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EmiratesWynik na podstawie 15791 opinii
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Malfunctioning plane made us late…annoying

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Malfunctioning plane made us late…annoying

Fantastyczny lot z busiess class

Plusy: "All good"
Minusy: "Not to delay the flight for 2 hours !"
Minusy: "Jedzenie w wersji wegetariańskiej wyglądało i smakowało jak g... Na 6h lot wliczone w cenę picie to sok jabłkowy o pojemności...120ml. Nie wiem sam, czy to żałosne czy okrutne. Chamowat obsługa, nie zwracają uwagi na potrzeby pasażerów, lecz jedynie na to, żeby coś im sprzedać, coś wcisnąć."
Plusy: "Aircraft staff. Helpful, nice."
Minusy: "Very long line to check-in."
Plusy: "They were very courteous and provided us with a solution with an overweight luggage so that we wouldn’t pay the extra fees. Flight was very smooth on the 777. Best flight ever."
Minusy: "Nothing negative about this flight."
Plusy: "Same as first trip but this time the manager gave us some crackers and chocolate because we asked her to give us something to eat"
Minusy: "Same as first trip but this time we were more mad and the food was like rubber we told the manager and she brought us some of the crews food and we still didn’t have any food because it smelled rotten"
Minusy: "Didn’t get to pick out seats and got stuck in a middle seat. No opportunity to change, even though I tried to do so a week before the flight as welll as once online check in opened."
Plusy: "Good choice of entertainment."
Minusy: "Food can be improved. A little bit of innovation is needed."
Plusy: "All good"
Minusy: "All good"
Plusy: "Plane was clean, on time and pleasant seats. Staff was attentive but not exceptional. We landed early! WiFi was free for a bit but very slow. Variety of entertainment was excellent."
Minusy: "Entertainment system was excessively complex for no good reason. Seats were about average for business class. Screens were older and too far. Sound system was subpar."
Plusy: "Great and friendly cabin crew. Lots of movies to chose. Food was great."
Minusy: "All was great"
Plusy: "The service, food and flight entertainment was great."
Plusy: "Everything!"
Plusy: "Staff is very good. Always smile on face."
Plusy: "The service was good."
Minusy: "Food was horrible."
Plusy: "Clean plane, decent food, good drinks"
Minusy: "Usual chaos on DMM check in counters. U stay in the queue, once you at the counter they say that is wrong queue"
Minusy: "They missed me for breakfast despite my being awake and trying to get their attention. Then they ran out of one of the choices for both dinner and breakfast. This despite the plane being less than capacity. Also there were so many empty seats in the back but I noticed that some people were still being packed in like the flight was full. Emirates should do a better job of assigning seats to make as many people comfortable as possible."
Plusy: "Non"
Minusy: "Everything is unlikely You got treated by your sc you got treated by your skin"
Plusy: "I really like the entertainment and the air cameras."
Minusy: "I like everything"
Plusy: "Smooth ride. Great food."
Minusy: "Slow boarding started later than expected"
Plusy: "Service from staff"
Minusy: "One toilet was not in service and another ran out of water in the sink!"
Plusy: "One of the better experiences I've had on a plane"
Plusy: "The service was wonderful"
Plusy: "the flight was on time"
Minusy: "I checked in online, but when I went to drop my bags there was about a 20 min delay. the agent needed to make 2 phone calls and conference with 2 supervisors. All this without letting me know what was going on."
Plusy: "customer service of crew was good."
Minusy: "there were many who were selected for extra screening (code SSS) this process added a great amount of confusion (without any communication) we were screened and put in an isolation area where we were not allowed to leave or use a bathroom. We were there for over one hour. at one point, we were moving into a long tube like structure where we stayed for at least 30 minutes while others were boarding from an different ramp. the communication was non existent and we were made to feel like prisoners. actually, we were prisoners."
Minusy: "The crew was too tough was us not to hit helpful at all ."
Plusy: "Crew were lovely"
Minusy: "Insufficient vegan option"
Plusy: "Very good it's the best. Ik"
Plusy: "It's was my favorite traveling"
Plusy: "Great hospitality from the crew and quality plane facilities."
Plusy: "Good flight attendants."
Minusy: "The planes still seem dated on the interior, but entertainment system is expansive."
Plusy: "Very Classy all around!"
Plusy: "The new plane is nice, reasonably comfortable in economy with clean bathrooms."
Minusy: "Frankly can't remember much about this leg of the trip because the next 14 hour leg was so overwhelmingly bad thanks to the highly disruptive fellow passengers and the lack of control from the flight crew."
Plusy: "The A380 equipment is beautiful and spacious even in coach. The changing ambient lighting added to a great positive experience. Food and service was excellent. The entertainment system and seat amenities are top notch - large screen, great selections, power sources, remote control (cabled). I was so impressed I planned to join their frequent flyer program (*** but see review of second leg - Dubai to Manila *** )."
Minusy: "Was served the wrong meal even though I double-checked with the FA."
Plusy: "Had salmon which was amazing"
Minusy: "need more movies boarding started before the stated date, told me to go to 3 separate counters to change my seat and it didn't even end up working out"
Plusy: "Customer service, food, the flight in general was good."
Minusy: "I lost TV signal a few times and therefore wasn't able to watch the games I was interested in. But I understand this is beyond your control at times but the whole system would benefit from an upgrade. The touch screen sometimes takes a while to respond so making the process a little tedious."
Plusy: "New aircraft"
Plusy: "Tak jak wyżej;)"
Minusy: "Nic"
Plusy: "Tak jak wyżej.."
Minusy: "Nil"
Plusy: "Great entertainment options, crew is freindly and helpful. Early Check-in was easy, fast and convenient."
Minusy: "Leg space, seat cushion needs to be more- it seems claustrophobic, timings for the flight- need some as a day time flight rather then being up all night, going through the channel of air bus to the flight...."
Plusy: "I like Big TV"
Minusy: "food"
Plusy: "Flight wasn't filled. Takes off and lands at not-business ideal times so it was perfect flight for vacation. Crew remained quiet and left lights off full flight instead of turning them on and off"
Minusy: "The Emirates business lounge in Dubai is terrible, overcrowded, too big, food passable, very little service."
Plusy: "Up to date movies"
Minusy: "The boarding in riyadh airport was crowded because it included all economy class travelersat once, it should start from A category till the last group. This should be rectified."
Plusy: "Service"
Minusy: "Food came before alcohol :)"
Minusy: "Wifi za gotówkę. Ten pomysł jest najgorszym tych linii."

We flew First Class to LA from Denver on the Delta-branded contract airline - Sky West. On the way back, we flew First Class on a Delta Airlines owned jet, and the experience was so much better. The flights should have been comparable; but unfortunately cost-cutting by Sky West was evident.

Plusy: "The staff at Delta are always friendly and helpful and they were able to squeeze me onto a very full flight."
Minusy: "The main economy seats were far too narrow."
Plusy: "I always have a consistently good experience on Delta. Everything was great."
Minusy: "It was a Great flight. I always enjoy flying Delta"
Minusy: "Not really an experienced flyer. Overall the flight seemed good. No issues with airline or airport. Just don’t understand self-important people that feel compelled to push the overhead storage limits with their bags."
Minusy: "Flight was delayed and completely packed so our family could not get seats together"
Plusy: "Love the fact that the head rests move to support your head better."
Plusy: "The male crew member was excellent. He was responsive and speedy with trying to find a solution. He gave me a few flyer miles for my trouble and was empathetic, which is rare."
Minusy: "The tv/monitor didn’t work so there wasn’t any entertainment for the majority of the flight."
Minusy: "No meal option and my video screen volume did not work"
Plusy: "Bardzo miła obsługa. Na pokładzie poczęstunek oraz wifi."
Plusy: "Bardzo sprawna obsługa. Poczęstunek na pokładzie. Wygodne fotele."
Minusy: "Chyba nic."
Plusy: "Boarding was easy."
Minusy: "I am 6' 1" tall and weigh 220, so not out of the ordinary and I felt like I was stuffed into a sardine can."
Plusy: "Sprawny check-in i boarding. Zawsze o czasie!"
Minusy: "Problem z możliwością zmiany terminu wylotu w przypadku losowym."
Plusy: "Entertainment"
Minusy: "Boarding at JFK.Always messy"
Plusy: "Boarding was quick"
Minusy: "No entertainment, plane was small"
Plusy: "Good entertainment selection and great crew"
Minusy: "Seats are more uncomfortable relative to other airlines"
Minusy: "First delay notification: 1 hour 20 minutes 1 hour later, Second delay notification: 3 hours 15 minutes 2 hours later: Third delay notification: 3 hour 50 minutes Fourth delay notification: 4 hours 25 minutes Fifth delay notification: 4 hour 32 minutes No explanation for reason. Last time flying Delta."
Plusy: "Early and middle seat was open!"
Minusy: "Coffee tasted like fish. :("
Plusy: "Entertainment choices were excellent, many new movies available, so I was able to see movies is been meaning to watch. There were drinks available."
Minusy: "The air vents barely trickle out any air anymore. No relief to be had. Airline crews say hi and goodbye but that doesn't make them friendly."
Plusy: "The crew on the airplane was great. We had 2.5 hours turbulences but the crew started to give out drinks as soon they got the ok from the pilot"
Minusy: "We went in LGA to the Baggage drop off and the employee there was super rude. On the flight to New York with Delta we had to check our carry ons at the gate because it wasn't enough room for bags in the airplane.so we asked when we checked our one suitcase if we can/should check our carry ons to avoid having to do it at the gate. The delta employee told me sure no problem. He checks in my one suitcase I purchased gives me the tracking paper and says ok have a good flight. I asked him so what is with our carry ons and he told us that that would cost 25$ and we can't check those in at the drop off?!?We ended up taking the carry ons with to the gate and then off course there wasn't enough room on the airplane that we had to check it in. And surprise it was free?? We had never issues with Lufthansa, icelandair etc. with checking our bags at drop off to not needing to carry it around and than still end up to check it at the airplane. Every airline has been more than happy that we volunteer to check our bags that they don't have the trouble at the gate."
Plusy: "We boarded close to on time, no hassles. Allowed my husband and me (retired military) to board early, thank you."
Minusy: "LAX security is awful. We never left the airport (arrived LAX from Sydney AU) yet were forced thru security again. Had to remove shoes, was scanned and "frisked" by TSA to get to Denver. To go to Australia, Denver TSA waived the removal of shoes, skipped the scan for the metal detector and no one touched me, ditto for LAX on the trip to Sydney. Where's the uniformity or standards for TSA?? Why did I have to be subjected to this garbage on the way home?? This is why I despise flying. It makes no sense to me. This ruined what was a great vacation."
Plusy: "Sporo miejsca na nogi i dobre jedzenie."
Minusy: "Mało miejsca na nogi"
Minusy: "Very little leg room."
Plusy: "JFK to Denver the flight Attendants were once again great. Lots of entertainment choices again. The usual rough air coming into DIA."
Minusy: "From JFK to Denver the seats were to close for leg room by an inch or two. The temperature was hot most of the flight."
Plusy: "Love the built in tv’s with free entertainment."
Minusy: "The plane got delayed on the runway and the shut the engines off so the plane got super hot, but even after we got up in the air it never cooled down. Normally I’m freezing on flights, but I just sat sweating this whole flight. It was terrible."
Plusy: "Lot"
Minusy: "Wymuszanie napiwku za odprawiany bagaz"
Plusy: "I usually have had great experiences with Delta. The meal selection was limited. By the time they made it up to my seat they had run out of what we wanted. Also, the entertainment system at my seat and my husbands wasn’t working well. One of the bathrooms had a cabinets Tvst oliiiooooiiooooioiooiiiooiio"
Plusy: "The staff really helped me out getting on standby so that I didn't have to wait for a 9 hour layover. Overall great experience and great staff."
Plusy: "Everything was perfect !! Staff friendly"
Plusy: "Great in every way"
Plusy: "Excellent piloting and cabin crew."
Plusy: "It got me home, eventually."
Minusy: "Poor communication, a 6 hour delay followed by a 7 hour layover (during which we had to sleep on an airport floor because Delta couldn't offer us any hotel vouchers). Gate agents disappeared after 7pm becuase they were due to be done with their shifts when our flight was originally supposed to leave at 6 pm. It felt like we were trapped in the movie The Terminal. Oh! And our bag was misrouted, because that was just how things went those 2 days. All in all a 6 hour trip turned into 18 hours. I could have driven home in that amount of time!"
Minusy: "Check in lines were crazy long"
Minusy: "My daughter was stuck in SLC for 5 hours because there 1 cancelled flight and 1 delayed flight. It was very upsetting not knowing when she going to arrive in Denver."
Plusy: "First leg from San Diego was excellent."
Minusy: "Arriving in SLC discovered out flight to Denver was CANCELLED! Had to reschedule to the next day. Not fun!"
Plusy: "App is good and convenient to use."
Minusy: "The app went down just as we were getting ready to board and luckily i had a printed pass and it took some extra time to check in."
Plusy: "really helpful and friendly service and nice seats."
Minusy: "We left late, it was delayed then maintenance issues. Twice. Seating was very tight and uncomfortable, no movies or entertainment at all. U.S. flights are the worst. Even on short flights with aeromexico outside the U.S. you get movies and food. Zero stars for comfort, food and entertainment."
Plusy: "free texting and entertainment!"
Minusy: "our flight was delayed half an hour."
Minusy: "I don't like that I already completed this survey several days ago and have been receiving reminders to do so. I guess you don't have a good system in place for knowing who has and has not completed your surveys. That's too bad."
Plusy: "The boarding process in Atlanta was as smooth as could be expected given that it was a full flight. I appreciated the gate announcer's suggestions to everyone about how to ease the overhead baggage crunch."
Minusy: "Economy is very tight quarters."
Plusy: "The plane, crew was clean, newer and had TV's in the backrests. Remember to bring headphones! Seats are tight, but the crew was friendly and may the flight experience positive."
Plusy: "Friendliness of staff. Second flight was a newer plane - sweet!"
Minusy: "For a long flight perhaps a little more in the snack department."
Plusy: "Crew was all very nice"
Minusy: "Flying is always uncomfortable"
Plusy: "Staff was really nice and helpfull"
Minusy: "Excellent service excellent pilot"
Plusy: "Flights were both on time and boarded quickly. Crew was wonderful!"
Plusy: "Free in flight entertainment"
Minusy: "One of my bags went to Santa Fe"


Minusy: "Flight was delayed 40 minutes and arrived 2 hours later."
Plusy: "Economy light is not a good choice but that is not what was special. Everything worked together very well, beginning with timeliness, but crew and service outstanding."
Minusy: "See above. I will only buy further tickets directly from airline"
Plusy: "The crew and comfort."
Minusy: "The food does not taste good at all."
Plusy: "Everything"
Minusy: "Nothing"
Plusy: "Free entertainment, excellent food"
Minusy: "Cabin was too warm; unable to adjust air at seats"
Plusy: "Lufthansa is always incredible."
Plusy: "Ogólnie ok"
Minusy: "Boarding"
Plusy: "Obsługa"
Minusy: "Fatalnie na lotnisku we Frankfurcie. Korki, autobusy trąbiące na siebie, a w międzyczasie powiadomienia z aplikacji, że boarding się zaczął (i co mam uciec z autobusu i zdążyć?)"
Plusy: "The entertainment selection is quite great."
Minusy: "The food is terrible. So is the crew. Something has gone wrong with Lufthansa latel. I used to prefer flying Lufthansa for their great service and meals. The food has become quite disgusting. The crew is very rude. They show no respect to their non-German speaking passengers, which is unacceptable!"
Plusy: "The crew was amazing"
Plusy: "The food was good"
Minusy: "I paid for extra space and it looked like the seats I got were the same as all the others"
Plusy: "Załoga na poziomie"
Minusy: "Wygodniejsze fotele"
Plusy: "Dobre śniadanie i zaloga"
Minusy: "wygodniejsze fotele"
Plusy: "Miła załoga, niezłe jedzenie, różnorodność napojów"
Minusy: "Wygodniejsze fotele"
Plusy: "Dobra i miła obsługa; niezłe jedzenie."
Minusy: "Wygodniejsze fotele"
Plusy: "The crew was o.k."
Plusy: "Crew was friendly."
Minusy: "Food"
Minusy: "Delayed flight caused me to miss connection."
Minusy: "Komfort siedzeń w klasie Premium Economy"
Plusy: "Wyjątkowo sprawny pilot - doleciał dużo przed czasem w naprawdę fajnym stylu"
Minusy: "Kontrola bagażowa w Poznaniu, komfort w samolocie"
Plusy: "The crew was nice and the movie selection was decent. Food was ok. As good as it can be when you pay $2,500 for a flight ticket knowing that they are not really there to offer you a service, they are there to make their own money knowing that as a traveler you really have no options other than an airplane if you want to go across the ocean."
Minusy: "The difference here is that in a 9 hour flight you want to keep hydrated. Crew seemed lazy...they would not bring water to travelers very often...and when I called a flight attendant with the button call and politely asked if I could have some water, she seemed pretty annoyed and told me I can just stand up and go take my water in the back where they store food. NOT A GOOD SERVICE FOR $2,500!!!! It’s outrageous!! Seats become smaller and smaller...and you keep asking about my experience...$2,500 to travel seating in a miniature seat with no leg room is a bit much...and I know no flight company cares about this...we have no choice...either take that or don’t travel, right?"
Minusy: "The plane was uncomfortable and things were falling apart"
Minusy: "The entertainment choices were poor and the connection not good. Seats too close together so difficult to get in and out of seats"
Minusy: "Najpierw odwołano połączenie do Monachium, re-book na późniejszy lot, który był opóźniony. Spóźniłam się na samolot docelowy, zostałam przewieziona do hotelu, w którym na voucher miałam jedno danie obiadowe do wyboru i jeden napój. Hasło: LUFTHANSA."
Plusy: "There attention to detail, client comfort, friendliness, food, all was a ten out of ten. Thank you for the lovely experience."
Minusy: "Too small plane for business travelers - no carry allowed inside, yet all electronics have to be taken out. Lufthansa does not care about Senator status at all."
Minusy: "Flight was late due to inadequate staffing - one pilot was missing."
Plusy: "Best part was how Lufthansa took care of travellers whose connection time was short. They had ground crew waiting and who escorted us through customs, and then drove us to the gate. This is how passengers should be treated. ~ Excellent movie selection ~ Great flight attendants"
Plusy: "Lufthansa is a good company overall. The entertainment system was very good."
Minusy: "The usual - cramped space although I was fortunate enough that the middle seat wasn't occupied"
Plusy: "Excellent service, food and entertainment"
Plusy: "Love the entertainment and meals"
Plusy: "Comfort, flight on time."
Minusy: "Opóźnienie lotu"
Plusy: "Service. Smooth flight."
Minusy: "Food"
Plusy: "Good Service , and overall friendly crew"
Minusy: "Automaten Check in / boarding Cards, is hard for some people and took really long . Extra help on these machines would be good"
Plusy: "Obsługa i jedzenie"
Minusy: "Nic"
Plusy: "Since the flight was not full I could stretch out to sleep. I liked the extensive movie selection"
Minusy: "The seats are too close. When reclined it's not possible to get out."
Plusy: "Punktualność i obsługa stewardess"
Plusy: "Punktualność punktualność obsługa stewardes"
Minusy: "Źle działające monitory"
Plusy: "Komfort lotu i bezpieczenstwo"
Minusy: "The flight was transferred to a smaller plane, either because there were few passengers (the first story we heard) or because of mechanical problems on the original craft (the second story). Business class was oversold as a result, and boarding was delayed for an hour while they waited for enough BC passengers to accept 800 euros for the downgrade to economy plus. They repeatedly threatened to cancel the flight rather than raise the offer. Eventually enough knuckled under and we were allowed to leave. Some no doubt missed connections because of this petty brinkmanship. The funny coda is that because the plane was so undersold, anyone in economy that wanted their own row could have one, while economy plus was packed with the embittered and downgraded."
Minusy: "Bought these tickets almost a year in advance. Never given the option to select seats. Both my husband and I were stuck in the middle seats or not together on each leg of our flight. Food was horrible on every leg. Husbands tv did not work. I am petite and seats too small even for me. never again will o give this airline my money."
Minusy: "Unorganized boarding. Back of the plane seats should be boarding first, after babies and old people. I was stopped by the people in front of the plane putting away their luggage and standing in the aisle."
Plusy: "Bardzo słaby lot w każdym aspekcie"
Minusy: "Oóźniony, zmieniony gate w Monachium,"
Plusy: "Same as above."
Minusy: "Same as above."
Plusy: "Good was yummy and the setwardess were super friendly. Staff was plentiful and the plan was very modern and high tech. Also had a layover in Munich airport and it was amazing. Very high tech, I took advantage of the napcaps and shower facilities. Also the restaurants were on par with great red win."
Minusy: "The flight was 11 hours.... can you make that a little quicker next time, I mean come on it's 2017...."
Plusy: "Service was great, pilots were amazing no decompression pain in my ears."
Minusy: "The flight was delayed in Warsaw for 1:30 hours"
Minusy: "Delay"
Plusy: "fast and friendly checkin, fast boarding, easy transmit"
Minusy: "food"
Minusy: "an excellent early Sunday morning flight to Frankfurt; overnight check-in convenience for large luggage pieces and easy security access to the boarding gates"
Minusy: "Seat spacing"
Plusy: "Crew allowed me to change seats to get two empty seats by the window that were available."
Plusy: "Nothing"
Minusy: "Flights were late for more than 20 min. in both directions. Almost missed connecting flights in both directions. Had to pay for the luggage at the airport (luggage was not included in my ticket). Flight to my final destination was cancelled (first it was delayed, but I did not know that untill I got to the gate) I was diverted to other country (by other company), had to pay for hotel and taxi, missed almost two days of my vacation. On my flight back home, they have lost my luggage... hope they will find it. Now I am trying to get refund for cancelled flight, hotel, taxi, food... I will never fly with this company by my own choice any more!!!"
Plusy: "No wifi or any entertainment. Flight delays and lost baggage!"
Minusy: "No wifi or any entertainment. Flight delays and lost baggage!"
Plusy: "Leg room was good. I am 6ft 2in"
Minusy: "Seat bottom could have been better. I have a honey bottom"
Plusy: "Food, in particular the vienna coffee choices were imprewsive."
Minusy: "The food was so cheap... pasta and a muffin. I’ll be looking around for another airline."
Plusy: "Seat ok typical. Non busy flight lots of room"
Minusy: "Food was poor"
Plusy: "The wafer bar. Pilot had a good landing in high winds and snow."
Minusy: "Nothing to complain."
Minusy: "Passengers should be notified of the process of changing airplanes at Vienna. What a nightmare. We were scheduled for 50 minutes between flights. Not really enough. If we were aware of what was required it may have helped, however the distance we had to walk was rather extreme."
Minusy: "It was pretty cold on the plane, Entertainment , was not current on the movies selection."
Plusy: "This is always a pleasant airline to travel with."
Minusy: "I felt like the airlines deliberately cheated me. I purchased a flight that was listed as "economy" , which means I am authorized one suitcase. When I got to checkout they said I had pay for the suitcase. Turns out my flight was economy 'light' flight and I had to go the Austrian airlines desk and pay euro 40 for my suitcase. Wish that would have been clear when I purchased the ticket. Also there is no clear info on what the cost is for your bag at what point in the check-in process."
Minusy: "I had a weelchair and nobody assist me in Viene in Austria"
Plusy: "Got stuck in Vienna with very poor service"
Plusy: "Crew was wonderful and spoke English They brought drinks. Seats were very nice and plane seemed new and very clean They handed out card decks to the kids."
Minusy: "Lufthansa’s/Austrian Airlines’s idea of a ‘snack’ is a pathetic little bag of sugar and chemicals that no one should have to be offered, even if it comes for free. Hugely disappointed. Flight attendants not attentive enough, and it took forever for the flight attendant to come after I’ve pressed the call button. Overall impression: meh! First time flying Austrian, but next time I’ll probably book with their competitors if prices are similar."
Plusy: "continium of previous service provided"
Plusy: "Easy boarding. Using a smaller Dadh 8 on this flight meant we had a lovely view of Alps."
Minusy: "Poor announcements."
Plusy: "I liked that the plane eventually came..."
Minusy: "That the plane was an hour late..."
Plusy: "Smooth ride, good breakfast and charming flight attendant."
Minusy: "Nothing"
Minusy: "Checked baggage very expensive."
Minusy: "it was canceled and i still waiting for refund so i did get ticket on vayama how i get email from kayak"
Plusy: "Crew was very friendly. In-flight food service on such a short flight with choice of a sweet or salty snack was much appreciated."
Minusy: "Seat backs were rock solid without use of a personal pillow."
Minusy: "Firstly . The crew were rude ! They did not even response when were calling them from the seat . The only way to talk to them is to find them at the end of the plane ( where they been chating with each other ) Secondly . The amount of snacks was limited where’s in Turkish airlines it’s unlimited and you can choose different sandwiches whereas in Austrian airilines can offer biscuits and Cookies ;( Thirdly . We are living in 21 century and most transatlantic airlines have WiFi ! Where’s Austrian did not have it!"
Plusy: "Vino in Plastic cups from 1L"
Minusy: "Could Food"
Plusy: "Personal entertainment screens, average choice of movies."
Minusy: "2.5 hrs late departure with little information meantime, almost missed our connection. our luggage did not arrive with us. Poor food, almost no service during flight."
Plusy: "The flight was fast and conftable"
Minusy: "I didn’t get my food"
Plusy: "thanks for the trip. all the way was fast and comfortable)"
Minusy: "CZas oczekiwania na bagaż po wyładowaniu na Okęciu około 25 min;("
Plusy: "The flight was basic service to get me from one place to another. It was completely average and not quite the Austrian service I have previously known."
Minusy: "See previous comments"
Plusy: "Nothinf"
Minusy: "Everything"
Plusy: "Nothing"
Minusy: "Everything"
Plusy: "Very organized airline. Friendly staff."
Plusy: "Seats were comfortable Bathrooms clean"
Minusy: "Crew wasn't very helpful and didn't ensure my stroller was delivered at the aircraft exit Had trouble closing my suitcase into the overhead compartment and called for assistance, to which i got reprimanded for opening it in the first place Requested coffee because i couldn't get it myself, being with a sleeping toddler, to which i got a horrible answer: the flight attendant told me i had to get it myself in the kitchenette"
Plusy: "Food and service was great as always! comfortable seats and quality in flight entertainment!"
Plusy: "I fly this route on Austrian 5 times a year, and I nearly always choose Austrian because it hast the overall best 'package' - a comfortable plane with excellent sleeping seats in business class, the best airline food in the world from Do & Co, the nicest staff that really cares about your well being and the quickest connection between Bangkok and Vienna."
Minusy: "The entertainment program is a bit slim, to my taste - but I'm not a big consumer of inflight movies, as I prefer to get more sleep when I fly. When compared to the entertainment program on Singapore Airlines, for example, Austrian's own can't really compete."
Minusy: "We left from Vienna , two hours late. This kind of problem supposed to be fix it , before.i like to fly with Austrian Airlines, isn't the first time, but now for me , to so long was a big problem"
Plusy: "Plenty of food and drinks, pleasant crew"
Minusy: "economy class eats sold as business class !!! very poor and cheap strategy --"
Plusy: "surprisingly tasty meal, smooth and on time flight"
Minusy: "boarding in Vienna a bit chaotic , mostly caused by requirement to register passport for transatlantic flights"
Minusy: "seats too cramped"
Plusy: "The crew was friendly and attentive. Food was good and the boarding was efficient."
Minusy: "I was generally pleased with the value and qulity received."
Plusy: "Nice crew"
Minusy: "Boarding was very confusing, gate was changed at the last minute without the passengers being warned"
Plusy: "Short flight from Milan to Vienna. Easy check in -- which at MXP is always a plus and a relief, Crew was very friendly, attentive and focused on the passengers and their job. A smile is worth a million dollars!"
Minusy: "I loved it all!!"
Plusy: "Staff are pleasant and competent."
Minusy: "Plane rescheduled, left 55 minutes later than anticipated. I was already preparing for having my luggage lost."
Plusy: "Easy online check-in and boarding pass access also linked to wallet."
Minusy: "I was not aware of additional luggage charges when I booked my ticket. It would be helpful to have a warning about that and the fact that if you do not prepay online you are charged double. I also was not aware of the type of a ticket I booked, e.g. Economy light and what it meant for luggage fees."
Plusy: "Crew and boarding were fine. But nothing to crow about. Just not stressful."
Minusy: "That was the most uncomfortable flight I have had. It was hard fora short flight, though sitting so close to another passenger, side and front was stressful. Plus, my back was killing me by the end of the short flight- and the long flight from Europe to the US was hard. It was pretty much knocking elbows with the passenger next to me when eating. And mind you- no passenger in my row as any larger than the average person. The seat recline was fine and marginally helpful in relieving back strain- except it did put you in the lap of the passenger behind you. The passenger across the aisle from me shoved the seat in front of her and told the passenger in front of her he could NOT recline. The passenger next to her (I assume her husband) joined in with the shoving. I finally felt a need to intervene and calm them down as it began to escalate- and I did want the flight to continue. Note- while I think the passengers shoving the seat were a bit rude- the crowded nature of the seating with the recline was hard, so I understand. But the person in front had a reason (and a NEED given the discomfort) to lean his seat back. The seats were simply too uncomfortable to keep them upright. I helped them find a recline for both passengers that was reasonably okay. I also tried to get my recline somewhere between comfortable for me (impossible) and reasonable in space for the person behind me, This is an airline problem. And when people wonder about the rise in passenger rage... this cramming in is it. I had to use Austrian because of a last minute need to book a flight- given the inability to relax even a little and the residual back and leg pain ... thus my ability to immediately jump into work during a busy work and travel schedule means that I will definitely not take this airline again. If you are shorter than 5' 5 and weigh about 100 lbs- this might be okay. Otherwise, expect to be a lot of rats shoved in a cage."


Dreamliner was comfortable and entertainment system good

Plusy: "Friendly crew, great access to a variety refreshments, robust entertainment library."
Minusy: "No suggestions."
Plusy: "Yes, Very good"
Minusy: "No internet available (2020). For the my previous flight, a month ago, was the same problem."
Plusy: "Overall a nice and good flight"
Minusy: "Just a detail, my “head holder” (not too sure how it is called) would not hold in position. Also, staff was a bit slow to come after being called, I had to go and ask for water by myself at some point since no one was coming after 15minites of waiting..."
Minusy: "Bigger seats the new ones are way to narrow"
Plusy: "The plane ✈️ itself the attendants . The entertainment on board. Really great"
Minusy: "Nothing dissatisfying about the flight nor the airline staff . Very polite, very professional. It was a Great flight. For long trips this airline is one of the best."
Minusy: "Still don’t have my luggage yet"
Plusy: "Professional crew. Good simple check in."
Minusy: "Nothing."
Plusy: "Almost everything, especially the crew."
Minusy: "Don’t feel like anything should be better to be honest"
Plusy: "Newer plane, crew was amazing, seats were adjustable"
Minusy: "The KLM crew are always great serving and treating you. Well above many other airlines."
Plusy: "Seats super comfy. Ended up with 3 seats to myself that formed a bed for the lap Uk to NZ. Very nice!"
Plusy: "Very friendly crew and on time with no problems."
Plusy: "Reasonable space in economy class seats"
Minusy: "Staff hurrying us up 40 minutes before departing and threatening to take our bags out of the plane in case we didn’t board then. I had to leave my coffee and run."
Plusy: "The bed was comfortable. Entertainment selection and large TV screen was good. The KLM crew is amazing, as usual."
Minusy: "Food quality was not so good."
Minusy: "Too hot inside the aircraft"
Plusy: "Nice aircraft"
Minusy: "Unexpected refueling stop. 2 hr delay Lost connection Reached destination after 18 hr delay"
Minusy: "The website I booked on and the Delta phone line on the printed ticket said that I had baggage when it turns out that I did not according to the check in staff and they made me pay."
Minusy: "Inflight was better than I expected. But needs upgrading air crafts."
Plusy: "Once aboard the plane, all went well and I experienced excellent service from the cabin attendants."
Minusy: "The flight was delayed (again!) for some 40 minutes and I was worried that I would miss my connection flight in Atlanata. Fortunately the pilot made up for the delay (probably costing the airline thousands in fuel). It seems these days that every KLM flight I take is delayed. This stretch goes back to 2015! Yet KLM prides itself as being punctual. Not the KLM that I have been flying!"
Plusy: "Entertainment options."
Minusy: "Service was poor, seat did not recline, and the food was terrible."
Plusy: "Boarding agent extra effort to improve my seating!"
Minusy: "Food amount less than expected."
Plusy: "NOTHING"
Minusy: "Having to change my seat to accommodate a rude belligerent passenger, who had taken my seat, refused to move until spoken to by steward. She then made my flight a nightmare, until I let her sit in my aisle seat. Even then she was not satisfied, she abused me the whole flight damaged the screen so I could not use it until the steward fixed it. Demanded that I except any and all alcohol to give to her to drink. When I am tea total she then continued to abuse me. I asked the steward to move me he just shrugged his shoulders and said there was nowhere else. This is definitely my the worst flight I have experienced."
Minusy: "The flight advertised meals..a small pastry was served an hour into the flight. I asked when the meal would be and was told a few hours...which turned out to be breakfast..i wated all night for food that only came an hour before landing. Now hungrey and tierd.I.will not be flying klm ever again !!"
Plusy: "Crew was great, very nice"
Minusy: "Not enough legroom"
Plusy: "Szeroki wybor"
Minusy: "Brak propozycji w języku polskim np filmów z polskimi napisami"
Plusy: "Wybór bardzo szeroki"
Minusy: "Nic nie jest dostępne w języku polskim"
Plusy: "The cabin crew was so kind, efficient, and attentive. All meals and snacks were delicious."
Minusy: "Customer service"
Plusy: "The aircraft felt clean and quite spacious (decent legroom). Cabin crew was friendly and everything went as expected. Bonus points for the Beemster cheese sandwich (I was totally disappointed when they served the food, but more than pleasantly surprised by the quality of the cheese - I even bought some afterwards, from the Albert Heijn just outside the security area)."
Minusy: "Very odd queue separation at boarding. Passengers were divided in 5 lanes, depending on their seating area withing the plane (for a more efficient boarding, I presume) but, by the time we all got to the actual aircraft, we formed another queue in the boarding bridge so it didn't feel like any time was saved or anything."
Plusy: "Fast boarding"
Minusy: "The entertainment system wasn’t working for the whole 10 hour flight."
Minusy: "... ear plugs, masks, good food or even picking seats? I remember when it was all complementary and standard on overnight flights. Oh, and the vegetarian breakfast was unfortunately poor as well. I know you can do better, because you used to."
Plusy: "He missed it due to having a 32 minute layover, which he ran all the way to board."
Minusy: "he had no choice but to look at the closed door of his flight, and wait an additional 7 hours and they didn't even give him a voucher for food. I'm his mother, I'm currently visiting family in Scotland, so couldn't help him much. I'm pretty disgusting and disappointed by the whole experience."
Plusy: "We are guessing they either overbooked or they didn't have sufficient passengers on a Tuesday afternoon who's final stop was Glasgow. They rebooked him for 1200 the next day. DFW to MN, St Paul to Schipole, Amsterdam to final destination, Glasgow. So he ends up having to pay for another Lyft back to our apartment in Dallas, then another additional one for the 12 noon flight the next morning. If he didn't have family living in Dallas, he would've incurred a hotel fee too."
Minusy: "He was bumped to the next day due to his flight being cancelled. Then re-booked the next day, with an additional layover. Then due to a 32 minute layover that left 3 minutes sooner..."
Plusy: "Food was just fine, movie selection very good"
Minusy: "Uncomfortable seat cushions, lights were truned on too early (1.5 hours before flight landed)"
Minusy: "Unaccompanied minor flying to Lisbon overnight. Bag was lost. No real effort to assist. Bags of unaccompanied minor should be treated with priority."
Minusy: "The 767 is configured oddly and th business class seats are so narrow it feel like you are sleeping in a coffin"
Minusy: "Brak jakiejkolwiek reakcji przewoznika na zgloszenie koniecznosci zmiany daty wylotu."
Minusy: "Brak jakiejkolwiek reakcji przewoznika na zgloszenie koniecznosci zmiany daty wylotu."
Minusy: "Brak jakiejkolwiek reakcji przewoznika na zgloszenie koniecznosci zmiany daty wylotu."
Minusy: "Brak jakiejkolwiek reakcji przewoznika na zgloszenie koniecznosci zmiany daty wylotu."
Minusy: "Boarding was delayed a little due to weather as was takeoff. Cant blame them for weather but the connection was very tight."
Plusy: "Airlines issue"
Minusy: "Profiling certain customers"
Plusy: "My bagage broke"
Minusy: "I paid extra fee for extra bagage which was tv and i paid insurance my tv broke and no one responces for it"
Minusy: "I don’t like the limited choice of drinks on these short KLM flights."
Plusy: "The flight was very good, specially considering it was a daylight one. Staff was friendly and servicial. Tue food was above the industry's average."
Plusy: "The food was very delicious and it was a lot of it Crew was amazing and helpful"
Plusy: "The plane was clean The crew was amazing, super nice and helpful"
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1 przesiadkaLufthansa
14h 20minWAW-DEN
1 przesiadkaLufthansa
20h 20minDEN-WAW
2 905 zł
1 przesiadkaBritish Airways
17h 05minWAW-DEN
2 przesiadkiBritish Airways
16h 11minDEN-WAW
2 909 zł
2 przesiadkiBritish Airways
21h 31minWAW-DEN
1 przesiadkaBritish Airways
18h 00minDEN-WAW
2 931 zł
2 przesiadkiLufthansa
23h 40minGDN-DEN
1 przesiadkaLufthansa
17h 35minDEN-GDN
2 935 zł
1 przesiadkaLufthansa
14h 20minWAW-DEN
1 przesiadkaLufthansa
20h 20minDEN-WAW
2 939 zł
1 przesiadkaBritish Airways
17h 05minWAW-DEN
2 przesiadkiBritish Airways
16h 11minDEN-WAW
2 948 zł
2 przesiadkiKilka linii lotniczych
21h 26minWAW-DEN
2 przesiadkiKilka linii lotniczych
19h 14minDEN-WAW
2 961 zł
1 przesiadkaKilka linii lotniczych
16h 25minWAW-DEN
2 przesiadkiKilka linii lotniczych
20h 30minDEN-WAW
2 995 zł
2 przesiadkiAir Canada
42h 17minWAW-DEN
2 przesiadkiAir Canada
36h 10minDEN-WAW
3 012 zł
2 przesiadkiAir Canada
31h 34minKRK-DEN
2 przesiadkiAir Canada
18h 10minDEN-KRK
3 038 zł
1 przesiadkaUnited Airlines
20h 35minKRK-DEN
1 przesiadkaUnited Airlines
19h 00minDEN-KRK
3 047 zł
1 przesiadkaUnited Airlines
18h 10minKRK-DEN
1 przesiadkaUnited Airlines
12h 30minDEN-KRK
3 051 zł
2 przesiadkiAustrian Airlines
19h 45minWAW-DEN
2 przesiadkiAustrian Airlines
20h 30minDEN-WAW
3 064 zł
2 przesiadkiAustrian Airlines
35h 02minKRK-DEN
2 przesiadkiAustrian Airlines
29h 35minDEN-KRK
3 090 zł
2 przesiadkiAmerican Airlines
32h 50minWAW-DEN
2 przesiadkiAmerican Airlines
21h 00minDEN-WAW
3 120 zł
2 przesiadkiAmerican Airlines
34h 56minWAW-DEN
2 przesiadkiAmerican Airlines
23h 08minDEN-WAW
3 132 zł
1 przesiadkaDelta
17h 05minWAW-DEN
2 przesiadkiDelta
21h 45minDEN-WAW
3 188 zł
2 przesiadkiDelta
18h 30minWAW-DEN
2 przesiadkiDelta
19h 45minDEN-WAW
3 201 zł
2 przesiadkiKLM
37h 31minPOZ-DEN
2 przesiadkiKLM
17h 20minDEN-POZ
3 231 zł
2 przesiadkiBrussels Airlines
18h 37minKRK-DEN
1 przesiadkaBrussels Airlines
19h 00minDEN-KRK
3 386 zł

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3 przesiadkiKilka linii lotniczych
59h 30minKRK-DEN
1 611 zł
3 przesiadkiKilka linii lotniczych
40h 24minWAW-DEN
1 835 zł
3 przesiadkiKilka linii lotniczych
57h 33minWAW-DEN
1 899 zł
3 przesiadkiKilka linii lotniczych
58h 53minKRK-DEN
1 916 zł
3 przesiadkiKilka linii lotniczych
57h 33minWAW-DEN
1 998 zł
3 przesiadkiKilka linii lotniczych
57h 44minWAW-DEN
2 032 zł
3 przesiadkiKilka linii lotniczych
43h 56minGDN-DEN
2 037 zł
3 przesiadkiKilka linii lotniczych
43h 58minKRK-DEN
2 045 zł
3 przesiadkiKilka linii lotniczych
43h 35minWAW-DEN
2 101 zł
3 przesiadkiKilka linii lotniczych
48h 35minWAW-DEN
2 118 zł
2 przesiadkiAir France
29h 35minKRK-DEN
2 613 zł
2 przesiadkiAir France
18h 45minKRK-DEN
3 446 zł
2 przesiadkiAir France
19h 13minKRK-DEN
3 459 zł
1 przesiadkaLOT
18h 43minKRK-DEN
4 078 zł
2 przesiadkiKLM
19h 26minKRK-DEN
4 159 zł
2 przesiadkiKLM
25h 11minKRK-DEN
4 190 zł
1 przesiadkaLufthansa
30h 50minGDN-DEN
4 662 zł
1 przesiadkaLOT
15h 34minKRK-DEN
4 881 zł
1 przesiadkaUnited Airlines
16h 25minKRK-DEN
7 365 zł
3 przesiadkiEmirates
57h 49minKRK-DEN
8 444 zł

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bez przesiadekAlaska Airlines
2h 38minSEA-DEN
bez przesiadekAlaska Airlines
3h 02minDEN-SEA
550 zł
bez przesiadekSpirit Airlines
2h 20minLAX-DEN
bez przesiadekSpirit Airlines
2h 27minDEN-LAX
593 zł
bez przesiadekUnited Airlines
2h 43minSEA-DEN
bez przesiadekUnited Airlines
2h 50minDEN-SEA
636 zł
bez przesiadekSpirit Airlines
2h 20minLAX-DEN
bez przesiadekSpirit Airlines
2h 27minDEN-LAX
666 zł
bez przesiadekUnited Airlines
2h 04minDFW-DEN
bez przesiadekUnited Airlines
1h 54minDEN-DFW
670 zł

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