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DeltaWynik na podstawie 31187 opinii
8,1Wejście na pokład
Opinie o liniach lotniczych

The attendants were friendly and very attentive.

Przeczytaj o liniach Delta

The attendants were friendly and very attentive.

Great service

I liked the entertainment. But the snacks could have been better. Definitely need More choices to choose from.

Gate agents in Seattle were fabulous and extra observant. Thanks for doing a great job!

It was really full but that’s how it goes.

Missed flight

Minusy: "Headphone availability"
Plusy: "Clean safe comfortable plane seats. friendly staff."
Minusy: "A small credit for miles as the Wifi didn’t work."
Plusy: "The chargers and movies on the flight. The seat was comfortable. The flight attendants where awesome. I loved the flight!"
Minusy: "No changes!"
Plusy: "Highly attentive crew, extremely helpful, made a bad day bearable"
Plusy: "Crew was helpful, friendly and offered great service."
Minusy: "I felt everything was pretty much fine. I thought that some of the Captain's announcements were hard to hear, but it's just a minor issue."
Plusy: "The crew went the extra mile to accomodate my bag due to not having a seat in front of me to stow it. Also, Delta Comfort was exceptional!"
Plusy: "Crew and entertainment options were great. Aircraft was new. Boarding was smooth. On time even though we left 30 min late."
Minusy: "The internet was hard to connect to and the gogo options aren’t totally clear."
Minusy: "Being given seats at the gate. I like to choose my seat."
Minusy: "Service and crew at JFK was horrible! Worst I have ever been around. Staff could not have cared any less"
Plusy: "Fast on the plane"
Minusy: "Getting off the plane quicker"
Plusy: "We got earlier than expected to our destination"
Minusy: "Perhaps educate passengers on the new Delta process of boarding. Too many passengers where disorganized; the crew tried very cars to direct people"
Plusy: "Crew is amazing, seats are pretty good."
Minusy: "On time, baggages checked in and were made available on time."
Plusy: "Use my built up miles for the SEA-ANC leg of our trip, as to physically price it out as one ticket usually increases the fare by 300-600 u$d depending upon time of year. As it was the tail end of an already long journey (OKA-ICN/ICN-SEA), booked the First Class Cabin. Every mile was worth it."
Minusy: "N/A"
Minusy: "Food really bad on both segments."
Plusy: "Bardzo miła obsługa. Na pokładzie poczęstunek oraz wifi."
Plusy: "The entertainment was nice."
Minusy: "If the screen wasn’t behind the seat. I could hear the tapping of the person behind me."
Plusy: "the food was really top notch and service was great and friendly"
Plusy: "Bardzo sprawna obsługa. Poczęstunek na pokładzie. Wygodne fotele."
Minusy: "Chyba nic."
Plusy: "It was a brand new 737-900 with legroom, atmospheric lighting, very quiet engines, and LEGROOM in coach. The flight crew was top-notch as well."
Minusy: "Nothing. Delta did very well with this one."
Plusy: "Sprawny check-in i boarding. Zawsze o czasie!"
Minusy: "Problem z możliwością zmiany terminu wylotu w przypadku losowym."
Plusy: "Sporo miejsca na nogi i dobre jedzenie."
Minusy: "Mało miejsca na nogi"
Plusy: "That I got to my destination safely, and my luggage wasn't lost"
Minusy: "The seats are so uncomfortable, and trying to sleep on the flight was nearly impossible."
Plusy: "The food was good Flight was on time plane was clean loved the crew! Flew out with them, and returned with them... so that was nice!"
Minusy: "Not knowing we were being bused to plane from Terminal Boarded early because of it, created a bit of chaos and panic My tv was broken- worked intermittently need connector for iphone ear buds - should have universal ports"
Plusy: "Entertainment"
Minusy: "The plane was hot"
Plusy: "Got to London on-time (early, actually) and safely. The in flight meal was okay. The leg room in comfort plus was great, the mobile app was awesome, and the staff (check-in, gate, cabin and flight deck) were professional and friendly all around."
Minusy: "The leg room was great, but as a broad-shouldered guy, the width of the seat was miserable. Unfortunately, the Delta 767 doesn't offer any upgrade for a wider seat beyond Delta One, and my employer won't spring for that. Too bad there isn't a premium economy option. Also, the entertainment unit in the seat next to mine malfunctioned, which you wouldn't think would impact me that much except that because it was "seeing" touches randomly throughout the flight, the screen would turn on, off, brighter, dimmer, play random stuff, and just generally be as annoying as possible to everyone nearby throughout an overnight flight."
Plusy: "Lot"
Minusy: "Wymuszanie napiwku za odprawiany bagaz"
Plusy: "Everything was perfect, everyone was nice, there was lots of room, the crew offered snacks frequently, WiFi had a great connection and there was a wide array of entertainment."
Minusy: "There was a problem with the plane that they told us after we boarded that delayed our plane an hour. But hey, better safe than sorry!"
Plusy: "Very good flight. Nice staff that seemed to enjoy their jobs. Great smiles and personable. Modern and clean plane with WiFi and charging outlets"
Minusy: "There was a mechanical issue that delayed departure. Fortunately I did not have a connection to make. The crew made sure to communicate with everyone onboard frequently so we were aware of the situation and progress. They handled everything well which was reassuring for my peace of mind."
Plusy: "Everyone was fairly friendly"
Minusy: "Cramped foot room"
Plusy: "Alaska Airlines is way overpriced and way less comfortable than Delta. I’m a Delta loyalist forever now!"
Minusy: "Nothing."
Plusy: "Nothing"
Minusy: "The customer service was horrible! I specifically paid more to be able to pick seats and sit next to my husband apparently for nothing."
Plusy: "The plane was really nice, food was good. I had a pleasant time."
Plusy: "Too many people, no room for carry-ons, departed almost an hour late."
Minusy: "Too many people, no room for carry-ons, departed almost an hour late."
Plusy: "Staff was really nice and helpfull"
Plusy: "I LOVED the free movies. Great idea and newer movies. Finally was able to watch a movie I'd wanted to see for a long time."
Minusy: "Flight was packed which always makes for a more cramped ride. Again, boarding. Flight boarded late and just seems boarding from the back to front would be faster."
Minusy: "It was so late I missed my connection to sun valley flight. There was not another flight for 8 hrs!!! I think the sun valley flight should have waited for us. It was a matter of 10-15 min. Crew did not try to board people quickly to get us out of San Diego. 5 more minutes might have made a difference."
Minusy: "VERY bumpy ride- scary"
Plusy: "The staff and crew were great help all along the route and the planes were well kept and clean."
Minusy: "One of the legs did not have the free wifi available, but they mentioned that before takeoff and were very apologetic that it had not been added to that plane yet."
Minusy: "When they called for passengers with infants and those who needed more time they also called for anyone who wanted to check their luggage. So of course people cut right in front of me as I was about to scan my pass. What is the point of asking us to come up if they are just going to let people jump in front of me."
Plusy: "Everything about it was excellent, which is saying a lot for a guy who travels a lot."
Minusy: "I realize that a flight attendant is there ultimately for safety reasons, but one of the three was particularly brusque in her interaction."
Minusy: "The air conditioning was broken so it was sweltering the whole time. Staff didn't even mention it or apologize. No leg room. Bags took longer than 20 minutes to arrive but we didn't make a fuss since we were just glad to be finished with Delta. I'll never fly Delta again even if it costs me more."
Plusy: "Had a great experience on my flight. All on time, and connections were great."
Minusy: "Didn't stick to zones when boarding customers. Gate agent basically let anyone board during pre boarding and priority boarding, why even offer it if you aren't going to make people adhere to the rules."

Lot był rezerwowany na godzinę 16:25. Nikt nie poinformował nawet o odwołaniu tego lotu. Dowiedziałem się dopiero po telefonie do linii lotniczych kiedy to postanowiłem zadzwonić, bo nie mogłem się odmeldować online kilka godzin przed podróżą na lotnisko... Przez co z lotniska do domu wróciliśmy nad ranem, a plany były wrócić za widoku dnia poprzedniego... Brak szacunku do klienta i jawna kpina ze strony KLM

Wylot opóźniony o ponad godzinę bez podania przyczyn. Walizka nie doleciała. Odbiór,gdy dotarła tylko z lotniska, nie dostarczają do hotelu. KLM przesyłał mi informacje po holendersku zamiast po angielsku.

Nice personnel on board,

Facilities for short connections.

Have people at the Westjet counter

Plusy: "Friendly crew, great access to a variety refreshments, robust entertainment library."
Minusy: "No suggestions."
Minusy: "The touch screen did not work properly"
Plusy: "Boarding was efficient and the crew were nice."
Minusy: "the seating is horrible. it was the tightest seating I've ever experienced."
Minusy: "A little bit chaotic when they loaded two planes at the same time in a very tight space in Amsterdsm but this was most likey an airport soecific design issue and not a KLM issue. The flight was as good as can be expected fir an international flight. The staff was great"
Minusy: "Delay due to strike"
Plusy: "Good amount of space on the plane, lots of movies to watch, good food and drink."
Minusy: "Boarding was chaotic & therefore delayed take off a little Receiving luggage was slow -@ 35 minutes from landing to luggage claim, so actual arrival was considerably later for those meeting me"
Plusy: "The aircraft"
Minusy: "No overbooking next time!"
Minusy: "Not being 1 hour late"
Plusy: "The seat was a little uncomfortable but the crew were amazing."
Plusy: "Crew was amazing. They adjusted the seating arrangements so there was an empty seat in every row to give passengers more space. Very thoughtful and much appreciated. They served delicious meals, snacks, and water. They provided headphones, blankets and pillows. They took very good care of us."
Plusy: "Entertainment was amazing"
Minusy: "Seats a bit hard"
Minusy: "There was no wifi on flight"
Plusy: "Very pleased with KLM - efficiency all round and especially the baggage handling at Schipol swhere I had 20 minutes to transfer and my baggage came back with me to the UK which is no mean feat given the hustle and bustle of such a large airport"
Minusy: "No downsides at all"
Plusy: "They considered my reguest of vegiterian food."
Minusy: "I have no complaints."
Plusy: "Friendly and efficient crew. I travel KLM often and always enjoy the flights."
Minusy: "There were several flight delays and gates were changes a few times."
Plusy: "And i got it 2 days later. I had to buy a lot of items which were in my suitcase The returning of the suitcase was awfull. In tge end after many phone calls I received it On the 18/12 evening, 2 days after my landing"
Plusy: "Smooth flight."
Minusy: "Seat a little cramped."
Plusy: "Boarding agent extra effort to improve my seating!"
Minusy: "Food amount less than expected."
Minusy: "Flight canceled, poor communication from the airline to the passengers. Møre than 5 hrs delay"
Plusy: "Very attentive crew. Attended to needs immediately. Took a lot of time with each person when someone had something to say."
Minusy: "The seat I had with no seats in front of me was very small. Much smaller than the other economy seats because the tray table and video screen were in the armrests. Paid extra for the legroom by ended up losing it side to side. Really had to squeeze into the seat."
Plusy: "The staff tried to help me when it was evident we would not arrive on time"
Minusy: "The connecting flight is too short of a time. We were late out of LAX and I missed my connection and had to sit in airport for 5 hours. Missed my grandson’s third birthday party. Just made me sad as Travelled from far to try to make it."
Plusy: "The flight was perfect! Great food,movies and I even got to sleep !"
Minusy: "All was well!"
Plusy: "The attention and service!! Excellent. It was my birthday and KLM the head purser surprised me with 2 bottles of bubbles and a handwritten birthday card KlM and the crew of this flight thank you very much !"
Minusy: "Nothing to say"
Plusy: "Szeroki wybor"
Minusy: "Brak propozycji w języku polskim np filmów z polskimi napisami"
Plusy: "Wybór bardzo szeroki"
Minusy: "Nic nie jest dostępne w języku polskim"
Minusy: "Flight was cancelled."
Plusy: "The attendants took great care of us. Super smooth flight."
Minusy: "infotainment was down. Lost my luggage the flight was delayed"
Plusy: "Nothing"
Minusy: "Super delayed. Could have fixed the issue BEFORE we were sitting on tha plane for TWO hours"
Plusy: "Crew was very nice and helpful, entertainment system worked well and had good choices"
Minusy: "Seats were not very comfortable, it was uncomfortably hot and there was not air conditioner vent above like most other airlines"
Plusy: "Absolutely nothing!"
Minusy: "the connection flights was the worse! The gate was changed in Amsterdam 3 times! From D82 to C6 and then to C11. The distance between B82 and C was 20-30 minutes walk. No rushing was needed though, the flight was delayed for 1:30h and after we all boarded a further delay was announced. I will never fly with KLM."
Minusy: "Please Endeavour to put the expiration date on the food served in the flight."
Plusy: "The staff the facilities the food all ******. Will definetly look forward to choose both delta and KLM"
Minusy: "Brak jakiejkolwiek reakcji przewoznika na zgloszenie koniecznosci zmiany daty wylotu."
Minusy: "Brak jakiejkolwiek reakcji przewoznika na zgloszenie koniecznosci zmiany daty wylotu."
Minusy: "Brak jakiejkolwiek reakcji przewoznika na zgloszenie koniecznosci zmiany daty wylotu."
Minusy: "Brak jakiejkolwiek reakcji przewoznika na zgloszenie koniecznosci zmiany daty wylotu."
Plusy: "Flight was lovely, crew were friendly and very helpful and food was delicious!! We travelled with assistance for mum and it was excellent and we were kept updated all through the flight."
Plusy: "Everything. A truly faultless experience!"
Minusy: "Nothing"
Minusy: "Tiny old cramped plane."
Minusy: "Flight way delayed 3 hours. Staff gave no information and wouldn't help rebook us onto other flights. They gave us food vouchers 2 minutes before we finally boarded, so we couldn't use them. The food on the plane had spoiled so we were all starving on the flight, and we all missed our connections. Horrible experience and wouldn't fly with KLM again."
Plusy: "The food was very delicious and it was a lot of it Crew was amazing and helpful"
Plusy: "The plane was clean The crew was amazing, super nice and helpful"
Plusy: "Profesjonalisci. Lot obyl sie bez problemow. Stewardessy mile i uczynne"
Minusy: "Nie mam zastrzezen oprocz tego ze na pokladzie nie byla zapewniona zadna rozrywka - nie jest to jednak duzy minus przy tak krotkim locie."

Good service and courtesy of the staff

Sat at gate for over 30 minutes due to ground support communication issues. Thus we missed our connection at Heathrow to Manchester. No support at Heathrow on where to go. Had to exit airport, get re-ticketed and go through security again. No fun after long flight. This should have been addressed by AA inflight. With support on the ground. We went through customs and were then told we missed our flight. And received poor instructions on where to go.

Our flight was delayed by 7 hours

Minusy: "Canceled flight caused me to remain in a hotel for another day. Confusing check in. No one to help. Machines broken. Unable to disembark from the plane. Bad logistics all the way around."
Plusy: "Nothing"
Plusy: "Equipment issue. Delayed"
Minusy: "No failure, more constant communications."
Plusy: "We eventually made it to our destination, with our luggage!"
Minusy: "Better update on delays. Seats are horribly uncomfortable especially for international flights. Food was a joke, dinner was mediocre and breakfast was a cold snack, you can do better. Please consult with airlines that rank in the top ten about how to do things. You already make a huge profit, stop squeezing your customers for more. Maybe you won’t be ranked amongst the worst airlines in the world anymore. Second bad international experience with AA. Never again."
Plusy: "Flight left on time."
Minusy: "No charging points at seat and armrest headphone jacks did not work."
Plusy: "The boarding process was easy. Crew was friendly. In flight movie selection was great."
Minusy: "Seats were uncomfortable and some passengers could have used a little deodorant."
Plusy: "The crew was nice as was the meal"
Plusy: "It was 3 hours delayed"
Minusy: "Fly in time"
Minusy: "May be legg more room, either I gain way or the seat are smaller. But I got home safe, so I will use you again."
Plusy: "Leaving on time"
Minusy: "Snack selection could have been better. Gluten free options."
Plusy: "Free tv to distract me from my state of misery"
Minusy: "Too warm on flight. Was so nauseated the whole time."
Plusy: "AA128 is nice. The plane is new and the seat is very comfortable. The service is fine."
Minusy: "Food is at a very small portion ( I am a small Asian lady so I am fine but barely enough for a child.). My luggage was lost."
Plusy: "Once aboard, LATAM is actually quite impressive. The logistical part of the company is horrendous, but the service onboard is exemplar."
Minusy: "LATAM changed my itinerary without my authorization and despite my clear verbal directions to NOT change it. The airline took directions from a corrupt official with the Colombian immigration office and cancelled my return flights. I was forced to purchase an additional ticket, travel on and separate flight from my wife and children. I then had to spend several hours waiting to resolve the case in person. The customer service at LATAM is a joke. If I'd received this treatment in the United States, I would have filed a lawsuit for their infringement on my rights and collaboration with the discriminatory practices of the Colombian immigration office in Bogota."
Plusy: "The crew"
Minusy: "The delay and the seat comfort for purchasing the main cabin seats was not as expected."
Minusy: "Breakfast - lots of sugary items"
Minusy: "Sfo-phl flight was delayed just long enough to miss connection. Standbys were full. Instead of arriving at 10a it’s 7p"
Plusy: "Just about everything was wonderful. Flight crew was great, infotainment centers are always a plus, and the seats are better than I remember (don’t get excited, slightly)."
Minusy: "This was considered an international flight, as we discovered when we were directed to the international terminal. It was also a 6 hour flight so... where was the food?! We could pay upwards of $10 for 3-4 options, none of which were 100% kid friendly. What’s up with that?"
Minusy: "Aircraft issues, late on take off, a gate change, but the ticket against kept us informed"
Plusy: "Flight was on-time and crew was pleasant. This flight had movies available to watch!"
Plusy: "Overall smooth. No delays. No major roadblocks."
Minusy: "There was some type of leak above my seat that would periodically drip on me."
Plusy: "It was generally ok"
Minusy: "The tourbulance was crazy The fact I received my bag in Sacramento and it was damaged upset me a lot"
Minusy: "2.5 hour delay."
Plusy: "Besides the seating problems everything else went smoothly"
Minusy: "I was not able to get seats assigned to us before arriving at the gate. We got put on the very last row by no choice of our own. The seats are not designed for the average adult, possibly the worst ergonomics of any seats I've ever encountered. Extremely uncomfortable flight."
Plusy: "Nothing"
Minusy: "It wasn't Cathy Pacific operation."
Plusy: "The crew was friendly and the flight was great."
Minusy: "They should have someone packing your duty free if they are going to make you check it. My duty free expensive wine broke and I am not too happy. After 2 long flights, time change, and minimal materials to work with I have to box and check my duty free in. Not co"
Plusy: "."
Minusy: "."
Plusy: "Pleasent crew and a non-turbulance flight."
Minusy: "The yougurt splashe all over my shirt when I opened it, too much pressure I guess. No liquor !"
Plusy: "Friendly flight attendant and arrival earlier than expected"
Minusy: "There was nothing not to like. We took off on time, had no turbulence, friendly service and landed early."
Minusy: "I could not check in and pay for my second bag at the kiosk. I had to wait in the very long ticketing line to get help. Also, it was not clear that the international flight flew from the AA terminal and not from the International terminal where Iberia flies from...I had to walk to the AA terminal with all my bags which was stressful since I was dropped off at the international terminal which made sense as it was an international flight and the ticket did not say it was flying from the AA terminal only that it was operated by AA.."
Plusy: "Mostly friendly staff and quick flight time."
Minusy: "Only half the plane got snacks and drinks. Additionally, I was forced to check my bag, which is a pretty big deal because I was connecting to an international flight and was unable to retrieve my prescriptions in all the rush to check my bag."
Minusy: "Ponad 2 godz. W samolocie czekając na plycie lotniska, aż mechanik skończy naprawiać samolot, nie bylo przyjemne."
Minusy: "Will probably never choose to fly American Airlines again"
Minusy: "Unexplained 45-minute delay on second flight."
Minusy: "Our flight was about 50 minutes late in boarding. American should have announced why it was late and an approximate time"
Plusy: "Roomy aisle seat"
Minusy: "Nothing"
Plusy: "It was a very early morning flight and yet the two flight attendants were awesome!"
Plusy: "The flight arrived on time with my luggage, and although I booked through BA, for the first time ever, they managaged to get my special meal request correct."
Minusy: "I order a vegetarian meal in the hope I will get something edible. This was the worst airline food I have ever had. The plane was old so the economy class seats were larger than normal. There was, however, no in-seat entertainment. On the upside, I'm glad I didn't fly business class. Compared to the standard set by other airlines, the seats appeared to be from the 80's."
Plusy: "The crew was very nice"
Minusy: "Tvs broken for a ten hour flight. No power outlets for electronics. Unacceptable"
Plusy: "Found a rate that was virtually the same on what I would have spent in gas to drive there. I will never drive to events in Vegas again, kayak and done from now on."
Minusy: "The layout of the Vegas airport is not one of my favorites"
Plusy: "The sweet flight attendant who helped calm me down from the turbulence as we were going over the hurricane."
Minusy: "All the turbulence from flying over Hurricane Matthew. Something I will make sure I'm not flying during a storm. Scared me greatly."
Plusy: "Same as above "loved everything" excellent flight!!!"
Minusy: "Nothing"
Minusy: "Plane was delayed because of weather (not the fault of the airline) crew was boarderline rude though."
Minusy: "Having to pay $50 to check bags when if I had been able to to Ak Air check in they would have been free"
Plusy: "Odprawa na lotnisku w Chicago była OK"
Minusy: "linie lotnicze American Airlines bardzo zła obsługa stary samolot niewygodne siedzenia bardzo słabe lądowanie obsługa w samolocie była nieuprzejmy długo trzeba było czekać"
Plusy: "on time..."
Plusy: "Plane didn't crash."
Minusy: "Late flight, they didn't update the board at all. Forced me to check my carry on luggage because they didn't do their job correctly. Overall terrible service, will avoid AA in the future."

Flight was delayed but no info provided at airport. Boarding was a free for all, not entirely convinced they cleaned the plane fully. Once onboard seats are a little tired looking and uncomfortable, but it's economy. Nutrigrain bar and tiny bottle of water provided. I don't see the advantage of flying BA over any other airline, the staff are nice and friendly but the overall service isn't any batter or whose than other airlines. If you can get the flights cheap enough than fine but it's not worth paying extr

Minusy: "Zmniejszyć cenę biletu. Komfort i serwis jak w locie Ryanair, czy Wizzair a cena 4 razy wyższa. Odprawa przy zakupie fotela, powinna być możliwa 30 dni wcześniej a nie tylko 24 godziny."
Plusy: "Leg room fantastic"
Minusy: "We had to beg for one cup of water on a 3 & 1/2 flight. Very poor customer service."
Minusy: "Checking, boarding and overall experience"
Minusy: "Gate agent talked me into checking a piece of luggage. Lost 3 pieces of luggage for 2 days. Plane was late so very stressful making our connection. Had to run thru Heathrow."
Minusy: "Connector was late so I’m stuck in London til tomorrow"
Plusy: "BA has really comfortable arrangements and seats."
Minusy: "Boarding at Gatwick was a bit slow and disorganized."
Plusy: "It left when I needed it to"
Minusy: "Price. Crazy business fare for a very tight uncomfortable coach seat. No entertainment. Food was pretty awful."
Plusy: "Crew was very professional, food options were excellent."
Plusy: "The flight was on time.."
Minusy: "The food.."
Plusy: "Excellent crew and good food."
Plusy: "Not much"
Minusy: "Being delayed for 2.5 hours wasn’t pleasant. Once we finally boarded the crew members did apologise in person to all first class customers. I was sitting with my granddaughter right behind it. We felt like a second category customers.... nothing to add to it it shows it all"
Plusy: "Direct flight and excellent service from attendants"
Minusy: "Seat selection was changed to middle seats without prior notice and the seats are so close together , when the women in front reclined her seat the dinner tray did not fit. An attendant eventually asked her to put her seat upright. Once dinner was over, back to a recline position, far too closer to the seat behind."
Plusy: "Nothing"
Minusy: "Not only do you now have to buy food and drink, by the back of the plane they’ve always run out (our flight was not even particularly full). Flight was delayed an hour - I’ve taken 4 BA flights in the last 5 days and every one has been delayed by at least one hour. No longer worth the price."
Minusy: "Plane was making strange noise Way too cold on the plane . When I asked for blanket they gave me one that wasn’t wrapped. I didn’t like that they didn’t even offer anything to drink for free."
Plusy: "Shorter flight--OK"
Plusy: "British airways allows a roller carryon and a personal carryon, even for this cheap flight."
Plusy: "Good and comfy plane. More space to seat than Ryanair or Wizzair."
Minusy: "No complaints."
Plusy: "Excellent flight. Staff very helpful and professional."
Plusy: "Crew and food"
Minusy: "A day before my flight it was already known that it is delayed (how possible...?) and it was delayed. Even though we were on time to board plane to Boston we had to wait for another flight."
Minusy: "Not even a glass of water?"
Plusy: "Great service, and very smooth flight"
Minusy: "I got to the airport the morning of my flight from Warsaw -Dublin and was told my flight was cancelled and no longer exists. Luckily I got a hold of my daughter who was in LA at this time and woke her up at 1am with this issue. She called the web booking company Webjet where you directed us to buy the flight, and was told by Webjet that my flight was cancelled the day before and we were not notified IN ANY WAY! By some miracle, my daughter was able to talk to Webjet and get me on a new flight last minute. Again, this is all happening at 1am California time while I am stranded at the airport in Warsaw! Unacceptable!!! I am however glad that the issue was resolved and I made it home safely. But I think someone needs to look into this immediately because if it wasn't for my daughter, I wouldn't have left the Warsaw airport due to the fact that the airline cancelled the flight and neither the airline, Kayak, nor Webjet notified me...."
Minusy: "Plane departed late and stalled at landing- delay caused me to miss connection and set me back getting home by 7 hours at the end of it all."
Plusy: "Not much, crew were pleasant though and the flight on time."
Minusy: "It was like being on a really cheap budget airline, but paying expensive prices. Food only for sale with a British credit or debit card, won't take cash,no menu cards, and even if I'd wanted to get food, no gluten free options, which is not a lifestyle choice for me, but a necessity.Scruffy dog-eared magazines in the seat pocket. Not even an offer of tea or coffee. Check-in online would not allow me to change my seat, although it told me I could. I fly a lot, but tend to avoid BA now if I can, and this flight just confirmed that preference."
Minusy: "Went through vayama, for this booking. Arrived for a 1:45 pm flight, which I had paperwork for. Jay Informed me, that a flight change to an am flight was emailed to me in December! No follow up email....say a week before?! Like all the other booking sites I use. Spent another night, in Ediinburgh, plus much money for new tickets. Two airport layovers. Will never go through this site again, rate it poorly and not recommend. Thanks, Vickie Varney"
Plusy: "Staff tried to make up for the crappy plane with food and drinks"
Minusy: "Entertainment started 90 minutes after take off do to not fuctioning.. No USB ports to charge phones so I couldn't use my own phone for entertainment. When the entertainment did come on it was horrible. Old screens and ear phone ports didn't really work right. Plane was out dated and old I probably won't fly British air again."
Plusy: "This was a great flight, seats were spacious and comfortable, food was hot and tasty. Entertainment also good - variety and quality."
Minusy: "Not quite enough drinks given out for an 11 hour flight but otherwise great."
Plusy: "Comfortable flight with personal entertainment screen. Also had an extra seat next to me to spread out!"
Plusy: "politeness"
Minusy: "cold"
Plusy: "Fantastic crew. Very nice people."
Minusy: "Sitting in coach. The seats were so close together that the tv screen in front of me was blurry--it is that close to your face. Miserable. Could only watch one movie on a 10 hour flight because it gave me a headache. The seats are absolutely claustrophobic. It was miserable."
Plusy: "Good cabin crew and boarded direct from terminal via airbridge. Also good food in Club Europe for such a short flight."
Minusy: "Slight 15 minute delay and miserly legroom in Club Europe - densification gone too far."
Plusy: "Nice crew. Flight was on time."
Minusy: "No food unless you Pay for it."
Plusy: "This is was actually a flight operated by Qatar Airways and my first time with them. And you know what? It was like going back in time: this was exactly what and how BA used to be even 10 years ago. Thank you, Qatar, for wonderful service!"
Minusy: "Food are discasting"
Plusy: "Quiet, adequate legroom, comfortable climate and seat."
Minusy: "Food and drinks only for purchase. Would have been nice to at least have been offered a glass of water."
Plusy: "Accomodating to children on board. Empty seat next to us. Friendly crew."
Minusy: "I received no information from British Airways! Luckily someone saw that all flights on BA had been canceled. This is the second time this has happened with British Airways. They have zero customer service and terrible communication."
Plusy: "Nothingh"
Minusy: "Cancelled flight"
Minusy: "We arrived at the airport more than 2 hours in advance since this was an international flight. There was NO British Airways staff available to help with obtaining actual boarding passes which were NOT available on the BA mobile app. Although we made the flight with enough time, that was only because the security line was short and the passport control line was short as well. British Airways should have staff available to process passengers and boarding passes, luggage checkin, etc. earlier for their flights."
Minusy: "No food, not even snacks or soft drinks offered unless you paid."
Plusy: "Crew is very nice"
Minusy: "Seats are pretty small"
Minusy: "Heathrow connection process almost caused me to miss my flight, despite having 2 hours between connections. Security officer at Heathrow was very unprofessional, and took a great pleasure in delaying my processing through the security line. Specifically, I did not remove a PHONE BATTERY CHARGER from my carry-on for screening, so he proceeded to dump out the whole backpack contents, and then purposefully was very slow about putting things back in one by one.As an active duty police officer I understand the need for security and follow all the regulations and instructions to the best of my abilities. However in this case the security officer went out of his way to make the process as slow as he could. Very bad, stressful experience traveling on BA with connection at Heathrow."
Minusy: "I don't get no dinner on the flight from Miami to London Heathrow and I felt faint from hunger on board. When I complain to one of the flight crew ,we one hour and forty five minutes left to land,she gave me a pretzel bunch and a cup of tea."
Minusy: "Transferring from one flight to another, from one terminal to another. Definately, too litte time for transfer. Rushing, with no time to stop at the restroom."
Plusy: "The staff Food was plentiful"
Minusy: "Poor leg room Cabin too warm Poor boarding efficiency"
Plusy: "Quick boarding. Crew ok. Flight on time"
Minusy: "All food and breuvages to purchase. Not even glas of water complimentary in economy."
Plusy: "Nice plane, nice people, comfortable seats most importantly for coach though a bit cramped"
Minusy: "The TV interface was not great and a little slow"
Minusy: "I know this was economy but the seats are the tightest of any other airline. We were all practically on top of each other for a relatively long flight."

Very hot.

Plusy: "Very narrow seat"
Plusy: "efficient, punctual"
Plusy: "The view."
Minusy: "Landed early by a bit. Made to wait on runway 30 minutes before we could park at gate. Figure it out United - maybe if you worked with your airport partners better they’d help you the 1 or 2 times you’re actually early."
Plusy: "nic"
Minusy: "2h opóźnienia bez żadnego wsparcia. Brak saloników do których można wejść..."
Plusy: "Nothing"
Minusy: "My checked luggage was opened. Lock missing and items missing. Toilets in the plane were clogged"
Minusy: "Delays"
Minusy: "They made me put my carry on under the plane."
Plusy: "Crew was super amazing and very understanding, I just had to understand some facts."
Minusy: "I got an upgrade for a seat, however I was asked to be moved since a child who wasn't mine wanted to be seated with his dad. Next time, the should respect those who pay something additional and consider other facts such as sitting children with a person that is not their relative."
Plusy: "Safe flight. Thank you!"
Minusy: "NA"
Plusy: "Early morning departures are the best and the crew and boarding staff were fantastic"
Plusy: "Lots of empty seats, we got some sleep."
Minusy: "Delayed, but not announced all at once. People could have been put on other planes if the delay had been honestly announced"
Minusy: "Seats were super small, people kept bumping us, and so did the crew, without even say sorry"
Plusy: "Wymieniono od reki dwie zniszczone walizki"
Minusy: "Ze na dlugim locie brak bylo jedzenie"
Plusy: "Crew was nice. The flight, though a bit rough was uneventful."
Minusy: "Legroom was a bit cramped. When we landed at Newark, it was very difficult to find out which luggage carousal we were on. There was no one there directing things and we were misinformed several times."
Plusy: "Comfortable, pleasant Attendants and friendly Pilots"
Plusy: "United flew from Puerto Rico to Newark - did not attempt to schedule through airports affected by the hurricane in the southern US"
Minusy: "United flights out of San Juan were expensive for those of us who were stuck by hurricane Irma and delayed. I paid almost double what my original carrier charged, but at least we got out 4 days earlier. I see that the carriers have dropped/frozen rates for customers stranded by hurricane Maria, but United was listed at least $100-$200 per ticket above other carriers"
Plusy: "Nothing"
Minusy: "That i sat grounded for an extra 45min over Fuel discrepancy."
Plusy: "People were courteous."
Minusy: "Long time waiting to be called by group number. The direct tv system was not working well, needed rebooting. Uncomfortable seating arrangements, should be allowed to sit in empty seats without paying extra."
Plusy: "I liked that we didn't crash into snowy mountains. I like that we landed."
Minusy: "OMG. First class seat "broken" - wasn't really able to lean back because it went "too far" into row behind me. Nope - that's actually how the chair is designed. Was asked to sit upright the entire 7 hour flight. IFE spotty at best. It kept rebooting and kicking me and others out. I guess food was "okay" as I honestly don't remember it at all. This is my last of 10 years at 1K with United. Moving airlines this year."
Minusy: "Flight crew didn't seem very friendly"
Minusy: "My connection was clear across the airport, it was quite the trek when the second flight was already boarding"
Plusy: "Thanks for the ONE toffee cookie at the beginning of the 8 hour long flight."
Minusy: "I have NEVER flown on an international flight and NOT received a complimentary meal or two...When I'm flying for 8 hours. On top of that the seats were very small and uncomfortable. I shouldn't feel a person grabbing a magazine or pulling down a tray when I'm sitting in the seat in front of them. There was one younger African American flight attendant with a light brown, long curl wig that didn't look like she wanted to be there. You can tell by all her eye rolls, sighs and not responding back to numerous thank yous given to her. I couldn't consistently watch a show or movie for 3 minutes thanks to the wifi and or app on MY Samsung's SO sad that you guys couldn't have them already installed like other airlines. This airline is already in hot water, I expected MUCH better customer service. I will do my best NOT to use them again and tell others to do the same."
Plusy: "Boarding and crew attendants were courteous and helpful. Flight left on time and arrived early. Luggage arrived and my time inChicago was short."
Minusy: "Seats crowded but I was fortunate to not have a person in middle seat. Implied tv was free but system kept asking for my credit card."
Plusy: "The flight out went very well and the United staff were all friendly, very helpful individuals in all positions."
Minusy: "Our return flight was delayed due to maintenance, but when we finally departed the Pilot didn't waste any time getting us back to OKC."
Plusy: "Arrived safely"
Minusy: "No food, no entertainment , no reading material , seat uncomfortable"
Minusy: "AC was extremely cold"
Minusy: "Getting bk to anchorage @midnight instead of the origibal time of 2:00 due to not having a fuckin pilot in new orleans"
Plusy: "My knees hit the seat infront of me the entire 3 hour flight. The seat belts where too tight. No one informed us we should down load the app for entertainment."
Minusy: "The leg room and seat belts"
Plusy: "Fast boarding, smooth flight, almost on time landing despite light snow in NY, flight was not full which was a big plus, there was enough room in overhead bins thanks to fewer passengers on board, bigger than average built in seats monitors"
Minusy: "Direct TV too expensive, no other entertainment option"
Minusy: "3x we changed our gate nos inorder to board ..."
Plusy: "I'll always contact kayak for my up coming flights"
Minusy: "Thr boarding process was a mess, a lot of people didn't even have seats assigned."
Plusy: "Plane was a little roomier than the A230"
Minusy: "No audio or v ideo on almost 5 hours flight to Phoenix. Plane was full and seats very tight on A230. The return flight to Newark was no better. Tight connection thru Houston. DIRECT TV did not work on the 737800. Many of us had connecting flights, flight attendants should have announced that people who without connecting flights to remain in seats while those of us with connections deplanned. Seat did not recline"
Plusy: "United delivered us to Anchorage so late that we missed the very last flight out of Anchorage to Homer. We had to pay for a hotel room and full price tickets to fly the very next morning. Because United delivered us to Anchorage so late, we had to spend so much money on the hotel and next day flights. Until this point I have always been happy with United but I don't think we can go with United anymore after this."
Plusy: "No flight"
Plusy: "The flight crew on this route is one of the best that ive ever had the pleasure to have been served by. The ladies were extremely helpful and were always out helping serve the people"
Minusy: "The cost of the entertainment and that it didn't work all the way. Lost like the last two hours of the flight, not very good especially having to pay for it"
Minusy: "Missed it due to delays"
Plusy: "Our plane was delayed, nothing could be done about that and the food at the airport was great. So our extremely quick transfer became something that let us down and have a meal. Food was okay on the flight. And the Crew was very polite. All of our bags made it, hooray! New technology at the international terminal in SFO needs better, multi-language assistance signs."
Minusy: "This may have been the oldest 747 in United's inventory. There were still cigarette ash trays in the bathroom and the bathroom was not user-friendly at all. My seat was busted and would not do anything but be fully reclined with a broken headrest too. Padding/ergonomics in the seat was terrible. Entertainment was old school, only main cabin TV's, no personal selection."
Plusy: "stewards left me alonee to sleep"
Minusy: "Over crowded back half of the plane... With the first 10 rows basically completely empty (only 8 people in the front 60 seats) That flight to anchorage arrived an hour early which is awesome, but we had to wait 45 min on the plane "for an empty gate" they said. There were at least 4 empty gates I could see from my window in the sand terminal we ended up deboarding at. Very frustrating"
Plusy: "Customer service was excellent,very friendly."
Minusy: "Delay of the plane and every show you have to pay for even the flight map, that was very disappointing."
Minusy: "Inconsistency of United over size baggage embargo."
Plusy: "Flight got delayed almost two hours at London after boarding, sitting on the plane not nice"
Minusy: "Flight delayed almost two hours after boarding at London, not nice!"
Plusy: "Because of our incident in LV, This flight was out of Denver. The flight attendants were fantastic! The staff was very helpful, and was able to get seats together."
Minusy: "They had issues with the wifi, so there was no entertainment."
Plusy: "Everything was well done except for the United check in. Too many of us passengers were unfamiliar with using kiosks."
Minusy: "A few more staff to help with kiosk check in. We have not flown in 10 plus years and consequently, the various check in requirements were unclear."
Plusy: "Very good"
Minusy: "The fact that the tv is on constantly without the option to turn it off is annoying. The viewing length to passenger is too short to really enjoy (Probably not your fault). PLEASE permit us to turn it off. The constant repeating of the Dish commercials while in dead air space is so annoying I will never consider Dish as a provider.! Please play more than one entertaining video than repeating the one about alligators (crocodiles?)."
Plusy: "Smiles and service"
Minusy: "Limited leg room"
Minusy: "I felt like tuna in a can."
Plusy: "The easiness of the airline to adapt to the fact that we will be going late and the swiftness in organize all the passengers in a way that no one will miss their connection flight"
Minusy: "I had a child with me and I was sat in the row before the emergency exit, where the seats were rigid and my child was not able to sleep at all. Making it uncomftable to all around her."

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