course."

Plusy: "The best thing is the free luggage allowance of 30kg each. They had some snacks and entertainment as well."

Plusy: "I was very impressed given it is a budget airline."

Plusy: "somewhere between a budget airline and a premium service. For the excellent price i was excitement pleases with the service and comfort. Would definitely fly with malindo again."
Minusy: "my expectations were more than met."

Plusy: "Love the width of the seat, the free 30kg luggage allowance and food. All provided without extra cost."

Plusy: "Malindo Air impressed me above and beyond with their services, from start to finish! I don't think I've had a better experience with an airline before - keep up the amazing work Malindo!"

Plusy: "Read trip advisor Will never use them again They will have an accident and it will be their fault"

Plusy: "something"
Minusy: "something"

Plusy: "Comfortable and modern plane with good services and good communication. We had a minor delay due to poor weather but pilot and staff communicated the situation well and took safety precautions. Good entertainment options and food."

Plusy: "The plane was quite new, very modern, and well equipped with entertainment features. Services were good and all staff spoke English. Good amount of leg room in the economy seats as well."

Minusy: "There are small snack & water given previously, but now only water."

Minusy: "Terrible call centre. No reply on the list luggage phone number. Absolutely terrible service"

Plusy: "Nothing"
Minusy: "Flight had a new schedule without prior notice We're unable to take this flight. Did not get any refund"

Plusy: "Proactively checking the boarding pass to shorten que of the boarding process."
Minusy: "Delayed"

Plusy: "Horrible, tv not working. I asked for no vegan and they forgot to bring my food. After I mentioned, they finally brought and was vegan! Plane very unconfortable and old. Totally different than the connection place that was way less time on air."
Minusy: "Nothing"

Plusy: "Nothing"
Minusy: "Evrything"

Plusy: "Pretty on time"

Plusy: "Every thing in the flight was excellent."
Minusy: "Except at the airport service at Kuala Lumpur.You have to make sure to announce , when you change the gate."

Plusy: "Boarding process was great, who went in first just as supposed to be so minimizing crowded in the cabin alley."
Minusy: "No on-flight meal available to purchase. It's lunch time and the airline expected everyone had lunch before?!? 15 minute delay, understandable. Seat pocket was not cleaned, someone spilled chocolate drink before and the cleaning service missed to do the job."

Plusy: "The crew was excellent, especially the stewardesses."
Minusy: "Their wifi service is ridiculously expensive $32 and it doesn't work."

Plusy: "Nothing"
Minusy: "No delays"

Minusy: "Flight delayed."

Minusy: "Everything"

Minusy: "N"

Plusy: "The leg room"
Minusy: "Boarding process"

Plusy: "Scoot in silence"

Plusy: "Flight was short"
Minusy: "Seats are very tight if you are over 5’6"

Plusy: "Amazig Airplane"

Plusy: "Crew were good"
Minusy: "Flight was late."

Minusy: "Flight with Scoot are not very well organized. for as large a fleet and number of flight locally should be better. no onboard entertainment nor refreshments. Staff not very personable either."

Plusy: "Friendly crew. Toilets kept clean. Nice ambience with the cabin lighting."
Minusy: "My seat had a broken recliner button. Seat would recline but not stay reclined. If I sat up, seat would come up with me."

Plusy: "we were on time and landed ahead of schedule."
Minusy: "nowhere to store our cabin luggage"

Minusy: "I need wheelchair but your crew an Indian Lady I think in the check -in counter did not give me wheelchair from Singapore. She said but in Mla she assigned wheel chair but when in Manila they said Scoot did not assigned wheelchair inmy ticket. I hate you Scoot and I will never take scoot again in any of my up coming trips"

Plusy: "Head rest not comfortable. Short distance okay not long one."
Minusy: "Plane is old i think. Take off and landing time plane some shaky and sound not pleasant."

Plusy: "Extremely rude."
Minusy: "I got sick on the flight from some food poisoning and the crew acted put out when I asked for some water."

Plusy: "Clean"
Minusy: "I am not sure why they were delayed."

Plusy: "The Business Class bed was nice"
Minusy: "The whole experience was terrible. Scoot decided to - delay flight by 45 minutes without telling me. I discovered this by checking myself - chartered a Singapore Airlines Boeing 777-200 and then reduced then quality of every Business Class service (no entertainment system videos or music, no alcohol or soft drinks - only water, only Economy class food. There was no apology from Scoot (who are a subsidiary of Singapore Airlines) and none from Singapore Airlines. There was no suggestion of any refunds or other compensation. Truly a disgrace. I will never fly on either Singapore Airlines or Scoot airline again. I am seeking further compensation through Australian Fair Trading and through Class Action Lawyers (as this impacted every passenger on this flight, not just Business Class)"

Minusy: "You can choose your seat but when you pay you can choose a seat and I don’t like this"

Plusy: "It was a good flight"
Minusy: "The long delay......"

Plusy: "Organised well. Clean plane. Excellnt comms from pilot and staff presented well."
Minusy: "Could not recline chair"

Plusy: "Overall it was a good flight."
Minusy: "No offer to book my seat assignment during the booking process. A kiosk check-in would be a nice addition."

Plusy: "The Staff were friendly and efficient, considering the flight time being very short. The Flight Crew got us to our destination 10 mins ahead of schedule, considering also that we were 15 mins behind sitting on the runway for take off, which in effect meant they made up 25 mins. Fantastic job. The Aircraft was clean and well maintained. The seats were comfortable in economy for me, but unfortunately my Husband being a larger tall man was cramped and didn’t have a lot of room to move."
Minusy: "As the flight was very short the choice of food was limited and the selection was not good, as the choice I required ran out at the first two rows, which were not occupied by many passengers at all. A very light passenger load. The pricing was a little high for the snacks and tiny bottles of water."

Minusy: "I didn't realise I was going to be in such a poor airline after booking through the Singapore Airlines website. There was hardly any space, food options were limited, there was no entertainment, they even charged for water! Equal worst airline with jetstar"

Plusy: "boarding is thru gate and not tarmac"
Minusy: "food are expensive."

Plusy: "on time and departed early"
Minusy: "none. is budget airline"

Plusy: "great check in staff fast boarding comfortable temperature in cabin very good crew"
Minusy: "n/a"

Minusy: "The flight was delayed for over 30 mins."

Plusy: "Nice aircraft, on time departure and arrival"
Minusy: "reclining seats only in business class, not lay flat. pay for everything except the bathroom"

Plusy: "Nothing"
Minusy: "Flight crew’s attitude. The fact that there was no overhead space and the crew didn’t Check additional bags. Had to stove the bags u def the seat and there was no room to stretch my legs. The flight crew had the most pathetic attitude and was rude beyond imagination."

Plusy: "Singapore to Hanoi flight."
Minusy: "Boarding is thru T2 airport bus which brings all passengers to Flyskoot plane parked somewhere. Not good for those with strollers. Will avoid Flyskoot if going to Hanoi."

Minusy: "We were given just one very small water about 150ml and told we have to pay if we need more water. Restriction on providing drinking water in Business class seems unfair. Please reconsider"

Plusy: "i did not see any entertainment."

Minusy: "The process to check and pay for a bag at the airport was ridiculous. We waited in line to check the bag, found out that since we hadn't paid for it ahead of time, we could get the bag checked but would need to go stand in a new line to pay for it and could not have the bag tag until this was done. Then the new line only had one agent working all of the people who needed to pay for their bags. When we got to the front, we were asked to pay the bag fee with a credit card and the processing fee in cash. Since we were only connecting in Singapore, of course we did not have cash. She could not process the charge, walked us over to a new desk and a new line where they processed the bag charge without the cash fee (how this wasn't done initially, I have no idea) and finally, we were finished with the check in process an hour later."

Minusy: "Temperature in cabin too warm on outgoing flight"

Plusy: "Being a budget airline, you really get what you pay for. Seats do not recline. Minimum legroom. I was thankful that it was only a 1-hour flight"
Minusy: "Stiff, uncomfortable seats without controls. Just adequate legroom for a 5’3” person"

Minusy: "It was moving a lot!!! :\"

Plusy: "check in - fast via machine. boarding - organized. crew helped out with baggage. flight - took off on time after short taxi and landed early"
Minusy: "equipment could use refurbishment"

Plusy: "Boarding"
Minusy: "Confort"

Plusy: "The cost was cheap"
Minusy: "There wasn't much room for someone who is 6'4''"

Plusy: "Crew was cordial, helpful and patient."
Minusy: "There was absolutely no complimentary service at all, a bit unusual compared to flights we've taken in the past (domestic and international). No offer of free water, what's up with that?!?! There was no entertainment on board for an overnight flight, no blanket, no pillow."

Minusy: "They lied about baggage costs My flight on scoot from blr to Singapore was 2 hrs delayed and no reason"

Minusy: "This was a return flight I was taking. But even though I paid for a bag when booking, Kayak only booked the bag on the flight over. It there for cost me $48 to book the bag on at the airport one way back. For some reason when I was paying they could not take for the full amount on my CC and so I had to go change money as $8 had to be paid cash (very strange). The flight was very uncomfortable. I could go into detail but now I’m just ranting. Not happy. Won’t be doing that again."

Minusy: "I had lost my luggage from Singapore to Maldives’s airport"

Plusy: "Scoot Business is excellent value for money. 35 seats at the front of a Dreamliner with comfortable seats and some recline. The flight took off on time and landed in Sydney on time. I will go again."
Minusy: "Not much really. It does not compare with Business on the national carriers but at half the price what do you expect?"

Plusy: "On time. Service on board simple. Crews are friendly"

Plusy: "Nothing"
Minusy: "The manager at the ticket office harassed my friend about his VISA- wasted 2 hours of our time saying his visa was not valid when it was. Then she finally gave him a boarding pass. As we hit the gate, she chased us down to yet again, say he couldn't board because of the same reason. She told him when he got back to Hyderabad that he would be charged as a criminal & be held in a cell all alone without a way to commicate to others. It was absolutely absurd!! We made it back to Hyderabad and like we knew the whole time, his VISA was fine."

Plusy: "The flight was cheap and the plane itself (B787) is a new plane and the lower pressurised altitude is very nice."
Minusy: "I didn't like being told off by one of the flght attendants for eating my own food on the flight. If Scoot's food was more reasonably priced I would buy it, but it is overpriced and therefore I need to bring my own. The seats are uncomfortable for sleeping in. The cabin temperature was a bit cold and with no blanket supplied this made it hard to sleep. Even though you are flying between two tropical destinations, I would recommend bringing a jumper."

Plusy: "Scoot upgraded to a bigger plane, and as a result had more empty seats"
Minusy: "flight was delayed by almost 2 hours due to operational problems. despite that, there were still passengers who were late to board, causing more delays. no apologies from Scoot. plans were derailed."

Plusy: "Early baggage check and fast boarding. The flight was on time, too."
Minusy: "Least amount of leg room I have ever had. I will not complain too much because the flight was only 2 hours."

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