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Beijing Hebei Yingbin Hotel

Dongcheng District Andingmen Nei Cheniandian Hutong A 11, Pekin 100009, Chiny
+86 106 401 5522


+86 106 401 5522



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    Beijing Hebei Yingbin Hotel was built in the Ming Dynasty of China, which has been 600 years of history. It used to belong to the Twenty-four Bureau in the Forbidden City, and now becomes quadrangles protected areas, Beijing Hutong tour itinerary. There are a number of former residences of celebrities in the depths of the twists and turns of the alley, with many world-class scenery spots around. The former giants mansion, now ready-made Beijing most unique courtyard house hotel. Beijing Hebei Yingbin Hotel is located in the center of Beijing, 8 minutes walk distance away from the Forbidden City, 5 minutes from Jingshan Hill, 8 minutes from Beihai, 3 minutes from Luogu Lane and 10 minutes from Houhai. The traffic is very convenient nearby, just a few hundred-meter of distance from subway line 8 and line 6, with many bus routes lead in all directions, which enable you to save a lot of time. Beijing Hebei Yingbin Hotel is in the traditional Chinese architectural style, a beautiful courtyard with a series of richly ornamented buildings is quiet and elegant, inside the yard a couple of old scholar trees witness vicissitudes changes here. You could listen to the morning bell and evening drum, view the soughing of the wind in the pines from Jingshan Hill, enjoy the authentic Beijing style everywhere. Beijing people are waiting for your visit with their enthusiasm, superior facilities, warm service and unique style meals

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