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Xiangyuan Hotel

Long water airport airport east road no. 111, Kunming 650000, Chiny
+86 871 6738 1238


+86 871 6738 1238



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    Kunming xiang yuan hotel is located in xiong deyou BanQiaoZhen, long water nearby the airport, the surrounding living facilities, transportation is very convenient. Hotel rooms to decorate contracted, basic facilities in the room, the accommodation environment is very sweet, is an ideal provided you traveling on business. Hotel opening time in December 2013, the main building 5 floors, 51 total rooms (sets). The warm prompt 】 1, the hotel can't charge; 2, the hotel can provide a free pick up, send machine service. Such as the need to refer to the following steps: (1) please call the hotel when you next plane booking hotline 0871-67381238 or 18313758665, 24 hours contact send; After (2) please take the luggage out of security in this layer (1 / f) hall by direct lift F3 layer, and then waiting at the gate of the no. 3; (3) after the driver to contact you actively.

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