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San 5-5, Changchung-dong, 2-ga, Seul 100-932, Korea Południowa
+82 222 544 250


+82 222 544 250

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    O nas

    The Tower Hotel is located on top of Namsan Mountain from where the whole downtown area of Seoul can be seen. It is surrounded by the scent of nature, where people could definitely enjoy the romantic atmosphere. The hotel is located at the heart of Chung ku of Seoul with convenient access to both northern and southern Seouls corporate offices and entertainment centers.The rooms are large and decorated with simple furniture. They are all in good condition. The bathroom in each room is also kept in a good condition. Views of Seoul city from most of the rooms are excellent.Important place or monument close to the hotel: situated in residential area on Namsan Hill, away from city center. Nearest station/metro: Train station -20min. Nearest airport: Arport -70min.The hotel sits on top of one of the highest peaks in Seoul city. The hotel is an18 storey modern style building. It is white in color and is starting to show it's age.The lobby is simple in style and medium in size. There is a small check-in counter to the right of the main entrance.There are four restaurants that are attached to the hotel. People might have to walk across the parking lot to get to the restaurant. The hotel's Korean restaurant has excellent Korean style barbequed beef.

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