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SWISSWynik na podstawie 9120 opinii
8,2Wejście na pokład
Opinie o liniach lotniczych
Plusy: "The crew were friendly, helpful, and attentive. I'd love to fly with them all the time"
Minusy: "The business class seat felt a bit claustrophobic when in lie flat mode"
Przeczytaj o liniach SWISS
Plusy: "The crew were friendly, helpful, and attentive. I'd love to fly with them all the time"
Minusy: "The business class seat felt a bit claustrophobic when in lie flat mode"
Minusy: "Nothing"
Plusy: "Entertainment"
Minusy: "I requested a vegan vegetarian meal and did not get it. I had to do with the regular meal which had a lot of dairy products to which I am allergic to. The space between rows of seats. It was really crammed in Economy and we are a petite thin family!"
Minusy: "Seat could have been more comfortable but the leg room was good"
Plusy: "Great helpful flight crew"
Minusy: "Checking our bag was a nightmare. All bag check-in was at kiosk which we couldn't use because we had to pay to check our bag. Had to find a desk in another terminal to check bag, then pay an another desk for said checked bag. We saved money by ticketing this way but we almost missed our flight"
Plusy: "I upgraded to premium economy, worth every dollar. seats were comfortable and reclined quite far."
Minusy: "honestly nothing needed improving ."
Plusy: "Crew was great, seating comfortable."
Plusy: "Flight left on time & arrived on time."
Minusy: "Quality of the snack could be improved."
Minusy: "I could have used USB charging station."
Plusy: "The flight was smooth and on time. The flight crew did everything alright."
Minusy: "Connecting flights. All lies, no cooperation. Not a small airport as it takes nearly half an hour to get to Gate E. Too few characters allowed to explain all we went thru."
Minusy: "There was only one agent checking in business class passengers until a bunch of us complained. The Swiss business lounge is too small with not enough seats"
Plusy: "Crew was attentive and overall I enjoyed the flight"
Minusy: "Food could have been better"
Plusy: "We had a turbulent trip but our pilots were very competent and got us to Zuroch safely. Bathroom was pretty clean."
Minusy: "The plane was an older model and very outdated. The flight attendants gave us a choice between chicken or vegetarian pasta. I chose chicken, but it was actually beef. The salad was literally iceberg lettuce and a slice of cucumber. Overall, the meal was one of the lowest quality I've ever had in am airline. The outdated onboard entertainment system was annoying to operate and it was impossible to even see the screen when the person ahead leaned back."
Plusy: "We left on time, arrived on time. Flight went well despite lasting over 10h30"
Minusy: "Two of the flight attrendants in our area were in a bad mood and it showed."
Minusy: "Older plane with poor seat comfort. (Same trip Bos to Zurich much better.) Video did not work at all in one seat and poorly in other ,for 7 hr flight"
Plusy: "Steward Very pleasant, helpful and accomodating."
Minusy: "No information on the flight about how to proceed with our missed conncetions nor anyone to meet in Zurich at gate with information."
Plusy: "Loved the warm and very delicious quiche, thank you!"
Minusy: "Connecting flight cancelation, didn’t get to go."
Plusy: "Dinner was excellent. Staff very friendly. Bathroom toiletries (facial spray and hand cream) appreciated."
Minusy: "Seats are pretty tight (lucky if you don't have one of the metal boxes in your foot space)."
Minusy: "Worst travel experience ever and I’ve traveled the world. Red eye flight delayed for 3 hours. Missed connection flight with not a lot of options. Waited for another 3 hours to get rebooked and have to stay at Zurich overnight and only to find our checked luggage is no where to be seen. First and LAST time we fly Swiss Air!!!"
Minusy: "None"
Plusy: "Generally Swiss air was good"
Minusy: "I ask a question if we will arriving late, she give me smart Remarks that we will be on time. No we were late 28 minutes my luggage did not arrive, I'm 4 hours from Warsaw, I wait for luggage which was lost and miss my connection do travel forward. I got home at 8 pm. She check my carry on and they lost , I have only bag with lipstick in there"
Plusy: "We like being able to check our ski equipment without extra charge. Service is consistently professional and courteous."
Minusy: "Being charged for seat selection. The late hour of departure for the Boston to Zurich flight."
Minusy: "the boarding was weird because of the aircraft change and rearranging of seats. the computer reassigned us very strange, making us seating mostly in one are, while other rows were completely empty."
Plusy: "Flight was good"
Minusy: "There was a one hour wait to get through passport control and go to the gate beyond the security check point."
Plusy: "food!"
Minusy: "space at my feet"
Minusy: "My entertainment unit was not working the whole flight."
Plusy: "Flight itself was good, comfortable, staff were professional"
Plusy: "short travel time"
Minusy: "the landing was way too drastic. The pressure during landing was not gentle and I had a real hard time trying to allow my hearing to come back. The blood pressure in my head felt like my head would explode. My head hurt for a long time. Did not like the flight at all."
Plusy: "Everything was fine"
Minusy: "Flight cancelled so I didn't like it at all"
Plusy: "Food was great!! Flight was so much better than the United flight I took to get there. Plane was much more comfortable and cleaner."
Plusy: "On time great crew. Free wine that is Swiss air."
Plusy: "Everything was great :) food is good, crew is perfect"
Minusy: "SWISS always turns on the air conditioning too high on intercontinental flights. It is HOT inside the cabins. The entertainment system is very outdated, small screen and old and used hand set. Claiming to be a premium airline is unfortunately very overstated if you are unlucky to catch the old business class planes. Only few have changed to the new versions (777s) - Make sure to catch those."
Minusy: "On the flight to Zurich the passenger behind me gave me a difficult time about reclining my seat back but keep in mind he had his reclined. Coming back to Newark the gentleman behind my boyfriend made a comment how he didn't have room due to his seat being reclined. The passenger next to us was arguing with the passenger in front of her because she didn't want that person to recline their seat back. I have never experienced such rude people on a flight and I realize this is beyond your control. It made for a very uncomfortable and stressful flight. Maybe signs can be posted or a message when booking your flight that ALL passengers have a right to recline seats and if space is an issue for your comfort then upgrade to business class for more room."
Plusy: "I never used Swiss Airline before but my friends told me crews are very professional and clean... She is right!!!Their crews, Foods, and very clean environments.... had a wonderful experiences"
Minusy: "Checking bags took longer than I would have liked."
Plusy: "No delays. Good boarding *but I have Senator status so I bypass lines). Food good even on short flight"
Plusy: "Accommodating"
Minusy: "Flight attendant spilled hot tea on me and he didn't help me out. The other flight atttendant assisted to my burns. I have 2ond degree burns on my arm from this incident."
Minusy: "smooth & efficient friendly crew"
Minusy: ","
Plusy: "Overall product fine, food excellent"
Minusy: "Quality of seats. Overall every class seems to have same seats in Business one middle seat free. Does make for comfort of the actual seat. Virtually no entertainment, no head phones or such like. (3 hour flight)."
Plusy: "Good product, excellent food, great and attentive service"
Minusy: "Set quality for Business leaves much to be desired. Feels like sitting in Y with middle seat free."
Plusy: "The attendants were cordial"
Plusy: "Checki-in via mobile app was easy, as was baggage dropoff at the airport. Both airport staff and flight crew were efficient, courteous, and friendly. Excellent service, good good, nice selection of entertainment."
Plusy: "Great flight. Boarding, departure and arrival on time. Excellent flight attendants."
Plusy: "Crew was sympathetic to the awful seats"
Minusy: "Just fly had access to the worst seats and we could not change them."
Plusy: "The service , the hospitality and kindness"
Plusy: "Friendly crew and very professoinal"
Minusy: "Old plane"

I had bought a ticket with two checked bags but when I did the check in they made me pay for the second bag saying it wasn’t included in the ticket. Plus, I had asked for vegetarian food when buying the ticket and they didn’t gave me special food. Don’t know if it is eDreams fault or Turkish Airlines.

Plusy: "Flight was "good," not great, nor excellent."
Minusy: "Flight was good, not excellent."
Plusy: "Great crew, clean bathrooms, second baggage free"
Minusy: "Hot meals and different drinks available like coke or sparkling water, with payment if necessary ."
Minusy: "They cancelled my flight"
Minusy: "If the disembarking didn't take 45 minutes."
Plusy: "comfortable"
Minusy: "some food was frozen when served (salad and cheese). Coffee wasn't that great either."
Minusy: "Hi the flight from New York to Istanbul was deleted four 4 hours . from Istanbul to Madina it was ok but I didn't may bagages yet."
Plusy: "Food was really good and no delays. Entertainment also really good."
Minusy: "Can't really think about something."
Plusy: "Everything"
Plusy: "Same"
Plusy: "On time"
Minusy: "Not enough leg room"
Plusy: "Stewardess were very friendly and helpful, the food was reallz delicious. You have enough space for your leg even on Economy class."
Plusy: "Professional nice food"
Plusy: "overall, service was great"
Minusy: "seats are too narrow"
Plusy: "The service, the food. The staff is very friendly and helpful."
Plusy: "Nothing. How can anyone overbook a flight and want the passengers to pay the price. Food is horrible. Will never book with this airline again"
Minusy: "Everything. Customer service is horrible"
Plusy: "Same as before"
Minusy: "Same as before"
Plusy: "Typical short business class. Quality was still nice. Room to spread out and crew was accommodating"
Minusy: "No priority boarding for business. And still no beverage service before take off (alcohol)."
Plusy: "Confort"
Minusy: "Took them too long to pick up the trash ..."
Plusy: "The amount of food and drinks we got was perfect, the movies, shows and other entertainment options were plenty and they had a great selection, and the sleep kit (slippers, socks, lip balm, etc) was very much appreciated and helpful. The staff were nice and professional."
Minusy: "I like everything"
Plusy: "Crew, food, and beverages given were all excellent."
Plusy: "The food was plentiful and delicious. Fare price was excellent."
Minusy: "The seats were too small. The layover in Istanbul was too long."
Plusy: "The food, it's excellent.The entertainment system is really complete."
Minusy: "One of my bags arrived broken. I'm contacting Turkish Airlines about it."
Minusy: "The service was very professional."
Minusy: "Ok service , staff were not too polite and slow with requests."
Minusy: "There were NO entertainment screens. UNBELIEVABLE!!!! Nothing to do for 3 hours."
Plusy: "Seatback entertaininment options were amazing. Food wasn't always designed for the American palette, but most of it was pretty good, and they put a good effort into it, unlike US carriers. Flight attendants were great. Boarding was organized and smooth."
Minusy: "It's just hard to make a 14 hour flight in economy comfortable. Another inch or two of space would have helped, but I understand the tradeoffs involved in that. Baggage collection at IAH took about 30 minutes, but that may have been the airport's fault and not the airline's."
Plusy: "Comfort"
Plusy: "food,service and flight"
Minusy: "N/A"
Minusy: "The tv sett wasn't working ."
Plusy: "We liked how easy it was for English speakers - English announcements, English-speaking attendants, good signage at airports."
Minusy: "Our luggage did not transfer in Istanbul (1 hour layover) and didn't arrive in Warsaw for nearly 48 hours (actually 45 hours)."
Minusy: "Flight was delayed but that wasn't the main problem. Went to the wrong gate for my connecting flight, Turkish air rep at the gate checked my boarding pass, didn't say a word about me being at the wrong gate. Tgere was no announcement of any kind (found out later, Turkish sir doesn't do announcement at the Istanbul airport. No clue as to why). Thought, tgere was another delay and by the time I asked, it was too late to catch my flight and that's when I got a full dose of every single person w Turkish air trying to stiff me with the most outrageous penalty for changing Nguyen my ticket. Started out at $1114 on a $758 ticket, then went down to $925 and if I stay over night, down to $750. Seriously? Rude, talking down at me and telling me that if I don't pay the penalty, my return ticket will be cancelled. I keep getting bounced from one person to another being told to wait here and wait there then I finally got so sick of all of it, bought a new connecting flight online, spending the night in Istanbul and will see what will happen w my return flight to the US. I call this 'theft' as, if i buy an entire new ticket from Istanbul to Cairo then back to the US online, it will cost me less than the penalty they're trying to get me to pay. Shame on you Turkish airline!! You'd think w all the issues they're having w tourism in their country these days they'd care about not doing this kind of mistreatment of their clients."
Plusy: "The food- did they have a chef on board?!!"
Minusy: "The boarding to the US wasn't fun. 1) the men had to go first and then the women... culture shock. And then 2) double screening for everyone because of trump's travel policies."
Plusy: "Everything"
Minusy: "Everything"
Plusy: "Great service and staff"
Plusy: "The flight was good and attendance was perfect as well"
Plusy: "For a short flight, it was good. The seats were a bit bigger, and the crew was nicer. The food was ok."
Minusy: "Again some attitude from flight attendants. The food is average but again subpar compared to previous flights with Turkish Airlines."
Minusy: "Lack of space for over 1.95m person, uncomfortable seats (seat can not be adjusted because the button was broken for the flight over 10hours!), old fashioned seats, no usb to charge any device."
Minusy: "Antisematic"
Plusy: "Wonderful service and amazing food."
Minusy: "Beds weren't flat on business class. My feet were hanging all the trip."
Plusy: "Blankets, pillow, being served food and drinks regularly on a long flight, great choice of new movies."
Minusy: "Touch screen did not always work."
Minusy: "always same food and poor conditining"
Plusy: "On time."
Minusy: "Food. Leg room."
Plusy: "the entertainment was good - nice staff - the interval of refreshments was good. the red wine was Ok too!"
Minusy: "the bathrooms could be cleaned every few hours with so many visiting it for 13 hours.... it really becomes a bacteria hot spot ...!"
Plusy: "Selection"
Minusy: "Headphones or headphone plugs do not make good connection. Screen touch is hard to manage."
Minusy: "They changed departure time by 30 minutes and did not send a single message."
Plusy: "On one of the flights I had no one next to me, so I could be more comfortable. I feel great when that happens. Also, the food is always great and the staff very friendly. You are my favourite airline. Lizzie"
Plusy: "great movie selection."
Minusy: "was asked to show up 1 hour before boarding to a "secure area" with 5 different ID checks... however, once in, no restrooms available and boarding took a long time and was delayed."
Plusy: "no problems"
Minusy: "Nothing"


Minusy: "All was good"
Plusy: "Crew was helpful and ver polite and efficient"
Minusy: "At the boarding gate they were cherry picking whose bag is too large and whose isn't. My bag was tagged for nothing, no one at the aircraft was to load them to baggage hold. Plenty of space on the plane. What is the point of the fuss."
Plusy: "TV series “The Name of the Rose” that I really wanted to watch for some time"
Minusy: "Water, water, water... I almost died from dehydration"
Plusy: "The crew. The punctuality."
Minusy: "The confort of the seats."
Plusy: "Nothing!"
Plusy: "Ogólnie ok"
Minusy: "Boarding"
Plusy: "Obsługa"
Minusy: "Fatalnie na lotnisku we Frankfurcie. Korki, autobusy trąbiące na siebie, a w międzyczasie powiadomienia z aplikacji, że boarding się zaczął (i co mam uciec z autobusu i zdążyć?)"
Plusy: "Crew is phenomenal! Food was good. Comfortable overall"
Plusy: "Załoga na poziomie"
Minusy: "Wygodniejsze fotele"
Plusy: "Dobre śniadanie i zaloga"
Minusy: "wygodniejsze fotele"
Plusy: "Miła załoga, niezłe jedzenie, różnorodność napojów"
Minusy: "Wygodniejsze fotele"
Plusy: "Dobra i miła obsługa; niezłe jedzenie."
Minusy: "Wygodniejsze fotele"
Minusy: "Komfort siedzeń w klasie Premium Economy"
Plusy: "Wyjątkowo sprawny pilot - doleciał dużo przed czasem w naprawdę fajnym stylu"
Minusy: "Kontrola bagażowa w Poznaniu, komfort w samolocie"
Minusy: "Najpierw odwołano połączenie do Monachium, re-book na późniejszy lot, który był opóźniony. Spóźniłam się na samolot docelowy, zostałam przewieziona do hotelu, w którym na voucher miałam jedno danie obiadowe do wyboru i jeden napój. Hasło: LUFTHANSA."
Minusy: "Too small plane for business travelers - no carry allowed inside, yet all electronics have to be taken out. Lufthansa does not care about Senator status at all."
Minusy: "Flight was late due to inadequate staffing - one pilot was missing."
Plusy: "Crew and flight were fine"
Minusy: "Cramped in economy"
Plusy: "Same as above."
Plusy: "Everything was great. Not a single downside. Easy to follow announcements on connection, punctual and nice aircraft."
Minusy: "Nothing."
Plusy: "Decent food."
Minusy: "No onboard entertainment."
Plusy: "Smooth boarding."
Minusy: "Plane packed to the hilt. Tough to find space for cabin luggage."
Minusy: "Opóźnienie lotu"
Plusy: "The gluten free special meal was more imaginative than others I’ve had. No rice crackers wrapped in saran. Flight attendants very professional."
Minusy: "Flight seemed to drag on forever, but there’s not much the airline can do about that. Seats in economy were cramped."
Plusy: "Timely, friendly, clean plane"
Minusy: "Food was bland!!!"
Plusy: "La atención del personal y el sistema de entretenimiento."
Minusy: "La comida, no tenía buen sabor. El avión es poco cómodo (Airbus A340, clase económica)."
Plusy: "Crew was excellent and many passengers were as well."
Minusy: "A"
Plusy: "Crew were good with serving food and drinks before our flight . We are sitting on aircraft for 1.5 hrs before departure stuff was excellent to keep us inform."
Plusy: "Obsługa i jedzenie"
Minusy: "Nic"
Plusy: "On time"
Minusy: "Nothing to mention"
Plusy: "Punktualność i obsługa stewardess"
Plusy: "Punktualność punktualność obsługa stewardes"
Minusy: "Źle działające monitory"
Plusy: "No turbulence, very nice Crew, flight was on time. Very smooth flight!"
Minusy: "Cold on plane, could be more entertainment, but the flight having no turbulence and being less scary is more important to me. So I am very happy!"
Plusy: "I enjoyed the sleep."
Minusy: "No enough leg room for a slender Man of 5 foot 7 inches."
Plusy: "Komfort lotu i bezpieczenstwo"
Plusy: "Clean. Friendly staff"
Plusy: "Crew were marvelous. Thank you."
Minusy: "Nothing. All was good."
Minusy: "1.Plane was late to take off. No announcement about it. Some passenger came in the last minute. 2. There were 3 young men being me. They talked extremely loud and were bursting laughing ALL THE FLIGHT, 1 hour 45 minutes. Crew didn't say anything to them. It was very annoying. 3. Unorganized boarding. 4. Announcements were not loud enough. I didn't hear anything due to the talking passengers around me."
Plusy: "I liked the food."
Plusy: "Crew was great. I was traveling with infant and they kept us kept us comfortable"
Plusy: "Staff is especially nice and efficient. Food and drinks very good"
Plusy: "Bardzo słaby lot w każdym aspekcie"
Minusy: "Oóźniony, zmieniony gate w Monachium,"
Plusy: "nice and polite crew"
Minusy: "no screens/maps with route information no enterteinment unless downloaded on your own devise, I had an Iphone which is too small to watch anything.... seat hardly reclined at all and felt extreemely uncomfortable"
Minusy: "Oversold flight."
Plusy: "everything"
Plusy: "on time service"
Plusy: "Crew"
Minusy: "Smelly plane,uncomfortable chairs, AC didn't work properly (hence the smell).No screens, spotty Internet."
Plusy: "I will never use again"
Minusy: "Nothing to like , people very rude"
Plusy: "good atmosphere at the terminal"
Minusy: "Workers at the stores in the airport. The money confusion. best to use credit card not euro... a bit sneaky giving a euro and getting back Polish moneys..."

The de-planing process could have been better in Buenos Aires - it took a long time before the aero bridge was connected - not the fault of Air France..

It was so helpful to be able to board the plane front and back. It makes it so much faster. It was also helpful announcements were made in French and English. I cannot thing of anything that would have made that short flight better.

Plusy: "The rest area"
Minusy: "The airport was cold and it should be warmer"
Plusy: "n/a"
Minusy: "The conditions were very cramped. The entertainment system was quite old and had very little selection. My entertainment system actually stopped working all together. I called for assistance from my seat a couple of times, but nobody came."
Plusy: "The crew"
Minusy: "The time. The flight was late for 1 hour. I miss everything and also I get very late to our Airbnb and I was with my family and child"
Plusy: "Good selection of movies."
Minusy: "Had to use a shoe horn to get into and out of my seat and I'm not a large guy. But really my harsh criticism comes from the loss of my girlfriends luggage. It was left behind in Paris on our way to Casablanca causing us to waste a day in Casablanca traveling back to the airport the grab the bag the next day. And to add injury to insult her bag was left behind in JFK during our transfer for our flight to Seattle. No big deal right, Delta will deliver the bag to our house the next day, wrong, we were told we have to go to the airport ourselves to get the bag."
Plusy: "Nothing"
Minusy: "Everything"
Plusy: "Crew memebers"
Minusy: "Nothing"
Plusy: "The Delta flight service was much better than the Air France flight I took on the previous leg."
Plusy: "Check in agent extremely helpful and friendly."
Minusy: "Not boarding on tarmac via bus. Sandwich - tartar sauce and “chicken” - with two quarter sized pieces of meat was terrible."
Plusy: "The crew was very friendly."
Minusy: "No wifi on a 9 hour flight. Takes a long time to get another round of coffee."
Plusy: "Crew was good, seat was not, it was freezing cold and one little blanket was inadequate!"
Minusy: "Provide another blanket when needed, was wearing shorts and a short sleeve shirt."
Plusy: "Great crews, excellent customer service"
Plusy: "Food"
Minusy: "Seat"
Plusy: "W porzadku"
Minusy: "Nie wiem. Nie odwołujcie i nie opóźniajcie lotów."
Plusy: "Świetna załoga, bardzo miła , wygodne fotele"
Minusy: "Nie jestem wymagający. Latajac często tanimi liniami lotniczymi jestem bardzo zadowolony z wygodnego fotela"
Plusy: "Bezpłatny poczęstunek, wygodne fotele z ddobrą odległością na nogi."
Minusy: "Punktualność"
Plusy: "great food, entertainment and seat comfort"
Minusy: "nothing"
Minusy: "WiFi"
Plusy: "Intranet meant I could watch movies on my iPad"
Minusy: "Seats are very uncomfortable"
Plusy: "Intranet wifi meant I could watch entertainment on my iPad"
Minusy: "Seats are very uncomfortable"
Plusy: "Lot"
Minusy: "Nic"
Minusy: "Arrived 5 hours late"
Plusy: "It was only 2 hours"
Minusy: "Small plane, no movies"
Minusy: "My first flight was cancelled my return flight was delayed by 5 hours They made me check my carry on even though it was with in the size limit which cost 85 euros and when trying to ask why the staff was extremely rude and not helpful worst flight experience I’ve ever had"
Plusy: "Everything. crew friendly and food/drinks the best"
Minusy: "Nothing...all was wonderful"
Plusy: "Quick and efficient not lying more to say or critique."
Minusy: "Coffee and a bread roll as a snack??"
Plusy: "Everything was fine"
Minusy: "I will not use o recommend to anyone to buy a ticket with the agency, at the airport in China we were treated like criminals because as they said we were not register in the system as passengers it was really a nightmare"
Plusy: "Direct flight from Indy to CDG is great. The plane was not so full, so I hope business improves so we can keep it going. Very smooth flight, with good and friendly crew."
Plusy: "Personnel"
Minusy: "Nothing"
Plusy: "Very good male crew member. Pilot genuinely apologetic for the delay."
Minusy: "After running due to a 1 hr 10 min change over between flights boarding didn't prioritise anyone but I got on fine. Only to be told at the departure time that there was a problem with the baggage hold and we were delayed. In total 50 minutes late leaving. Breakfast a simple brioche with nothing to add to it."
Plusy: "That flight have been short"
Minusy: "Fly attendants have been in hurry when they served snack"
Plusy: "The quality of service from the staff and their courtesy. A great asset of the airline."
Minusy: "My luggage was left behind - this despite my being lifetme platinum."
Plusy: "Super fast boarding and smooth takeoff"
Minusy: "It was delayed. I missed my flight. Now I don’t have a bag. I am not sure when I get it back or if I have to go all the way back to the airport"
Plusy: "What’s not to like!"
Plusy: "Punctual, not crowded."
Minusy: "Even though the plane was far from full, passengers were allowed only 1 carry-on item (no personal item), contrary to policy published online by Air France. This policy applied even to people with Economy Premium for the rest of the trip (which allows 2 carry-on suitcases, not a useful feature if one cannot begin with this number to reach the transoceanic flight)."
Plusy: "The food, the service and everything else is fine, quite good."
Minusy: "However, our baggages were 1 day late. Your missing baggages would deliver to you 1 day later, for some maybe 2 days later...Quite a few people said that it's been always like this with air Aeroflot if there is a transfer flight."
Plusy: "The price 50€ cheaper than the other operators. Quick flight. Kind crew."
Minusy: "Lack organisation for checking. No difference if you have done the checking online. No breakfast on a 7am flight though included in the price."
Minusy: "There were not noodle soup ready this time."
Plusy: "Całokształt lotu."
Minusy: "Nic takiego nie było."
Plusy: "Leg room is bigger than average, there is also a foot step which helps you to relax."
Minusy: "There must be lice on the plane, either from the customer or on the seats. Got bitten 6 times on the leg and butt!!! And this is not the first time hearing same story, Air France definitely needs to disinfect the plane more thoroughly. Media center is outdated, touch screen isn’t working well, felt being punched in head every time when ppl behind you tries to touch the screen!"
Minusy: "Opóźnienie"
Plusy: "On time departure and arrival"
Plusy: "On time...comfortable, clean, newish A321...good leg room...friendly crew...pain au chocolat for breakfast"
Plusy: "Crew was great."
Minusy: "Food could be a bit better. White bread is unhealthy."
Plusy: "Nothing"
Minusy: "Everything. AF changed seats without authorization or notification, separating a mother from her 3 year old daughter. Their entire attitude was "nothing to be done, now board plane and leave" no compensation was offered, nothing done to remedy their mistake or rude behavior and treatment"
Plusy: "Nice Flight Attendants Good Food"
Minusy: "Flight was delayed by 1.5 hours"
Plusy: "A short flight but attendants served us a snack and water with a smile."
Minusy: "No business class"

misplaced my luggage

1.4 hour delay. Changed gates, no information about filling out COVID Forms. I paid for extra leg-room and was still housed in a cramped seat by the exit/bathroom. Not sure it was worth it. Otherwise, the staff was friendly and helpful.

Plusy: "Very clean plane, comfortable seating, crew great, food actually delicious!"
Plusy: "Flight was cancelled"
Minusy: "If flight took place"
Plusy: "Flight on time, seats comfortable."
Minusy: "For such a short flight no improvements are needed."
Plusy: "In flight entertainment was good, half of the cabin crew were super friendly, others a bit bored."
Minusy: "Brand new A350 but very cramped seats, it felt very claustrophic. Flew out on a 747 and had a lot of space - wonderful aircraft, flew back on A350 and it felt like flying Ryanair for 7 hours! I am only 5 feet 7 and my knees were close to the seat in front, I am not fat but the tray table was touching my stomach. I dread to think how anyone ate the food if they are 15 stone or more, I guess the table rest on the stomach and the food has to be held on.. The food wasn't good, I asked for a vegetarian meal but got bland vegan food - no cheese or dairy even though those are vegetarian. Next time I will not order a special meal and just get the standard vege meal and risk that they have one for me. Flight crew were OK, some of the instructions about electronic devices were garbled and unclear, especially about the use of laptops."
Plusy: "Snacks"
Minusy: "2h late!"
Minusy: "Zmniejszyć cenę biletu. Komfort i serwis jak w locie Ryanair, czy Wizzair a cena 4 razy wyższa. Odprawa przy zakupie fotela, powinna być możliwa 30 dni wcześniej a nie tylko 24 godziny."
Plusy: "The BA crew couldn’t be more excellent! They were friendly and courteous from the moment we stepped onboard the plane and maintained a professionalism all throughout the flight. Kudos once again to British Airways for the consistent service you provide over the years!"
Minusy: "Missed our connection because of problem w jetway"
Minusy: "Just not enough room in the economy class, especially when the person in front reclines their seat."
Plusy: "Information easily available staff friendly"
Minusy: "The seats on the plane are so hard they cut off circulation in my legs . I fly everywhere and never have this issue. Soften up those seats a bit"
Plusy: "Boarding was simple and fast!"
Minusy: "Online checking did not give me the option to change my seat. This could have been better."
Minusy: "I missed my international connection because flight was three hours late."
Plusy: "everything"
Minusy: "price and reliability"
Minusy: "I asked and confirmed twice on two separate phone calls that we would need a wheel chair assistance and they assured that it s notified on her ticket .. and still nothing was there for her .. she went by herself in London to the information desk asking for the wheel chair and in Lax no one even met"
Plusy: "Na"
Plusy: "Stewardesses were very friendly and helpful. Moved us to a row with empty seats so we could have more room!"
Minusy: "Food"
Minusy: "Luggage did not make it to Warsaw"
Minusy: "I was surprised that BA charges for drinks like water. Flight from London to Warsaw is an international Flight after all. I may understand that food is not served but to pay for water is not a right thing to do. I asked the crew about this and I was told that bc other airlines charge for drinks/ food, BA also ask passengers for money. I have not had to pay for my drink like water on any other flight. I fly with all big airlines like American, Delta, Lufthansa, LOT, etc"
Plusy: "The seat was comfortable,but was very cold around 1h after start. The fan should be regulated by passengers.The crew was nice. I liked the movies"
Minusy: "Dinner was not good not tasty.no free snacks"
Plusy: "Staff."
Minusy: "No USB connection."
Plusy: "On time, smooth boarding."
Minusy: "Nil"
Plusy: "Enough said"
Minusy: "We had a horrible experience in boarding BA both in Chicago and returning from London. In both instances, our seats were held back, told the flight was oversold (we booked 90 prior to the flight, and almost didn't get on the flight returning home. Our confirmed flight was meaningless. I'll never use Kayak again."
Plusy: "Crew did really well in their roles."
Minusy: "BA are no different than all operators in the drive to put as many bums in as many seats as possible. News flash. Only so many sardines go in one tin. Make seats more comfortable and more leg room and we would pay the premium for that reputation as a caring, comfortable operator."
Plusy: "We slept the entire flight since this was the second leg of our journey."
Minusy: "Plane departed 40 minutes late even though we were on board in time. Congestion at Heathrow was the problem, but this was not a problem for us since we got an extra 40 minutes of sleep."
Plusy: "Good and comfy plane. More space to seat than Ryanair or Wizzair."
Minusy: "No complaints."
Plusy: "All BA personnel were polite, professional and helpful. The dinner meal (chicken curry) was really good."
Minusy: "I was jammed into my seat. Once the person ahead of me reclined, my knees were pressed into the seat-back for the duration of the flight."
Plusy: "Cabin crew"
Minusy: "Boarded on a bus"
Plusy: "Certainly not the female airline attendant from Johannesburg to London on 1/4/2018."
Minusy: "I boarded the plane and made a mistake by sitting in the wrong seat and placed my hang-up bag in the overhead compartment. When I realized that my actual seat was 10 rows back on the very last row, I moved, leaving my hang-up bag near the first seat. As time passed, I heard a woman on the intercom say something about a lost "jumper". After learning that a "jumper" is a sweater, I asked the nearby airline attendant if the sweater was a navy color, like the one that I had left in the overhead. A female airline attendant came to me, carrying my hang-up bag with my sweater and repeated 4 times that I was lucky because she was about to put my "jumper" and hangup-bag off the plane and leave it in Johannesburg since no one had responded sooner!!!! I was so stunned that I could not say anything. I only kept wondering why would anyone go into the overhead and start pulling things out? Why would someone take such extreme measures and not walk down the aisle, asking every person on the plane, including the people on the back row? This type of thing could happen to anyone. Since I did not have a name tag on the bag and I live in the US, it would have been near impossible to ever find my bag again if left in So.Africa! Plus, the woman went on and on in a very rude & condescending manor when all I could do was sit in shock, wondering why she would take the time to go through the overhead and look for a hang-up bag that does not have a name tag!!!!"
Plusy: "The chicken and cheese risotto meal was excellent. One of our flight attendants, Sharon, stood out from the others with her service and friendliness, however all crew was good. Airbus A380 was the smoothest flight I've ever been on."
Minusy: "The pepperoni pizza wrap snack was not good."
Minusy: "Nothing was on time, zero service, non existent customer service"
Plusy: "The crew were great."
Minusy: "Did not like that you have to pay for water or soft drinks"
Plusy: "Everyone is so nice with British Airways. The food is always a delight too. I'll definitely fly with them again!"
Minusy: "It seems the economy seats get smaller and smaller, but the trip was great overall."
Minusy: "It was August 18. They lost my baggage. Next day on Saturday at 3 pm I had a wedding and I was a wittness.In the baggage a had a dress for me and part of dress for the wedding's couple . They found my baggage on the 3th plane on the last minut. Terrible. And I had go for it by myself because LOT didnt want to send to me the courier. The fly was also 1 hour late"
Plusy: "Short flight"
Minusy: "Delays"
Plusy: "Efficiente flight"
Minusy: "No movies"
Minusy: "Boarding was delayed but no communication on why or when so we're all just standing around. At least if we have some idea on timing we can use the bathroom or buy a snack while we were waiting. Communication needs improvement."
Plusy: "Friendly, efficient crew, entertainment & flight info on monitor."
Minusy: "Economy seating. Quite cramped.. I would make sure to book at least Premium Economy in the future."
Minusy: "The plane was an hour late and there was no snacks served, you had to pay even for water."
Plusy: "Amazing airline to travel I will definitely used again in the future"
Plusy: "Liked the private bin to hold personal belongings in."
Minusy: "Paid $81 used for a twin seat and they assigned the second seat to another traveler without refunding my $81 dollars. The passenger was over 6ft and large taking up a large amount of space."
Plusy: "Arrived ahead of time."
Minusy: "No free alcoholic drinks. Seats are barely up to international standard - narrow, as is the aisle. Very poor quality food."
Plusy: "Everything was great during the flight."
Minusy: "Immigration in Boston took 1+ hour standing in line and get through."
Plusy: "In general all went well."
Minusy: "If a steward is sick they should stay off the plane. The steward on this flight was coughing and sneezing on everyone. Plus he was rude."
Plusy: "Only flight was OK"
Minusy: "Very rude and mean lady who was in charge for boarding before fly"
Plusy: "A long haul flight in coach can be interesting, but the BA staff, as always, were very cordial. Security was great...thorough."
Minusy: "food was mediocre. cannot reflect this in your ratings somehow everything else was fine"
Minusy: "British lost my bags in London. I had to wear the same clothes for 2 days."
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