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Kaya's Place

200 Meters outside Puerto Viejo de Talamanca, Limon, Puerto Viejo de Talamanca 00000, Kostaryka
+506 2750 0690

83 zł+

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    O nas


    Kaya's Place is a 26 room lodge on the stunning Black Beach in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica. Built in the Afro-Caribbean "Rustico" style, the hotel is artistic and unique. Local woods and materials have been used in their natural state, making each room different and beautiful. Every space you encounter will be a pleasurable experience. The sound of the waves is always in the background, soothing and tranquil, guaranteed to take you away from the stress of everyday life. Inside the hotel, you will find many places to relax. The reception area is more like a living room, with a gigantic sofa, television, people to chat with and view of the ocean. The large deck upstairs has a wonderful ocean view with hammocks and sofas - perfect for reading or taking a siesta. In the back, gardens line the walkway, filled with local plants and flowers. A covered sitting area in the garden offers another opportunity to meet and enjoy the company of others while you stay with us. Our restaurant is spacious and open with view of the ocean and a small creek with fish, water lilies, crab and other water life.

    Located in Puerto Viejo on the Caribbean Coast, the area is blessed with natural beauty in the form of dense jungle with impressive flora and fauna and some of the world's most beautiful beaches. Kaya's Place is part of the growing eco-tourism industry that supports the preservation of almost 2 million square meters of primary rainforest. Taxes from this industry support the many national reserves and efforts to maintain the natural resources. We are dedicated to preserving these resources while sharing it with all the people that come to know this amazingly beautiful part of Costa Rica.

    Our recent renovation of Kaya's Place was completed with the same philosophy. No lumber or materials were taken from the primary rainforest. Much was recycled wood or dead fall from local farms and lumber that had washed up from the ocean and rivers. With these natural and renewable materials, we achieved a unique character with rustic and artistic designs.


    Our Door is Always Open at Kaya's Place - We Hope to See You Soon!

    Bri Bri Springs Brewery is a micro-craft brewery dedicated to making handcrafted all-grain fine ales and wines made in the hills of the Cordillera Talamanquen~a using clean, pure spring water which bubbles out of the ground on our sustainable farm in the town of Bri Bri, Talamanca, Caribe Sur, Costa Rica, and the finest ingredients available to us. When possible we are using locally produced, fair-traded, organic ingredients. For example, the cacao used in making Big Choco and the honey used in making Oso's Honey Brown come from local, reliable, fair-traded sources. At Bri Bri Springs Brewery, it is our goal to create a closed circle of sustainably produced, green beer.

    Here is how we envision doing this, though we are currently brewing at Kaya's Place Hotel overlooking the world famous Black Beach of Puerto Viejo, our goal is to construct our brewhouse on a large piece of land that we own above the town of Bri Bri. This farm has a large mountain ridge across the top of it and ample pasture land at the foot of this mountain. As you can tell from the name of our brewery, it is all about our spring water. There are multiple springs on this property all with crystal clear, clean water bubbling out of them. Some of these springs come out of the ground on top of the mountain and run down the hill creating waterfalls, creeks and a clean drinking water supply with enough flow year round to provide the whole community below us with clean drinking water without the need for filtration or chemical additives.

    We have multiple uses in mind for the Bri Bri Spring Water. First, it is providing the water needed to grow healthy grasses needed to feed the cows, pigs, chickens, rabbits, goats, ducks, etc. that we have grazing in the pasture lands below the mountain. Second, it provides these animals with water to drink. Third, we will send the water down a long water pipe from the top of the mountain, as it reaches the brewhouse, the diameter of the water tube will be reduced until we obtain an extremely high pressure flow. We will place a hydro-generator in front of this high-pressure water stream to generate the electricity needed to cool our fermentation room and possibly light-up the village below us. Fourth, and most obvious, we will be utilizing the Bri Bri Spring water to make clean, yummy, beer!

    As mentioned above, the healthy, non-chemically treated grasses feed the animals on our farm. In addition to this, the spent grains which are a waste product that many breweries just throw away after making beer, will also become feed for these animals. All organic food waste produced by our restaurant at Kayas Place will also be brought to these animals to become feed. After these animals eat, they have to go caca, as Luke would say. We will harness the methane gas emitted from the manure of these animals to fire our brewhouse and cook the beer. In turn, the meat produced by these animals will be harvested and served in our restaurant, as will the spring water be served to our lucky patrons. Thus completing a closed circle of sustainability when you enjoy a frosty pint of Big Choco accompanied by a slice of herb-crusted Prime Rib slow roasted in the wood-fired oven at Lukes Tap Room and Kayas Place.

    We are currently brewing every Thursday on the large Beach-Front Terrace at Kayas Place. Anyone and everyone are welcome to come by, take a look, and lend a helping hand. Tours and tastings can be scheduled at any time. As can a tour of the sustainable farm, waterfalls, and brewhouse of Bri Bri Springs. This makes for a great day of good beer and good adventure. After bathing in our waterfall, you can also accompany this experience with horseback riding to the largest waterfall in the area located just a few kilometers up the road from our farm.

    Please come enjoy all that we have to offer you at Bri Bri Springs Brewery, Kayas Place Hotel and Lukes Tap Room and Restaurant! We guarantee that you will learn from and enjoy your experience. PURA BIRRA!

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    Kaya's Place


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    Ogólna ocena

    8.0 Dobry
    Na podstawie 105 opinii
    • 9.4 "Świetny bar."
      9.2 "Doskonałe drinki według 92% osób."
    • 9.0 "Fantastyczna lokalizacja."
      10.0 "100% osób doceniło małą odległość od plaży."
      9.6 "Łatwy dostęp do centrum miasta zdaniem 96% osób."
      8.8 "88% osób było zadowolonych z odległości od miejsc do zwiedzania."
    • 8.4 "Bardzo dobra obsługa."
      10.0 "100% osób oceniło personel jako bardzo przyjazny."
      8.6 "Zdaniem 86% osób obsługa restauracji była jedną z najlepszych."
    • 7.2 "Smaczne jedzenie."
    • 5.0 "Pokoje są OK."
    • 3.8 "Niezbyt czysto."
    Warto wiedzieć
    "Dobra obsługa w restauracji"
    "Fantastyczne zwiedzanie"
    "Dobre drinki"
    "Blisko centrum miasta"
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