Leonora Hostal - Hostel

3 Oriente No. 216, 72000 Puebla, Puebla, Meksyk
+52 222 232 2270

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Leonora Hostal - Hostel - Puebla, Puebla, Meksyk
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  • Znakomity
    lut 2020

    Couldn’t believe it didn’t have more people. Central location, cool building, and comfy beds

    Could use a few more outlets in the dorm.

  • Znakomity
    lut 2020

    The location was amazing. It is a very memorable place and worth staying at. When the hostel was not so busy even though they could have put 2 people in one room they didn't so you could have your own room. The man that worked in the evening was very kind and helpful and spoke English which was a help to me. The antique decor was very nice,but because the rooms are surrounding the courtyard from above you do not use the public spaces because it is disjointed. The rooms are nice to hang around in.

    I found the entrance at night spooky because the restaurant closes at 8:pm and they shut all the lights off. You have to walk through the dark restaurant up a big staircase to the rooms with only light from a room way above. It was to dark for my taste it made the place feel haunted. Also at night to go to the washroom it felt dark and spooky as well. For some it was part of the old world feel of the place but not for me. A few string lights at floor level at least. The courtyard restaurant plays loud music at 8:00am in the morning while they are setting up all the upper rooms surround this courtyard. However it was a very nice classy restaurant and I did get my day started sooner. The washrooms were far from the room like 100 meters. For the owner : The shower doors need to be oiled so they close easier right now they are never closed. The toilet paper despensers one sheet at a time should be changed. The toilet paper jams up and does not come out of almost all the dispensers, so no toilet paper ! The men's hardly ever work poor them.

  • OK
    sty 2020

    This building is stunningly beautiful, and it was cool to stay in a place that felt really historic. The open courtyard concept in the middle is quite unique.

    This really isn't a hostel in the traditional sense -- there's no kitchen, and no convenient common areas that promote socialization. The common areas it did offer weren't really ones that I wanted to hang out in -- old furniture with a TV that didn't work. There's an extreme lack of power outlets, and those that were available didn't work if the lights were off, so you couldn't charge anything overnight (which is problematic!). The bathroom (women's) smelled a bit like sewage, and the shower area didn't have any kind of private changing space, so you pretty much had to get naked in front of others.

  • Dobry
    sty 2020

    My check-in by Uriel was very welcoming and helpful. He was very nice throughout my stay. The building is exquisite, beds are super-comfortable, dorm room 2 is large and spacious and with a balcony, location is perfect, hot water in showers (albeit with a strange showerhead where water sprays in all directions). A suggestion I really think you need to take on board. Convert the washroom with three taps into a kitchenette with some plates and cutlery, cups, kettle, mini bar fridge, put a stronger light, and put some dining tables in the library or common room. It will be more convenient for guests to make a coffee or tea in the morning, or even to cut a piece of fruit, and to meet others. Or offer complimentary coffee/tea at the restaurant in the morning.

    Lack of social atmosphere, soap dispensers need to be filled (and fixed), the bathroom smells a bit (needs some drain cleaner), no kitchen (pretty much essential in hostels), the water tank needs a dispenser (it's 20L capacity which equals 20kg), more functioning powerpoints are needed, hostel layout is a bit strange. On my first night, an extended family (kids aged about 5 and 8, mum and perhaps an aunt, and grandma) stayed in the dorm which is unusual for a hostel. They should be only allowed to have a private room because the kids are noisy and crying. It was a ghost town on New year's eve.

  • Znakomity
    gru 2019

    Very central and convenient to downtown

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  • Catedral de Puebla 200 m
  • Zócalo de Puebla 240 m
  • Amparo Museum 296 m
  • Street of Candies 379 m
  • Mercado el Parian 380 m
  • Ángel Custodio 385 m


Puebla Huejotzingo 22,4 km
Meksyk Juarez Intl 101,8 km
Puebla - Terminal de Autobuses 3,5 km
Meksyk Mexico City- Terminal Oriente San Lázaro 105,3 km

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