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  • High season is considered to be Styczeń, Luty and Grudzień. The cheapest month to fly from Polska is Styczeń.
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DeltaWynik na podstawie 30770 opinii
8,1Wejście na pokład
Opinie o liniach lotniczych

Boarding stuff was bad!!!

Przeczytaj o liniach Delta

Boarding stuff was bad!!!

Lots of delays. Armrests are not big enough for two people.

Plusy: "The crew amd aircraft was wonderful"
Minusy: "Nothing"
Minusy: "This was a great short flight."
Plusy: "When I asked for a seat change the crew was very accommodating"
Minusy: "With covid in Seattle I was placed next to a restroom. I did not see any bathroom sanitation occurring during the flight, and no sanitizer available anywhere."
Minusy: "Seats could have been more comfortable. No space. Food made me sick."
Plusy: "Had seat open next to me"
Minusy: "Delays on afternoon flights East create all sorts of problems; fewer options the later the arrival"
Plusy: "Movies"
Minusy: "Comfort. Jetblue offers betwee seats ne apacing betqeen rows"
Minusy: "Delaying a flight by 2 hours for crew issues is ridiculous and even more do not alerting me to the change before I was at the airport. Terrible"
Plusy: "Great crew, nice plane, awesome entertainment"
Minusy: "My screen wasn’t working. It would have been great if it was."
Plusy: "The crew was understanding and sympathetic to the customer's frustration with a delayed flight."
Minusy: "Delta should have figured out a way to not delay the flight. Every flight was delayed."
Plusy: "Delta crews are very friendly and helpful. Seats are 'good' on the E175 plane - better than the cramped CRJ200 on some other short flights. We boarded early, left a little early and arrived early. Nothing to complain about, except maybe a crying baby behind me, but that's not Delta's fault. :)"
Minusy: "Check in was terrible- long wait just for drop off of already checked in bags"
Plusy: "Everything was great. Our 4-hour flight went off without a hitch. We've flown with Delta many times and have never had any problems."
Plusy: "The crew served things exactly as scheduled. They went out of their way to help passengers individually."
Minusy: "The seats are a bit cramped for long international flights."
Plusy: "Good access to charging, good food"
Minusy: "More space:)"
Plusy: "Bardzo miła obsługa. Na pokładzie poczęstunek oraz wifi."
Plusy: "Bardzo sprawna obsługa. Poczęstunek na pokładzie. Wygodne fotele."
Minusy: "Chyba nic."
Plusy: "Sprawny check-in i boarding. Zawsze o czasie!"
Minusy: "Problem z możliwością zmiany terminu wylotu w przypadku losowym."
Plusy: "The crew"
Minusy: "Very small plane"
Plusy: "The kind staff"
Minusy: "Dirty bathroom on flight from Toronto Ontario to Atlanta. Smelled like urine."
Plusy: "Sporo miejsca na nogi i dobre jedzenie."
Minusy: "Mało miejsca na nogi"
Plusy: "Crew was good, plane was clean. We left on time and got in a bit early."
Minusy: "Don't like the Comfort plus seats that have the dividers vs basic arm rests. TSA is a JOKE, got the random strip search where they pulled apart every nook and cranny of my personal bag and carry on item. Relieved me of my PLASTIC corkscrew that I've traveled with for 15 years. Almost missed the flight and I was there plenty early."
Plusy: "Olivia Sanchez and Yvette Diaz were absolutely. 100% phenomenal. They upgraded my friends and I to a flight tomorrow, and we can still meet with our group in time."
Minusy: "Our flight was delayed at 12:07am, and we would have missed the connecting flight."
Plusy: "On time. Pleasant crew although one was a little green. Short flight. Good communication."
Minusy: "Squished into a seat that I paid extra for more room. Yes I had more leg room, but my legs were pressed Up against the person next to me. And for the extra money I paid, the snacks could be a little more substantial. And only a small glass of soda. Really, if this was Delta comfort What were the cheap seats like?"
Plusy: "Quick!"
Plusy: "Didn’t major it on the flight. Sleeping in Atlanta. Not the house I paid for in totrtola."
Minusy: "Terrible planning. Didn’t have enough fuel to circle. Took a stupid path. 10 minutes cost me a day."
Plusy: "Lot"
Minusy: "Wymuszanie napiwku za odprawiany bagaz"
Plusy: "The Gate Agents were excellent and very helpful with accommodating our family traveling with an infant and a six year old."
Minusy: "The flight attendant saw that we were confused about the seat map and did not offer any assistance."
Plusy: "great selection of movies"
Minusy: "it was super hot on the plane."
Plusy: "Nice upgrade since we didn’t have seats! Delta was a good flight but don’t ever wanna fly on Aeromexico again!"
Minusy: "Had all my jewelry stolen from my luggage!"
Plusy: "In flight tracking"
Minusy: "Irregular serbice"
Minusy: "Nothing"
Plusy: "The attention, kindness and never tiring helpful attitude of the personnel."
Minusy: "None of the 7 screens I ried had the audio working. I had to result to sleeping when I could have easily enjoyed 3 movies and what not. It would also be helpful to have charging outlets on long-haul/international flights."
Plusy: "Love the hospitality and the staffs kindness"
Plusy: "Crew was friendly"
Minusy: "We were delayed an hour and a half"
Plusy: "Nothing"
Minusy: "Multiple cancellations and a total of THIRTY HOURS OF TRAVEL TIME for what was supposed to be 5 hours of travel in the beginning. I am still sitting in a god damn airport as we speak."
Plusy: "Everything was Excellent"
Minusy: "Excellent job and keep it up"
Plusy: "Staff lovely"
Minusy: "Flight delayed so we got bumped to a later connecting flight An eight hour trip became a 12 hour trip"
Plusy: "Newer plane with entertainment"
Minusy: "was a great flight"
Plusy: "boarding process was good food was okay not great not bad entertainment was good flight attendants and service excellent"
Minusy: "food could have been better but arriving to destination safely is most important"
Plusy: "N/A"
Minusy: "2.5 hour delay for no apparent reason at first (supposed mechanical issues with plane) and then waited on plane at gate for a missing pilot who never got picked up from his airport and got stuck in Chicago traffic trying to get to O'Hare. Eventually had to take pilot from another flight before leaving at 8:45 when flight was scheduled for 6:00am."
Plusy: "Checking bags at the gate and picking them up at the gate on arrival"
Plusy: "Staff was really nice and helpfull"
Minusy: "Again, not enough leg room. Also, our luggage did not make the connecting flight and we didn't get our bags unit the next morniing - late."
Plusy: "NOTHING AT ALL!!!!"
Minusy: "everything 1st of all i didnt like the fact that the stuff could act so unprofessional and very disrespectful and not knowing what type of info to give that made me lose my flight and at the end they all told me they couldnt help me to get my flight or anything not even try.."
Plusy: "on time, clean, prompt. no problem."
Plusy: "Crew!"
Minusy: "Seat spaces are so small for long flights. London Helsinki on the back seat was a torture."
Minusy: "Zmniejszyć cenę biletu. Komfort i serwis jak w locie Ryanair, czy Wizzair a cena 4 razy wyższa. Odprawa przy zakupie fotela, powinna być możliwa 30 dni wcześniej a nie tylko 24 godziny."
Plusy: "All services were superb. From boarding, food, to bye bye from Crew very unique. Good team"
Minusy: "Every was excellent"
Plusy: "There was a special needs boy that sat behind me and he had some issues (long flight, understandable) and the crew were AMAZING with him. Not everyone has common or even human decency. These people were rad, and it was lovely to see."
Plusy: "Excellent crew"
Minusy: "At boarding a member of the check in ground staff was extremely rude to my travel companion."
Plusy: "Good crew"
Minusy: "Leg room!"
Plusy: "Flight was on time"
Minusy: "They charged for drinks, even soft drinks! There were three annoying children sitting behind us all under the age of 8. They were unsupervised. I didn't think airlines would allow an entire row of kids to sit like this without an adult sitting with them. Their mother was across the aisle."
Plusy: "Flight was on time. Crew were professional and courteous. Seats were fairly comfortable ( though one was broken)."
Minusy: "Could have been a bit more room - was slightly squashed. Disappointed to have to pay for tea. Porridge from M&S on flight was horrible."
Plusy: "The staff were great, the flight was on time, the boarding was easy."
Minusy: "The food. Both my sons are vegan and there weren't any vegan options apart from crisps and nuts. Vegans are taking over the World so you need to be able to give them something to eat!"
Plusy: "The crew, the seats, the food, the overall experiencience were amazing"
Minusy: "Better headphones"
Plusy: "In time departure and friendly staff"
Minusy: "No complaints"
Minusy: "I don't like the attitude of some cabin crew."
Plusy: "Service and welcome was great."
Minusy: "Entertainment system was old and screen was not working the first 2 hours."
Plusy: "Just flight attendants"
Minusy: "I paid $123 for the flight and than I was profiled by the attended and forced to pay $85 to check in my carry on as a baggage. My carry on fit in the display model, it was 1/2 inch showing because of the handle and I was forced to pay an extra $85! Almost as much as my flight costed. When I was boarding the plane I saw several people with carry on baggage that were wider and longer than mine. I will never fly thru British Airways or book thru Kayak.com again. When I get back to my country I will file every complaint I can thru google and social media. I never felt so disrespected and ripped off!"
Plusy: "Everything"
Minusy: "No complaints"
Minusy: "one hour late departing"
Plusy: "We were kept informed"
Minusy: "I felt stressed due to an ill passenger holding up the plane. Plane returned to gate from runway. High potential of missing connecting flight. Landed on tarmac at Heathrow. Waited for bus. Took to faraway terminal. No info monitors so stood in long queue to find out in wrong terminal."
Minusy: "Gate personnel were inattentive and wheelchair transport was rude"
Plusy: "very pleasant attendants. good amount of snacks and drinks. good entertainment options"
Minusy: "a bit crammed"
Plusy: "Very room seats."
Minusy: "They even charge for water."
Minusy: "My checked bag didn't make it from Barcelona to my destination (new orleans)."
Plusy: "Good and comfy plane. More space to seat than Ryanair or Wizzair."
Minusy: "No complaints."
Plusy: "Flight attendants were pleasant."
Minusy: "no complimentary beverage service - maybe that’s common in Europe but as an American I was used to getting some kind of a drink."
Plusy: "The crew was sick and one lady kept running to the bathroom?!? The plane was old..."
Plusy: "Plenty of leg room"
Minusy: "The plane was way too hot"
Plusy: "Full flight, but still excellent courteous service from all members of staff."
Plusy: "Crew were excellent. Very friendly and helpful."
Minusy: "Boxes under the seat in front took up legroom (but it did ensure good entertainment options). Could have offered some more drinks."
Plusy: "The communication of information for the flight by the flight attendants before boarding. Our flight was delayed by 1hour because of bad weather condition in London and the cruise communicated very well about it."
Minusy: "I wish there was some entertainment available on this type of short flight."
Plusy: "Good documentary films to choose from to pass time."
Plusy: "Always a good flight out of LCY"
Plusy: "Friendly, consistently would come to collect trash. Staff was fast in responding to calls."
Minusy: "Didn’t find out I needed a landing card until the end of the trip. And they didn’t have pens to fill out the landing cards"
Minusy: "Sorry I can’t give you feed back, because I missed flight due to my own fault!"
Minusy: "90 minutes delay for a 1 hour flight. They blamed the weather but no other flights were delayed except this one. Also, I purchased a seat with no checked baggage allowance and was NOT aware of this when I booked. Will not be flying British Airways again."
Plusy: "Safe on almost on time trip"
Minusy: "Checking in at Reykjavic was slow and crowded"
Plusy: "Movie choices were great."
Minusy: "I ordered a vegetarian meal well before day of flight. They said they did not have my order. Thankfully there were still vegetarian options (and I was at back of plane)."
Minusy: "There was no rhyme or reason to boarding, except for first class passengers. It was just a free for all. Plane was packed and seats were uncomfortable."
Minusy: "My flight out of Houston was cancelled because of a hurricane and a week later I'm still begging Web Jet for a refund. I'm supposed to wait another week for them to get back to me."
Plusy: "Crew was friendly"
Minusy: "Seats not comfortable"
Plusy: "Shame that you do not even serve a glass of water!"
Plusy: "Crew treated you well, boarding was organised and as a silver club card holder I was rewarded with priority boarding (less queues, less hassle)."
Minusy: "Old style entertainment console, small screens, no usb or plug point for charging."
Plusy: "Staff was very professional and pleasant."
Minusy: "There was no entertainment on this flight. I did not see any plugs to charge my phone and I don't think I had wifi."
Minusy: "The metal boxes below the seats mean that the little space allowed to a person is now all the more clipped. My backpack wouldn't even fit under the seat. My knees are already pressed up against the chair in front of me, now there's nowhere for me to stuff my feet even."
Plusy: "Live counters for dinner Boarding directly from lounge"
Plusy: "We were on time."
Minusy: "Cramped, crowded. Could not walk around. Stingy on water, beverage. Air quality was poor. Flight made me cramped and sick from small seat and non-movement."
Plusy: "It was quick."
Minusy: "The EMB140/145 is just a bit too confining for me... I don't normally suffer claustrophobia on flights, but I seriously almost stepped off the plane immediately after stepping on, given the low ceiling, and confining nature of the plane. If it had been a full flight, I'm not sure I would have made it without a full blown panic attack of claustrophobia."
Minusy: "The boarding gate was not posted until 25 min before plane was scheduled to depart, the departure was 20 min late, Customs at Lisbon took 1.5 hours for a simple stamp on my American passport. The aircraft was packed full, not even water was offered without charge, the service even at that was barely fast enough to make one pass of the passengers before landing, the aisles were continually blocked with service carts selling so how are you supposed to make a bathroom break?"
Plusy: "I was traveling alone with my baby. Everyone was very helpful"
Plusy: "The flight crew was very courteous and helpful, and made the entire experience very pleasant."
Minusy: "The boarding process was a bit confusing. We were that the gate closed at a certain time, but there was no information when you were waiting at the gate at that time. Once boarding started, it was confusing as to which line you should wait it."
Plusy: "Service was great."
Minusy: "Seats were very uncomfortable. No electrical outlets at the seats. No Wi-Fi onboard."
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Loty do Saint Thomas Island

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Saint Thomas Island (STT)Wyspy Dziewicze Stanów Zjednoczonych

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Saint Thomas Island - Polska

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4 387 zł
4 417 zł

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